Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 128

Yang Kai and Du Yishuang both ran 300 meters away before turning around. They had to make sure that there was sufficient space between the two stone statues.

When, Du Yishuang attacked with her martial skill, her whole plam produced a golden light. When her palm crashed onto the stone statue, it immediately staggers as some crack linings could be seen at the place of impact.

Apparently, these stone statues do not experience pain. Even after it was hit, the stone statue continued to counter attack.

Du Yishuang quickly retreated from the counter attack as Lan Chudie and Nie Yong joined to encircle the stone statue. Nie Yong, as though holding a grudge, stared bitterly at Yang Kai, blaming him for the stone statue chasing him earlier.

It was only thanks to Lan Chudie’s powerful observation skills that the group managed to uncover the stone statue’s weakness. Else, Nie Yong could expect himself to be forced to run for a longer period of time.

Although these stone statue’s attacks are powerful, it means nothing if the hit does not land. Likewise, the stone statue’s response timing is slow. Thus, it is not a treat to anyone proficient in battle as they can easily avoid the stone statue’s attack.

Overtime, the stone statue that is besieged by the four showed signs obvious signs of falling apart as the cracks on its body becomes more pronounce after each strike. With victory in sight, the four’s attack becomes more ferocious.

In the end, the stone statue was completely turned to rubble. Although the four managed to beat the thing uninjured, they exhaust a lot of their Yuan Qi.

Lan Chudie went closer to the rubble. Her eyebrows wrinkled as she muttered, “strange…”

By logic, these stone statues should be moving based on a kind of power source. However, upon closer inspections, she did not manage to find anything of that sorts.

Without any more delay, Lan Chudie shouted. “Let’s go and help Zuo An!” before walking off.

With much haste, the group once again circled the other stone statue. The group maintained silence as everyone all concentrated on dodging and attacking the stone statue. After 10 minutes, they managed to turn the second statue to rubble.

After the battle, all five were breathing heavily. Although this fight was not extremely dangerous, it consumes way too much Yuan Qi.

With time to breath, Nie Yong turned to Yan Kai and shouted. “Yang Kai you bastard! Do not think that I will not harm you because we are from the same school!”

Yang Kai rolled his eyes. “What?”

“Why did you lead those two stone statues to me earlier on!?”

“Did I?” Yang Kai’s eyes looked somewhere else while maintaining his calm composure. He only cared about running away just now. Why would he care about others?

Lan Chudie puffed out her gigantic chest and shouted “Stop quarreling!” as she searched the rubble.

Nie Yong coldly looked at Yang Kai and said, “If this happens again, do not blame me for being impolite!”

(LOL! Let’s see how your anus feels once he screws you up!)

“Oh?” Lan Chudie exclaimed after she found something from the rubble. There was a fist sized, small stone baby hidden within the rubble. Her surprise brought the attention of the other group members as they gathered to take a look at the small stone baby in her hands. The small stone baby seemed to be made out of jade while, cleanly curved out, translucent and glittering. Amazingly beautiful.

(It’s called a stone man but a stone baby sounds a lot cuter. Yeah… Imagine it getting crushed D:!)

Inside of the stone baby were red veins linings. If one were to count the veins, there would be 30 strands of veins.

“This is…?” Zuo An stared with a curious expression. Meanwhile, Du Yishuang and Yang Kai were walking to Lan Chudie to see what was going on.

“What is this stone baby made out of?” Nie Yong asked, as though there were mineral experts around him.

“I’m not sure…” Lan Chudie shook her head. She was unable to tell what this stone baby was made up of while not being able to feel any energies from the stone baby. However, those veins within the baby were extremely peculiar.

“What do you think?” Lan Chudie looked up as she asked the others.

“Is it possible what we are able to control those statues if we can control this baby?” Zuo An thought of the possibility.

Lan Chudie shook her head. “That’s very unlikely. Not every one of these stone statues contained this stone baby. Also how would we be able to control these stone babies?”

Yang Kai suddenly opened his mouth. “Do these red lining reminded you of anything?”

“Like what? Do not interrupt unnecessarily when you’re only a trivial Initial Element Stage!” Nie Yong refuted as he stared at Yang Kai with despicable eyes.

Yang Kai no longer spoke as the corners of his mouth turned into a sneer. Although he has a good temper, it is not a great idea to continuously provoke him.

Lan Chudie realized Yang Kai’s implied words and hastily asked. “We are both from the same school. Can we not quarrel? Yang Kai, what do you think this looks like?’

