Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 110

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The sword which had penetrated his chest caused a life threatening wound.

Yuan Lang could feel his heart constricting and the blood madly gushing out. Feeling his life draining away, he hurriedly turned his head around to look at Kai Yang behind him.

“Animal!” Yuan Lang shouted out, his expression highly grotesque, as he was so unwilling to meet his end here.

Kai Yang stayed silent and only moved to pull out the sword; bringing with it a warm stream of red blood, only to re-pierce his body.

After taking four direct blows, Yuan Lang couldn’t endure any longer and directly fell onto the ground.

With his vision gradually fading away, Yuan Lang let out a bitter smile on death’s door.

Fate is really is unfavourable and luck toys with you, ah! Originally he had thought that by standing at the entrance and blocking the female’s path, he would be able to assert dominance over her. Contrary to that however, he was the one who was trapped in the end.

If it wasn’t for the the location’s special topography, how would he fall this easily?

Even if he couldn’t beat them in a 1 vs. 2 fight, he would still be able to run right? But now, everything had been in vain.

Hunters, will eventually become the prey one day……..

“You’re okay right?” Kai Yang looked at Xia Ning Chang.

In reality, before Yuan Lang had even discovered this little senior sister of his, Kai Yang had already been in the vicinity. He had just waited until Yuan Lang entered the cave to battle with Xia Ning Chang, thus exhausting himself, before mounting that ambush of his.

Although this method was somewhat despicable and Xia Ning Chang had been completely unaware of the situation. But in the end, it was the most energy efficient method.

“I’m fine, you…….” Before Xia Ning Chang could finish her sentence, she saw the large gash on the side of his stomach and the bloody wound on his shoulder.

At this moment, the blood covered Kai Yang’s expression was one of calmness and concern. He gave off a steady and reliable air that was exclusive to men. Completely different from his usual “too weak to even stand against the wind” look.

His ** body blocked the entrance of the cave, but his body was unwavering and appeared as sturdy as a mountain. Blocking all wind and tribulations, turning this isolated mountain cave into a peaceful, warm and safe harbor.

Walking a few steps forwards, her small hands shook as she reached out towards the stomach wound, yet she didn’t dare to touch it. Xia Ning Chang was afraid that the slighted touch would be painful, which lead to her eyes turning red.

In these short four hours, what type of harsh battles did he have to endure in order gain such horrendous wounds? How much did he have to bleed in order for this much blood to cover him?

In this isolated cave, after confronting the ten or so beast like people, Xia Ning Chang and Kai Yang felt that they were mutually dependant on each other for their survival. So when she saw his miserable condition, how could her heart not be in pain?

There was no female that didn’t have the dream of the hero saving the damsel.

(TL: There you go boys. Another method to help you pick up girls ???? Might not work though)

Although the person saving her wasn’t some great hero, nor was it through some heroic deed. It was only an ordinary initial element stage junior brother. When compared to her own cultivation, their distance was tens of thousands of li apart. But regardless, the young lady’s heart couldn’t help but have a few ripples.

“Small injuries!” Kai Yang replied in an uncaring tone: “That’s right, I discovered the Nine Yin Dew Crystals.”

“Oh.” Wiping her eyes, Xia Ning Chang didn’t register the excitement within his voice.

“How do we actually capture those things? I think it’s about time you told me.” He asked, “Otherwise, when we find them again, I’m afraid we can only let them escape again.”

“We don’t need them anymore.” Pulling on Kai Yang’s hand gently, Xia Ning Chang motioned for Kai Yang to sit down.

“Why don’t you need them?” This caused Kai Yang to furrow his brow. Suffering all those hardships and trials, wasn’t it all for the Nine Yin Dew Crystals?

Ignoring his question, Xia Ning Chang began: “Sit down before we talk.”

Looking at her suspiciously, Kai Yang then began to slowly sit down.

Bowing down her head, half kneeling in front of Kai Yang, she bit her lip. Then reaching into her dress, she began to fiercely rip her clothing to shreds. After tearing a long strip of cloth, she took out a bottle of medicine and smeared some onto the cloth. Then tentatively, she started to bandage the wound on Kai Yang’s abdomen.

Kai Yang allowed her to fiddle with the bandage.

“We shall wait for sunrise here.” As she said this, she was also bandaging Kai Yang’s injury: “Once the sunrises, the Eight Locks Nine Clouds seal will come undone. When that time arrives, we shall leave this place!”

“But the reason why we came here…..”

“We don’t need it anymore!” Cutting off Kai Yang, Xia Ning Chang’s words held a resolute tone, “It’s not worth it for that!”

Looking at her in a pondering way, Kai Yang spoke up: “I know what you are thinking about. But I have already killed nine of them. There are only those two remaining.”

“What?” Raising her head, Xia Ning Chang’s pair of eyes contained her disbelief.

“They have two people, we also have two people. Are you afraid that they will do anything?” A flash of madness could be seen in Kai Yang’s eyes, “Since they won’t be merciful, then naturally we shall not be polite either! The Nine Yin Dew Crystals will not be spared either. We cannot do things halfway.”

“You’re joking right?” Xia Ning Chang delicately asked.

“Are you that easily tricked?” Kia Yang chuckled, but in doing so accidently tore his wound open a bit and couldn’t help but let out a hiss of pain.

“They really only have two people remaining?”

“En. Only Long Hui and that person who injured you are left.” He said nodding his head in response.

Xia Ning Chang stared blankly ahead. Previously Xia Ning Chang thought that when Kai Yang had left, he was chased madly by those wanting to kill them; thus receiving those wounds. She thought he was quite lucky to have escaped with his life. But in actuality, he had gone and killed nine people in four short hours!

There were quite a few at the separation and reunion boundary as well.

How did he achieve this?

“If they really only have two people remaining, then we really don’t need to fear them.” She said, knitting her eyebrows together: “My only worry is that true element boundary master. Once his true cultivation is restored and he is adamant about chasing us, then we will truly be unable to escape far.”

Raising his eyebrows Kai Yang asked: “Once the seal breaks, his cultivation can return?”


“Then we have no choice!” Kai Yang’s expression gradually turned cold and decisive.

If they don’t kill that true element boundary master before the sun rises, then they would be the ones to be killed.

“But I have only recovered twenty percent of my strength. If we really encounter that powerhouse, then I’m afraid we would be in great danger.” Xia Ning Chang sighed out.

“I have salvaged quite a lot of medicinal pills. Go look around for any that you can use.” Taking out the pills he had looted from the corpses, he then went to search Yuan Lang’s body.

Immediately he found a few bottles of pills. From the looks of it, Yuan Lang was quite wealthy more than the other disciples at least; from the amount of bills and money alone, he had a few folds more.

“With these Qi returning pills, I should be able to recover forty percent of my power.” A small smile could be seen on Xia Ning Chang’s petite face.

“Go restore your World Qi then. I shall stand guard for you.” Kai Yang also needed a bit of time to recover. Although he hadn’t used up all of his World Qi, he still needed to restore his physical and mental energy.

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