Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 140


The Old Demon narrated as Yang Kai listened, working the cogs in his brain to link together different chunks of information and history like a crossword puzzle.

Although the Old Demon could not recount much as all his memories were still fragmented, the data he did contribute into the pool of remembrance was proof enough of his involvement in the war. What’s even more interesting was the fact that it was a war dictating an army against just two people, a man and a woman! Although the couple died in battle, they still decimated the majority of ranks of the opposing cultivators.

“…Old Servant flees with a fatal wound from the battle. Unfortunately, I was unable to recuperate and I died here…” The Old Demon’s voice seemed to be both hesitant and terrified.

“Do you remember anything else?”

“There was a dragon and a phoenix! When they both combine and complement each other, their might surpasses all imagination. It was because of their attack, that the Old Servant fell…”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. He recalled that a few days ago, above the entrance of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, there was a dragon and phoenix encircling the sky.

The Old Demon silenced himself and seemed frightened.

“So, according to you, this place wasn’t made to contain your inheritance.” Yang Kai wanted to reaffirm.

“Young Master, please calm down. Earlier on, I was thoughtlessly speaking. However, I truly possess an Inheritance. If the Young Master wishes, I will be glad to pass it to you.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I have no interest in it.”

The Old Demon was disconcerted with Yang Kai’s reply. Although his status in life was still a blur to himself, he knew that he was at least a ludicrously high levelled cultivator. It was, in fact, normal to him for cultivators to wish to be taken under his wing, but in the eyes of Yang Kai, he was nothing.

[Yeah… it’s true that once a phoenix loses its fire, it turns into a chicken…] The Old Demon sobbed.

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The bead that accompanied the Old Demon’s now crumbled skeleton had also turned useless. It would disintegrate easier than the bones did should anything even graze its surface.

Having looked around the cave again, Yang Kai did not discover anything else. With a sigh, the boy decided to leave the place.

Since this place had been his home for some time, he could not assess what was happening within the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. How much treasure was left for him would now depend on luck.

Before arriving at the sealed stone gate, the Old Man had taught Yang Kai the technique unseal it. As the gate was removed, a sudden ray of light, alternating between red and white launches at him.

Yang Kai’s demeanour changes as his instinct makes him launch his fist against the bolt. [Who is attacking me?!]

Instead of blindly following its given path, the bolt seemed to have some form of awareness and dodged the boy’s futile attack. It quickly flew around his arc of attack in an attempt to close distance.

Immediately, Yang Kai retreated. He anxiously readied his other hand to grasp the flare.

Yang Kai, readier than ever then manages to grab the unknown matter, but his face showed not victory but confusion.

The thing that flew towards him was not an attack. At this point in time, it was struggling to escape his palm like a worm.

When the boy first felt the thing on his hand, he had doubts. Bashfully, he opened his palm slightly to get a closer look. This thing turned out, oddly enough, to be a ginseng that had the shape of a human! The ginseng was strange to look at, with red and white each occupying half of it, like it was celebrating a wedding and mourning at a funeral at the same time. When Yang Kai inspected the energy within it, he could sense two different types of energy. The red energy was burning hot while the white was cold. Both energies are of two different worlds, but they seemed to perfectly coexist within the ginseng. It seemed nothing short of magical.

It continued to wiggle and strain to escape Yang Kai’s hand, but to no avail.

“Yin Yang Monster Ginseng!” the Old Demon screamed in shock.

“You recognise this thing?” Yang Kai asked.

“It is a wonderful treasure! This is a Mystery High-Grade Sacred Treasure!” The Old Demon shouted in enthusiasm for the first time, startling Yang Kai.

Before Yang Kai could inquire further, he heard footsteps ahead of him.

“There are some people here!” Yang Kai looked intensely in the direction of the footsteps and tightened his grip on the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng.

When Yang Kai pocketed the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng, it stopped struggling and grew docile.

As Yang Kai prepared for the worst, he could hear a familiar voice, “Elder sister, did it really run into this cave?”

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A female voice replied, “Em, it definitely snuck inside. If it hadn’t I wouldn’t have bothered entering this place.”

The two voices hardly sounded different but one was gentler and charming, giving a person a sense of comfort.

Yang Kai’s squinted his eyes. He did not anticipate meeting those two here.

“Wow! There are many different types of herbs here!”

“Yeah… but let’s not harvest them first. We should look if there’s any danger inside.”

The sisters moved closer and closer to Yang Kai. He did not avoid them, but instead started walking forward to greet them.

“Who’s there?”

Yang Kai coughed, “we meet again…”

After hearing Yang Kai, the gentler voiced person took a step back in surprise. “Yang Kai?!”

“Lady Mei’er!” Yang Kai gave a slight bow and turned his attention to the other girl, “Lady Jiao’er, long time no see.”

The two girls were none other than Blood Battle Gang’s top beauties, Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er!

Hu Jiao Er frowned at meeting Yang Kai. “Brat! To think that I would meet you here!”

