Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 158

“This is the Ice Jade Marrow. I have worn it since I was a child. Since it has always been on my body it also absorbed a lot of my True Yuan. You must always wear it on your body; at a critical moment, it can help you calm your nerves.

“Is this a gift to your lover or something like that?” Yang Kai looked at Su Yan with a smile.

Su Yan was embarrassed, but she nodded gently.

Yang Kai patted down his own body to look for something to give her in return, but he had nothing appropriate for her.

The most precious things on his body were the Soul Breaking Awl and the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng.

There was no chance for him to give The Soul Breaking Awl to her since it’s an immensely evil item and the Old Demon’s immortal soul was in it as well. It would only harm Su Yan. The Yin Yang Monster Ginseng could be given, but it was only a Heavenly Spiritual Herb and did not have the same value as a token.

Scratching his nose awkwardly, he decided to promise, “I will give you a token in the near future.”

“You have already given me a lot of Nine Yin Dew Crystals,” Su Yan said with a smile.

“You really are a good person,” Yang Kai said from the bottom of his heart.

“Don’t praise me, it’s making my heart race,” Su Yan panted for breath and covering her chest with her hand. After cultivating Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, her original Ice Heart Secret Art was basically useless facing Yang Kai. He became the most difficult adversary for her as his every word, every deed, every action and every movement pulled her mind towards him.

“Hehehe!” Yang Kai gave an incomparable happy smile and giggled like a baby. In the whole world, who could make such a proud women melt? Only he could do it.

Generally, if a husband could make his wife feel this way, what more could he want from life?

It could be said that if not for this good fortune in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, Yang Kai knew that he and Su Yan would never be together. There is no one who could be appropriate for her in this entire world. Even Yang Kai thought that he wasn’t suited to be joined to her. He wasn’t belittling himself, but Su Yan had such a noble aura it was hard to imagine tainting her.

“After returning, what do you plan to do?” Su Yan asked.

“What will I do?”

“I meant to say what path will you choose to tread on?” Su Yan looked like a guardian fulfilling her duty and considered for Yang Kai’s future. “There is also our relationship to think about.”

“I don’t know,” Yang Kai said knitting his brows, “Explain clearly.”

Su Yan gave a faint sweet smile, “Well at present I have I think you have two paths before you that you can take.”

“The first choice is to publicise our relationship. By my current status in the school, as long as our relationship is public, you will be vigorously trained. You won’t need to worry about contribution points ever again, in the future martial skills, medicinal pills, secret treasures will be available for you anytime.”

“Are you testing me?” Yang Kai asked Su Yan with a smile.

She shook her head and replied seriously, “No I am asking you earnestly.”

Yang Kai turned his head. He could clearly imagine what turbulence his relationship with Su Yan, if publicised, would bring.

He and Su Yan were like the earth and sky, impossible to be conjoined. At present, in the common people’s eyes, Yang Kai would be envied and it would also affect Su Yan’s image heavily. Without even considering all the Elders, his apprentice brothers would nose around Su Yan to choose them as they are many times better than him.

Yang Kai did not think that Su Yan could face the rumours and slandering of common people with such confidence.

“You do not need to bear such a psychological burden. I am a man who can look after himself.”

Then Yang Kai said with a serious look, “This proposition is very tempting, but it is not meant for me.”

Su Yan, as if she expected that answer, didn’t feel any surprise. She only smiled.

Yang Kai clenched his fists, looked down and said, “For my cultivation, I will depend on myself. I don’t want to depend on you.”

Su Yan said replied, “Although I am a little sad hearing you say this, I am also really happy. In that case, we can only take the second road.”

Yang Kai says with a smile, “Yes, I will mature as soon as possible.”

The second road was for Yang Kai to only depend on himself for cultivation.

“I will wait for you to become strong enough to protect me,” Su Yan said in a soft voice.

“It won’t take long,” Yang Kai took Su Yan’s hand, raised it to his lips to kiss, then suddenly remembering the incident, he said, “Su Yan, when we leave, you might experience some trouble.”

“Hmm?” Su Yan looked at him full of doubts.

Yang Kai reorganised his thoughts then said seriously, “Disciples of our three sects came for the inheritance of this place. We struck and killed the nine monster beasts and activated the formation, making the place of inheritance show itself. The disciples who had climbed the endless steps numbered around 700-800, and they all experienced the alternate cold and hot steps. Your strength in the three schools is the strongest and you also cultivate a cold attribute cultivation technique. Now can you understand what everyone is thinking?”

