Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 145

“Elder sister!”Hu Mei Er turned her face eagerly towards Hu Jiao Er for her approval.

“Jiao Er, let’s not mix in this turbid water. Who knows if that monster beast still has the strength to counterattack. It will be better for us to watch the disciples of High Heaven Pavilion from the side,” Long Jun suggested.

“You shut up! Coward!” Hu Mei Er wickedly stared at Long Jun.

Long Jun became speechless.

Hu Jiao Er forced a smile on her face. Looking at her younger sister and then at Yang Kai, a tender feeling beat in her heart. She then shouted, “Disciples of Bloody Battle Gang, go forth and aid them!”

Then, she dashed forward to be first in line to assist.

On the other side at Storm House, Du Yishuang looked at Fang Ziji and said anxiously in a soft voice, “He rescued my life.”

Fang Ziji pinched her nose then said, “Then what will you do if I said we should sit at the foot of the mountain?”

“I will despise you and look down on you for the rest of my life!” Du Yishuang protested boldly to her elder fellow apprentice.

“Hey…” Fang Ziji uttered with helplessness. “Since you put it that way, what else can I do?”

He smiled widely. “Today I have experienced the boldness of a hero, so how can I, Fang Ziji fall behind? Storm House men obey and follow order, so now come and kill along with me. Let’s let everyone see how masculine Storm House males are!”

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“Yeah!” Storm House disciple roared.

“Senior brother, what about us, the female disciples? What are we supposed to do?” Du Yishuang asked without forgetting.

“Sit on the sideline, and obediently observe. So long as you females help your husbands bear strong children, you do not need to think of anything else.” Then, he musters a group of disciples and herds it towards the Tortoise Monster Beast.

“Hmph!” Du Yishuang puffed. ”I know that you think of men to be superior to women, but when it comes to strength I am not any less powerful than you.” With saying this, she tagged along.

After these many past days, only seven hundred to eight hundred people were remaining from three sects. Some were killed by the turtle monster beast, but eighty percent of the ones remaining still had strength to fight.

As for the remaining 20%, some were either injured and would not be able to contribute anything or their strength was too low, so even if they came forward to help it wouldn’t matter.

The enthusiasm was shocking. Three main disciples of three sects, three forces, three directions but the target was only one crawling on the ground: the Tortoise Monster Beast.

Yang Kai’s Star Mark injured it acutely, which is significant enough to incapacitate it even if it did not lose its life.

The first to rush in were the High Heaven Pavilion disciples. They displayed their most powerful Martial Skills and attacked relentlessly. The scene looked like they were matches throwing fire at it.

The next to follow through was the Bloody Battle Gang and the last was Storm House.

Of all those people, only a few have achieved True Elementary Boundary. Su Yan did not have any strength to continue fighting, and Xie Hongchen hadn’t gotten back his composure. So the only ones remaining were Fang Ziji, Long Jun and Hu Jiao Er.

However, they were in the first or second boundary of the True Element Boundary. It was very difficult to inflict any effective damage to the almost impregnable Tortoise Monster Beast.

Their attacks were small and trifling, causing an inconsequential effect.

This was such the for disciples still circling the Monster Beast. Though they saw that their attacks did not bear any results, the disciples of the three sects did not retreat in discouragement. They continued to release barrages of killing strikes that tickled the Tortoise. From its position, there were still sounds of dings and dongs from the inconsiderable impacts pelting its shell.

Yang Kai stood in the same spot grinning.

He thought that it was the perfect time to use Star Mark. Inspiring everyone to unite and resume their siege was more than worth it.

Su Yan looked upon the majestic scene as if it was a miracle.

All the disciples from the different sects always used to battle against each other, particularly and especially in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, constantly struggling with each other. She was always unhappy with the internal conflicts, so she took to travelling alone, separate from the noisy fighting, but with her status and prestige she would only need to say a word and all disciples of the High Heaven Pavilion will gather to be by her side.

With the imminent slaughter of High Heaven Pavilion Disciples, Su Yan had no choice but to fight back. Even if it was Xie Hongchen who brought forth this catastrophe, she simply could not allow her sect’s Disciples to be massacred. Never would she have expected such a turnabout, a reversal that was only possible due to the man in front of her.

No one could make the disciples of the three schools cooperate with each other to this degree. Everyone present didn’t battle with each other, they didn’t mistrust each other, but they all are holding a single thought and that is to kill this Turtle Monster Beast.

This event in itself is a miracle!

Looking at his right arm dripping with blood, Su Yan’s heart ached a little without even realising it.

She wanted to help him treat his injury, but she held herself back.

What this man represented at that moment was strength and determination. If she went forward to help, there would be emotions and feelings involved and he didn’t need those feelings, not at this time.

But at this moment from the corner of her eye, Su Yan saw the girl Hu Mei Er from the Bloody Battle Gang approaching Yang Kai with an anxious expression and enquiring about his injuries, then taking out few bottles of medicine and applying it on his injuries. She then tore her sleeve and wrapped his arm with the cloth.

On seeing this, Su Yan’s eyes dimmed a little and she turned her face in the other direction.

Perhaps because of the joint attack of three sects the Turtle Monster Beast showed signs of awakening. Slowly but surely, its eyes were beginning to refocus and its huge body began to move. This only instilled haste and a tinge of fear in the attackers, who then ramp up their attacks to try and quicken the process.

