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It was actually full of seals, so the disciples hurriedly ran to report this to the various elders.

After Hu Man received the news, he immediately went to personally investigate. Unfortunately due to those seals, he couldn’t see or hear anything.

In the Blood Group, Long Zai Tian was the eldest, and the one with the most experience. Not to mention he already knew about the matter, so Hu Man put him in charge; to see what was actually hidden within those restrictions.

Hu Man had a feeling, that the thing hidden within was some type of unspeakable secret. If the Blood Group was able to obtain it, then their power would rise by another level. Not only would their power rise, they would also be able to surpass the Eight Great Families; at the very least, they would be able to stand on equal footing with them.

Hu Man was also a bit vexed. At the time Hu Mei Er had constantly reminded him to not let the Long family know of this news, but he hadn’t taken her seriously. Now not only did they know, all the upper echelons of the group knew.

After returning from the mining area that day, Hu Man had hurried to Hu Mei Er to ask her how she knew there was something hidden below the ground.

What he didn’t expect was that due to this affair, Hu Mei Er had a large argument with him. Through the bustle, Hu Man found out that Hu Mei Er found this through the guidance of an expert. It was this expert that discovered the secret in the mine.

Because of his mindlessness, he had failed the task the expert had entrusted his daughter. And that expert didn’t want the Long Family to know of this news.

“My daughter, what is this expert like ah.” Hu Man held a deep respect for those hidden experts. To be able to see the hidden secrets tens of feet below the ground symbolised that they possessed high cultivations.

In Hu Man’s mind, that expert definitely possessed heaven and earth shocking power.

“What kind of expert?” At the time, the image of Kai Yang appeared within Hu Mei Er’s mind, causing her face to turn red. Glancing at her father she replied: “Not telling you!”

Seeing her reaction, Hu Man became rooted to the spot. This made him wonder if his daughter held feelings for that expert?

After a series of roundabout inquires, Hu Man became astonished.

This expert, was actually a young person. This type of person, how could their birth be ordinary?

“My daughter. Could it be you like the opposite party?” Full of spirit, Hu Man made his inquires. In his eyes, his daughter would definitely be married, but the most important question was who she would be married to. If she could marry into one of the Eight Great Families, then it couldn’t be any better. Then the Blood Group would be able to soar up like a phoenix.

But this keen eyed, superior young person wouldn’t be so bad either.

“If I do like him, what can you do?” Hu Mei Er hiddenly sighed out.

“If you like them, then try to get closer to them. My daughter is this beautiful, could it be that he doesn’t put you in his eyes?” Hu Man egged her on, “Wait, could it be that he already has a wife? What could this be counted as? A man having three, four wives is very ordinary.”

Pivoting her body around, Hu Mei Er widened her eyes and retorted: “It’s because of you, that I have failed the task he had given me. How could I have any more face to meet him again? Humph!”

Hearing those words, Hu Man could only laugh mockingly. How could he have known that the words his daughter said were actually true? If he knew the truth, he wouldn’t have spread out news of this secret.

One couldn’t help but point out that Hu Man completely misunderstood Kai Yang. If he knew the young expert in his heart was merely a trial disciple of Sky Tower, he wouldn’t have enough time to keep Hu Mei Er away from him. How would he have the time to let her get closer to him?

Gathering his thoughts, Hu Man let out another long sigh. The problems this affair caused really gripped the heart. His little daughter was constantly in closed door cultivation these past few days. It was the complete opposite of what she liked to do before; going out to play around. There was quite a significant increase in her cultivation, but given her refusal to go out and interact with that youngster, how would she have any chance to marry him?

While the various Hallmasters below were still boot-licking away. In Hu Man’s ear it was nothing but empty words, without any substance.

Just as he was standing up to leave, Hu Man stopped in his tracks and lifted up his head. Looking outside, his face couldn’t help but turn heavy looking.

In the next moment, all of the Hallmasters and Elders shut their mouths and turned their heads.

A formless aura, like the heavens were falling on their shoulders, pressed down on the shoulders of those present; shaking them to their very core.

An expert had graced the Blood Group! The discussing group within the hall could all feel his presence.

Following that, an aged voiced sounded next to everyone’s ears: “Where is Long Zai Tian?”

This voice was very flat, you couldn’t hear any emotion within it. But everyone on site couldn’t help but tremble, and they could feel that the expert that had suddenly descended came with some ill intent.

Searching for the Vice Head of the group? Everyone looked at each other simultaneously and couldn’t help but hold some doubt within their hearts.

“Follow me outside to look.” Standing up, Hu Man walked in large strides outside, so the various Hallmasters and Elders had to follow.

Coming outside the room, people saw someone standing in mid air. That person was an old man who was standing strongly in the air. This person was all white from head to toe, he gave a sinking feeling to everyone. His sharp eyes had swept over everyone, just like a hawk viewing the earth from the sky, his eyes viewed everything with disdain, arrogance and wildly abandon.

When the eyes swept over everyone, everyone couldn’t help but have a tingling feeling.

“Peak of the divine movement boundary!” Hu Man shouted in a low voice, his rough facial skin twitched slightly.

“Peak of the immortal zone?” some people were also shocked, “Is he the leader of Sky Tower Pavilion?”

In this surrounding area for a great distance, there are many master’s of the immortal zone boundary but speaking of those at the true peak boundary there is only the leader of Sky Tower Pavilion who is a mystery. It can be said that it is possible to see a divine dragon but it is impossible to see the leader of Sky Tower.

This old man comes from Sky Tower pavilion, and has a similar age to that of the leader. It is not a mistake that some people will mistakenly say that he is the leader.

