Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 124

When Yang Kai’s looked to the middle of the encirclement, he could see the 5 Great Elders from High Heaven Pavilion. They were discussing intensely with one group of people, quarreling, with face flushed with anger.

A tall man could be seen with an excited look. Meanwhile, a student like man was trying to keep everything peaceful.

From the crowd, Yang Kai could here soft discussions. “That tall man is Hu Man from Bloody Battle Gang and the student like man is the Master of Storm House, Master Xiao Ruohan.”

“What has happened here for so many experts to gather?”

“This morning, I heard that the experts have found Heaven’s Cave Inheritance!”

“What’s a Heaven’s Cave Inheritance?” a curious voice rose.

Yang Kai, who did not know anything, kept his ears peels. However, he was not the only one. Many from the crowd were also listening attentively.

The one who knew about the place smiled. He excitedly told everything he knew about the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance and all of its advantages. When the groups of people heard the news, warm-blood rushed to their heads as they wished to run into the cave to get the inheritance.

So that’s how it is! Yang Kai had recalled the moment two months ago. He felt that the place had buried some Yang attribute treasure, and gave this information to Hu Mei’er as a gesture of gratitude. However, he had not thought that this place hid a Heaven’s Cave Inheritance!

At that time, the Yang Attribute that Yang Kai had felt must have been the restriction of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.

This place’s incidental exposure would benefit Yang Kai the most, seeing how it was connected to Yang Attribute, his cultivation technique.

The group of people continued to talk but at this point, Yang Kai was not listening. He was now focused on what the three schools would do after finding this cave. It was impossible for one school to monopolize the cave at this point. Although they would wish they could.

However, since this was the Bloody Battle Gang’s mining area, they must be the ones to receive the benefits of the cave first.

As Yang Kai pondered, the three schools enlisted the most profound disciples to enter the cave and search for the situation of the cave first.

Three people, Su Yan from High Heaven Pavilion, Long Jun from Bloody Battle Gang and Fang Ziji from Storm House entered the cave simultaneously.

After a long wait,

Su Yan came back after half a day, followed by Long Jun and Fang Ziji. The three people reported back to their respective schools their findings and before dispersing in three different directions. Meanwhile, the experts of the schools continued their discussion.

It was not till a long time later, that the message was passed on to the lower disciples to inform them to gather. Yang Kai and one crowd of High Heaven Pavilion disciples walked towards the 5 Great Elders.

“Yang Fellow Apprentice!” As Yang Kai was waiting for Wei Xitong’s speech, Su Mu and Li Yuntian greeted him from the side.

Yang Kai smiled. “Oh. You came as well!”

Su Mu smiled back, “Such a huge matter. It is only natural that we come to watch the fun!”

Li Yuntian asked “Fellow Apprentice, you have been missing for 20 days now, where have you been?”

Yang Kai Explained “I had to exit the school to handle certain matters. But, I must thank you for helping clean up my log cabin while I was away.”

Li Yuntian and the others were stunned. “We did sweep the floor outside the log cabin for you but we never cleaned the inside of the log cabin!”

Su Mu let out a chuckle “These lazy groups of people don’t even fold their beds once they get up. How is it possible for them to clean up you log cabin for you?”

“Really?” Yang Kai was stunned. F no one cleaned his log cabin, how was it possible for it to be so clean?

“Silence!” Wei Xitong declared with a serious face. With just one word, the 2000 High Heaven Pavilion Disciples immediately looked up at him with Their glimmering eyes.

Everyone knew that the news they were about to receive was about the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.

Wei Xitong coughed lightly and continued “You all should already know what has happened and what opportunities you may receive inside the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. Even after living for such a long time, this old man and many others have never seen a Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. Let alone the entire Great Han Dynasty has never seen this cave for a thousand years! We do not know for certain how high one’s cultivation level must be to create a Heaven’s Cave Inheritance but, we certainly do know there must be countless treasures inside. Spirit Pills, rare Cultivation Techniques, armor and weapons, and finally, the most important treasure of them all, the inheritance of the cultivator who died!”

The audience’s breath turned fiery as they listened to Wei Xitong’s words.

Wei Xitong continued, “With such treasure will come with danger! Do remember that inside, the slightest mistakes could get you killed!” With those words, those hot heads that were ready to rush in suddenly had their heads cooled down with a slap from reality as their spirits gradually grow more solemn.

Seeing some dispirited faced cause Wei Xitong to coldly snort. “These advantages are there and should be taken! If you don’t take it, another person will! If you were to risk your life to enter in search of an opportunity, would you still be willing to go in?”

(Damn… guy knows how to actually talk!)

