Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 146

After hearing this Fang Ziji became speechless, and when he came to his senses he said, “No man can ever win against a woman in a debate.”

Of the fate of the Tortoise Monster Beast, half of it was decided when the three sects came together to defeat it, and the other half was decided when Su Yan used her remaining strength to destroy its crippled life. The Tortoise no longer had the strength to fight back, its death was only a matter of time.

All of this was made possible by the overpowering punch from Yang Kai. It motivated the disciples of the three sects, igniting their will to fight and giving them the courage to overcome this colossal difficulty.

However, the punch ruptured the blood vessels in his right hand. Hu Mei Er was helping him wrap it with a bandage.

Yang Kai never imagined that the Star Mark was this powerful. He was on the verge of losing control when using it, and the recoil of that punch left him paralysed, leaving him temporarily disabled.

If it was not so, why would he have remained unmovable like a pole at this time? The adrenaline that was running through his body settled down and only now was he was able to feel the pain from the damage his body had sustained.

Looking at the several hundred disciples that were attacking, Yang Kai did not see Xie Hongchen among them. Instead, he was somewhere else staring at the sky with a blank face. After Yang Kai attacked the Tortoise Monster Beast, Xie Hongchen was stupefied and he was only able to compose himself after a little while.

He knew that Yang Kai had obtained a top-grade inheritance, otherwise his strength would never let him wield such power.

That punch gave a Peak Sixth Realm Monster Beast such heavy injuries.

Yang Kai cannot be given the opportunity to grow further. If he does, not only will Xie Hongchen be unable to woo Su Yan, he himself would be in very big trouble.

So, as his crisis needed solving, a ruthless gleam flashed across Xie Hongchen’s eyes. He looked at the person who was standing quite a distance from him.

That person was Nie Yong.

He was also injured in the fight alongside Lan Chudie, and right now he was rejuvenating not far from Yang Kai.

Nie Yong was in a confused state. He was unable to judge what his heart was going through at this moment. He and Yang Kai had clashed many times when they entered the cave. He had even caused many obstacles and made people chase him down.

But they were unable to locate his hiding place, so that matter came to an end at that time. However, the existence of Yang Kai was like a fish bone stuck in his throat, neither able to stomach it nor cough it out.

He still remembers the words that Yang Kai spoke when he escaped from him.

After such a short time, Yang Kai had already become strong and formidable. This almost made Nie Yong piss in his pants. If that punch were to land on him he would have certainly met a short and cruel death.

Now, what should I do? What the hell should I do? Everyone’s attention was focused on that Monster Beast and nothing else, but when that Monster Beast dies how would I be able to bear his anger?

The nervous and anxious Nie Yong saw Xie Hongchen give him a signal with his eyes.

He clearly understood the meaning of the signal his brother was giving him, but he was startled by it.

On seeing this, he turned serious. He understood that if he wanted to live, the only way was to kill Yang Kai. Otherwise, he would surely exact his revenge. Moreover, his brother also wanted Yang Kai dead. Once he has killed him, with his brother shielding him everything would turn out just fine.

After seeing Yang Kai’s punch, Nie Yong had lost his ability to assess the situation calmly and had pinned all his hopes on Xie Hongchen.

Standing up, Nie Yong slowly walked toward Yang Kai step by step.

Yang Kai acted as if he was unaware of the impending doom. He simply stood at the same spot without moving a finger.

Nie Yong was increasing his pace step by step. The only person near Yang Kai right now was Hu Mei Er of the Bloody Battle Gang. As long as he moved fast enough he can surely make a killing strike.

As for the matter of killing at a more suitable time, it was already out of consideration.

Everyone was focused on the Tortoise Monster Beast and no one had noted the movements of Nie Yong, except for one person.

That person was Lan Chudie.

Yang Kai crossing the sky to rescue Su Yan followed by his punch to severely injure the Monster Beast.. those scenes were replaying in her mind over and over, causing a feeling of loss in her heart.

She had not thought that the person who had followed her for days and did as he was told would show such fearsome strength. If she had known earlier… (Ed note: Well if you only saw him as a goffer what did you expect?)

This feeling was like discarding a hunk of jade because she thought it was a normal stone. This mistake made Lan Chudie extremely regretful.

Everyone was still watching the battle unfold, but she was looking at the back of Yang Kai, a dazzling back that was taken from her. Comparing Xie Hongchen’s character and his was like comparing excrement to diamond.

This disaster was brought about by Xie Hongchen to be solved by this person standing in front of her, so such a standard was understandable.

The movement of Nie Yong quickly brought the attention of Lan Chudie. At first, she thought that Nie Yong had restored his injuries and was going to enter the battle but observing for a few more moments, that didn’t seem to be the case. The target of Nie Yong was unexpectedly Yang Kai. Moreover, Nie Yong was also using his World Qi while walking, and she was able to feel its slight fluctuation.

Lan Chudie is an intelligent woman. She immediately understood what Nie Yong wanted to do. When she was about to shout to warn Yang Kai, she saw him turn his head to look at Nie Yong mockingly.

He smiled like a sly devil.

