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When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Yang Kai’s pleased smiled. Su Yan’s eyes glimmered with mischief as she lowered her head to his shoulder and nipped it.

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“Ouch…” Yang Kai shook his shoulder.

Su Yan released her lips and gracefully smiled back at Yang Kai, “I have learned that your body harbours some kind of secret!”

Yang Kai did not seem capable of replying properly as he was still completely infatuated with Su Yan, and instead proceeded to flirt, “Has anyone ever told you that your smile makes the world brighter?”

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Su Yan’s face turned completely red as her hand moved to her hair, twirling it around her fingers. She whispered, “Then… I won’t smile at anyone except for you.”

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Yang Kai felt bliss and euphoria flood through his body. He quickly restrained his thoughts and with a hint of loneliness in his voice, he reminded, “Let’s cultivate first.”

Su Yan agreed with a slight nod.

Yang Kai used 30 drops of Yang Liquid, which was quickly devoured by Su Yan, and he received an equivalent amount of Yin Yuan Qi, all of which was absorbed by his Golden Skeleton. This discovery left Yang Kai thrilled. Although the Yang Liquid within him was important, the Golden Skeleton was more important. To be able to convert the Yin Yuan Qi into an energy that he can store within his Golden Skeleton was a celebratory discovery.

Currently, Yang Kai did not feel any discomfort. There was almost definitely supposed to be some form of backlash in expending 30 drops of Yang Liquid in one go, but his body was perfectly fine. Knitting his brows, Yang Kai wondered. He exploded 5 drops of Yang Liquid before feeling a familiar ache within his meridians. How was it possible for him to now explode 5 Yang Liquid drops and then feel the ache? Previously, he could have hardly have tolerated 2 explosions of Yang Liquid. He deduced that from the cultivation, his meridians expanded.

[Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art is simply too amazing!] Yang Kai thought to himself.

When all the Yang Yuan Qi energy from another 30 drops of Yang Liquid was devoured by Su Yan; and in return, the equivalent amount of Yin Yuan Qi from Su Yan was absorbed into Yang Kai’s Golden Skeleton, Yang Kai’s body ferociously trembled. The air around him formed a whirlwind as their scattered clothing was swept further away from the two nude lovers. An invisible field of air that seemed to surround Yang Kai finally erupted. A burst of energy spread out, gradually subsiding. He had suddenly broken through to Initial Element Stage 9!

When Su Yan realised what had just happened, she was also brimming with joy. Similar to Yang Kai, she rejoiced in his achievement, although Yang Kai was more calm than excited. He now had a faint sense of anticipation for the benefits of the Dual Cultivation Technique. Who would have thought that he would break through so quickly?

When Yang Kai analysed his state, he learned that after he had spent 65 drops of Yang Liquid to pierce a small boundary using the Dual Cultivation Technique with Su Yan, the Yang Liquid within his Dantian had become purer. Although the amount seemed to be insufficient for another breakthrough, his achievement in a purer Yang Liquid was much more valuable.

Clenching his teeth, Yang Kai once again exploded another 50 drops of Yang Liquid and started to revolve the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art. His Yang Yuan Qi flooded into Su Yan’s body, robbing the girl of speech. The first explosion had already taken her by surprise. The second flood only terrified her a little. With the third eruption of Yang Yuan Qi even greater than before, she could no longer contain herself.

[Just where is all his Yuan Qi coming from?] Su Yan wondered. She didn’t say a word, being simply grateful of the situation.

Yang Kai was a man with whom she had become intimate. If he could survive such reckless cultivation and live without accidents, it was probable that she will spend her whole life together with him. Discovering that her lover was more formidable made her jubilant.

After three days, Yang Kai and Su Yan ended their first Dual Cultivation Session. They both decided that three days was long enough. Strangely, when their mind, body and spirit was connected and blended together, it felt like their experience had only lasted a short instant.

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When they both woke up, Su Yan could also feel the Yin Yuan Qi within herself become purer as well. This made her lose any sense of regret in giving up her chastity.

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When she looked towards Yang Kai’s tender gaze and his smiling face, her heart raced. It did not feel abnormal when they were immersed in cultivation, but when she thought about how she behaved, she felt embarrassed. She was riding him, sitting on his lap; hands hugging his neck, lips continuously moist, connected as one. Within her abdomen was a burning hot rod that filled up her body and mind, transmitting Yang Kai’s fierce heat pulse. Each pulse caused her whole body to turn soft, her mind muddled as she could not find the least bit of strength to extract herself from his pole. She would never have thought that she would maintain such a posture with a man, let alone intimacy. Cultivating the Ice Heart Secret Art froze not only her mind but her heart as well. How would it be possible to even dream of a man stealing her heart?

Su Yan anticipated living a long, lonely life. The Inheritance of the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art changed that. Now, she had an unbreakable bond with a man she hardly knew. She was not filled with repulse or regret, however, and instead was over the moon.

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After a short amount of time, Su Yan found the courage to look at Yang Kai. Her gaze was extremely gentle and tender. Noticing her gaze, Yang Kai called out, “Su Yan…” He was still full of lust as his fiery gaze concentrated on Su Yan’s perfect face. Even after the disappearance of the Fire Dragon and Ice Phoenix, Yang Kai still had the desire to continue and extend beyond what they had already done. It seemed to have completely destroyed his consciousness as he felt the wetness.

