Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 141

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After guarding the two sisters for three days, the cave end where they sat suddenly had an eruption of bright lights. Two golden lights on top of the sisters’ heads vanished from sight. Meanwhile, the Yuan Qi from their body started to revolve in unison, causing the cave walls to hum.

Yang Kai looked at the two. Their Yuan Qi seemed as one. A line of light connected between Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er. Gradually, their Yuan Qi balanced out.

Over time, the Yuan Qi subsided, returning the cave back to its tranquil state.

The two sisters simultaneously took deep breaths and opened their eyes at the same time. Their two pupils looked towards each other, unable to hide their surprise.

“Congratulations.” Yang Kai spoke out. He had defended the two girls for three days now and still could not figure out how they obtained the inheritance left here. The only thing he knew was that this inheritance did not belong to Old Demon.

According to the Old Demon, the war had caused countless high cultivation levelled experts to fall. Hence, the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance should have more than one type of inheritance. It was The Hu sisters’ luck that they were able to obtain one of them.

After hearing Yang Kai’s voice, the two girls turned their heads at the same time to look at him and said with almost exactly the same voice, “Thanks!”

After both of them spoke, they each looked at each other and pursed their lips into a smile.

Yang Kai seemed confused as he looked at the two beauties before him. He couldn’t tell which sister was which. It was as though the two turned into duplicates, without a single sliver of difference.

“Can you guess who I am?” the woman on the left spoke with a smile as her eyes twinkled with complacency and cunningness.

Yang Kai chuckled, “Lady Jiao Er.”

The woman’s playful smile fell apart almost instantly. “Did you blindly guess?”

“Lady Mei Er would never ask me this sort of question.” Yang Kai replied.

Hu Jiao Er pouted, “It seems as though you understand my little sister very well.”

On hearing what he said, Hu Mei Er’s cheeks flushed with red as she avoided eye contact with Yang Kai.

Hu Jiao Er’s smile reappeared and she resumed to speak, “I really have to thank you for allowing us this opportunity.”

Yang Kai had defended the sisters for the entire time their minds were completely indisposed. If Yang Kai wished to do anything to them, he would have been able to get away with it. Instead, Yang Kai had dutifully stood guard for three whole days, making sure not to disturb them. His actions only made Hu Jiao Er admire rather than spite him.

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Hu Jiao Er thought that maybe Yang Kai isn’t as bad as she thought.

“Don’t worry about it. We should leave.” Yang Kai had been wanting to exit since three days ago, but was delayed by the two sisters. Protecting them only made him more impatient to leave.

The two sisters simultaneously nodded and stood up.

As the three ambered slowly to the exit, the sisters would pick as many herbs as they could. Yang Kai kept to his word and did not take a single one. Having the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng was more than sufficient for him.

During the three days, Yang Kai had inquired about the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng. He found out that the Ginseng was extremely helpful for his cultivation. Due to its speciality in containing both Yin and Yang Qi, the Ginseng could actually be used for Alchemy. However, it was most efficient to use it to promote one’s cultivation. Unfortunately, Yang Kai would need to find a female cultivator who cultivates Yin and marry her to share and fully utilise the Ginseng’s drug efficacy.

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When Yang Kai is in love and cultivates with this female, the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng would separate its two energies and enter their bodies. As their hearts become one, they would both simultaneously rise in cultivation together.

The unfortunate part is having to search for such a girl to cultivate with.

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The only reason why the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng is labelled as a Mystery Rank is the difficulty in finding an opportunity to cultivate with another partner who fits the requirements. If the two cultivators manage to meet these conditions, the real value of this herb cannot even be calculated.

Since the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng contains Yin and Yang energy, it was naturally attracted to sources of said energy. As such, it was attracted to Yang Kai, who practices the True Yang Secret Art.

In those three days, Yang Kai had fed 1 drop of his Yang Liquid to the Ginseng. Tasting the Yang Drop gave the Ginseng a look of enjoyment. It was then attracted to him more than ever, like a magnet to steel.

TLN: (My god! This Ginseng is more lovable than my dog that ran away~ No, I did not abuse him. I gave him too much freedom!)

After picking the herbs, the Hu sisters discussed a little and presented half of their harvest to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai immediately rejected, “I took your stuff. It is only fair that you take all of this in reparation.”

Hu Jiao Er smiled at him. “Silly boy. Knock it off. Who said it was yours?”

Yang Kai smiled back. “Can you two ladies tell me how it is like outside?”

Yang Kai had been stuck here for quite some time knew nothing of the situation outside. Out of curiosity and precaution, he had to ask.

