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“Is this old man acting wild?” Meng Wu Ya asked as if he had heard the worlds funniest joke, a grin appeared on his face from ear to ear, but suddenly his complexion turned cold, then he scoldingly said, “What can you do, even if this old man is acting wildly?”

While speaking, he just randomly threw out a slap.

“Shunt!” with this sound Hu Man’s face became pale, he was about to protect Long Jun, but Meng Wu Ya was lightning fast. Hu Man just saw him lifting one hand and in the next moment a resounding sound rang out from Long Jun’s face unexpectedly.

Two teeth flew out and Long Jun flew with them for a few meters, then with a dum sound he dropped to the ground.

The people from Blood Group became frightened instantaneously, Hu Man also felt an icy coldness from his body.

They were simply unable to believe how the old man did it. When he was standing at a distance of 50m from Long Jun. The palm strike which hit did not even give them enough time to even react.

Can this be achieved by a divine movement stage powerhouse? Even if the person is at the peak of the divine movement stage it would still be impossible for them to leave all the people at scene to be at a loss.

Hu Man thought that if the leader of Sky Tower Pavilion would have thrown this punch he was about 90% sure he would be able to keep it off Long Jun.

Is this divine movement stage peak, if it is why does it have such a big disparity?

Long Jun had also been dumbstruck by the flick of that palm, after falling to the ground, he staggered and crawled, after several moments when he was able to find the correct direction, he again looked at Meng Wu Ya. Now he was dreading his previous action with whole face becoming panic stricken.

His right cheek swelled up greatly, although he does not have any internal injuries, that slap which was given to him by Meng Wu Ya, for a person who always covers up his shortcoming in presence of everyone being slapped caused him to feel humiliated, something which he hasn’t felt up till now in the presence of bystanders.

“Old Man has acted wildly again, so now what are you going to do?” Meng Wu Ya asked, calmly standing at the same place boldly. He again waved the palm of his hand.

“Pa……” Just like earlier, Long jun took off again. Blood Groups many experts did not even have time to react.

“Fuck. This old man is acting wildly, but he does not know meaning of acting wildly.” Meng Wu Ya declared boldly with his foul mouth. He waved his hands hitting Long Jun till he was black and blue.

Finally Hu Man was unable to bear it any longer, he angrily said, “Senior, you are a person of high skill, why are you bullying a junior, senior doesn’t fear becoming a joke in other people’s eyes?”

“Ha! If I began, does he even have any life remaining? This was only a slight lesson.” Ming Wu Ya said sneering, then he lightly said, “Come here boy!”

One hand moved forward, then a huge suction was created towards Long Jun, who was on the ground and had not even started crawling yet. In mid air Long Jun tried to make threatening gestures, but his facial colour displayed his terror, then he shouted loudly, “Master save me!”

“Senior!” Hu Man moved forward a step forward and shouted fiercely.

Meng Wu Ya paid no attention to him and raising Long Jun by his neck. With a black look he replied to Hu Man, “This old man has a debt to settle due to injustice, this old man is only looking for Long Zai Tian today! Boy you are the grandson of Long Zai Tian, obediently tell me where is he?”

After Long Jun suffered the two attacks from Meng Wu Ya’s hands he had become cleverer than a rabbit. There were no signs of haughtiness remaining. Suffering from pain in his two cheeks, with a trembling voice he replied,” Grandfather is with the group at present.”

“Where is he then?”

“In the mining area!”

“Show me the direction.”

“That way!” under the threat of death. Did Long Jun dare to hesitate? Meng Wu Ya asks a question and he replies with an answer. Even if his cheeks were burning with pain, his word were coming out quite agilely.

Meng Wu Ya’s appearance shook a little, then ropes made of twisted bamboo strips became visible which covered Long Jun directly then he soared in the direction of the Blood Group mining area.

“Group Master!” The group of people looked at Hu Man with urgencies in their gazes, awaiting his decision.

“Let’s follow them.” Ordered Hu Man who was furious. He really did not know how Long Zai Tian provoked this person of such high skill. The opposite party had still not clarified that point.

In Hu Man’s heart firstly he is mad at Meng Wu Ya who has been acting persistently unreasonable and bullying them too much. Second he is mad at Long Zai Tian who has eyes but failed to see and offended such an expert, but this situation has also helped him in controlling a fire directly.

The Long family had for many years been acting petty and Hu Man had to bear it. Because the Long Family is the right hand of the Blood Group, even if Hu Man wanted to take action against this malignant tumor, he actually didn’t dare to start this matter himself, once he started to take action against the Long Family perhaps at that time the Blood Group would immediately disintegrate and their overall strength would decrease even further.

If not for the fact Hu Man did not have a son, would the group have such a poor prospective future? As long as there is a son, Hu Man can vigorously train him, making him resist the Long family, would the long family have guts to become so noisy.

The Long family provoking such a master this time has provided Hu Man with a turning point. If he can borrow this master’s shadow the Long family’s power and influence can be disintegrated and shattered within the Blood Group, creating a good deed from this bad situation.

Therefore no matter what, Hu Man needs to see how things will turn out in the end.

Meanwhile in the Black Wind trade center it was still extremely busy.

Kai Yang had a total of 22,000 taels, while walking in the trade centre, he first spent 10,000 to buy Yang stones, he left some money in reserve, then he sought an open area, sat cross-legged at that spot, picked up the advertisement which had been dropped by someone on the ground, wiping off the things written on it, he conveniently wrote several characters.

“Purchasing the seeds of Yang attribute grass and spirit fruit!”

He placed the advertisement in front of himself. He then no longer paid attention to anything else and started revolving his true Yang tactics, secretly absorbing the energy from Yang stones near his chest.

