Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 125

After Meditation, his Dantian has now stored about 50 Yang drops. This should be sufficient for any danger he would face in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.

While sitting in meditation, Yang Kai felt the presence of someone’s gaze. When he looked over, he found Su Yan. Immediately, when their gaze nearly connected, she withdrew away. Su Mu, who noticed this, bowed to Shi Yan with a dignified face and glimmering eyes. Yang Kai looked away, not caring.

Suddenly, a sound could be heard from Bloody Battle Gang. It was time for the 50 people from the Bloody Battle Gang to enter Heaven’s Cave Mansion.

Naturally, these conditions were made while the three schools had their discussions. Bloody Battle Gang wished to monopolize the whole Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. However, with the two schools present, that is impossible. Similarly, although High Heaven Pavilion and Storm House both desire the treasures inside the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, Hu Man and the experts from the Bloody Battle Gang could not simply allow these intruders to take advantage of them. As a result, the schools agreed to pay 1 million in cash and allow the Bloody Battle Gang to send 50 of their disciples to enter the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance half a day earlier as compensation.

When Yang Kai looked through the 50 disciples from Bloody Battle Gang, he knew that these were elites of the schools. Likewise, allowing them leeway for half a day first would definitely result in them discovering and stashing most of the treasures.

Strangely, the Hu sisters (Hu Mei’er and Hu Jiao’er), were in the center of an encirclement formed by the 50 expert disciples.

Both sisters look exactly alike. Similar to twins. They were both gorgeous individuals, who would attract any kind of male. Their beauty certainly reached the level whereby males would gratefully throw their lives away in order to gain the sister’s affection. Naturally, if one were to win either one of their hearts, the man would certainly die without regrets.

In a short span of time, the half of the 50 people entered the cave and disappeared without a trace. When the Bloody Battle Gang’s disciples entered the cave, the disciples from High Heaven Pavilion felt low spirited.

Suddenly, a form appeared, flying at high speed towards the sky above cave.

Hu Man and many other experts instinctively shouted, “Who Dares!”

“Naturally, it’s me!” Meng Wuya shouted in an angry tone as his raging pupils fiercely stared at the Bloody Battle Gang’s experts. Meng Wuya waved his hand and gently shouted. “Come here!”

Hu Man and the other experts from Bloody Battle Gang stared at this approaching figure. As Hu Man had expected, she was a beautiful girl! Although her face was covered by a veil and most of her features were hidden, her limpid clear eyes and gracefully enchanting stature is not something as ordinary girl could possess. However, her beauty was not the only thing that shocked Hu Man. The girl’s strength was astounding! Unexpectedly, she was at True Element Boundary Stage!

Hu Man looked towards Long Zai Tian with discontented eyes. The man curse, “What a great did your grandson has done!”

Long Zai Tian did not reply. Instead, he stared with gaze filled with hatred towards the pair of master and disciple. However, he was unable to unleash his rage. Meng Wuya’s strength far exceeded his. If he were to enact his revenge for his grandson right now, he would certainly die without a corpse. It was hopeless!

Naturally, that girl was Xia Ning Chang. She had been closed up (Something akin to meditation training in a secluded place) in High Heaven Pavilion. After receiving Meng Wuya’s instructions, she hurriedly flew to meet him. However, even the mighty True Elementary Boundary Stage practitioner hid behind her master’s back after noticing the gaze of serval thousands of people, all focused on her.

“My precious disciple,” Meng Wuya said with a gentle tone. He pointed towards the cave, “There are great opportunities there. So go!”

Xia Ning Chang nodded aggressively. She took a glance at the light barrier. Quickly, her gaze scanned around her surrounding as though she was looking for someone. Unfortunately, it was currently nightfall and she was unable to find the person she was looking for.

(Damn it! I ship them together so much and you have to cock block me here!)

Noticing her actions, Meng Wuya once again urged Xia Ning Chang to quickly enter the cave. Not daring to oppose her Master, Xia Ning Chang bit her lips with a painful expression and flew into the cave.

From the beginning to the end, none of the Bloody Battle Gang took action against those two. No body dared to oppose Meng Wuya.

Likewise, Wei Xitong and the other 4 Elders looked at this scene and was speechless! They had never knew that the man acting as the Contribution Hall’s Store Keeper would be unexpectedly so aggressive! Even in the face of the entire Bloody Battle Gang, he had a calm composure. With just a few words, he had completely overridden the agreement between the three schools! Allowing his own disciple to enter the cave without any repercussions from Hu Man and the others!

Just what kind of situation was this?

Xiao Ruohan brow winkled as he was left without an answer for this situation. “Hu Master, What is this about? Isn’t this against the agreement that we have agreed upon? Why can a High Heaven Pavilion’s disciple be allowed to enter at this time?”

After hearing Xiao Ruohan’s words, Hu Man wished he could take a sewing needle and permanently shut that mouth of his. Meng Wuya is such an arbitrary person. If he were to be provoked any further, Hu Man feared that his fate would be more unfortunate than fortunate. Therefore, he would rather Meng Wuya get away with this incident, just to hopefully clear their past enenimity.

However, who would have thought that Xiao Ruohan dare to stirrup trouble!

Thankfully, Meng Wuya simply sneered and ignores them.