Nie Yong came to a halt. He fearfully looked at Yang Kai. He didn’t know that Yang Kai realised his motive but, being his stare terrified him.

His look was like looking at a dead person.

“Brother Nie.” Yang Kai turned around slowly and maintained his smile.

“Brother Yang.” Nie Yong gulped, unable to move even though he clearly wanted to.

“Do you want to kill me?”

Those words made Nie Yong so frightened he took a few steps back and waving his hand own hands quickly, he said with a smile, ”Brother Yang, why would I do such a thing? We are from the same sect and we are brothers, how can I commit such a deed?”

Nie Yong felt the skin on his face twitch because of the nonsense pouring out of his mouth, but he couldn’t help it as he was panic-stricken.

That one fist can cause such heavy damage to a Peak Sixth Realm Monster Beast, how could he not panic? And to make things worse, they had such recent burning enmity.

While speaking, Nie Yong slowly moved back step by step while laughing awkwardly. Presenting himself as harmless as possible, he moved almost like a pendulum.

“Nie Yong!” Yang Kai screamed angrily, his face twisted with such anger he looked like a maddened evil spirit.

Nie Yong was afraid, so afraid he could not bring the guts to utter any sound. He turned around and ran for his life. He had not even taken ten steps before he heard howling and sobbing voices following him.

When he turned around to look, he felt his soul leave him. He noticed a dark awl, coming from Yang Kai, flying towards him with eerie laughter.

This laughter was so strange and evil it reduced Nie Yong’s courage to nothing.

Even after taking some distance from Yang Kai, Nie Yong refused to sit and wait for his death. When he turned around to fight, Nie Yong discovered that it wasn’t as bad and as terrifying as he had expected. With his current strength, although it was difficult to resist, it was insufficient to kill him.

Nie Yong felt relief as he knew that at present Yang Kai’s situation was not as good as he was letting on. However, he would still need to expend some strength to escape.

With this surprising discovery, Nie Yong began to fight back while still retreating. He was somehow able to deflect the attacks but was still unable to escape from the evil awl that was chasing him. It made laughing sounds that no one would ever forget, especially him.

What is this ghost? Even if it is a secret treasure, it can follow a target? Yang Kai is standing motionless in the same place. Why won’t he attack me?

He heard footsteps emerge from nowhere behind him and was once again shocked. Nie Yong turned to see Lan Chudie supporting her injured body, coming towards him with a calm expression.

Nie Yong suddenly became happy as he shouted, ”Sister Lan, please save me!”

Lan Chudie looked at him lightly which gave Nie Yong a very bad premonition. Looking uncertain, he suddenly felt a palm hit him violently on his chest.

“Aaahhhh!” Nie Yong howled pitifully and suddenly came to a stop. Suddenly a wild laughter transmitted from the black fog. Was it an accident? Nie Yong was unable to understand what was going on.

“Why did sister Lan…….” Nie Yong’s body shivered fiercely and before completing his sentence, both his eyes slowly lost their light as his body fell over softly.

Lan Chudie took heavy breaths in big gulps. She stared at Nie Yong and discovered that his chest did not have the slightest signs of injury. I couldn’t even penetrate his flesh? That’s awful…

Seeing this, she became flustered.

Vaguely, Lan Chudie heard Nie Yong’s whining voice, making her go numb. Her face lost all colour.

She looked at Yang Kai on the side and saw him looking at her coldly.

As Lan Chudie’s heart suddenly became chaotic, she replied, whilst clenching her teeth, “He wanted to kill you.”

Yang Kai remained silent. He lifted his hand and the black awl that he released suddenly became a beam of light and entwined on his finger, then vanishing without a trace.

They looked at each other for a long time, then he slowly shifted his vision, not saying a word. Looking at this Lan Chudie smiled mockingly herself. She felt that she had become as fragile as a vase and if she fell she would break into pieces.

“Hahahahaha!” Within Yang Kai, the Old Demon laughed wildly like a madman while he chewed on something.

Yang Kai knew that what he was chewing was Nie Yong’s immortal soul. But for Yang Kai, this was unexpected as he did not know that Soul Breaker Awl had such a strange function.

“I want to kill more. I want to kill!” The Old Demon was shouting while chewing on Nie Yong’s immortal soul. “It has been a long time since I have heard such a sweet sound, since I have tasted such a freshness and softness. Little Master, if you want to kill some more you can send this old servant without any hesitation.”

Yang Kai’s thoughts moved and the laughter of Old Demon turned into shouts of misery and begged for mercy.

After some time when Old Demon recovered slightly but, was still out of breath as he asked cautiously, “Little Master, why did you punish me?”

“Why did you not tell me about the real function of the Soul Breaker Awl?”

“You never asked me about it, Young Master.” Old Demon said accusingly, then flatly continued, “Moreover, this thing is too evil and I thought if Young Master knew, he would be discontent about it.”

“I, at this moment, am very discontented.” Yang Kai adds. ”I am extremely unhappy about it.”

After hearing this Old Demon started to shiver.

After waiting for a good long while, Yang Kai said, “This will be the first and last time. Remember, it’s the last time. If you dare to conceal anything ever again, you know the consequences.”

Official Chapter Title: The Death of Nie Yong

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