Su Yan bit her own luscious red lips and used both her hands to caress Yang Kai’s cheeks, placing her forehead against his. She struggled for a moment but then spoke with a little reluctance, “Let’s not do it first. It’s more important for me to help you break through.” She found it hard to refuse her lover as her heart still desired for him. However, for his own benefit, she found the determination to refuse his request.

When Su Yan stopped talking, a burst of Yin Yuan Qi rushed into Yang Kai’s body, forcing him to quickly concentrate on revolving the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art. He held his breath and stabilised his breathing as he slowly closed his fiery, crazed eyes while accepting all of Su Yan’s energy.

Yang Kai was well aware that Su Yan’s actions were detrimental to herself, but even at the cost of her diminishing strength, he could not refuse her selfless sacrifice. His Meridians were full of Yuan Qi from Su Yan’s flood of energy. They bulged thickly to the extent of almost bursting with pain, but he did not ask her to stop. When Su Yan noticed Yang Kai was reaching his limit, the Yuan Qi fluctuation around them simmered down. She stopped in case of injuring Yang Kai.

“Continue!” Yang Kai spoke with his eyes closed and remained silent.


“Just continue!”

Su Yan obeyed Yang Kai’s wish and resumed pouring her Yuan Qi into him.

When the two were cultivating the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, the Yuan Qi within their bodies did not drain. In fact, the total amount remained constant as it travelled between the two lovers’ bodies. This advantage is something that other Cultivation Techniques could never hope to compare to.

After a long time, the Yuan Qi flooding within Yang Kai became more unbearable. The excruciation within his Meridians made his body quiver as beads of cold sweat rolled off his forehead, but he did not complain or cry out as he kept silent.

“Don’t stop!” Yang Kai gave a pained roar.

Su Yan’s beautiful eyes shook as she hesitated. She did not dare to invest more of her Yuan Qi into his body out of fear of injuring him, but she could feel Yang Kai’s unyielding will. It was a will to get stronger. It was a will to be strong enough to protect his own woman.

Yang Kai would not be in such a rush if he had never gotten together with her. However, their relationship has blossomed after experiencing such connection. With their strength disparity right now, Yang Kai could not remain as calm as he used to be. He needed to be able to protect her as her man; he wished to be able to protect her because he loved her. It goes without saying that that means he would have to be stronger.

Su Yan understood what was in Yang Kai’s mind; it was a touching sentiment. After hesitating for a long time, she continued to pour Yuan Qi into Yang Kai.

The Yuan Qi gradually got fiercer. It was like a wild animal trapped in a cage, ramming against the door hoping to escape. When Su Yan noticed what was happening to Yang Kai, she paused the transferral yet again. She knew that Yang Kai was about to break through. When the Yuan Qi within a Cultivator acts like this, it indicates that the Cultivator was about to progress to the Qi Transformation Stage. At that moment, Yang Kai no longer had a pained expression. The pain had vanished. The Yuan Qi swishing within his body did not cause any damage to his Meridians. Instead, his Meridians were now more tenacious, improving his ability to bear all the Yuan Qi.

One layer of invisible shackles seemed to attach to Yang Kai, preventing him from breaking through. This was the same feeling he had when he broke through the Initial Element Stage. Breaking these invisible shackles was his key to advancing to the Qi Transformation Stage.

When Yang Kai noticed this resistance, he immersed himself into his own body and noticed that the Yuan Qi inside was getting more aggressive by the minute.

The bones within his body began to seep out energy. This caused Yang Kai’s body to be wrapped in an evil aura, startling Su Yan, but she refused to disturb Yang Kai at such a critical juncture. After a moment, the evil aura vanished leaving behind no trace; the Yuan Qi fluctuations within Yang Kai’s body became acutely wild. He slowly opened his eyes, smiling. He had reached the Qi Transformation Stage! Thanks to Su Yan’s help, he had achieved this breakthrough smoothly.

*Bang Bang..* Sounds similar to thunderclaps resonated throughout the entire Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, swaying the place slightly. Meanwhile, the energy that filled the space within the main hall of the palace turned to whirlwinds, rushing into Yang Kai. This was an entirely natural phenomenon after a Big Boundary breakthrough. The World’s Prestige would enter the body, tampering with the body’s blood and physique, strengthening the Cultivator in question. When Yang Kai broke through the Initial Element Stage, he had also experienced the World’s Prestige, but it was nothing compared to the size he is absorbing now.

Opening his eyes, he saw Su Yan’s worried face. Yang Kai gave a smile, “I’ll give you something.”

While he spoke, he fished into his Golden Skeleton and sent half of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal to Su Yan.

Feeling something icy cold enter her, Su Yan seemed happy and asked, “What is this?”

“It’s called the Nine Yin Dew Crystal. It’s said that this is extremely useful for Cultivators in the True Element Stage.” Yang Kai spoke while he stroked Su Yan’s clean, lustrous back intentionally, “Build it up while I temper my body.”

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“Good!” Su Yan docilely nodded.

Even if Su Yan built up the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, the effects would be inferior to that displayed by Xia Ning Cheng by 10 percent. However, only 20 percent of its effects would be sufficient in making up for Su Yan’s cost in aiding Yang Kai. Nonetheless, the effects of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal would improve Su Yan’s strength.

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