The previous time, Yang Kai had felt up both sisters’ buttocks to compare their sizes, to which Hu Jiao Er took to heart.

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Hu Mei Er was more surprised than anything jumping to question, “Why are you here?”

“I actually found this place accidentally.” Yang Kai did not wish to inform them of the events that transpired.

During the chat, the two sisters walked closer to the boy, as Hu Jiao Er stared at Yang Kai indifferently, throwing out her chest and raising her hind legs.

TLN: (The hell you doing? What you trying to prove?)

The Old Demon quickly spoke to Yang Kai, “To think that in this world, there would be two girls who look so similar but aren’t twins! Young Master, if you cultivate the Fallen Red with these two, it’d be half the work for twice the results!”

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“You! Shut up!” Yang Kai shut out the thought.

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The Old Demon was put in his place, daring to utter nothing but a quiet sigh.

“Did you anything enter just moments ago?” Hu Mei Er opened her mouth to ask.

Having eavesdropped on their conversation, Yang Kai knew Hu Mei Er was referring to the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng. The boy did not try to conceal the fact and nodded, “Yeah I’ve seen it.”

“Where is it?” Hu Jiao Er hastily asked.

Yang Kai points to his chest as the two sisters widened their eyes in surprise. “Did you actually manage to collect it?” Hu Jiao Er probed.

“Yeah, although I’m not sure why. Once it was placed on my chest, it became incredibly docile.”

Hu Jiao Er’s chest puffed and puffed as she took deep breaths trying to calm herself down.

The two sisters had actually been pursuing that thing for days, scaling several mountains braving the wilderness to finally end up in this cave, just to have Yang Kai receive it without putting in a lick of effort!

How unlucky it was for the sisters! Hu Jiao Er nipped on her lips. She considered taking the Ginseng by force, but decided otherwise due to her sister’s presence. For some reason, her sister felt guilt towards Yang Kai, so she would interject should she start a fight.

“Make sure you keep it safe.” Hu Mei Er felt like a heavy weight was lifted off her chest.

“What’s so good about this brat?” Hu Jiao Er sized up Yang Kai and suddenly asked with disbelief. “You are already in Initial Element Stage 7?”

Hu Jiao Er’s face was riddled with shock. The last time they met, Yang Kai was still in the Tempered Body Boundary. How is it possible to break through to Initial Element Stage 7 within such a short span of time? Even if he had some fortuitous encounter here, isn’t this too huge a jump of cultivation level?

Hu Mei Er is only in Initial Element Stage 2!

“Compared to Lady Jiao Er, what is a mere Initial Element Stage 7?” Yang Kai was amazed by the magnanimity of the two girls. It was strange that they did not ask for the Ginseng from him.

Hu Jiao Er snorted to show her displeasure towards Yang Kai.

“Since there are so many different types of herbs here, don’t hesitate to collect them.” Yang Kai did not wish to owe them any favours. The value of the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng was definitely much higher than any herb found within the cave. It was only fair for them that Yang Kai to let them have all the herbs they want, since he had accidentally taken the Ginseng from them.

“Like I need you to tell me that!” Hu Jiao Er stared knife and daggers towards Yang Kai.

“Elder Sister!” Hu Mei Er knew her elder sister’s irritation towards Yang Kai and shook her arm.

“Fine… I understand…” Hu Jiao Er helplessly replied as she surveyed the area. She reached the dead end of the cave entered shortly and decided to mention, “For the past few days, both of us have climbed countless mountains in chase of that thing. Right now, we must rest and recuperate. So you, help guard the place.”

“ I understand.” Yang Kai nodded his head.

The two sisters then walked hand in hand, towards the end of the cave. While they were walking, Hu Mei Er looked back with a smile, trying to apologise for her sister’s behaviour.

When they arrived saw the Old Demon’s bleached bones, their face was filled with surprise. Simultaneously, the two sisters looked towards their left. They looked at each other and winked.

Yang Kai noticed the wink and was puzzled as what they had discovered. He could not see what they saw.

“What are you two looking at?” Yang Kai could not help but ask. He wondered what had caught their attention.

The two girls did not respond as their minds were immersed in something.

Yang Kai’s felt frustrated by the lack of knowledge.

After half a day, the two sisters sat down cross-legged and began their meditation. They closed their eyes and began meditating.

When Yang Kai looked, he thought that he was starting to see things. He saw one person, then two people.

The boy shook his head in surprise, rubbing his eyes and clearing his vision. Meanwhile, the Old Demon gave his observation, “Perhaps, this is their opportunity…”

“Will they succeed?”

“It depends on them… I cannot tell…”

“That isn’t the inheritance you left behind, is it?” Yang Kai held his breath.

“Of course not.”

The whole situation was strange, but since they have discovered something, Yang Kai could not leave them alone while they meditated. Since they were somewhat considered friends of his, he could only stand by the entrance and calmly wait for them to finish.

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