To appease both sides, Hu Man had no choice but to present a valid reason to Xiao Ruohan. “Actually, we were only able to manage to find this place due to this Senior’s skills. Naturally, we can’t complain if he were to send in his disciples. After all, without him, we would not have this opportunity in the first place.”

Xiao Ruohan Sneered. “Then why didn’t Hu Master mention this matter earlier when we were discussing?”

Hu Man was at a loss of words. Although he had tried to explain the situation, he too truly had no good reason to present. Even he himself, was truly unable to resist the will of Meng Wuya.

Xiao Ruohan continued to press the matter. “Hu Master, isn’t this considered to be bullying my Storm House? For High Heaven Pavilion’s disciple to be allowed to enter, shouldn’t we be treated the same as well?”

“Nonsense!” Hu Man cursed angrily.

(It was actually something like ‘grass your grandmother’ but sounds so weird! Hu Man was pretty much cursing Xiao Ruohan’s grandmother, which is supposed to be an insult.)

He turned his head in all directions to see that the last Bloody Battle Gang’s Disciple was about to enter the cave and quickly shouted. “Whoever you are, you are not allowed in! You shall give your position to this Senior’s disciple!”

Who would have expected that this youth, that was denied entry, was Long Zai Tian’s older grandson, Long Jun!

Long Jun was extremely excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. He had hoped to inherit the skills and knowledge left by the cultivator who made this cave. However, just when he was about to enter the cave and get a head start, Hu Man’s order resonated inside his ears. The boy quickly looked towards his grandfather with pleading eyes. Unfortunately, Long Zai Tian took a deep breath, closed one’s eyes, and spoke without any strength “As Hu Master had said, Long Jun, you shall wait for half a day.”

Long Jun clenched his teeth and muttered “Yes!”

Hu Man, who was filled with rage, stared at Xiao Ruohan. “Xiao Master, certainly you caqn’t have any complains now right? That Senior’s disciple’s slot had been accounted for by my own Bloody Battle Gang’s quota!”

Xiao Ruohan’s brow wrinkled as he snorted and waked away. He could no longer pester Hu Man for a leeway for his Storm House.

Wei Xitong looked at Hu Man with glimmering eyes. “It seems that Hu Man truly fears out Treasurer Meng.”

Su Xuan Wu Chucked. “We have all underestimated our Storekeeper’s abilities.”

Hu Man looked up at Meng Wuya with a smile plastered on his face. “Senior, is this arrangement satisfactory?”

Meng Wuya responded with a strange smile. “Of course I’m satisfied. However, once my disciple returns and complains to me about anyone who offended her, I hope that you will not take my actions as hostility towards you.”

Hu Man’s complexion drastically changed. Although he had a smile plastered on his face, he was secretly hiding the hostility within his heart. He gave a hollowed laugh “Of course!”

Hu Man thought to himself. My god, now we have to tell everyone that no matter what, if they were to bump into that girl inside, we must treat her with the outmost respect. We definitely cannot allow her to encounter any form of danger!

Thus, without any further delay, Hu Man quickly spread this warning to the rest of the Bloody Battle Gang’s disciples.

To see Meng Wuya as such a strong figure; made all High Heaven Pavilion disciples surprised. Who would have thought that the lewd Store keeper was so powerful and tyrannical? Even the Great Elder Wei Xitong does not have the ability to make Hu Man so obedient.

After a while, the place became tranquil again. All of them continued to focus on meditation, waiting for the time to arrive. They all wish to be in their best condition to get the greatest chance in receiving the inheritance.

Suddnely, Su Xuan Wu sighed. “We can’t say for certain that the loss of our disciples will account for our gain in treasures.”

On the other hand, Wei Xitong was more hopeful. “Inside, if one can obtain the inheritance, he would certainly become a person of tremendous potential and ability. Far surpassing us!”

“Let’s just hope so…”

The dim light from the night sky and the rustling of the forest wind continued as the time slowly passe3d. Suddenly, experts from three of the schools shouted out, alerting everyone that it was time. Simultaneously, all the disciples woke up.

The Bloody Battle Gang’s elite disciples have already been inside for half a day. It was time for the whole group to enter the cave!

From High Heaven Pavilion, Su Yan and Xia Hong Chen took the lead. Behind them were two lines of disciples that formed in an orderly manner. They all took their turn to walk into the cave and vanish from sight.

Yang Kai and Su Mu were walking side by side. When Yang Kai looked over, he could see Su Mu anxiously rubbing his hands.

“If only we are able to arrive at the same location together…” Su Mu said in a low voice.

“We can hope, but that is not what the Great Elder said would happen once with enter. It would also be unlikely that we are going to land at the same spot.”

“Yang Fellow Apprentice, do you know what inheritance this is?”

“How would I know?”

“Do you know of the dangers inside?”


“Ah, I’m so anxious right now!”

Originally, Yang Kai was not anxious at all. However, while he was whispering to Su Mu, he could not help but feel his heart tightening.

When it was their turn to enter, Yang Kai’s vision narrowed. He wanted to know what exactly happened to him after he passed through the light barrier. When he entered, he could see a flower underneath his feet. Inside a void; he was all alone. The flower rotated for a while and suddenly vanished. Yang Kai immediately fell.

The whole scenery quickly changed as he gently landed on a field. The looked up the sky to find it to still be blue but without any clouds, moon, sun or stars. On top of him was a black portal.

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