Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 132

(Yang Yuan Qi – can only be absorbed from Yang objects or Yang World Energy filled places.)

Although the Martial Skill was shown to be extremely powerful already, Yang Kai knew that this Martial Skill could be much stronger and more practical in the future. Naturally, after he had more practice with it. The first major thing he needed to improve on was the speed of the attack. It was not practical for Yang Kai to stand there and condense his energy to his fist.

However, this all takes time and experience to improve. There was no use rushing.

Yang Kai took a deep breath as he thought about the scene earlier and was choked with emotions.

(Too happy.)

Yang Kai looked at the dust on the ground and sighed. The stone statue did not provide him a name for this amazing Martial Skill. Hence, Yang Kai knitted his brows to think of one. [Burning Sun’s Blast] sounds nice…

When the 30 Meridians’ Yuan Qi gather and release in an explosive fashion, anyone who was hit by this strike will definitely suffer some serious injuries. However, Yang Kai estimated that he could only perform this move 3 times before his whole Yuan Qi is depleted.

(BTW, 1 Yang Yuan Qi sword uses up 1 Yang Drop and 1 Yang Drop = Full Yuan Qi restoration = 3 Burning Sun’s Blast!)

Previously, Yang Kai would not dare show his skills to others when threatened. However, now, with so much spare Yang Drop within him, he was no longer worried. If he was against a group, he had enough Yuan Qi to deal with all of them.

With the use of Yang Drops, Yang Kai could use Burning Sun’s Blast consecutively, without stop! Thus it was extremely beneficial for him to have this.

It was truly fortunate that Yang Kai had gotten Burning Sun’s Blast. If he had gotten a Martial Skill Technique that was based on swords, it would be utterly useless to him! With all those effort wasted, it would be no surprised if he became depressed.

Yang Kai focused on continuing his training to quickly increase his mastery over Burning Sun’s Blast. The boy spent the rest of the day arduously practicing to strengthen his battle capabilities.

After one day, Yang Kai managed to practice Burning Sun’s Blast, till he reaches a small level of mastery. However, he needed to stop and gather back to the meeting spot.

When he went back, he could see the satisfactory look on everyone’s faces; all except for Nie Yong.

It seems that nearly everyone’s harvest this time is not small.

Only Nie Yong was cursing with discontent. According to him, the Martial Skill that he had obtained was a whip law Martial Skill. A Martial Skill that was utterly useless to him.

(It just shows that heavens want you to get ass whipped.)

Du Yishuang looked and smiled towards Yang Kai, “That evil boy has gotten retribution for all his evil doings. He only has himself to blame.”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

With a few comforting words from Lan Chudie, Nie Yong’s depression was greatly elevated.

(Wow, already getting whipped!)

The five members then started to walk again. However, while they were walking Lan Chudie noticed that Yang Kai no longer carried a big bag with him. “What happened to the Yang Stones that you’ve picked up?”

Yang Kai nonchalantly replied. “I’ve discarded them.”

Nie Yong saw Yang Kai’s aloof expression and felt sour. Nie Yong snorted. “It’s too late to regret later.”

Yang Kai did not bother responding to Nie Yong. After all, all the Yang stone’s energy had already been absorbed by him.

(*What’s the point of carrying around plain rock? Throw it at you?* Added this part myself XD)

Since this place did not have a Sun nor Moon, Stars nor Clouds, Yang Kai was unable to tell how much time has passed. However, he could estimate that they had spent two days walking to exit the stone pillar area.

Along the way, the group had ran into the corpses of disciples from the three schools. Although the group did not know what these dead disciples encountered during their exploration here, these corpses became a strong reminder to stay alert and vigilant.

One the group entered a jungle area, they breathed out a sigh of relief. The number of corpses and possible hidden dangers of the previous area gave the group a sense of constant danger. Seeing this new location, and made them feel a short lived sense of safety. Furthermore, in a jungle, the existence of Spirit Herbs is definitely not going to be a few.

The team quickly regained their vigilance as they walked through the jungle.

After walking for a while, the path leader, Zuo An’s brows wrinkled as he concentrated on the floor. There were numerous footsteps.

After a short moment, Zuo An exclaimed, “ There were definitely a group of people that passed by recently. What’s more, this group is big.”

Nie Yong Happily sounded off. “Then there should be guys from our schools!”

Zuo An’s brow wrinkled. “Let’s not decide so haphazardly. We can’t be sure that only disciples from the three schools are inside the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.”

After hearing Zuo An’s words, the group became terrified. What kind of figure could possibly live here when the place has been seal for more than a thousand years?

Zuo An quickly tried to calm everyone down, “I did not really think of what I just said. These foot prints should belong to people from our schools.”

