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A long and loud cry rang out from Kai Yang, matching his body’s bloodthirsty beast-like appearance. Kai Yang’s cry easily reached the clouds; echoing continuously throughout the mountain valley.

“Bastards of the Blood Group, come and fight with me.” This was a call to battle, a flagrant provocation. “I am here and I am waiting for you.”

He didn’t care if those words would bring him trouble. After all, before Nu Lang died he had also given away his position with his dying howl. Although the mountain valley only covered an area of several dozen miles in radius, in this dead quiet night, you were easily able to hear the slightest of sounds. So those people were most likely already rushing towards them.

At this moment the safest choice would be to leave the area. After fighting three battles, one after another and killing five people, Kai Yang’s World Qi was greatly depleted. Whilst his body had also received many wounds; both light and serious in nature. How could he confront people from the Blood Group in this state?

Leaving that place and recovering his strength, before finding an opportunity to get rid of them, was without a doubt the best option.

But Kai Yang couldn’t leave, rather he would not leave. The reason being his strength had reached its peak, and if he left, his heart would become reluctant towards the idea of battling stronger opponents. He had decided he would live his life with an immovable will; if it weren’t for his persistence, he would just be a simple person at the initial element boundary fourth level.

With the enemies moving towards Kai Yang at full speed they arrived at his location quickly, however upon doing so they were highly surprised.

All his efforts were for the simple goal of leaving Xia Ning Chang time to meditate and recover without any disturbances.

The strength of this group from the Blood Group was much higher than those who were from Storm House. Most of them were cultivators of the separation and reunion boundaries. Cultivators at this level could easily kill Kai Yang, it would be like killing an ant. But their strength was currently being sealed by the Nine Cloud Eight Locks seal, so their present strength couldn’t be estimated.

Hearing Kai Yang’s howl, Xia Ning Chang opened her eyes suddenly; her heart which was filled with regret was finally able to relax.

“He has not died! He has not died!”

Xia Ning Chang almost wanted to cry.

She had been worrying about Kai Yang’s safety and feared that he would never return and that she would lose him forever. His strength was far too low and opposing party had a lot of people; how could he possibly be able to resist them all?

After Kai Yang departed, Xia Ning Chang had been constantly regretting letting him leave and scolding herself; lamenting over the fact that he was risking his life for her, yet she couldn’t help him at all. But looking at her own condition, which had yet to even stabilize, it wasn’t good. When Kai Yang walked out she wasn’t able to block him.

Since she was the one who had brought him to this place, involving him in such a life threatening situation, Xia Ning Chang felt extremely guilty. She was such a pure lady, thinking that all of this was her fault; she didn’t even consider the possibility that the people from the Blood Group and Storm House were here to pursue Kai Yang.

In other words, the main cause of this entire debacle was Kai Yang.

However, at that moment Xia Ning Chang finally felt relieved, because Kai Yang was safe and his voice contained traces of his excitement along with a fearless will to engage in battle.

Although she didn’t know what he was facing at present, Xia Ning Chang thought that she could only try to recover her strength as soon as possible and then go and help him… him.

On the other side of mountain valley, both Wen Fei Chen, who was hurrying to dissolve the Yin Qi from the Nine Cloud Eight Lock, and Long Hui heard Kai Yang’s howl.

When he heard that sound, Wen Fei Chen’s brows wrinkled, his concentration broke and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“That animal!” Wen Fei Chen angrily cursed, because he had been at a crucial moment when he had become agitated by the howl; as a result he even received internal injury.

“Lord Wen, how was the process of undoing the sealing?” Long Hui asked, like he was concerned.

Wen Fei Chen shook his head slowly: “It doesn’t look too good. This seal has surpassed my expectations and experience. I don’t know whose disciple she is, or how was she able to arrange such a powerful seal.”

The three Yin Qi chains didn’t just lock his Qi flow in his meridians, but also locked his dantian. This caused his strength to only reach as high as the qi transformation stages third stage. And because of his consumption a few moments ago, it fell again by a few levels.

Wen Fei Chen was fuming and he wished he could kill Kai Yang and that female over and over again. A true element fifth boundary master had unexpectedly been tricked by those two juniors. When had he ever been subjected to such shame?

“Lord Wen you don’t need to worry. Just now he has dared to expose himself, so he will surely die.” Long Hui looked quite self assured; the corner of his mouth even carried a sneer.

Wen Fei Chen was silent, because he knew the meaning of Kai Yang’s howl. That howl was not the desperate howl of person meeting his end, rather it was a howl that contained an overwhelming urge to fight.

But he was a trivial initial element boundary fourth staged disciple, why would he behave so wildly?

Due to this, Wen Fei Chen thought something wasn’t quite right, but he didn’t take the matter to heart, thinking that Kai Yang was in an animalistic state, so it didn’t matter anyway; he was going to die either way.

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In the mountain valley everyone had different thoughts regarding this situation, while outside the mountain valley there was an old man flying rapidly through the air.

The old man was breathing heavily and no World Qi fluctuations could be felt, making it impossible to sense his strength, but his speed was very fast.

Within the blink of an eye he was able to cover a distance of over a couple thousand feet.

The old man seemed very worried and anxious. Looking up at the sky, he felt extremely regretful.

“Went wrong, something has gone wrong. My child, you opened the seal ahead of time.” The old man was muttering while dashing forwards.

This old man was the Contribution Hall’s Treasurer, Meng Wu Ya.

While muttering this, Meng Wu Ya felt really ashamed. He had completely lost the face of his entire family. That night he was earnestly trying to convince his disciple not to come to this place where Nine Yin Dew Crystals gathered. The promotion to the true element boundary had nothing to do with gathering of the Nine Yin Dew Crystals. At the time Xia Ning Chang had also agreed like a clever and understanding child.

That had caused Meng Wu Ya to become elated; Xia Ning Chang had also prepared many dishes and also several pots of good wine at that moment. On one hand Meng Wu Ya was eating and drinking, while discrediting Kai Yang on the other hand. He was telling her to stay as far away as possible from him.

Meng Wu Ya had seen with his own eyes that his disciple cared deeply about Kai Yang. Although it wasn’t to the degree of love between a man and a woman, it was a type of loving care. This wasn’t a good sign and made Meng Wu Ya want to cut this love down at this budding stage.

For so many years his beloved disciple had always been intelligent and obedient. Meng Wu Ya felt she was like his treasure and didn’t want anyone to come near her. He was always fearful for her because her thoughts were extremely pure and she didn’t even understand that there were people that were evil.

Meng Wu Ya worried that if Kai Yang had evil intentions, what would he do if his beloved apprentice was enticed by him? Youth, it’s then when love was always ignorant. Once his apprentice was enticed it would become a difficult matter to manage.

So Meng Wu Ya harbored evil intentions towards them, his skin was thick and he was always a shameless fellow. Although in his heart he was ashamed, but in his mouth, he always had bad words for Kai Yang; that he was lustful in nature, he was a heartless fellow, his head was always filled with immoral thoughts, he was a evil person, etc.

Meng Wu Ya had also spoken words of warning towards Xia Ning Chang, he seriously told her that: “This kind of person should not be respected and should be kept as far away as possible.”

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