Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 116

Kai Yang became extremely panicked.

This occurrence was completely out of his predictions. Even though he knew, from his various experimentations, that he was able to absorb other types of energy apart from Yang Qi and store it within his bones he hadn’t thought it would occur without him actively trying to do so. But now, he had absorbed half of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal? Not to mention that the speed at which he had done so was quite fast.

This object was something that Xia Ning Chang needed, so what should he do?

Turning his head around, Kai Yang looked over awkwardly. Not knowing how to explain what had just happened, Xia Ning Chang had already arrived at his side, bringing with her, her natural fragrance.

Currently, the cheeks of his little senior sister were bright red, coupled with equally red earlobes. Breathing rapidly, bashful shyness could clearly be seen within those crystal clear eyes of hers.

“Junior brother……..please bear with it for a while.” Speaking suddenly, Xia Ning Chang reached out with her hand and wrapped it around Kai Yang’s head. Then she pulled his head down towards her.

Her hands were somewhat cool, but felt supple, as if there were no bones within them. They were like a fresh winter snowflake which had descended, giving Kai Yang a chill.

Standing on her tippy-toes, Xia Ning Chang closed her eyes while her long lashes fluttered. Lifting up her veil, her red precious gemstone lips sealed themselves over Kai Yang’s mouth.

With two soft lips pressing onto his own a sweet and alluring scent wafted at the tip of Kai Yang’s nose.

Kai Yang was stunned.

At that time, Kai Yang finally realised the reason why whenever he asked questions regarding the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, both Treasurer Meng and Xia Ning Chang dodged the questions and were so unwilling to respond.

Originally Kai Yang didn’t know the root of this dilemma, but everything had suddenly become clear.

Between the heavens and the earth, there were thousands of methods to collect things. Each object with spiritual awareness had it’s own method. While the collection method of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal was actually this alluring, this sweet!

Two pairs of lips interlocked, causing Kai Yang’s breathing to become more ragged. From his throat, a burning sensation started to arise; so hot it was, that even the Nine Yin Dew Crystal couldn’t suppress it as his blood boiled.

Xia Ning Chang was in a far worse state. After kissing, she stood there like a buddha statue, not moving an inch, while her skin was blood-red. Not to mention the beating of her heart sounded like the drums of war, as she stood there completely at a loss on what to do.

Although Kai Yang did not know the theory and specifics on how to capture the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, at the very least, he knew that it wouldn’t be achieved if their current actions continued as they were.

Not daring to tarry, Kai Yang wrapped his arm around Xia Ning Chang’s slender waist and pulled her into his embrace. Securing her, he wrapped his tongue around the crystal before prying open her mouth, he then delivered it into her mouth.

Stimulated by the cold from the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, Xia Ning Chang managed to regain a bit of her senses back. Knowing what she needed to do, she accepted the crystal and directly swallowed it.

Tasting some sweetness at the tip of their tongues, their two bodies clung closely together. More so with Kai Yang’s ** upper body, became more and more sensitive. Being the young hot blooded youngster he was, how could he possibly bear this type of stimulation?

Basically by instinct, one hand wrapped tightly around Xia Ning Chang, while his other had gone to her round buttocks, gently kneading it.

Feeling the two soft mounds on his chest, her warmth, Kai Yang’s breathing couldn’t help by quicken. Carefully and attentively, he maneuvered his hands to wantonly rub those two startling elastic jade mounds.

Sounds of **, full of pleasure came from Xia Ning Chang’s mouth. Kai Yang could clearly see her closed eyes open slightly, as her eyelashes fluttered. When he realised he was staring at her, he hurriedly continued.

Coarse breathing, the bodily interaction, the touching of their tongues and the lack of mindfulness, caused the young male and and female to forget their surroundings completely. Each closely hugged the other, wishing that they could merge with each other.

Suddenly, Kai Yang’s tongue started to hurt, making him scream out in pain.

Taking the opportunity, Xia Ning Chang pushed on Kai Yang’s chest. Nibbling lightly, she escaped from Kai Yang’s embrace.

“Why did you bite me?” Kai Yang could feel that his tongue had been cut open by the bite, as a bit of blood pooled in his mouth.

Clasping her hands on together, Xia Ning Chang’s chest heaved up and down. Breathing in deep breaths, she strived to calm her racing heartbeat, before responding after awhile: “I’m sorry. In order to refine the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, I need a bit of your pure inborn Yang attributed Qi and a bit of your tongue’s blood!”

To subdue the Nine Yin Dew Crystal one actually need some pure Yang attributed Qi! The purer the better, and because Kai Yang cultivated the True Yang Tactics, he was the best candidate.

And in order to refine it, you needed natural inborn Yang attributed Qi and the tongue’s blood.

Natural inborn Yang Qi was something that couldn’t be cultivated. It was something that all males were born with. At birth, males are born with a mysterious energy, and until they had intimate relationships with a female it would remain. Even if it did disappear, it wouldn’t have any influence on them.

But this energy was needed at certain times, an example was a situation like this.

The previous heat that Kai Yang had felt, the energy that had enveloped the Nine Yin Dew Crystal’s cold, was precisely his natural inborn Yang Qi.

That was also the reason why Treasurer Meng was adamant in knowing whether or not Kai Yang was a virgin. It was only virgin boys that still possessed their natural inborn Yang Qi, and it was only the tongue blood of virgin boys that was usable in refining the Nine Yin Dew Crystals.

Hearing Xia Ning Chang say it, Kai Yang touched his mouth and seriously replied: “So it was like this. Is it enough? If it’s not enough, I still have more.”

Isn’t it just a few drops of blood from the tongue?

Shy beyond belief, Xia Ning Chang couldn’t help but want to hide in some hole. Nodding her head vigorously she said: “Enough! One drop is already enough!”

“Oh.” Kai Yang couldn’t help but reply with some disappointment. Recalling the touch of her tongue and feeling of her body, he couldn’t help but sigh. It was the first time that he had such a close relationship with a female.

“Little senior sister…….” Kai Yang called out hesitantly, his eyes full of burning passion.

Xia Ning Chang immediately became frantic, how could she not be able to hear the underlying wish of Kai Yang’s?

Replying promptly: “You still have various wounds, so you should go and focus on healing. I also need to refine the Nine Yin Dew Crystal.”

“Oh!” Kai Yang remembered the words she had once said. Once they had obtained the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, if they didn’t refine it within two hours, it would disappear.

“That’s right, this thing……..” Just as Kai Yang was about to inform her that he had absorbed half of the energy, the world around him started to dim. Losing strength, Kai Yang collapsed onto the ground, his consciousness quickly faded.

“Junior brother!” Crying out loudly, Xia Ning Chang went to support him. Worrying, she checked his pulse, her expression quickly paled.

She had discovered that his pulse was extremely weak, his vitality was at an all time low. Not to mention that his World Qi was incredibly depleted. He was like an extremely dried up oil lamp.

This was no small matter, Xia Ning Chang’s small heart nearly shrivelled up.

How could it be like this? He was just fine a minute ago, and just then he was doing………how could he faint without any sign?

But due to this check up, Xia Ning Chang was able to understand the full extent of the injuries Kai Yang had suffered.

The wounds on his stomach and shoulder didn’t need to be mentioned, as they were already treated and wrapped earlier. But due to the battle, his wounds had opened once more, with blood flowing out profusely. The most serious was the one to his chest. Five of his ribs had been broken, while a portion of his chest had caved in, clearly it had injured his lung. That strike of Wen Fei Chen’s, had contained his fury, so how could it be light?

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