Some time ago Li Yun Tian also tried to help Kai Yang to search for seeds, But they were unable to harvest anything, thus the scarcity of these seeds can be seen.

Here Kai Yang was also trying his luck, extracting the energy from Yang stones also required a lot of time. However here martial artists sell and purchase without disturbing others.

After half a day had past, finally the energy from the twenty Yang stones which he bought had been exhausted.

Each Yang stone could make two drops of Yang liquid, so the twenty stones were equal to forty drops of Yang liquid. His dantian was full once again, checking his dantian’s situation slightly, Kai Yang as very satisfied.

If he was once again placed into a situation like that night, he could display his full potential again.

But after half a day of time still nobody was selling him seeds.

Standing up, Kai Yang looked towards the guard log cabin of Sky Tower Pavilion, Su Yan must be inside.

Kai Yang wanted to greet her, tell her that he had come back. Thinking again they were neither old friends nor had a deep friendship between them. Moreover, given her noble ice-cold temperament she was an unattainable goal. Kai Yang too didn’t have a great urge to contact her .

Looking at her cold personality, if he contacted her there really will not be any meaning to it.

When he was about to go home, suddenly someone walked in front of him. Squatting down their body to read Kai Yang’s advertisement, which had caught their eye, they asked, “Are you buying seeds?”

Lowering his head to look, he discovered that standing in front of him was a young female. She was about his age, seventeen-eighteen and was quite attractive. Her facial features were quite delicate, pupils like water, tender skin with a good figure, particularly that abundant chest which didn’t have an equal, really can’t imagine what she ate to grow them to that level. She has got quite the sum with her. In her squatting position, Kai Yang had a commanding position. Her chest (which was tender, snow white and slippery) was directly in his view. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“En.” Kai Yang said putting that entrancing view aside and nodded his head.

The female straightened her body, then asked again, “I have some seeds with me. But I don’t know if you can pay for them?”

“Really?” Kai Yang became interested immediately, “Lets see what kind of seeds you have with you?”

This female was wearing a Sky Tower Pavilion uniform. Thus she must be a Sky Tower Pavilion disciple. Given both of them were from the same side Kai Yang naturally had a kind feeling towards her.

“I will take them out for you to have a look.” With both hands the female loosened the pouch from her waist and gave it to Kai Yang.

Kai Yang received it and opened her pouch, from inside of the purse, out came two seeds.

These two seeds truly contained the Yang attribute energy. Moreover these two seeds when compared to the previously bought Three Sun’s fruit seeds, were of a higher quality.

Three Sun Fruit is a low earth grade quality, then these should be either middle or a upper quality seed.

“These two grains of seed i want to buy. How much will you sell them for?” Kai Yang is very satisfied with the seeds.

The girl gave a sweet smile, then said: “1200!”

Kai Yang’s brows wrinkled. Although he couldn’t say it out loud, her smile truly was very attractive. That smile increased her beauty, applying an extra layer of glow to her. But unfortunately, this price couldn’t get Kai Yang’s agreement.

If he wanted to, Kai Yang could buy those seeds for 1200 without haggling over the price. But since Kai Yang possessed the Yang Drops, which could reduce the amount of time needed for the plant to bear fruits, spending 1200 to buy these seeds would definitely result in a loss for him.

This female sure had an appetite as big as a lion. This made Kai Yang’s fresh and warm feelings he had for her to disperse into thin air.

“Senior sister isn’t your price a little too high?” Although Kai Yang had 12,000 taels to spare, he still wanted to use the money to purchase three leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and dead jedi tree grass as well. This being the case, he couldn’t spend them freely.

“High?” female gave a slight smile, “It’s not high at all. This is a seed of an earth grade middle-level spirit grass, a Pure Heart seed. After they mature, they will have many uses. In eyes of an expert they may cost even more than 1200.”

Kai Yang forced smile: “You still need to wait for it to mature. How many years will it take?”

Female purses her lips: “Since you want to buy these seeds, then you must have the patience to wait for it to mature. Could it be that you want to plant this seed and reap the rewards immediately? In this world how can there be such good and easy deed. Furthermore, these seed are rarely seen, making its cost at 1200 to be reasonable. I also had to suffer many hardships to get these seeds.”

Kai Yang was helpless. Pondering for a moment, he then carefully nodded his head saying: “Fine, then we’ll settle on this price.”

If he bought for it 1200, it was still profitable. Moreover listening to her explanation, she must have suffered a lot of hardships to get these two seeds, so she must get some benefit out of it.

Besides, she is a fellow disciple, so Kai Yang will definitely not bargain back and forth, also saving himself some trouble and breath. Letting her take some advantage will not affect him too much.

He gave 1200 taels for the purchase. On the girl’s face was a large grin. She held the money cautiously, then looked at Kai Yang: “Junior brother you are quite good, so I will give that pouch to you. That pouch was personally embroidered by me.”

Once over, she walked away in a joyful mood.

Kai Yang was stunned. Turns out this female senior sister also knew that he was from the same school. She had this big lion big while knowing this fact; if he was someone else this would definitely be a big loss.

Although he was butchered by her, Kai Yang was not angry. In any case, business is business. If there ever was a next time and he would just have to be on his guard while trading with her.

He stood waiting at the same spot for some time more, in hopes of finding anyone else who was selling seeds. Tiding up, Kai Yang prepared to go buy some three leaved chaos spirit flower and some dead jedi tree grass.

Before he even had the chance to walk a few steps, the ground suddenly began to quack fiercely. After shaking several times, the three schools’ disciple in Black Wind Trade fell into chaos.

Before anyone knew what was going on, the earth suddenly began to split. At that moment, everyone began to panic and run in all directions.

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