Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 142

Su Yan, Xie Hongchen, Lan Chudie and many other familiar faces were all grouped together, flying up in the sky. These people were all High Heaven Pavilion disciples!

Meanwhile, Blood Battle Gang and Storm House disciples were all watching the battle unfold by the side, eyes filled with pleasure.

Although Su Yan was the strongest in High Heaven Pavilion, she was unable to afflict any damage on the Monster Beast. As each movement she made was followed by wind and snow, she could only slow down the Monster Beast with her Cold Yin Yuan Qi, so as to prevent more casualties in the High Heaven Pavilion.

Unfortunately, the defence of this Monster Beast was too strong. Covered by an almost impenetrable hard tortoise shell and thick, resistant skin, it was similar to a walking Defensive Sacred Treasure. Although it was sluggish, anyone under Immortal Ascension had no chance against it.

On the field, there were numerous corpses. It could easily be deduced that they were High Heaven Pavilion disciples.

“To think that the High Heaven Pavilion would actually dare to provoke it.” Hu Jiao Er’s brows wrinkled. “However, it can’t be Su Yan who did it. She is not that stupid.”

Meanwhile, a youth was running towards the two girls, his eyes filled with affection. However, his brows immediately wrinkled once he spotted Yang Kai mixed with them.

“Jiao Er?” the youth came to a halt as he looked for Jiao Er amongst the party of three.

“Long Jun. What happened here?” the real Jiao Er opened her mouth to ask.

Long Jun did not hide his glee in watching other’s misfortune. “That idiot actually dared to gather a group of people to steal the treasure that Monster Beast was guarding while it was still asleep. They did not seem to care or think that they would come back with many dead.”

Yang Kai immediately asked, “What did Xie Hong Chen obtain?”

If that Xie Hong Chen did not obtain anything, why would that Monster Beast bother chasing him down?

Long Jun looked towards Yang Kai and couldn’t bear but to speak to assert his authority, “And who are you?”

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Hu Jiao Er immediately rolled her eyes. “Just answer him. I would like to know too.”

Long Jun restrained himself. “I am not exactly sure what he took. According to the man himself, he does not have anything on him.”

TLN: (I swear. Another one of these guys who does not have a backbone of his own. Only looks forward to bullying the weak. Trash.)

Hu Jiao Er responded in disbelief, “It is impossible that he did not steal anything! It only looks to draw his blood, how is it possible that he does not possess anything the Monster Beast seeks?”

Long Jun bowed slightly. “I agree. However, since Xie Hong Chen refuses to hand it over, High Heaven Pavilion can only face the Monster Beast’s anger. It is only because Su Yan intervened and is slowing down the Monster Beast right now, otherwise I estimate that many of them would be dead by now.”

Mei Er snorted, showing her despise for Xie Hong Chen. “To think that he would be able to hide behind a woman and use her as a shelter. Despicable!”

“I concur wholeheartedly.” Long Jun nods continuously. “Storm House’s Fang Zi Ji and I actually wish to help High Heaven Pavilion, but we cannot support Xie Hong Chen knowing his deeds.”

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In reality, the two sects do not wish to be involved in the fight. Even Su Yan could do nothing but slow the Monster Beast down. The others would contribute very little if they jumped in the fray.

Not to mention, why should they aid Xie Hong Cheng to protect what he had obtained? It was he who provoked the Monster Beast, so this is his responsibility.

They can surely help when all’s said and done, but only on the condition that Xie Hong Chen delivers to them what he obtained!

Another reason as to why the two sects have not made any moves was to make sure that High Heaven Pavilion was in a direr situation. Once they are desperate, giving up what Xie Hong Chen is hoarding would be such a small price to pay to save what little they have left.

Yang Kai’s gaze was fixed onto Su Yan. She was pale and looked exhausted as she had consumed a lot of her Yuan Qi, but with several High Heaven Pavilion disciples fighting alongside her, how could she possibly retreat and abandon them? It would only mean the doubtless deaths of dozens of High Heaven Pavilion disciples.

The only reason that some of them are still alive is because of her slow.

Ice seemed to conjure out of thin air as Su Yan danced around gracefully like a butterfly. In a flash, flowers made of ice shot towards the Monster Beast and grew on its flesh. Those attacks lowered the surrounding temperature, causing a layer of ice to form on the Monster Beast, further slowing it down.

Meanwhile, countless fireball attacks were pelting the giant tortoise’s shell, but to no avail.

