Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 123

Extraordinarily strong Monster Beast, even if their mortal bodies had withered away, their souls could still exist in this world. Their souls could even wait till they have an opportunity at resurrection. Since The Dragon and the Phoenix are considered the king of Monster Beast, naturally, they both have the ability to maintain their soul.

Even with Meng Wuya’s experience, the first time he saw the Monster Beast, he had thought that these were their souls. However, upon closer inspections, he frowned. He could not feel any soul from these two forms. They were both soulless.

These two huge beings were unexpectedly, purely made from the world’s gathering of energy to form a Dragon and Phoenix shaped seal.

“This place…” The strange phenomena made Meng Wuya vigilant, as he scanned the area to find a cave within the ground, about 70 meters deep. He could feel remnant traces of a broken restriction.

The restriction (Something like a seal to the place) must have been broken by the battle earlier. This caused the Dragon and Phoenix energy to escape from the cave.

It was unbelievable that such a discovery was made by accident! Meng Wuya looked towards the Bloody Battle Gang’s clansmen, to discover that they were all rooted to the ground. They all stared at the dragon and phoenix, with a confused expression on their faces.

Didn’t they know about the existence of this place? Meng Wuya’s brow wrinkled. Since there was a restriction here, he wanted to know if they had explored the cave before or not. Since none of them knew the existence cave, he could not demand an explanation.

As Meng Wuya futher pondered, the two giant forms turned into one. The fiery red and the ice blue both blend mutually together, producing a beautiful sight. However, the form emitted out a kind of unapproachable burning hot and cold energy attack; so strong that no one feel confident enough to resist.

“Retreat!” Hu Man shouted angrily, forcing his clansmen to fall back.

Even with his profound strength, Meng Wuya also fall back. He too had felt that he was unable to resist the energy attacks.

Suddenly, the Dragon roared. The sound was so powerful that people could feel their ears spitting. Following the dragon, the Phoenix made a resounding cry.

As they both continued to fly circulate the sky, the people who were more superstitious considered this as a good omen.

After a long time, the Dragon and Phoenix both simultaneously flew back into the cave.

As the two forms reentered the cave, a bang sound could be heard. The earth started to tremble as a much larger burst of Yuan Qi fluctuation spread out from the cave. The energy this time was much more powerful than the time the Dragon and Phoenix appeared. The whole mining area became bright, as though a ray of sun light continued to engulf this area.

After a while, the ray of light dissipated gradually as the Yuan Qi fluctuations also calmed down. It was slowly turning back to the tranquil environment as before.

Meng Wuya, who was floating in midair, looked down upon the cave quietly. His eyes and cheeks shivered as he muttered out “Heaven’s Cave Inheritance?”

His excitement took over him as he could not help but move forward to check his suspicions.

This must be a Heaven’s Cave Inheritance! There is no doubt!

Now, above the cave, there was a thin light barrier, about 33 meters from the surface, prevented anyone from looking inside of the cave. On this light barrier, there was a mysterious writing on top of it.

How can this be? This small place has a Heaven’s Cave Inheritance? Meng Wuya thought that one must be in a dream; after all, such matters were truly out of his expectations.

A Heaven’s Cave Inheritance is formed from a profound cultivator at the time of his death. The place holds the opportunity to grasp all the valuable secrets and knowledge that the cultivator had experienced in his lifetime. Such an opportunity to study the cultivator’s knowledge is indispensable. Moreover, the cave must have held some treasures that this cultivator had held onto at the time of his death. For example, Medicine Pills or Secret Treasures.

For someone to be able to form a Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. How strong must the cultivator be? HE must have surpassed the existence of the Transcendent Stage, living as a god.

What was Immortal Ascension Boundary Martial Artist to this cultivator? They were an existence comparable to ants!

It can be said that the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, is simply buried treasure waiting to be taken. Whoever obtains the inheritance will one day have the opportunity to reach the same realm of cultivation as the cultivator who created this cave.

Moreover, there is a chance that there were multiple cultivators of the same level that died together with the one who made the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, meaning, there might be more than one inheritance!

Meng Wuya’s excitement was simply unspeakable. However, the Blood Battle Gang clansmen were even more excited than him.

Buried underground was such unimaginable treasure. How could it not be good news for the Blood Battle Gang? Moreover, Hu Man and the others managed to identify this cave as the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance in legend! Knowing very well, the treasure that could be found inside the cave.

However, at the same time, they were aware of the gravity of this issue. Due to the battle earlier on, the other two schools must have been alerted. They must also be aware of this cave. Thus, the Bloody Battle Gang would not be able to monopolize the cave.

