Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 157

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After a day, Su Yan’s eyelids fluttered and she slowly opened them up. Her eyes glimmered with joy and excitement. When Yang Kai first saw her gaze, his spirit shook and his breathing became heavier. He had suppressed himself for a long time, waiting for her to awaken.

Staring at each other, Su Yan spoke, “Thank you!”

When Su Yan opened her eyes, she could feel that her body had changed tremendously. Building up the Nine Yin Dew Crystals did not only make up for her loss of Yuan Qi when she aided Yang Kai’s breakthrough; her True Yuan Qi had become much purer than before. Cultivating with Yang Kai and building up the Nine Yin Dew Crystal had made her at least 30% stronger. True Yuan Qi revolved within her body around her limbs and bones, restlessly distributing to every living cell in her a Life Force. She was understandably joyous at this discovery, as it made her seem like an immortal that descended from the heavens.

After cultivating the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art and building up the Nine Yin Dew Crystals, it was as though her skin had returned to what it was in the past. Every inch of it had returned to that of a newborn; snow white, clear and incomparably beautiful.

“As long as it’s between us, why is it necessary to thank me?” Yang Kai replied somewhat absent-mindedly. In the past, Su Yan gave him an ice-cold, noble feeling of desolateness. Even now with their intimacy, he could not help but feel inferior when compared to her.

Su Yan gave a warm and comforting, tender smile. She could understand Yang Kai clearly, even if he did not speak. “That’s right! You’ve just broken through to the Qi Transformation Stage! Such a boundary is very special!” Su Yan added joyfully.

Yang Kai quickly interrupted her, “Does it not seem wrong to be talking about the Qi Transformation Stage in our current position?”

Su Yan stared at Yang Kai as she immediately turned red. Yang Kai displayed a faint but coy smile. His waist had been feeling quite stiff. Instinct told him to move, but out of consideration for Su Yan, he refused to. This resistance left his mind to groan in despair constantly.

At this moment, Su Yan felt as though she was thrown up into the clouds, only to fall down into an abyss. The up and down movement gave her so much pleasure and joy that she lost all control. As a young man and woman, their bodies were much more sensitive; causing each gentle movement to be highly stimulating and pleasurable.

As Su Yan moaned in pleasure, Yang Kai became more unrestrained. He shuffled his hands around the pair of breasts in front of him, fondling, rubbing and pinching every inch of them, burying his head in between, enjoying every moment of the sensation. He would kiss them with loud, heavy and uncontrollable breathing.

Su Yan’s luscious hair moved in waves as she wrapped her hands around Yang Kai’s head, wishing to bury it further into her chest. Her slender and beautiful legs could not help but coil around Yang Kai’s waist. While her body was moving up and down, she swayed her body from side to side and moaned with lustful happiness.

Suddenly while in the midst of everything, Su Yan tugged Yang Kai’s hair and asked, “Wait!”

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“What?” Yang Kai looked at her with confusion as their movements gradually come to a stop.

Su Yan was like a mute as she gasped for breath. It took some time for her breathing to calm. While her skin was still red and her eyes filled with surging love, she lightly bit her lips and asked, “Did you call for me a moment ago?”

“No…” Yang Kai sternly shook his head.

“Really?” Yang Kai’s confirmation only made her more anxious. She became confused as she thought she had clearly heard someone call out to her.

(Silavin: Old Demon! Was it you?!)

“I did not say your name!” Yang Kai spoke as he looked in her eyes.

“You’re lying!” Su Yan cried out but she saw Yang Kai’s truthful gaze and knew that she was wrong. Without wasting another second, Yang Kai began to move on Su Yan again as they continued to indulge in pleasure.

Yang Kai used both his hands to grapple onto Su Yan and turned her body around. With her back facing him, Yang Kai took in the sight and felt his body stir in ardour as his eyes only went madder with love.

In the past, Yang Kai caught an unclear glimpse of this very sight at night in a small garret, though she was still wearing her underwear and the darkness made it hard for him to capture her magnificent figure wholly. This time, she was unable to escape. Every inch of her was out in the open and laid down for Yang Kai to appreciate. Her soft graceful curves, slender shoulder, thin, smooth waist and plentifully filled peach-colored buttocks were all features capable of igniting any man’s libido. Yang Kai could only thank the heavens for this great opportunity.

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All of a sudden, a life-like Ice Phoenix moved about on Su Yan’s clean, white and smooth back. From time to time, it would perch on Su Yan’s shoulder and at other times, fall to her buttocks. Its movements were unpredictable as it slid throughout Su Yan’s body.

[So this is where the Ice Phoenix went!] Yang Kai thought to himself as he could feel something hot moving on his back. [They are still inside our bodies! It’s just that they have turned into tattoos!]

