Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 117

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This entire night, it was unknown how many cc’s of blood Kai Yang had lost. It wasn’t until this moment that Xia Ning Chang fully understood the monstrous amount of willpower her junior brother had relied on during the night.

With these types of wounds, if his position was switched with a normal person, who knew how many times that person would die. While he bit down and held out against the pain and accompanied her to kill that final enemy, and then assisted her to capture the Nine Yin Dew Crystal.

After completing all of that, once he relaxed his mind, it was of no surprise that he would faint.

Placating the anxiety within her heart, Xia Ning Chang went to take out the remaining pills from within Kai Yang’s clothes. Then bracing herself, she forced herself to search Wen Fei Chen’s body and found more pills which she then fed to Kai Yang.

But Kai Yang was currently in a coma, so how could he possibly swallow those pills?

Thinking for a while, Xia Ning Chang began to break the pills into pieces before feeding them to Kai Yang.

Just as she was busying herself with various things, the Nine Yin Eight Locks suddenly burst out and disappeared.

The sun was up! With the sun brimming with vitality, the Nine Yin Eight Locks sealing formation had dissolved.

Unbeknownst to Xia Ning Chang, she did not sense the passage of time within the mountain valley as she was preoccupied tending to Kai Yang.

A wave of tyrannical but soft energy passed over Xia Ning Chang’s body. Shivering from the sensation, she suddenly looked up, as a figure appeared within her view.

“Master!” As soon as Xia Ning Chang saw him, it was like a crack had formed in a dam wall. With her masters appearance, her reliance on him appeared as tears flowed unceasingly down her beautiful face.

His face serious, Meng Wu Ya was about to reprimand Xia Ning Chang when he saw that something was not quite right. Looking around his face became concerned as he asked: “What happened?”

Old Man Meng had stood guard outside of the Nine Yin Eight Locks formations for a good portion of the night. He did not dare to enter, as he assumed that the capturing of the dew drop had gone successfully. After all, he had prepared these things for many years, and all they needed was the corporation of Kai Yang. After that, everything was easy.

It was just that his beloved and treasured disciple had to sacrifice herself a bit.

After staying outside all night, Meng Wu Ya was also feeling a bit stuffy himself. Which master would be drugged by his own disciple; under the heavens, he guessed only he would be. Though that wasn’t the reason why Meng Wu Ya was feeling this way. Being drugged was a small matter, but this time he had lost a lot of face. Not to mention that this trip had brought Xia Ning Chang deep into Black Wind Mountains, what if something bad had happened to her?

So that’s why Meng Wu Ya was determined to go reprimand Xia Ning Chang for her actions; but of course he wouldn’t be too harsh on her. After all, this disciple of Treasurer Meng’s was treated like his most beloved treasure.

But what he was about to say had suddenly disappeared as he gazed down at the ground. On the ground, he saw her panicked and pale face, as she looked at Kai Yang lying unconscious in a terrible condition: “What happened here?”

“Master I asked you to save him!” Bawling anxiously, Xia Ning Chang miserably cried out.

Meng Wu Ya did not hesitate, he immediately descended and used two fingers to jab at Kai Yang’s wrists. His divine sense sweeping across his body, Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help but make a startled face: “Such serious wounds?”

In the eyes of Meng Wu Ya, Kai Yang’s injuries were equivalent to having one foot in the grave. His internal chest and external injuries were all secondary. What was most worrying, was the extreme depletion of his World Qi, as well as the chaotic state of his meridians.

In regards to these types of conditions, he must take a special kind of spirit pill. Not only did he have to take a spirit pill, a doctor proficient in medicine was also needed.

Meng Wu Ya had neither of those.

“Master, will he die?” Xia Ning Chang mournfully asked, full of worry.

Once Meng Wu Ya saw the expression on his disciple’s face, he knew something bad had happened. Sighing internally he cried out “Fate! Dear fate! Even with my thousand blockades, I still wasn’t able to stop it.”

He couldn’t bear to have Xia Ning Chang saddened, so Meng Wu Ya consoled: “Don’t worry. With me here, he cannot die.” As he spoke, he reached into his clothes to take out a bottle. In a pouring motion, he took out a pill that was about the same size as a dragon’s eye*. It was entirely golden in colour and with one glance, one could tell that it wasn’t something of an ordinary grade.

(TLN: I say dragon’s eye, but that is just a direct translation. The word itself could also mean the fruit logan, which is called a dragon’s eye in Chinese. I wasn’t sure which one he was trying to reference too, but all in all, both objects are about the same size, since the fruit was named Dragon’s eye because that reason.)

When Meng Wu Ya took out that golden pill, Xia Ning Chang’s frantic feelings settled down a bit. It was because she knew the tremendous effects of that pill.

But Meng Wu Ya was extremely unwilling. After hesitating for sometime, he was somewhat forced by Xia Ning Chang. Pinching open Kai Yang’s mouth, he fed the pill to Kai Yang.

“Let me!” Swiping the pill from her master’s hand, Xia Ning Chang proceeded to put the pill in her mouth. Once in her mouth, she used her tongue to wrap around it before placing her lips over Kai Yang’s blood red ones.

Hey, hey, hey! This old man is still here! Meng Wu Ya shouted in his heart non-stop and immediately averted his gaze.

(TL: So innocent, lecherous Meng)

Seeing his disciple, without any hesitation or restraint, treating a male in this manner caused Meng Wu Ya to feel upset. It was like having a daughter whom you spent much effort raising, only to have her leave you.

Once Kai Yang took the pill, his colour became somewhat better, but the results were not like the expected results.

