Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 155

Yang Kai found the situation ironic. Who would think that a Yang Energy cultivator would die from Yang Energy? If one were to explain this situation to him, Yang Kai was sure they would find it hard to believe. Compared to Yang Kai, Su Yan was in a more exacerbating situation. If Yang Kai had not called out to her early on, she would have lost herself to the desires.

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Even with utmost resistance, Su Yan’s willpower was faltering.

Though no words were spoken, Su Yan had got on her knees and started crawling towards Yang Kai. Her chest heaved as she panted heavily. Her vision blurred as she lifted her left hand to caress Yang Kai’s cheeks.

All her movements were not done consciously. She was still struggling to resist the temptations as the urge grew stronger. Even her ice cold fingers were covered with frost.

For short periods of time, Su Yan would let out groans of pain as she winced.

“Su Yan!” Yang Kai called out to her again. This time, his voice was much softer than before. He did not wish to seem perverted, afraid of being repulsed by Su Yan.

Yang Kai’s words seemed to reverberate in her ears as Su Yan’s eyes seemed to restore lightly with consciousness. She noticed her own body posture and the tenderness in Yang Kai’s eyes.

“I don’t think I can resist it any further…” Su Yan finally conceded.

Yang Kai smiled and grabbed her hand. When their bodies made contact, the Dragon roared and the Phoenix cried again. They had also regained their control and consciousness.

This time, the two did not separate from one another. They knew that losing physical contact would only return them to the torturous pain. Their 5 interlocking fingers soon turned to 10 as they shuffled closer to each other. Their eyes were locked together as they felt their hearts palpitate in unison. Another strange sensation welled up, compelling them to advance past holding hands.

“You won’t regret this?” Yang Kai chuckled as he caressed Su Yan’s hands. They were icy cold but smooth and pleasant to the touch. Holding her hands sent a feeling of comfort throughout his body.

Su Yan face flushed as she hung her head down and said softly, “We’ve tried our best…”

Yang Kai used his strength to gently lift Su Yan up, sitting her on his lap while embracing her waist. Soon, the two energies with their bodies seem to come together. It was as though they were perfect for each other, giving both a delightful sensation. Even with their self-control fully restored, their bodies still sought for comfort in each other. They could no longer resist their impulses any longer.

“Su Yan,” Yang Kai once again called out in a soft, shivering voice. This was the first time he was doing something like this, and he did not know what to do.

Su Yan did not speak but only hid her face, placing her head on Yang Kai’s shoulders.

Yang Kai slowly stretched out his hand to caress her neck, pulling her away from his shoulder.

Su Yan’s eyelashes shivered as she kept her eyes tightly shut. She leant back, placing her hands on her stomach, tightly hugging herself to calm her anxiousness.

Yang Kai noticed and lightly teased, “There’s no need to be so anxious.” He had never thought that such a cold, beautiful Senior Sister would be more anxious than him.

He took a deep breath, trying to stabilise his intense and heavy breathing. He brought his lips forward and connected with Su Yan’s succulent lips.

At first, Su Yan’s whole body froze solid due to the sudden kiss. She slowly relaxed after Yang Kai stroked her arms. Once she was ready to accept him, Yang Kai moved in his tongue, splitting apart her cold lips and opening her pearl white teeth, provoking her.

As sounds of periodic sucking resounded throughout the main hall, both of Su Yan’s hands finally wrapped around Yang Kai’s neck, wishing for more. She had lost all resistance. The urge for the heat within Yang Kai had peaked; preventing her from maintaining her own disposition.

Soon, pieces of clothing start to loosen. One by one, they were conveniently removed by Yang Kai, tossed aside with haste. When he put aside her undergarments, that she started to blush even heavier. Out of pure embarrassment, she quickly moved her hands to cover her chest.

Yang Kai took the opportunity to look at the beauty in front of him. Her figure was perfect. Every inch of her skin was smooth, glimmering with health. Her breasts were perfect, not too big and not too small, the perfect size to fill his two eager hands. Her belly seemed to be made of the finest silk, smooth without excrescence and perfectly defined. Without a doubt, even the saints of the world would have their lust invoked in the presence of such a sight. Naturally, Yang Kai could no longer keep his dark desires sealed up.

Su Yan’s body returned to her usual colour. Love surged out from the innermost sanctum of her heart.

Yang Kai stretched out his hands to pull Su Yan’s arms away. At first, she resisted but she soon let go as well.

Yang Kai was secretly delighted that he was able to be together with Su Yan. Such an icy and noble beauty, it would be hard for anyone to approach her, let alone be intimate with her. It was only with the inheritance of the Dual Cultivation Technique, that he was able to claim her purity.