Yang Kai began moving again in their new position.

The whole place turned into the two lovers’ utopia as they continued to embrace each other. The moist atmosphere filled the entire hall as intermittent sounds of heavy breathing and moaning reflected off the walls. They were like fishes in a pond, perfect for each other as they continued to give and take, presenting everything to one another and displaying their love.

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Within the main hall, the chaotic aura still lingered, although Yang Kai and Su Yan were already neatly dressed. Su Yan sat in front of an ice mirror that she had made out of her True Yuan Qi. Although she could see her ruddy cheeks in the reflection, she still remained calm. Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood behind her, reorganising her beautiful but disorderly hair for her. A warm aura of quietness shrouded the two as they continued.

Being re-transformed into a woman, Su Yan seemed even more beautiful than before. Her gaze was still cold, maybe colder than before, but the sight of Yang Kai turns it tender and gentle. She watched him arrange and fix her hair and passed an ornamental hairpin to him and the boy inserted it into her hair. The hairstyle Su Yan usually kept had changed, now it revealed her bright, clean and well-proportioned neck. Yang Kai commented, “Gorgeous.”

“Do you like it?”

“Mhm,” Yang Kai nodded and brought his two hands to Su Yan’s shoulders. Although they had just done the deed, the tension did not die off. In such a short amount of time, these tensions would not be resolved.

Even when their skin connected and Yang Kai slowly slid his hand down, Su Yan did not move. She only smiled softly, showing disapproval. When Yang Kai’s hands arrived at her chest, she grabbed them.

“Su Yan,” Yang Kai bends down as he moved his lips towards Su Yan’s earlobes. While they were exploring each other earlier on, Yang Kai had found out that Su Yan was extremely sensitive in areas that she did not wish for Yang Kai to touch. The back of her earlobes was one of those.

“Stop!” Su Yan shouted out as she knew that once Yang Kai kisses that spot, she would be incapable of resisting his desires.“We need to discuss some important matters clearly first,” she quickly changed the subject.

“What important matters?” Yang Kai restrained himself and moved to her front and sat down.

Su Yan stroke his face. With blurry eyes, she stared at Yang Kai for a short while before asking, “Just how old are you?”

Yang Kai took a light sniff and confidently answered, “20!” Yang Kai’s facial features looked a little unnatural as his gaze drifted from place to place. “I’m not lying!”

Su Yan gave him a light smirk and did not respond.

(ICE: The eye that reveals all truths)

Yang Kai felt like he was sitting on pins and needles. Discomfort and uncertainty filled his mind as he reluctantly whispered, “I’m 15, but I’m going to reach 16 soon!”

“I’m 20 right now. I’m older than you, so you have to listen to me from now on.”

Yang Kai grinned, “I will listen to you when the matter is trivial, but for important matters, you’ll listen to me.”

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Su Yan sighed but her gaze still remained filled with love and gentleness. With her delicate hand still resting on Yang Kai’s face, she spoke, “You are still young. Indulging in such lustful matters isn’t good for you.”

“Age isn’t an issue,” Yang Kai looked at Su Yan. As they looked at each other, Yang Kai’s brows slightly knitted together as he looked at her with profound meaning, “Besides, you’re doing the same thing.”

Su Yan’s face flushed again as she stared at him and quickly rebuked, “You’re not allowed to tease me!”

“I’m not… I’m telling the truth…”

“From now on, you are not permitted to think of such things!” Su Yan demanded.

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Yang Kai felt like his soul left his body. His change in expression only made Su Yan’s ice cold heart turn softer and she quickly tried to comfort him. “If you promise to concentrate on cultivating and not this, I will look for you in a month’s time.”

(Silavin: Oh no! once a month?)

Yang Kai was quick to jump to bargain, “How about five times a month?”

Su Yan intentionally remained cold and silent.

“Four times? How about three? Isn’t two times too little?”

“Fine… once a month…” Yang Kai finally complied, but he knew that as long as he kisses the back of Su Yan’s earlobes, she would become a helpless lamb, free for him to devour.

“It’s not my wish to limit you. I know that Dual Cultivation is very beneficial for us, but your body is too weak. When you grow more in a few more years, I will certainly increase the frequency.” Su Yan spoke with an extremely soft, coercing voice, “So, please endure and get stronger for the next few years.”

Her earnest words struck a chord within Yang Kai as he nodded.

“So, you’ve just broken through to the Qi Transformation Stage…”

“Yeah, I know…” Yang Kai thought aloud.

Su Yan gave a nod and removed a jade-like necklace from her neck and moved on to explain, “You should know by now that this boundary is special for every cultivator. So, you must be careful and take care of yourself.” She wrapped the necklace around Yang Kai’s neck.

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