Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 151

Time slowly passed, and with three days of constant changes, the disciples of the three sects were no longer able to support themselves. They gave up one after the other.

Although most of them couldn’t reach the peak, they weren’t entirely upset. On the contrary, they were excited and joyful, because everyone more or less obtained some advantage in this test, many people even experienced a breakthrough.

This at least gave them something to celebrate about.

On the fourth day, the ones who stayed for the climb either felt heat which burned their hearts or chills which pierced the bones.

These people kept restoring their power, as they also wanted to break through the light barrier.

But this time, regardless of anything else, they solely wanted a martial technique.

The decision of the two beautiful sisters didn’t have anything to do with the obstruction of the light barrier, as they kept climbing the endless steps.

At this point of time, the people started to realise that this was a huge opportunity. If they were to miss this once in a lifetime chance, they would regret it for the rest of their lives. Everyone who stuck around thought that if they can hold on and persist, perhaps they will gain a bigger advantage.

In life, there were much more things to achieved, but at that moment all their attention was on the seemingly infinite steps.

On the fifth day, a total of around half the disciples of the three sects had withdrawn from the test. People gathered by the light barrier, envying those who found the energy to push on while they clenched their fists in disappointment in themselves.

There were many conversations, most of which were discussions about who would be the first to reach the peak.

Without a doubt, Su Yan’s name was heard the most often!

The disciples who gave up knew that the inside was filled with hot and cold turns and without a doubt, Su Yan’s cultivation technique was a huge advantage. Moreover, out of all the young disciples of the three sects, Su Yan’s strength was also the strongest. It wouldn’t be strange if she completed the trial first.

This fact alone left many High Heaven Pavilion disciples proud as their faces glowed with pride. Su Yan was a figure many High Heaven Pavilion disciples looked up to; male or female.

The Hu sisters were of the same opinion.

The great strength and nobleness of Su Yan that surpassed them caused them to envy her from the bottom of their hearts as they looked up to and almost worshipped her.

Yang Kai and the Hu sisters were five thousand steps in now, but with progress also came immense difficulty. It was like climbing and crossing countless mountains and rivers. Yang Kai, however, showed no symptoms of struggle or pain, his face just as bright as when they first started climbing. This was not the case for the Hu sisters, who were both drenched in sweat.

As they got more exhausted, their appearances became arguably more attractive.

The more steps they took, the more heated they became, making their whole bodies fragrant, their complexions flushed, their coquettish looks turning limpid, just like two thoroughly ripe honey peaches. If one were to take a bite, the fragrance and juices would be an explosion of flavour.

“It’s quite warm!” Hu Jiao Er continued stepping up while raising her shirt collar with one hand and fanning the wind with the other. Her voluptuous and shapely chest could be partially seen by Yang Kai.

She had never been this sweaty before. Her clothes pasted directly against her damp skin, outlining her perfect, graceful curves.

This also applied to Hu Mei Er. Sweat was continuously flowing. Her typically ruby lips turned dry from exhaustion, which prompted her to lick them with her tongue, moistening them.

“We shall rest again.” Hu Jiao Er said bitterly as she walked in front of Yang Kai. He was unexpectedly tough, so tough that he hadn’t produced a single drop of sweat. She almost raged with envy and admiration for him.

Yang Kai walked to the front as he turned his head to look at her with one eye saying: “We will continue when the temperature drops.”

As he now stood on a higher step, he happened to see Hu Jiao Er’s chest. It was like two mountains with a straight, flawless valley with sweat in between, causing his blood to stir with excitement.

Yang Kai became somewhat out of sorts.

Hu Jiao Er realised her own misdemeanour and instantly hurried to pull up her collar. She covered her chest with her hand as anger welled up in her eyes and she exclaimed, “What are you looking at?!”

Yang Kai’s smile only stretched wider as he did not look away. Her realisation only made his gaze linger unscrupulously on the sisters’ graceful bodies for longer.

Getting stared at like that was intensely uncomfortable for the Hu sisters.

They were standing behind him because their entire bodies were soaking wet, with every enticing crevice exposed. How could they be comfortable walking side by side with him?

They didn’t expect him to be such a shamelessly bold person.

“Stop looking at us!!” Hu Jiao Er drew her younger sister behind her vigilantly, as she shielded her with her own body. Her cheeks and sweaty forehead flushed red as she stared at Yang Kai angrily.

“Ha ha!” Yang Kai was overjoyed. He turned his head facing forward as he said, “This walk has been quite boring. There was some scenery to break up the monotony. Not stopping to admire it would a waste of criminal proportions!”

“I misread you.” Hu Jiao Er stated bitterly, “I thought that you were an honourable gentleman, I hadn’t thought that you were this dirty! I wish I could dig your eyes out!”