Yang Kai’s eyes glimmered as he spoke. “Don’t you think these red lines look a lot like the Meridians in our bodies?”

Nie Yong taunted, “Like we don’t know that!”

Lan Chudie ignored Nie Yong and asked. “What do you mean?”

Yang Kai confidently replied. “These red linings should teach us some kind of Martial Skill Cultivation Technique!”

“What a joke!” Nie Yong snorted. Du Yishuang went beside the body and screamed at him with a cold and gloomy voice. “Shut Up!”

Nie Yong immediately looked at Du Yushuang, startled as he no longer dared to speak. Although he did not fear Yang Kai, Du Yishuang was two small layers above him. If they were to fight, it would most likely end with his defeat.

Zuo An also looked at Nie Yong with a despising glare, “You’re bothersome.” This was his own opinion and not because he supported Yang Kai.

Nie Yong’s complexion becomes red as he was unexpectedly humiliated by these two people. Due to his weak strength, he dares not rebuke. Instead, the sulkily stared at Yang Kai with even more hatred.

Lan Chudie seemed inspired as she spoke, “Let’s test if Yang Kai’s theory is ture.”

Immediately, the group member understood what she meant and nodded.

Lan Chudie smiled, “Then. Please, protect me while I test this out.” She closes her eyes and revolved the Yuan Qi within her body, such that it mimics the one in the stone baby.

A while later, Lan Chudie opened her eyes with a surprised look as it quickly turned to Yang Kai. “It is as you said. These stone babies are actually containers of a Martial Skill.”

The others immediately had a change in expression.

“Although I did not fully study its contents, I know that is it at least a Earth middle-grade Martial Skill! However, I don’t know what type of martial skill it is…”

Since the Stone baby had 30 lines veins, it means that the cultivator must make use of all 30 veins of Meridians within their bodies in order to activate it. It was as Lan Chudie had said, Earth middle-grade Martial Skills would need 30 or more veins of Meridians to activate.

Hearing her words, not only were the three people feeling breathless, Yang Kai also felt a sense of great excitement.

After that night at Nine Yin Mountain Valley, Yang Kai realized why he was unable to beat others easily. That was due to the fact that he lacked a Martial Skill to use. Without an Attack Martial Skill, Yang Kai was only able to fight with the Yang Drops. This made his battles inefficient. If he had a Martial Skill when he fought at the Nine Yin Mountains, it would not be so taxing on him.

(Nine Yin Mountains – the place he had his first kiss. Obviously, readers only need that short description to know where that place is XD)

It was unfortunate that Martial Skills require a lot of Contribution Points, to receive from the school. (400-500 contribution points for a Earth low-grade Martial Skill.)

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai could receive a Martial Skill here! Moreover, there are more and a hundred stone statues! That means, he could at least receive one Martial Skill!

It was not only Yang Kai but the others as well. Everyone knew the great value of a Martial Skill!

Lan Chudie secretly rejoiced in her heart. If she had not decided to destroy both the stone statues, they would never have discovered this treasure trove!

“What do you think?” Lan Chudie looks at everyone while the corners of her mouth wipe into a radiant smile.

“Yeah…” Zuo An said in a hoarse voice.

“Since these stone babies contain Martial Skills, naturally, we can’t let this opportunity slide!” Nie Yong was dancing with joy within his heart. “This place is truly a treasure trove. Only after entering for such a short time, we already discovered such a treasure!”

Yang Kai and Du Yishuang nods.

“Good! Since everyone agrees, then we will be staying here for a while.” Lan Chudie smiled, “I’ll take this stone baby first. After we collected all the Martial Skills, we can redistribute later. Don’t worry, I won’t secretly pry for the Martial Skill inside of it.”

(Sounds really convincing XD)

“Don’t worry Lan Female Apprentice, I believe you”. Nie Yong said, showing his loyalty to Lan Chudie. He turned his head to the others, “Lan Female Apprentice is very well known for her trustworthiness in High Heaven Pavilion. She will surely not betray you.”

(Wow, what a pussy worshipper… or maybe its boob worshipper?)

After Nie Yong spoke, Zuo An and Du Yishuang did not object. After all, they had no other methods of processing the Martial Skills.

After the discussion of treasure distribution was settled, they discussed on the methods to subdue and destroy those stone statues. Naturally, everyone knew that these stones statues were fast and strong. They would have to be in a team to strike one of them down. Thus, they decided to ran around the stone Pillars to draw one away from the crowd and gang up to destroy it.

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