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Within their three hearts, none of them wanted to accept that fact.

The person laying on the floor was actually a master of the separation and reunion boundary, that motherfucker was a master of the separation and reunion boundary! How could he be defeated by a practitioner at the initial element stage.

There was an entire two realms of difference between the two. This gap was as big as the gap between heaven and earth.

Even if more than half of that senior brother’s strength had been sealed away, even if you included the fact that he needed to use World Qi to resist the Yin Qi in the valley, his power would still be equivalent to someone at the qi transforming stage. Wasn’t it? How could he just be killed like that?

Their faces with either pale or flushed and filled with fear!

They were all thinking, what if the target that Kai Yang had aimed for hadn’t been that senior brother, but them instead? What would the result have been then? Without a doubt, they would be dead.

Realising this point, Yuan Lang realised that senior brother Cai’s vigilance and foresight had been well founded. If it wasn’t for senior brother’s reminders, he would have probably been the first one to die under Kai Yang’s hand.

“How did senior brother actually die?” The weakest practitioner among them finally spoke out, breaking the awkward and embarrassing silence.

As soon as this question was asked, they immediately looked at each other in dismay. After replaying the previous scene in their minds, they finally found traces of Kai Yang’s move.

It was just that one exchange of injuries! It was the only attack that Kai Yang made during the entire battle!

“His strength is that high?” One of them asked in horror.

“This isn’t his skill! He probably possesses an extremely powerful weapon-type artifact. Otherwise there would be no way he would be able to break through senior brother’s defense and be able to kill him!” Yuan Lang looked towards him and analysed the situation as his mind gradually calmed down.

The other other person also agreed with his conjuncture.

If it weren’t for the aid from that weapon-type artifact, how could Kai Yang possibly be able to achieve such results? For this type of thing, even if Kai Yang were to admit the truth himself, they wouldn’t believe him.

“In order to activate this artifact he must require an immense amount of World Qi, so that’s probably the reason why he can only use it once. After that shot, regardless of the result, he would flee!” Yuan Lang’s expression was unreadable. The more he thought, the more this thoughts became clear and more shrewd, infused with a bit more intelligence. His analysis was very suitable for explaining Kai Yang’s unusual actions afterwards.

In a confident tone, Yuan Lang said: “So, even if the current him possessed some remaining strength, he would be akin to an arrow at the end of its flight. As for the secret artifact, he definitely shouldn’t be able to reactivate it again, adding on the various wounds he received, he doesn’t pose much of a threat!”

The other two also felt that his conclusions were correct, placing the stone within their hearts down.

In the end he only relied on a secret artifact in order to do battle, that really scared them for a moment! If his strength was really that monstrous, to the point that he could easily kill senior brother Cai, then they might as well wash their necks clean and send them out. Why would they struggle on death’s door?

The lowest ranked Blood Group disciple said: “With senior brother dead, should we go back and report this matter?”

Yuan Lang swivelled his head to look at him, lightly reprimanding: “Why should we return?”

“If we don’t go back to report, I don’t think it would be the correct choice.” He hesitatingly replied.

That other person looked at the youth before suddenly laughing, saying to the weakest among them: “Junior brother Wu, you didn’t understand senior brother Yuan’s intention.”

Perplexed, that junior brother Wu turned back to Yuan Lang questioningly.

Yuan Lang chuckled: “It’s junior brother Xie who understands. I can’t hide anything from you.”

Junior brother Xie also laughed lightly: “Great minds think alike.”

Junior brother Wu looked at the two of them in puzzlement. No matter how much he thought over it, he couldn’t grasp the crucial point and could only helplessly ask: “My fellow two senior brothers, could you please explain the situation in clearer terms?”

Glancing over at him, Yuan Lang finally explained: “Junior brother Wu, what grade do think Kai Yang’s secret artifact is?”

Thinking over the question for a while, junior brother Wu slowly answered: “Between the four of us, in order to directly kill senior brother Cai in one move, the grade of the artifact definitely wouldn’t be low. At the very least, it would be at the earth grade middle level! It could even possibly be at the earth grade upper level.”

They had all personally witnessed Xia Ning Chang use a heaven grade artifact, so even if an earth grade artifact appeared within Kai Yang’s hands, why would it surprise them? To say it was at the earth grade, was the lowest evaluation junior brother Wu could give, but also a fair evaluation.

Yuan Lang nodded his head slightly: “If we were to really go back and report this matter, what would you say the result would be?”

Junior brother Wu instinctively replied: “Kai Yang would die, and the secret artifact be taken, by Hallmaster Wen…….”

Stopping mid-sentence, that person person realised what was happening.

If they were to let Hallmaster Wen know that Kai Yang possessed an earth grade artifact, then would they receive anything? Long Hui already had his eyes set on that female’s heaven grade artifact. If Hallmaster Wen couldn’t eat the meat, then why couldn’t he drink the soup? And among the disciples, they wouldn’t be able to even lick the sugar bits.

At most, when they returned, Hallmaster Wen would bestow upon them a few gold and silver pieces. This time, experiencing the various dangers, with many of their fellow brothers dying, were they really only able to obtain these few rewards?

By putting their lives of the line, they should at least reap some harvest. Just a moment ago, they were on death’s door, even now their hearts were still beating with loud ‘pu tong, pu tong’ sounds. How could a few gold and silver pieces be able to compensate them?

Furthermore, Hallmaster Wen was well-known for being stingy. So even if he did give them some money, it wouldn’t be a lot.

“My two senior brother’s meaning is…….” Junior brother Wu asked out probingly.

Yuan Lang and that senior brother Xie looked at each other simultaneously, and senior brother Xie nodded his head: “Whatever senior brother says, we will execute it accordingly.”

Yuan Lang smiled: “Good. Since my fellow two junior brothers have no objections, then we shall not go back and report it!”

“Okay!” The two people nodded their heads.

“As for that secret artifact on Kai Yang……..” Yuan Lang hid a smile and turned his head towards his two junior brothers, “The one who can kill him and get revenge for senior brother Cai’s death will be able to obtain ownership for that artifact. How about that?”

Junior brother Xie nodded his head: “Then we shall follow what you have said!”

“Shall we split up?” Between the three of them, junior brother Wu’s strength was the lowest. In the battle before watching senior brother Cai die right there in front of him had scared him. He was worried that if he met with Kai Yang alone he would be unable to defeat him.

That junior brother Xie replied: “What are you scared of? Kai Yang has activated that secret artifact once already, how much World Qi would he have remaining? Not to mention that he has fought hard against the people from Storm House, and received even more fatal wounds from fighting us. The current him, anyone could easily take his life.”

Junior brother Wu also thought the same thing. Before they had arrived, Kai Yang had battled viciously against Nu Lang and probably used up a large amount of energy. The wounds he had received were also seen by him, the environment was also very cruel, so he needed to exhaust World Qi and mental energy just to resist the cold and the Yin Qi. He most likely only had a sliver of power remaining, so if they really were to meet, he would easily be able to kill Kai Yang.

The current circumstances were perfect for killing Kai Yang and gaining revenge for senior brother Cai. So if they wanted to obtain the secret artifact within his grasp, it would be given to the one who found him first. How could they possibly work together?

With this thought, junior brother Wu, took a few deep breaths to calm his boiling blood.

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