“He is not the leader.”Hu Man shook his head slowly. When he was young he had once seen one side of Sky tower Pavilion’s leader and he naturally remembered that appearance. It was a completely different appearance to this old man.

Moreover…….. Although this person is a immortal zone boundary peak powerhouse, the pressure that was felt by Hu Man was actually stronger than that of someone at the immortal zone boundary peak.

Hu Man himself was a immortal zone boundary seventh level powerhouse. So even if the leader of Sky Tower arrived the pressure will not give him too many restrictions.

But this old man was different. When Hu Man looks at him, he feels like he is staring at a mountain which he will never be able to surpass, a river that can’t be crossed. Even if he consumed all of his life energy he will only be able to look up to him.

This is a very strange feeling, but Hu Man always believed in his own intuition.

This old Man is not an enemy, can’t be an enemy!

Where did this powerhouse come from? Hu Man very seriously took one step forward, holding his fist in his other hand and bowing he asked, “May i know the honored seniors name?”

The person who was standing there was naturally Meng Wu Ya. Meng Wu Ya had suppressed his anger for a long time. As soon as he returned to Sky Tower Pavilion he came looking for Long Zai Tian. Fearing that his disciple will again look for Kai Yang therefore he has defended against this for two days, when he was finally convinced that she had closed up, then he leisurely came looking for trouble.

“Are you Long Zai Tian?” Meng Wu Ya asked while narrowing his eyes, his eyes were like those of a hawk which was looking at his prey.

Hu Man couldn’t help but revolve his Yuan Qi. It looked like his life was on a thread in this critical moment but he was able to maintain his composure, after all he was a Master of a group, he had already mentally strengthened himself. If he was frightened by the opposite party’s few words wouldn’t it look highly improper?

“This one is Blood Group Hallmaster Hu Man. He does not know the senior…….”

Hu Man after a few words was interrupted by Meng Wu Ya, with an impatient expression he asked, “If you are not Long Zai Tian why are you opening your mouth then?”

Hu Man was startled by this but is wise enough to not get angry suddenly. When Hu Man was again about to open his mouth to explain something. Meng Wu Ya became crazy.

“Fuck You Long Zai Tian, you old dog roll out in front of this old Man!”

This roar was an indescribably real world tragedy, it rang out past the clouds, penetrated deep into the earth. Not only was heard by Blood Group but was also heard by people from the Storm House and Sky Tower Pavilion.

With this single roar, everyone became quiet.

A crowd of immortal zone boundary, true element boundary powerhouse were looking at Meng Wu Ya with silly expressions. They were staring at him with wooden expressions with dumbfounded stares

They would have never thought that a powerhouse can curse a person with his full power, moreover his cursing was done in such an evil and vulgar way.

Your demeanor? Your Status? As long as he is an expert with a little strength and prestige, will he do such a thing in public?

If he is doing such a thing he should have a very big enmity with the other party. Letting his training and demeanor be thrown beyond the highest heavens? What did that Long Zai Tian do for calling this much anger towards himself.

But with the shout of Meng Wu Ya, various people from the Blood Group clearly felt that a grim future lay ahead of them.

Hu Man asked with a calm face, “Senior please……if you have words to speak I will listen to them?”

Although the strength of this person was very high, Hu Man doesn’t want him as an enemy. However Long Zai Tian is after all the vice hallmaster of the Blood Group. Meng Wu Ya’s palm came halfway towards Hu Man.

“You stand still. Long Zai Tian roll out to me, if he doesn’t come out and cut his own head off and marry it to a chamber pot, this old man will slaughter the whole of your Blood Group!” Meng Wu Ya stated threateningly. He was unable to see the culprit so he was very annoyed in his heart.

The Blood Group, it is nothing in his eyes.

The look on Hu Man’s face was like that of a red chilli. Even the clay dolls have much less hot colour on their face, much less compared to the current hot tempered Hu Man. If not for the fact Meng Wu Ya’s strength was so strong, why would he speak so politely with him?

But Meng Wu Ya is simply not giving him face. Hu Man loses his temper.

“Hey, is that Long Zai Tian a turtle, doesn’t he dare to come out and meet the old man?” Meng Wu Ya said while sweeping his eyes towards the people standing under him.

This time, it is actually a youth who responded with a cold face, “This mister, watch what you are saying? My grandfather and you have what enmity, why are you insulting him like that?”

The person who spoke is Long Jun.

Meng Wu Ya came and is scolding Long Zai Tian with such coarse and vulgar language. Long Jun is after all a descendant of Long Zai Tian, how much can he endure? Taking advantage of the fact that this place is Blood Group’s headquarters, numerous masters are standing beside him, he took the opportunity to refute Meng Wu Ya immediately.

So what if he is a peak immortal zone boundary powerhouse? The Blood Group also has masters of the immortal zone boundary. If he dared to start a fight here, it will be decided that you will never return from here.

“Your Grandfather?” Meng Wu Ya narrowed both his eyes and stared at Long Jun.

“The person who this Mister is trying to find is my Grandfather!” Long Jun gave a sound reply.

“Its very good!” Meng Wu Ya smiled, “A dragon will live like a dragon, the phoenix will live like a phoenix, and at birth, the mouse will be digging holes. That Long Hui was not a good thing, so you as his elder brother, wouldn’t be that high quality either.”

(E.TLN: Chinese like to people personality/level as commodities in a sense. High quality mean you are upstanding and good, low quality means you are scum/trash that type of thing. )

How did Long Hui come into this conversation? The surrounding people thought that this old man said something unconsciously. Such a random word what does he want to say?

Long Jun became angry, “Old man you are acting too wild. This is Blood Group so it’s not a place where you can act wild!”

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