Suddenly a female voice sounded, “Hit its head, it has wounds there!” This was the voice of Du Yishuang from Storm House.

Fang Ziji and Hu Jiao Er listened and hastily moved to above the head of the Turtle Monster Beast and sucked their tongues in.

They discovered that on its head, there were large cracks and fresh red blood can be seen flowing from it. Since his head was hidden in the shell, one would have to look carefully to discover the wounds.

“Damn it!” Fang Ziji could not bear it and cursed. He had been fighting for a long time but to no avail, and here is a ready-made foot long wound.

This was the effect of Yang Kai’s attack. How mighty was his fist to cause such a serious wound?

Although his mind was in shock he still cooperated with Hu Jiao Er and started redirecting their attacks against the wound. It made the Monster Beast violent with its movement.

“Women, get out of the way.” Fang Ziji shouts to Hu Jiao Er who was attacking with him.

“Only in eyes of idiot males is a girl is inferior to a boy, so I will not lower myself to your level.” Hu Jiao Er snapped coldly.

In all of the three sects’ disciples, Fang Ziji has a male superiority complex, thinking that only males can be decision makers when it comes to important matters, not caring to even consider women. In his eyes, only Su Yan is a female who he sometimes looks up to.

According to rumours, once when he was with his teacher, the sect Master of Storm House, Xiao Ruohan, he advised him to not recruit female disciples in the future, and naturally Xiao Ruohan ignored Fang Ziji, but the matter is that they discussed it together in Black Plum Village’s Spring Breeze Drizzle Building and this talk became an extremely embarrassing thing for the pair when they finally got the news of it.

After that, Fang Ziji never mentioned this matter further, but his mentality has not changed.

It’s not that he disliked females, but in his opinion men and women were two different species, where the former was nobler than the latter.

I am a man and I am proud of it, I am a man and I am proud! Those type of thoughts.

Those were his ideals. Fang Ziji thought that females should not do what they were not meant to do.

He was quite young and dashing, still. He was tyrannical and always serious about everything. Therefore, he never had a lack of female admirers.

Unfortunately, he was frequently contradictory.

Hu Jiao Er’s reply made Fang Ziji furrow his eyebrows, then he sent a fierce attack towards the head of the Turtle Monster Beast while shooting back angrily, “Bitch, who are calling you an idiot?”

Hu Jiao Er follows with another killing strike against the same spot without faltering and replied, “Stinking brat! If you so dislike females, why don’t you go to your fellow male apprentices to make happy love with them?”

Her remarks turned Fang Ziji pale and gave him a strong urge to vomit.

To do it with his Fellow Male Apprentice……

Just imagining such a scene gave Fang Ziji a bout of dizziness.

Hu Jiao Er laughed lightly, as she took pleasure in his misfortune.

“A lady who is not concerned about her words and impressions on others.” Fang Ziji said with a unendurable feeling, ”Anyone who marries you would have terrible luck.”

“Nobody needs your concession!” Hu Jiao Er blushed slightly and rolled her eyes.

“I don’t want to bicker with you. Let’s see who can strike this Monster Beast fatally.” Fang Ziji said.

“Hmph, you are not my match!” Hu Jiao Er sneered.

Without waiting for them, a pure white form suddenly appeared in front of the Monster Beast. The form was surrounded by an ice cold mist, and she pointed her jade finger towards the Monster Beast’s wound an ice cold white energy was presented.

The ice cold energy was absorbed by the gashing wound and suddenly, a bright burst of scarlet red blood spouted out of it, looking beautiful.

The scarlet blood changed into shards of icicles and drilled into the skull of Monster Beast.

“Roar….” the Turtle Monster Beast suddenly got on his feet and facing upward, it gave a loud roar. Its huge body became unsteady and began to sway. Its red eyes began to weaken as its eyes were filled with unwillingness.

Fang Ziji and Hu Jiao Er turns their head to see a pale faced Su Yan, who had exhausted what little strength she had been able to accumulate to provide the killing blow.

After exhausting her last scrap of strength, Su Yan tried to turn her head but fell. She didn’t have any more strength to fight again.

Fang Ziji and Hu Jiao Er felt the chilling aura that Su Yan was sending out, noticing its difference from her usual aura.

In the past, that coldness was pure through and through with no attribute attached to it.

But now, this chill seemed to be much different, making it hard to endure.

“ Who annoyed her?” Fang Ziji asks doubtfully.

“How would I know?” Hu Jiao Er replied impatiently. She was from the Bloody Battle Gang and she thought that the disciples of other two schools were no good.

With Fang Ziji himself being a perfect specimen, she didn’t need to look any further for reference.

Looking at the other side on High Heaven Pavilion’s Su Yan was now emotionless like an ice baby. She always remained indifferent and unapproachable. She didn’t even look at Xie Hongchen, a person who was willing do anything for fame and power.

Her Bloody Battle Gang, though not the strongest were at the very least normal. Only when both sisters grew up could they then give a helping hand to their father in managing the Bloody Battle Gang.

“If nobody annoyed her, why would she attack with the just restored Yuan Qi?” Fang Ziji couldn’t understand her motive, shaking his head looking at Hu Jiao Er, who was still attacking the Turtle Monster Beast while he was distracted. He shouts angrily, ”You… you…woman, even if you won like this it wouldn’t be counted as a victory!”

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