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The moment that Wen Fei Chen had landed his blow on Kai Yang, his defeat had already been decided.

Kai Yang distinctly understood that in order to kill this type of expert, he must first restrict their freedom. Otherwise, just by relying on Xia Ning Chang and his own strength, they would be unable to win.

Since Long Hui had such exquisite footwork, how could an expert at the true element boundary, Wen Fei Chen for instance, not have something similar? If they allowed him to realise that something was up, then as soon as the sun rose, Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang would be in big trouble.

But in order to restrict an expert, how hard would that be? Even if more than half of his current cultivation had been sealed, he still wasn’t someone they could easily go against.

That’s why Kai Yang needed to put his own body in danger! By using his own body as bait, he allowed Wen Fei Chen to strike him, thus giving him the chance to grab onto his wrist; essentially binding him!

This was an incredibly bold move. But since Kai Yang had risked himself as part of the strategy, how could Wen Fei Chen not fall into the trap?

With both his hands destroyed, Wen Fei Chen was like a hedgehog that had lost its spikes, full of power but unable to use it.

Swiftly following his defeat was the rhythmic sound of bones breaking and bloodcurdling cries, under of Kai Yang’s hands Wen Fei Chen suffered the cruelest torture.

In a ten short breaths time, Wen Fei Chen’s cries had gradually stopped; even his breathing had become shallow. His entire body was like soft mud, lying limply on the ground.

Standing to the side, Xia Ning Chang’s heart palpitated, like it was her first time truly seeing this junior brother of hers.

Even after observing him for more than two years, how could Xia Ning Chang have possibly seen this ruthless, cold and cruel side of him?

Suddenly, three smokey black Yin chains flew out from Wen Fei Chen’s body. At the same time, five other smokey black chains appeared within the valley before disappearing into thin air.

“Junior brother, he is already dead!” Pulling on Kai Yang gently, Xia Ning Chang called out to him.

The appearance of the Yin chains signified the end of Wen Fei Chen!

“Is he dead?” Breathing rapidly, it was only then that Kai Yang slowly straightened up his waist.

“Junior brother, you are fine right?” Xia Ning Chang’s tone was full of worry. Currently, she could sense an evil aura being emitted from all over her junior brother’s body, like he was about to step into the demonic path.

Kai Yang knew what she was worrying over, grinning somewhat painfully he reassured her: “Don’t panic. This is one of my martials skills, it only looks a bit scary that’s all.”

Looking closely, Xia Ning Chang studied him through her red eyes, although his eyes looked wild, they still continued traces of a cool calmness, symbolising that he was still himself.

“Since all of them are dead, let’s go and find the Nine Yin Dew Crystals!” Kai Yang had yet to forget about that matter.

“Can you still go on? You suffered such heavy injuries though!”

“I’m still okay, but if we wait any longer, then I’m afraid that I won’t be able to go on.” Kai Yang said this as he tugged on Xia Ning Chang’s hand, dragging her to where the Yin Qi was gathering.

As time passed, the amount of Yin Qi within the valley was gradually becoming thinner and thinner. This indicated the location of the Nine Yin Dew Crystals.

Arriving at their destination, that treasure was still there. It had been scared away by the two battles occurring a couple of hundred feet away.

At that very moment, the flower bud was in its last stages, just about ready to bloom. Within the flower bud, were drops of translucent crystal like liquid drops, emitting a serene glow.

“How do we collect them?” Kai Yang asked.

Xia Ning Chang whispered softly: “Use your Yang attributed World Qi to subdue due it. Then…….contain them within your mouth. I will go do the rest. Remember, you can’t use any other part of your body to touch them.”

“Contain them with my mouth?” When Kai Yang heard this, he became bewildered. Just as he was about to inquire further, Xia Ning Chang’s expression became more serious: “They have appeared!”

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As those words left her mouth, the flower bud truly began to bloom. Originally it was the darkest hour of the night, but due to the blooming of the flower, the entire valley area lit up.