“Oh, then lets chase up to them! If we meet that Su Female Apprentice or Xie Fellow Apprentice, they can protect us.”

Lan Chudie’s brow wrinkled as she nods in agreement. In this group, everyone’s cultivation level is not exactly the highest out of all the disciples in their respective schools. Although she has to give up her leader role, it was much safer if she were to follow the stronger disciples from High Heaven Pavilion.

“Then let’s go.”

As the group followed the trail, they saw more and more footprint on the ground. After half a day, the group saw a small lake. Around the lake were numerous footprints that covered the place. Apparently, this had become a rest spot for many disciples. With so many disciples being willing to rest here and without corpses, this place must be a safe spot.

After a short discussion within the group, they decide to rest up first before proceeding with anything else.

All five dispersed around and sat in mediation to rest. After a while, Lan Chudie stood up from her meditation and sat beside Du Yishuang. She whispered to the frail looking girl in a soft voice. Initially, Du Yishuang shook her head slowly but after contemplating for a while more she clenched her teeth and nodded while blushing.

Afterwards, Lan Chudie arrives infront of Yang Kai and pat on his shoulder.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai asked as he looks at Lan Chudie.

“Come with me”, Lan Chudie said while checking up on Nie Yong and Zuo An secretly.

Yang Kai’s brows wrinkled. Although he did not know what she was about to request, he followed her.

After walking for a while, Yang Kai saw Du Yishuang sitting down on a rock, waiting.

“What’s the matter?” Yang Kai was unaware of what they were planning and asked.

Lan Chudie blushes with a smile, “Little sister Du and I want to take a bath here…”

Yang Kai’s face immediately becomes strange and he sizes up both girls. Du Yishuang blushing became even heavier but Lan Chudie charmingly stomp her feet. “What are you thinking? We only want you to protect us and not let anyone close!”

Yang Kai cannot help but chuckle. “Lan Female Apprentice, why do you ask me of all people? For this matter, you should have asked Nie Yong. That boy will certainly agree to your request!”

Lan Chudie knew that Yang Kai was discontent with her due to the decisions she made over the past few days. However, she could not help but get angry, “Of course it’s because I trust you more than him.”

“Lan Female Apprentice, you trust me?” Yang Kai smiled. “If you shower, I will definitely peep”

Lan Chudie smiled back at Yang Kai. “If you did so, I don’t mind. However, what would Little Sister Du say?”

(Cunning girl. To be honest, Yang Kai could just choose to just protect Du Yishuang and refuse for both of them to shower at the same time.)

Yang Kai coughed, he was unable to decline her. Let alone, for Du Yishuang to bathe, he was indeed the best choice.

“Alright then. Just bath quickly.” Yang Kai nodded.

Seeing him comply, Lan Chudie smiled. “Thanks. Please stay here while we bathe.”

Du Yishuang pulled on Yang Kai’s arm and urged the boy. “You absolutely cannot peek!”

(( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ))

“Yeah. Don’t worry.” Yang Kai answered while looking at the lake. There was a small water body nearby, which has a giant stone by the side that acts as a natural wall. So long as the two girls hid behind the stone, it would be hard for anyone to peek at them.

*Splash* those two girls entered the water body as Yang Kai went to the place that could see them. Naturally, as they entered, both girls secretly checked if Yang Kai turned his head around to peek. Of course, Yang Kai did not pay attention to them. He sat down and meditated. As long as someone wants to peek, he would need to pass Shi Yan’s position.

Although Yang Kai does not like Lan Chudie, they currently do not have any enmity. Moreover, they are currently in the same group and those choices that would lead to disadvantaging him did not end up doing so. Yang Kai also wants to quickly leave this group and join us with Su Mu. Thus, he does not want any further trouble with Lan Chudie.

While meditating, Yang Kai could hear a faint sound of footsteps coming closer. When Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked around, he saw Nie Yong creeping up softly. He was breathing heavily as his slowly slid his head to peek behind the huge rock.

Noticing Yang Kai’s gaze, Nie Yong turned his head and returned a despising smile, threatening him. “You have seen nothing. If you dare say anything, I will personally make sure that you will no longer be able to walk!”

Yang Kai rolled his eyes and scoffed. Nie Yong actually thought that he was afraid. Without wasting much time, Yang Kai quickly ran forward.

The laughter of the two girls and the splashing of the water acted like demons whispering to Nie Yong’s ear. As he thought about Lan Chudie’s smooth skin and plentiful breast, his heart boiled; making it impossible for him to resist the temptation.

The boy then quickly walked, following the sound to see this huge rock blocking his view of paradise.

Yang Kai sneers as he breathed in as much air as possible and shouted “Nie Fellow Apprentice. What are you doing over there?!!!”

(Get recked bitch!)

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