Taking the opportunity, Meng Wu Ya observed their surroundings. The original hazy gaze, suddenly became cold as he saw the corpses of Wen Fei Chen and Long Hui.

All of his suspicions disappeared!

The reason why Kai Yang had suffered such serious wounds, the reason why his beloved disciple cut such a sorry figure, just like they had engaged in a harsh battle; all had suddenly become clear.

A surge of fury burst out from Meng Wu Ya’s chest, as a frosty expression began to form on old man Meng’s face.

He didn’t decide to ask now, for currently it wasn’t the appropriate time. The coming days were long, and there would be plenty of time to investigate and make things clear in the future.

Meng Wu Ya was extremely regretful. Regretful that when he had arrived last night, he didn’t break into the sealing formation of the Nine Yin Eight Locks. Otherwise how could his disciple and Kai Yang fall into such dire straits?

Vexation and remorse filled his heart, before gradually turning into fury!

Inviting the wrath of the heavens!

Taking in deep breaths, Meng Wu Ya suppressed the fury within his heart and gently asked: “Disciple, did you get the Nine Yin Dew Crystal?”

“En.” Xia Ning Chang continued to look stupidly at the unconscious Kai Yang, nodding her head.

“Then go refine it. You don’t need to worry for Kai Yang, for this old man is here, so he can’t die.” Meng Wu Ya consoled.

Hesitating, Xia Ning Chang finally agreed, repeating: “Master, you must take care to not let anything happen to him. The reason why your disciple is still alive is because he put his life on the line to protect me. If it wasn’t for him, then your disciple would have…….” Mentioning the last part, Xia Ning Chang began to cry like a bird again.

“Relax!” Squeezing out a smile, Meng Wu Ya nodded his head lightly.

Only then did Xia Ning Chang gather herself again. Drying her tears, she sat down and took out the bag she kept at her side. While she refined the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, she also kept an eye on Kai Yang’s status.

In half an hour’s time, the Nine Yin Dew Crystal had been fully refined. Though Xia Ning Chang did not absorb the pill yet, and rather kept it in her dantian. This was because it took a long time to absorb the pill. Once she completely absorbed it, she would be able to breakthrough into the true element stage; but this would take at least a few days.

Without Kai Yang awake, Xia Ning Chang was in no mood to do so.

“Let’s go. Let’s first leave this place. With Kai Yang in this condition, he needs serious medical attention.” Bending down, Meng Wu Ya picked up Kai Yang and along with Xia Ning Chang, sprinted swiftly towards the edge of Black Wind Mountain.

The two people didn’t rush straight towards Sky Tower, because the distance between the two places wasn’t small. Rather, they had come to the small town that Kai Yang and Xia Ning had rested at previously.

Searching for a tavern in the town, the three people settled down temporarily. Sparing no effort, Xia Ning Chang labored at Kai Yang’s side everyday with all her heart.

While Meng Wu Ya gave Kai Yang True Qi everyday, in hopes of improving Kai Yang’s condition.

Falling unconscious, Kai Yang discovered that his consciousness had come to a world with nothing. Inside this world, there was nothing; only the golden skeleton from the black book could be found.

The golden skeleton sat cross legged, it’s golden brilliance shining brightly. Kai Yang also sat opposite it, cross legged, not moving an inch.

Without a sound, without light, Kai Yang sat there observing the golden skeleton. Although the golden skeleton had no eyes, Kai Yang felt that it was also observing him.

Time flowed on, without any indication, Kai Yang and the golden skeleton maintained this kind of silent situation.

Kai Yang was comprehending the mysteries of the golden skeleton. Last time he did so, Kia Yang felt that there were even deeper mysteries regarding it. But despite trying, he was far too powerless at the time.

But this time, after experiencing so many life and death battles, Kai Yang felt that the distance between him and golden skeleton had been shortened.

If one was to say there had previously been a barrier between Kai Yang and the golden skeleton, then currently, that barrier had been removed.

His unyielding willpower had conquered the golden skeleton’s haughtiness, while the golden skeleton was excited that he had found a suitable master.

Suddenly, Kai Yang smiled!

The golden skeleton also transformed. Turning into golden streaks of light, he entered Kai Yang; just like the first time they had met.

But Kai Yang knew, he knew that this time, he had fully gained the support of the arrogant golden skeleton. Previously when this had happened, he only gained a portion of its strength. All this time it had been observing, examining, until finally, Kai Yang had gained the it’s approval. Allowing the golden skeleton to willingly integrate itself into Kai Yang’s body.

The world of nothingness suddenly collapsed, causing Kai Yang’s consciousness to return to his body.

In no rush to open his eyes, Kai Yang probed around to learn about his body’s condition.

The injuries on his body were of no hinderance. It was only the area of his chest which had caved in that still hurt. Apart from that, the sword wounds on his abdomen and shoulder had healed up nicely.

Inside his dantian, of the original forty drops of Yang Liquid, only a few remained; there was only about seven or eight left. The cost of that night’s battles was far too high.

Just the amount of Yang Liquid used on disciple Cai and Wen Fei Chen alone, numbered around twenty drops. Not to mention the drops used in resisting the cold and the various other battles.

But this cost wasn’t without rewards. Through these battles, his original initial element fourth stage cultivation had shot up to the seventh stage!

To breakthrough three sub stages consecutively, Kai Yang couldn’t help but be startled.

Thinking back, while he was battling Wen Fei Chen, he had felt that the energy he emitted was at the qi transforming stage. It should have been around that time, he had broken through.

To break through that time, caused Kai Yang to fail to notice. If it weren’t for his inspection of his body, it would have stayed hidden.

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