“Xie Hong Chen! I ask you one last time! What did you take?” Su Yan’s beautiful eyes stared at the tortoise, unwilling to let her concentration wander.

Hearing her ice-cold words made Xie Hong Chen tremble in fright. He had enraged Su Yan.

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Su Yan never loses her temper, but this time was vastly different. In front of her were numerous High Heaven Pavilion disciples, killed for absolutely nothing. As the most senior apprentice of the sect, how could she remain uncaring?

TLN: (Senior sister seemed wrong to fit here… she may actually not be the oldest….)

Xie Hong Chen hesitated. His face was filled with fear and panic. He quickly snapped out of it and said, “Su Yan. Why do you also suspect me? If I did take anything, how is it possible for me to keep it from you?”

Su Yan burned with hatred and loathing. With her sharp voice, she yelled, “High Heaven Pavilion Disciples fall back!”

There was no point sieging the tortoise. They could only escape. None of them could tell if the Monster Beast would pursue them, but their of surviving would drastically increase by retreating.

With Su Yan’s command, many High Heaven Pavilion Disciples scattered for their lives, fleeing from the Monster Beast.

The bolts and attacks that shot around the sky started to fade along with the number of people. A few remained to hold the tortoise off.

Su Yan aggressively repeated herself, “Go! Now!”

As she yelled, the layer of ice that covered the Monster Beast exploded. With the shackle now taken off, the Monster Beast restored its agility once more, regardless of how little it may be.

Its giant tail swept across the sky towards the High Heaven Pavilion Disciples who persisted in battle. A few were hit square in the body, resulting in bursts of viscera and red. The lucky ones the tail missed were swept with the wind current it caused, causing them to lose their balance and fall.

The Tortoise gave out a ferocious roar, as its eyes turned to Su Yan and charged forward.

Su Yan did not falter and kept slowing it down. Naturally, it would be irritated by her and prioritised killing her first.

Su Yan moved both of her hands and drew peculiar hand signs, chilling everything that surrounded her. It was as if the entire world entered an ice age. An icy blue hue replaced the heat as the ground was laminated with frost and snow started falling from the clouds.

Everyone was now watching Su Yan. At this moment, her pale cheek turned ruddy again, as she now looked like a floating fairy maiden. It was as though she was a being that descended from the heavens, untouchable and unattainable by the mortal world.

The Tortoise gave another loud, intimidating roar and dashed forward. The distance between the two rapidly closed up but Su Yan remained unfettered.

The coldness that spread the landscape was now gathering on Su Yan, as a huge pure form appeared behind her. The form was like a much bigger version of Su Yan; in fact, several times larger than her.

This almost ethereal form wore white, which highlighted its exquisite and graceful body. It was womanly, seemingly capable of causing the downfalls of nations. Each of its features was enlarged by the same ratio, without the slightest defect. It was so beautiful that it could suck the souls out of people.

The huge frozen body shot its eyes open, encasing the area in frost once again. This time, it was much colder. Those who watched could feel their body freeze up as shivers took control of their senses.

With a wave of her hand, Su Yan made the menacing frozen form fly forward towards the Monster Beast. When the two beings collided, the frozen body entered the Monster Beast. Almost immediately, another layer of ice started to form on the Monster Beast’s skin. This time, it was much thicker. Its limbs quickly froze as it slowly came to a stop.

Blood started to appear around Su Yan’s lips. She had consumed a precariously excessive amount of Yuan Qi. Her slender body started to sway in midair as she tried to resist falling, but her efforts to stay were in vain.

Although the Monster Beast could no longer move, its inertia caused it to continue moving towards Su Yan. Its sheer size made it impossible to stop their collision.

Su Yan watched the helpless Monster Beast approach her. As she fell, her initial emotions faded. She could only feel a lingering regret.

Suddenly, people started to scream.

The cultivators who observed the magical altercation had only just reawoken from being stunned by awe in seeing a goddess, but Su Yan was now going to fall to her death and perish.

While the cultivators screamed, a small figure was darting towards to Su Yan. As the person ran, a small trail of fire emerged in his footsteps

The figure burst into a ball of flame as he turned into a red flash of light with his ever more increasing speed.

The youth ran directly under Su Yan, to where she would land. He jumped up, and with his two arms, caught the falling goddess. When the youth landed back on the ground, he bent his back and his knees to make it as soft a landing as possible. With haste he brought the goddess to safety, leaving the Monster Beast behind him.

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