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Just as Nu Lang formed his plan, Kai Yang suddenly stopped all movement as he furrowed his brows; he appeared as if he was deep in thought.

The next moment, a roar rang out. And from within the darkness, a fiery hot brilliance burst out. This scared Nu Lang and he became confused.

Looking at Kai Yang he saw that his upper body was cloaked in raging light in the form of flames.

They weren’t true flames, but rather what Yang Qi looked like when it had reached a certain degree of concentration. Flaming hot World Qi burned around Kai Yang, sending waves of heat out into the mountain valley. The Yin Qi reacted like it had met its’ worst nightmare, as it could no longer condense around the area affected by the Yang Qi.

Due to the light of the flaming World Qi, Kai Yang’s ** upper body became unclear. It was purifying and binding his muscles, appearing unrestrained as it spread all over.

Both his fists were bloody and mutilated, he had a thirty centimeter long gash on his abdomen, which was still bleeding. His battered body was terrorising to look at, both his eyes had also turned scarlet. He appeared akin to a beast emitting an aura with an endless amount of bloodthirst and insanity.

Truly a demonic aura!

Nu Lang’s face dropped as he hurriedly took a few steps backwards and shouted out: “Berserk magic?”

He thought that during the battle, Kai Yang had lost control of his World Qi and had allowed his World Qi to control his mind.

But, shouldn’t this situation only occur when a practitioner reached the qi transforming stage? He was merely an initial element staged practitioner, so how could this possibly occur to him?

“Berserk magic?” Tilting his head, Kai Yang looked over questioningly. Although his eyes showed traces of rage, he still kept a cold and indifferent expression, like he hadn’t been poisoned by some berserk magic at all: “Your gaze is far too shortsighted!”

Finishing his statement, the World Qi all over his body receded. There was no longer the overpowering brilliance being emitted by the flames, they shrunk back until they only covered his two fists, coating them with a layer of flaming Yang World Qi.

From the appearance, it looked as if those two fists were clasping onto two small flaming fires; although the flames were wavering, they persisted to burn with an unmatched intensity.

“You are still conscious?” Bewildered, Nu Lang looked towards Kai Yang as he searched for a sliver of humanity within his eyes. But he was disappointed, because within those two scarlet eyes, he couldn’t find any trace of humanity nor human emotions. Only a crazy bloodthirst and a burning battle hunger lay within.

This shouldn’t be. Afterall, those were the symptoms of berserk magic; within his eyes, no trace of humanity was left. So why was it that he could still think?

“You say I’m not!” Taking another step forwards, Kai Yang shortened the distance between them. This step caused the distance between them to close extremely fast. This caused Nu Lang to turn pale with fright, because Kai Yang’s speed had already reached a frightening degree.

Hastily he stepped back while lashing out with his claw shaped hands in a desperate attempt to stop Kai Yang’s advance.

Kai Yang’s burning fists rushed out to meet that claw attack head on. Amidst the whistling sound of his strike, he smashed into Nu Lang’s five fingers.

“Ka cha…..” A crisp breaking sounded could be heard followed by a bloodcurdling scream emanating from Nu Lang. Following that, his entire body flew backwards and, when he landed on the ground, five throbs of pain could be felt from his hand. As far as Nu Lang could tell, his five fingers were badly twisted and no longer usable.

There were burns all over his hand and all of his bones were broken!

Not only that, there was also a very violent, overbearing and searing hot World Qi invading his body. Burning through his meridians and bloodstream.

Nu Lang didn’t dare to dally, and quickly used his other hand to stop the invasion of that World Qi in his disabled arm.

Just as he finished doing this, a glimmer of light flashed past his eyes. Looking up he saw that Kai Yang had once again arrived at his side and that those fists of his were burning brighter.

How could Nu Lang dare to continue fighting? It was only now that Nu Lang realised, that even with his newly acquired cultivation at the qi transforming first stage he was actually unable to defeat Kai Yang who was at the initial element third stage.

Using all of his power, Nu Lang hurriedly retreated backwards and simultaneously wishlisted. Within that whistle, his fear and horror could be heard as his whistle echoed throughout the valley.

A brilliant glow appeared at Kai Yang’s feet, propelling him at an even greater speed than even before, it was so quick that he shocked even himself. Catching up, he viciously punched towards Nu Lang’s retreating back.

Peng, peng, peng……

Taking the blows, there was no way Nu Lang could resist as he entire being was beaten until he was muddle headed.

After fifty paces or so, Nu Lang realised that he couldn’t shake off Kai Yang and in an instant his blood boiled. Stopping suddenly, his expression became fierce as he shouted out: “Kai Yang don’t you dare go to bully others! Eagle Soars in the Sky! Kill for me!”

This was Nu Lang’s most powerful class skill. As all of his World Qi condensed on his hands, his two hands criss-crossed in front of his body protecting his chest. Then as Kai Yang drew near, they simultaneously shot out, tearing out at him from both sides.

All of his qi transforming first stage strength shot out, this was an attack that even Kai Yang did not dare to overlook. Kai Yang’s face changed, as he could feel the great amount of killing power that lay in those hands.

If he was captured by those claws, Kai Yang was afraid this chest would be ripped to shreds.

In the midst of this Kai Yang instinctively leaned to the side and bravely lashed out with his flaming fists at Nu Lang’s face.

Both people were putting their lives on the line, and it was certain that this would be their final exchange. On the battlefield there was only life or death, one would fight desperately to survive. It was either I die or I win!

(TLN: In reference to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. It’s quite an interesting read. The theories and points are on point and very intellectual.)


Kai Yang’s fist collided with Nu Lang’s face, and his five sense organs immediately distorted. Due to the sheer force of Kai Yang’s fists, Nu Lang’s entire being flew backwards, flipping in the air a few times before landing on the ground with a loud thud.

Shua!Nu Lang’s claw attack had also landed on Kai Yang’s body. But contrary to what he had expected, it merely left ten bloody bloody traces; five were shallow, while five were deep.

At the crucial moment, Kai Yang’s decision to lean to the side had saved him. One of Nu Lang’s hands had already been smashed and broken earlier, so his Eagle Soars in the Sky couldn’t exhibit his true might and the power in both hands wasn’t the same. With the differences in power, Kai Yang’s lean caused both the claws to be unable to land at the same time; this was equivalent to breaking through Nu Lang’s attack.

This type of battle choice was fully dependant on one’s quick-wittedness and instinct. In the heat of battle, Kai Yang didn’t think too much, needless to say, this type of skill breaking method really was flawless.

While the surroundings quickly settled down the outcome of this duel had finally become clear. Panting lightly, Kai Yang’s body was still surrounded by that evil aura, meanwhile Nu Lang was like a dead dog, sprawled on the ground. Blood covered his face, and he directed a poisonous stare at Kai Yang who was advancing step by step towards him.

“Even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you off!” Nu Lang said hatefully as he swallowed a mouthful of blood.

Looking down at him, Kai Yang lifted up a foot and suddenly stomped down.

“Ha ha…….the Blood Group’s people will hear my call…..they will come to kill……..” Before Nu Lang could complete his sentence, his neck was crushed by Kai Yang. His life snuffed out.

Storm House’s five people, the result: total defeat!

Calmly standing still, Kai Yang sensed the state of his boiling blood and his battle urge. His face cold, as he pondered, thinking of a very insane plan.

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