Yang Kai asserted lightly without turning, “A man looking at a woman is a natural thing, what does it have to do with gentlemanly nature? Besides, for you to dig my eyes out, I would have to be looking at you. Jiao Er, do you wish for me to turn around?”

Hu Jiao Er was infuriated, causing her milk-white bosom to shake uncontrollably. She ground her teeth and scolded, “You must want me to be hit before you shut up!”

“That doesn’t sound right, have you forgotten you were supposed to be protecting me?” Yang Kai suddenly turned his head, his eyebrows raised. He looked like he was ridiculing her.

This made Hu Jiao Er red, as her rage disappeared, coyly saying in an instant: “Don’t mention this matter, it’s embarrassing.”

After all, they did promise to protect him beforehand, but now it seems like the tables are turned. He’s the one protecting them since he never needed protection himself. The sisters couldn’t even keep up with him anyway.

Recalling this, Hu Jiao Er smiled awkwardly.

“We should keep the energy for climbing instead of arguing.” Hu Mei Er mediated.

“Humph, don’t even think about looking at us again!” Hu Jiao Er reprimanded Yang Kai.

Yang Kai faintly smiled and said nothing else.

Following behind him, Hu Jiao Er whispered to her younger sister, “I don’t think he’s an appropriate person. Be careful, and do not let him have his way.”

“Elder sister.” Hu Mei Er smiled charmingly.

After two full hours, Yang Kai came to a halt. He did nothing but calmly stood on the spot.

The two sisters followed him as they came to his position. They couldn’t help but shiver a little in fright.

“It’s too cold!” Hu Jiao Er rubbed her hands together, her skin pimpled with goosebumps. Their perspiration was now frost.

After five hundred steps, the atmosphere had abruptly turned from hot to cold.

The Hu sisters quickly and silently huddled themselves closer into Yang Kai’s arms. They shook uncontrollably as if they were in a snow storm.

Before the three thousandth step, the sisters were comfortable climbing behind Yang Kai. The Yang attributes from before allowed them to do just that. Now there was coldness almost unbearable, they could only walk arm in arm with Yang Kai for more warmth. Such behaviour only reflected on their shared feelings of camaraderie, akin to when people face hardships together.

As time passed, the three stopped to rest again. The Hu sisters looked at each other, nodding as if they had decided on something.

“Yang Kai!” Hu Jiao Er suddenly said.

“What’s wrong?”

“We think it’ll be better if we stop following you.”

Yang Kai was shocked, but kept quiet, as he calmly listened.

Hu Jiao Er resumed, “Judging from your legs, you’re faster than us. Think about it, we would only slow you down.”

Hu Mei Er also nodded, as she picked up the conversation, “Elder sister wants to protect you, but this place seems to have no danger whatsoever. We would be contributing very little.”

Yang Kai was still calmly silent.

Hu Jiao Er said with a smile, “Do you think that we are giving up? We will follow through, it’s just that you’re faster than us.”

“You’re certain?” Yang Kai asked.


Standing up slowly, Yang Kai decided, “Since you have made your mind, I won’t try to change it.”

The two girls were filled with good intentions. If they were to stop him they wouldn’t be themselves.

Yang Kai peered at the peak and found the need to utter his gratitude, “Thank you. Your company was nothing short of pleasant.”

Hu Mei Er turned joyful. Her playful, cheery look was charming. The hostility and vigilance in Hu Jiao Er’s heart were torn to pieces by his words.

“I will reach the peak and look at what’s up there!” Yang Kai turned around as he proceeded onwards, this time much faster than before.

“Don’t forget to tell us all about it!” Hu Jiao Er shouted with a typical smile.


Yang Kai turned into a black stream of light as he continued to run, the talented sisters now walking side by side to resist the frost as they kept moving.

Before they could take their second step, they were suddenly thrown airborne into a gentle breeze. They were startled by this unannounced gust of wind.

In a few moments, their bodies started to lightly float as they landed softly.

Before gathering their composure, their bodies fell beside the light barrier.

They looked around and shaken to discover that many people were the same as them. They were obviously just delivered, panic clearly wrote on all their faces. Furthermore, the batch that just landed was filled with only women. Men were non-existent in this place.

“Yang Kai?” Hu Mei Er looked around and Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.

“He is still inside!” Hu Jiao Er said in a low voice. Despite the confusion, she believed that Yang Kai was still sprinting.

But why were there only females here?

The girls who were transported still had some of the great energy of Yin and Yang stuck on them, attracting the attention of the disciples of the three sects who were outside.

They didn’t hurry to encircle them. Instead, they slowly inquired about their health then asked about the situation inside.

After talking to each other, they realised that everyone had gone through the same bitter experience of being swept by the gentle breeze to land outside the light barrier.

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