“Do not call me lady. You sound so strange.” Hu Jiao Er knitted her brows, “We both have names. Call us Jiao Er and Mei Er. If you feel a little sorry for your actions, you can address me as sister Jiao Er.”

Yang Kai nods, “I think calling you by your name will be better.”

Hu Jiao Er puffed a little in fickle anger in her eyes and changed the topic, “Let’s start moving. We can chat while we walk.”

The three conversed while they strolled, giving Yang Kai an idea of the atmosphere outside.

Although all three disciples began in different positions, in the time that has passed, they have managed to travel to the centre.

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Some people have obtained benefits, but many others have died.

The three school disciples all united their strengths under the top disciples to fight a few powerful Monster Beasts around. There were 9 Monster Beasts in total and each has achieved the cultivation level of 6th step/realm. It was fortunate that these Monster Beasts had only just awoken from their slumber and were weakened. Otherwise, the price to take them down would have been much higher, leading to more deaths.

The Yin Yang Monster Ginseng was actually one of the treasures that the Monster Beasts protected. It was capable of sensing trouble and escaped, only to be pursued by the Hu sisters and finally settling its home in Yang Kai.

TLN: (Seriously,❤ this Ginseng)

“Before we left, we managed to kill 8 of the 9 Monster Beasts. The last one is the strongest. It is probably in 6th step/realm peak. Temporarily, nobody has dared to engage it.” Hu Jiao Er smiled. “Just for the treasures that were protected by these Monster Beast, many disciples have gone practically insane.”

Hu Mei Er fiercely nodded in agreement, “Yes. I never knew of such people, who were able to steal things so easily…”

The three continued to chat as they slowly paced out of the cave.

When they exited, a ferocious roar could be heard from far, causing a small, insignificant quake. The three were stolen from their conversation and seriousness overtook their faces.

“Which brave idiot provoked it?” Hu Jiao Er sighed.

According to her, this Monster Beast was in the 6th step/realm peak. That is equivalent to an Immortal Ascension Boundary Peak cultivator! Even if it had been sealed for thousands of years, it was a far cry from what the school disciples could handle.

When the three school disciples united to eliminate the other 8 Monster Beasts, it cost them heavy numbers. Now, provoking such a powerhouse was going to be a much bigger massacre!

“I’m going to take a look!” Yang Kai’s vision quickly moves to the direction of the roar and ran with his quickest speed.

Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er were a little slower to react but they launched forward right behind Yang Kai.

The two sisters were unable to keep up with Yang Kai!

When Yang Kai turned around to check on the two sisters, he was surprised. He discovered that both of them were breathing in at the same time. Moreover, Hu Mei Er had no problems keeping up with Hu Jiao Er, who had problems running though she had asthma.

Yang Kai questioned, [Just what kind of inheritance did they obtain to cause such an effect?]

Yang Kai stared at the woman on the left for a long amount of time, turning her red, “What are you staring at me for?”

“Are you Jiao Er or Mei Er?” Yang Kai asked as he could not distinguish between the two sisters at all.

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The beauty chuckled, “I’m Mei Er.”

The other beauty quickly interrupted, “No, I am Mei Er. Elder sister, please do not lie right now. We don’t need anymore trouble.”

“Who are you calling elder sister? You are the elder sister!” the woman on the left anxiously asked.

“Please elder sister, he cannot recognise us.”

“I’m not the one misleading anyone, elder sister!”

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Yang Kai felt dizzy from the confusion.

The two sisters look at Yang Kai and laughed together, which made him realise that he was being taken for a fool.

“We were just joking. You aren’t angry right?” Yang Kai could not tell which sister was speaking.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m not.”

“Then why the long face? Give us a smile.”

TLN: (come on! This must so be Jiao Er! Only she would be such a troll!)

Yang Kai coughed and looked away, ignoring the two sisters.

After a few kilometres of running, the three had finally arrived close to the source of the roar. They looked at the Monster Beast and were dumbfounded, freezing on the spot as if a blizzard swept through them.

At a viewable proximity, it was a Giant Tortoise Monster Beast, about a hundred meters in length. Its body was comparable to that of a hill. As it walked, each step was nothing less than a stomped and caused the ground to shiver. Its carapace had deep outlines, highlighting its thick, impenetrable figure. Its tail was long and widened towards the tip, looking like a gigantic hammer. Although it was not very fast, each step it took covered a lot of ground. With its sheer size and incomparable power, a swing of its tail was enough to produce a strong gale of wind.

Whoosh! The sound of movement was constant as more than a hundred disciples were in mid-air, attacking the Monster Beast, but even with the endless barrage, it remained indomitable. With its unrestrainable power, each attack and roar made the disciples terror-stricken.

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