Such an honour only reinforced Yang Kai’s lustful desires. No longer able to hold himself back, he gave out a low groan, clutching Su Yan’s body like a beast with its prey. Even when the girl yipped in surprise, he did not stop. He lifted her up and spread her shimmering thighs apart.

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“I’ve heard that it is a little painful at first, so you’ll need to bear with it,” Yang Kai lustfully informed her.

Su Yan still had her eyes shut. As her whole body froze with nervousness, she could only give a slight nod.

Yang Kai slowly lowered her body. Inch by inch, Su Yan could feel a spear enter her. The piercing sensation numbed her whole body, from her abdomen to her head. She felt like her whole body was unresponsive. She had a great urge to squeal in pain, but she gritted her teeth and braved Yang Kai’s entry. Her two arms quickly wrapped around Yang Kai’s neck in hope of support as her body convulsed as droplets of tears emerged from the corners of her eyes. It was at this moment that she wished to beat Yang Kai into a pulp. She screamed in her head, [You call this a little pain? A little?!]

It was only after a good amount of time did the pain subside. In its place was a strange sensation, as though something in a void was being filled up. The unprecedented sensation gave Su Yan the embarrassing urge to sway her body from side to side, trying to feel Yang Kai even more.

“Start revolving the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art!” Yang Kai sounded off in a low voice. Su Yan cracked opened her eyes to see a beast-like man with red, lusty eyes. However, those eyes still emitted ripples of calmness and tender love towards the person within its gaze. Looking at them made Su Yan’s heart skip a beat as she made a slight bow and quickly followed Yang Kai’s lead; she began revolving Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art together with Yang Kai.

When the Cultivation Technique began its revolution, Yang Kai and Su Yan moaned together. The Ice Phoenix and Fire Dragon within their bodies both followed. Suddenly, the two mystical beasts calmed down as a gush of pleasant sensations flooded both their minds and bodies. Vigorous Yuan Qi shuttled between the two of them, passing through their conjoined sacred parts and spreading throughout their bodies, merging and blending within.

Even in such an intimate position, the two of them were solemn and silent. They were too occupied with circulating their Yuan Qi into each other. Yang Kai could feel a great amount of power rushing into his body from Su Yan. The Yin Yuan Qi within her body was over a hundred times more potent than the Yang Yuan Qi he had in his Meridians. It was like comparing a toddler to an adult.

The difference in strength was so obvious that Su Yan slowed down her revolution of the Cultivation Technique. She had to do so. Yang Kai could no longer keep up.

Being connected and simultaneously revolving the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art Cultivation Technique allowed them to have a unique connection with each other. They were both able to feel their bodies touching while their spirits mixed. All of a sudden, they felt as though they had known each other for years. In their life, no one could be more important than the person in front of them right now.

With each revolution, the Fire Dragon within Yang Kai and the Ice Phoenix within Su Yan seemed to gradually dissipate. They had completed their function; to force the two lovers to copulate and cultivate the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art. Since their duty was completed, there was no longer any need to stay. The beasts did not enter their Meridians nor their Dantian. One would typically think that they had completely disappeared, although Yang Kai felt that they were still hiding somewhere within their bodies.

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As the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art continued to revolve, the energy in their meridians from the Ice Phoenix and the Fire Dragon were slowly substituted with their respective Yin and Yang Yuan Qi. Unfortunately, their difference in strength was too vast for Su Yan to feel much difference; to her, it felt like a pebble splashing into the ocean.

Discovering their difference in Yuan Qi vigour only left Yang Kai feeling awkward.

“There is no need to worry. Just take your time.” Su Yan gently comforted Yang Kai through her mind. She was well aware of Yang Kai’s current complex feelings and wished to console him. Yang Kai kept silent only to suddenly explode ten drops of Yang Liquid within his Dantian. In that instant, True Yang Yuan Qi flooded through Yang Kai’s veins and burst into Su Yan’s body.

Su Yan was taken by surprise. She had no idea how Yang Kai was able to suddenly produce so much Yuan Qi. An Initial Element 8 Stage cultivator would never be able to have so much Yuan Qi within their body. Her surprise was quickly suppressed as she felt the need to concentrate on revolving the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art. With a flood of energy that was equal to hers, she needed to quickly build it up to continue the steady flow between the both of them.

Another eruption of Yang Liquid occurred. This time, it was 30 drops. With all of that, Yang Kai could feel his Meridians on the edge of rupturing. Without Su Yan as his partner for the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, Yang Kai knew that he would have died from blowing all 30 drops. A single drop was sufficient to flood his whole Meridians with True Yang Yuan Qi, and even three drops would likely end in the destruction of his Meridians. With Su Yan’s cultivation level, they were able to achieve something he would have never been able to alone.

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