Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 109

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“You are forcing my hand!” Yuan Lang’s expression turned frosty.

“It’s you who is bullying wantonly!” Xia Ning Chang didn’t back down in the slightest.

His expression frosty, Yuan Lang’s heart hissed but still he forced himself to endure and instead he said: “Then we must see if this young lady’s defensive artifact can endure my attacks!”

He really couldn’t bear having such a stubborn mouthed beauty slip through his fingers so easily. If he could use his own power to subdue Xia Ning Chang, then it would be equivalent to obtaining a heaven grade artifact! With that treasure, where underneath the sky would he dare not to go? No longer needing to stay in the Blood Group and put his life on the line right? Not to mention that this female’s background was unknown, so there shouldn’t be only just that one secret artifact in her possession.

That’s why he wanted to test his luck! If he really couldn’t break through her defense, then it wouldn’t be too late to send for backup. Since he was already here, she definitely wouldn’t be able to escape him.

The entire time he was thinking over this matter, he was grinning suspiciously while looking at Xia Ning Chang.

Xia Ning Chang secretly lamented in her heart. Although she had recovered more than twenty percent of her strength and had enough to activate that defensive artifact, it still used up a great deal of World Qi. As soon as she did so, she would revert back to her powerless self. Not to mention that she had planned on using her recovered World Qi to search for Kai Yang. How could she afford to use it all in one go?

But if she did not do this, she didn’t have any confidence in overpowering Yuan Lang. Furthermore, her position wasn’t too good, so she wasn’t able to exert much of her true power.

It seemed like her only option was to hinder him for a while and remain alert for any opportunity to finish him in one go.

Xia Ning Chang had no hesitation whatsoever. The opponent had already bullied her this far, so how could she let him go just like that?

As the distance between the two gradually shrunk, Xia Ning Chang slowly stood up. Revolving her World Qi, she stared attentively towards the approaching Yuan Lang.

It was truly the moment where bitter rivals faced each other! In the cave where there was only one entrance/exit, neither party could easily evade their opponent’s attacks.

When the distance had shrunk to three feet, Yuan Lang’s smile vanished and was replaced with a serious expression.

Xia Ning Chang’s sudden strike was completely out of Yuan Lang’s expectations. Her jade hands performing a seal, an arrow of cold wind flew towards Yuan Lang.

Yuan Lang frowned. He never thought that any strength would still reside in this female, let alone enough for her to put up any form of resistance. How much time had passed since she had received that injury? Even if she used Qi restoration pills, the speed of recovery wouldn’t be that fast, right?

What he didn’t know was that Xia Ning Chang possessed a special physique. Once she ate a pill, she would be able to absorb and refine the pill completely. If this wasn’t the case, then with small amount of pills she had, how would she be able to recover twenty percent of her energy?

That blade of cold wind, penetrated deep into his body reaching his bones, it was shaped like a crystal blade. It was created from the Yin Qi within the mountain valley, coupled with her special physique, it’s killing power was decent. Moreover, it didn’t use a lot of World Qi to make and its speed was very fast.

A muffled whimper could be heard as Yuan Lang gathered his World Qi in his palm. Charging forward he shouted: “Flying Cloud Palm!”

The Flying Cloud Palm wasn’t a palm skill, rather it was more of a sword skill. It was an earth grade lower level martial skill. Its power wasn’t that strong, but due to the fact that Yuan Lang didn’t have any swords on his body, he could only use it with his palm. Naturally this would result in a decrease in its power.

Nonetheless, Xia Ning Chang’s strike had been cut off and rendered useless.

When he felt that the strike contained no killing power, Yuan Lang smirked. But unexpectedly, he heard some swishing sounds. Looking up, he saw Xia Ning Chang had sent out another.

This caused Yuan Lang to be angered. His hands moving in a flurry of movements, he shouted: “Azure Dragon’s Cry!”

Following that, a dragon’s roar could be heard, the might contained in this attack was far greater than his previous Flying Cloud Palm.

Without allowing him any time to breath, more swishing sounds could be heard as Xia Ning Chang sent out more streams of cold air over.

Yuan Lang didn’t stop his steps and used his strength to resist.

Thousand Zhu Steps, Flying Phoenix Death Strikes, Heavenly Life Lightning, Transforming Iron Palms, Beheading Steel Hands, Spirit Dragon Fists……

He was worthy to be called an expert at the separation and reunion boundary; possessing a large variety of martial skills. With a hundred methods, he contended against Xia Ning Chang’s onslaught. Causing the cave to become a place of deep water and scorching fire.

While Xia Niang did not change her attacks whatsoever. ‘Who cares if you have a multitude of skills, I will only use these ice beams of mine.’ The two people were three feet apart and neck to neck, evenly matched.

Along the cave walls, seams had started to form due to the aftershocks of their clashes.

With the wind whistling, Yuan Lang finally realised something wasn’t right. His own cultivation had been sealed away, so while he needed to expend World Qi to block in the invasion of the cold, he had also successively used so many Qi consuming skills. So right now, he was feeling quite tired, meanwhile the female oppositie still looked the same as she did when she started to fight. She wasn’t red-faced nor did it look like her heart was very heavy, like the skill she was using didn’t require any money; like she hadn’t used an ounce of World Qi.

Little did he know that the cold beams that Xia Ning Chang had been executing were formed with the cold Yin Qi within the valley. She only needed the smallest amount of World Qi to condense them and give them such killing power.

It was only at that moment, Yuan Lang realised that in his current sealed state, he was unable to eat Xia Ning Chang.

Flying into a rage of humiliation, he viciously said: “Stinking bitch, if you don’t surrender now, I will call over young master Long. Once he comes, he will definitely ruthlessly violate you, making you wish you were dead but you won’t be!”

“Despicable!” Xia Ning Chang responded.

“He he. Any female that falls into Long Hui’s hands will not have a good future. You might as well be clever and follow me. I promise you that I will treat you well!”

“”Shameless!” Xia Ning Chang rebuked, furious.

“I will count to three. If you don’t surrender in that period, then don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!” His expression sinister, Yuan Lang pulled out his final bargaining chip, before slowly and deliberately calling out: “One…..”

Hacking and striking, as the two were exchanging their words, they continued to exchange strikes.

“Two……” Yuan Lang very deliberately extended the time he took to say the word.

Xia Ning Chang’s eyes suddenly became crescent shaped. Although the duration of that movement wasn’t long, Yuan Lang was certain that she had smiled.

‘When she smiled, she was really pretty!’ All of a sudden, Yuan Lang didn’t want to call out three.

“Have you thought it over?” He thought she had changed her mind.

Xia Ning Chang eyes remained shaped like a crescent moon as she cutely said: “You thought you were the only one who was able to call for reinforcements?”

“What?” Yuan Lang didn’t comprehend what she meant.

“I also called for reinforcements.” Looking at the person behind Yuan Lang, Xia Ning Chang said in a sobbing tone while stamping her foot: “Junior brother, it’s about time you came!”

Yuan Lang couldn’t help but sneer as he said: “You want to use these type of lowly methods to trick me? Miss, you really think I am that type of idiot?”

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“You really are an idiot.” An extremely cold voice, devoid of emotion sounded from behind Yuan Lang. As Yuan Lang attempted to turn around hurriedly, Xia Ning Chang struck out causing him to become uncoordinated. This was also further influenced by the narrow passage and the fact that he could neither advance nor retreat, putting him a very awkward position indeed.

Pu chi……he heard. Yuan Lang could only feel a dull pain and was vaguely aware that a sharp object had penetrated his body. Looking down, he saw that a sword was piercing his stomach.

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