A single drop of liquid appeared, clear like the fresh morning dew. Floating up slowing from the flower, it was rapidly spinning in circles.

As for the flower it came from, it contained rich amounts of Yin Qi that all began to coalesce into the drop.

It was like a precious stone! Splendid and magnificent like a mansion! But it was still emitting an extremely cold aura of Yin Qi that could cause anyone’s heart to beat rapidly.

The Nine Yin Dew Crystal had appeared!

Her hands swiftly forming the appropriate seals, Xia Ning Chang began to unleash the Nine Yin Eight Cloud Locks once again. In the instant the Nine Yin Dew crystals revealed themselves, “ka-cha, ka-cha” sounds were heard in the air.

And then, a domineering Yin Qi energy began to form. Under the direction of Xia Ning Chang, it surged towards the Nine Yin Dew Crystal and tied it down from all directions. Locking that small area down, it had completely trapped that Nine Yin Dew Crystal.

Dashing to the left, dashing to the right, no matter where the Nine Yin Dew Crystal dashed, in a five feet radius, it could not escape.

“Junior brother, it’s your turn.” Xia Ning Chang said this, as she looked attentively at Kai Yang. Even though she didn’t care too much about this anymore, considering what they had gone through. But since the treasure was right in front of their eyes, if she could collect it, then she would collect it.

Kai Yang nodded his head as he walked over steadily.

Although the eight domineering Yin Qi locks had blocked off the area, they posed no difficulty for Kai Yang, because the True Yang World Qi within Kai Yang’s body had always been the nemesis of Yin Qi.

Walking into that little secluded place, the Nine Yin Dew Crystal seemed to have sensed Kai Yang’s intentions. Due to this, it stayed the furthest possible distance from him, floating in mid-air.

Observing it up close, Kai Yang discovered that it really resembled a precious gemstone. It was shaped like a teardrop and was about the same size as a human thumbnail.

“Use True Yang World Qi to capture it! How do you do it?” Knitting his eyebrows together, Kai Yang thought for a while, before directly using a drop of Yang Liquid.

Using the Yang Liquid, with a simple thought he turned the drop into a blood-red blade. Casually swinging, he rushed towards the Nine Yin Dew Crystals.

The Nine Yin Dew Crystal still wanted to play around mischievously. Darting left and right, it dodged Kai Yang’s strike.

“How interesting!” Chuckling lightly, Kai Yang suddenly realised that the many treasures that geniuses possessed, all had their own spiritual awareness. But this was the first time he had met one.

Secret artifacts that possessed their own spiritual awareness, were all treasures without equal.

Not wanting to waste time, another drop of Yang Liquid had appeared within Kai Yang’s hands. Once it appeared, he flourished it in an exaggerated manner.

“Let’s see how you escape this time!” Attacking from both sides, would naturally show results. The red blades were like a fish net, entrapping the prey within.

With a flick of his finger, the second drop morphed into a large net. Shooting it out, it wrapped around the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, completely and wholly capturing it.

Kai Yang didn’t dare to touch it with his hands, and directly brought the net and crystal both into his mouth.

Once it entered his mouth, the freezing cold air began to envelop his mouth. Even if Kai Yang cultivated the True Yang Tactics, he couldn’t help but let out a shiver.

But in the next moment, another wave of energy that couldn’t be seen, or felt started to immediately suppress the cold energy. This energy was even more effective his True Yang World Qi

At the same time, a mysterious attraction force started to come from within his bones, forcibly activating his True Yang Tactics. With the activation of the True Yang Tactics, he started to absorb the Nine Yin Dew Crystal’s energy into his bones.

Sensing this, Kai Yang hurriedly went to stop his True Yang Tactics. But his reaction speed was still too slow, as he could feel that the Nine Yin Dew Crystal within his mouth had shrunk to about half of its previous size. While a unique chilly air could be felt from within his bones before disappearing without a trace.

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