If Bloody Battle Gang were to try to monopolize the cave, the two other schools, Storm House and High Heaven Pavilion would definitely join up to eradicate the Bloody Battle Gang and split the treasure amongst themselves.

Knowing this, Hu Man points the cave and shouted. “Go!” He feared that with the arrival of the two other schools, they might take away a lot of benefits from within the cave. Hence, he wanted to swiftly take as much as he could before they arrive. Allowing the other schools to only receive leftover treasures.

After he issued the order, Bloody Battle Gang’s 10 experts flushed forwards towards the cave, while vigilantly looking at Meng Wuya, in fear that he might stop to get rid of them.

Who would have thought that Meng Wuya would not do anything but sneer at them?

Hu Man and the others were naturally overjoyed.

The 10 experts arrived at the underground cave entrance and moved forwarded.

Meng Wuya, continued to sneer as his facial expression was that of taunting them to continue.

As the 10 experts attacked the light barrier, the barrier, like rubber, rebound their attacks and sent each one of them flying away. After recovering from the sudden force backwards, the experts all looked at each other with blank dismay.

“What’s the matter?” Hu Man muttered after seeing the strange sight. He went forward and personally tried to enter the cave but was thrown back much like his other clansmen.

When Hu Man realized that something was wrong, he turned vision to Meng Wuya. He noticed that this old man had known that something like this would happen, else, why would he sneer and taut them? Hu Man cupped his hands and lowered his stance, “Senior, May I ask what is wrong with this Heaven’s Cave Inheritance?”

(Idiot, can’t you see there were some bloody words written on the light barrier?)

Meng Wuya snorted, showing not the least bit of care to Hu Man’s request. With the appearance of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, it made him no longer interesting in looking for Long Zai Tian. Either ways, that man had already receive a lot of damage. If he wanted to finish Long Zai Tian off, Meng Wuya was confident he could do it anytime.

Hu Man knitted his brows as he tried to think. Suddenly, he could hear multiple flap flap sounds of clothing from afar.

The Blood Battle Gang Experts complexion turned bitter and astringent and some muttered, “That was too fast…”

In a short while, 5 Great Elders from High Heaven Pailion appeared under the leadership of Wei Xitong above the mining area. After a while, Storm House Immortal Ascension Boundary Experts also arrived, under the leadership of House Master Xiao Ruohan

Both schools were shocked after noticing the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. Their vision was now filled with greed and surprise.

Hu Man was fuming with rage, asking “This is Bloody Battle Gang’s mining area! How could you trespass here?”

However, Xiao Ruohan remained calm and gently replied with a smile “Hu Master, our schools have lived as neighbors for hundreds of years. We are all considered as old neighbors. Naturally, after hearing some matter that have occurred here, we were worried and must find out what had happened? If your school has anything that needs help from us, as neighbors, we must try our best not to decline. Won’t you say Elder Wei?”

Xiao Ruohan’s words were naturally mean to pressure the Blood Battle Gang, along with showing their temporary alliance with High Heaven Pavilion. At that moment, Hu Man’s complexion turned ugly as he coldly snorted.

Wei Xitong, nods in agreement. “Master Xiao, speaks with utmost reason. Hu Master, this place should be Heaven’s Cave Inheritance of legends. Although the buried treasures inside are innumerable, it holds many dangers as well. Your Bloody Battle Gang member alone may not be able to tackle such a place. Come; let’s discuss how we are able to help you explore this cave.”

Human gets angry and tries to rebuke “This is my Bloody Battle Gang’s mining area. The restrictions here are naturally ours. However we are unable to explain it and likewise, you think that you could? With your abilities, do you think that you have the qualifications to enter?”

Meng Wuya coldly snorted “I will explain the restriction!”

Hu Man awkwardly and bitterly looked towards Meng Wuya, not daring to refute this old man.

Xiao Ruohan smiled “Hu Master, you should calm down a little. This is a matter that we have to discuss!”

From a distance, crowds of experts were still gathering to see the ruckus. No matter how far away they were, be it in the Black Wind Trade city or in their schools, they were all able to see the Dragon and Phoenix blend together in the sky. Although many do not know the ituation at the mines, if there were going to be more magnificent scenes, how could they now want to watch? Therefore, after the Dragon and Phoenix flew back down, the people heading there sped up.

Yang Kai, who was hidden in the stream of people heading to the cave, was also excited but was still vigilant.

The Dragon and Phoenix were well known as good omens. If those beings were an indication of treasure, he expected that there will be a large fight over it. With his current level of cultivation and skills, he would sadly not have any qualifications to participate in such a battle.

When he arrived, he could see the gathering of thousands of people. Everyone’s head was swaying and the noise was like a bustling market!

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