Wei Xitong’s speech left the place with silence. His threatening vision swept across the disciples to fall on Yang Kai. Suddenly, his pupils cannot help but shrink as he quickly looked past the boy.

(Honestly, not sure what’s going on here. Did his daughter get screwed by Yang Kai before?)

After that moent, another voice sounds out. “Great Elder! This is a huge Chance! If I were to miss it, wouldn’t it be a pity? Even if there are risk involved, we must take it on for the opportunities inside!”

“Certainly. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. How could one possibly choose to miss it?”

“We must go in!”

(Wow, I smell a heck lot of emotional manipulation here…)

High Heaven Pavilion disciples slowly got excited again. With so many people’s encouragement, and under the enticement of the inheritance, the dangers and risks were well worth it! Birds die for food, while humans die for wealth.

“Good!” Wei Xitong nods with a satisfied expression. “My High Heaven Pavilion disciples should be unafraid for danger. They should have the courage and uprightness! Your decision has made this old man gratified. All disciples listen to my command! All those over 30, move to one corner!”

Immediately, troops of High Heaven disciples separated. The population of the those at the middle had just reduced to 40%.

Wei Xitong looked at the group of over 30s and pitifully said “You are unable to enter the cave. There is a limit for those of age 30 and above. Those that are in the realm of Immortal Ascension and above are also unable to enter.”

“How can this be!” The crowd of rejected disciples cried out.

“This is not a rule that we made. The senior who made the cave had set up a few restrictions, which we must abid to. Naturally, he must have his reasons for doing so.” The second elser, Su Suan Su shouted.

Wei Xitong shouts “those disciples under Initial Element Stage move to this side!”

Another group of people had also made another group.

“You are currently able to go in but we do no permit your entry!” Wei Xitong stared at them. “The dangers inside is too much for you. Your strength is currently too weak and going inside would be equal to signing a death sentence!”

This group of people was self-aware and dare not bring forward any complains.

With those two conditions, the remaining participants was only 300-400!

Wei Xitong looked at the remaining crowd “If you do not wish to enter the cave, you can leave now. The school will not force you to enter. Also, those that enter cannot complain if they are reportedly dead!” However, even with the warning, the enticement of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance was too much for anyone to choose to leave.

Wei Xitong waited for a long time before smiling. “Since you have chosen to enter, I will tell you, all I know about the place so that you all can be mentally prepared to enter.”

All he would know was from the report by Su Yan. Although what she understood was not much, it was better than nothing.

Yang Kai listened to find out that once they entered the cave, their starting points would be different. The Heaven’s Cave Inheritance also had an abundance of world energy, which makes it very suitable for cultivation. Moreover, the cave has special exits that must be used in order to return. Else, the disciples will be unable to exit.

Since all this information was from Su Yan, what Wei Xitoing knew was not much.

After explaining, Wei Xitong said “Because this place was first discovered by Bloody Battle Gang, they will therefore be sending in 50 people first. After waiting for half a day (6 hours) My High Heaven Pavilion and Storm House disciples will go in. I must warn you, that you must not only be careful of the restriction traps inside. You must also be weary of the disciples from the other two schools. Do not allow yourself to be able to find a treasure but is unable to enjoy it!”

Hearing this, the disciple’s heart turned cold as they imagined the scene where they are backstabbed due to one’s treasure.

“Disciples of High Heaven Pavilion. If you bump to each other inside, you must help each other mutually and survive! Am I loud and clear?”

“Yes!” the disciples shouted.

“First, we will dismiss you. Find a place to rest and prepare. When the time comes for us to enter, we will inform you.” Hence, the disciples dispersed and seek for an appropriate place to meditate.

Li Yuntian pulled a long face as he jealously looked at Su Mu and Yang Kai, “Young Su, Yang Fellow Apprentice, I am unable to go in…” Li Yuntian was currently at the Tempered Body’s ninth boundary.

Su Mu smiled. “Who Asked you to be so lazy with cultivation? You get what one deserves! Look at Yang Fellow apprentice! He worked so hard and is now in the his in the Initial Elementary Stage. By the way, what level of cultivation are you?”

Yang Kai calmly responded “seven.”

Su Mu stared dumbfounded with Li Yuntian. Their expression seemed to be staring at a monster! It took a long time before they were able to get over their shock.

“I must hurry and cultivate as well…” Su Mu said dejectedly. Meanwhile, Li Yuantian tactfully left. “Yang Fellow Apprentice, I should not disturb you any further. You need time to restore…”

Yang Kai nodded and found a peaceful place to meditate. He sat cross-legged and closed his eyes, waiting for the moment to arrive!

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