Su Yan gawked, she was only considering Yang Kai and had not thought about herself. But now, listening to Yang Kai, she was suddenly enlightened, “They will think that inheritance of this place was obtained by me.”

“Absolutely, I think many people are thinking the same thing now.” Yang Kai gave his analysis.

Su Yan gave a confident smile, “I will just say that I had not obtained the inheritance; even if have obtained it I wouldn’t need to give them any explanation.”

“It would be better if you don’t acknowledge it! Do not acknowledge it to anyone. I have a feeling that the appearance of this Heaven’s Cave Inheritance will not only involve our three schools.”

Hearing his words, Su Yan concurred. She didn’t care about the experts of the three schools but she couldn’t disregard the experts from the others. Once she confirmed that she acquired the inheritance, she would be in for a lot of unnecessary attention, potentially trouble.

Su Yan nodded her head again and again and said, “I know.”

She was also gratified at heart. Making the three sects’ disciples focus on her would leave a clear road for Yang Kai. Everyone would think that the inheritance could only be obtained by one person and no one would know that it had to be shared between two people.

She looked at Yang Kai and complimented, “You can think really far ahead.”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly and stated, “The big powers cannot let go of a rare item. They have the belief that every rare thing can only belong to them, and they would do everything to get it.”

Su Yan stared at him. She felt that his words held a lot of truth and was said from experience. She thought that her junior apprentice brother had a lot of secrets.

“I will tell you everything when the time comes.” Yang Kai said while patting her hand.

“Alright. Even if you do not, it’ll be ok,” Su Yan said with a nod.

“We should leave, there is nothing left for us here, Yang Kai stood up. The main hall was very spacious and aside from the huge energy ball that still hovered, there wasn’t anything else.

After they obtained the inheritance, a light barrier appeared; it was probably a portal.

Holding Su Yan’s hand, Yang Kai walked into the light barrier.

Their forms disappeared from the main hall simultaneously. Right then, a loud sound similar to glass breaking echoed around the entire Heaven’s Cave Inheritance.

Then, at the same time, cracks spread across the Inheritance site. The disciples who were still present felt their immortal souls experience some stimulation and were unable to identify the cause of it.

An unknown energy wrapped around them and took them slowly up towards the sky. They were helpless.

At the mining area of the Bloody Battle Gang, after the opening of Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, the powerhouses of three sects guarded that place, waiting for their disciples to come out.

It had already been a month since it opened. During that period, many disciples had already left the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. They were people who were either injured or were unable to persevere any further.

From them, the experts of three sects also roughly guessed the situation inside.

The experts of the three sects were irritated because they found that the inheritance had finally appeared, but didn’t know in whose hand it fell.

Each sect had a lot of expectations for their promising youths.

High Heaven Pavilion’s Su Yan and Xie Hongchen, Bloody Battle Gang’s Hu Jiao Er and Long Jun, Storm House’s Fang Ziji, they were the youths with a lot of potential in the younger generation.

That insane old man’s female apprentice, High Heaven Pavilion’s Xia Ning Chang might have obtained the inheritance.

But that old man was very relaxed as he sat at the site when the Inheritance opened, then noticing that his apprentice had not appeared. Soon after, he departed alone and hadn’t come back since.

[What an irresponsible master!] The experts of three sects saw him as such and threw distasteful criticisms at Meng Wu Ya.

The existence of the inheritance made the three sects hostile towards each other, and an intensely competitive atmosphere spread among them, particularly among Bloody Battle Gang troops.

They viewed the acts of High Heaven Pavilion and Storm House as nothing less than robbery while they cursed at Meng Wu Ya with no sign of stopping. If not for him fighting with the expert of Bloody Battle Gang at the mining site, it would be impossible to expose the existence of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance to others.

This was the wealth of the Bloody Battle Gang that was now being snatched by the other two schools. Although they were compensated for it, nothing could be compared to such a glorious inheritance

“*****!” Hu Man cursed his subordinates for several days, but he didn’t dare to scold Meng Wu Ya. He was angry at Long Zai Tian and Long Hui.

That ***** little animal provoked Meng Wu Ya and made such a mess. If he hadn’t done that, things would not have turned out the way they did. It’s good that he died. Even if you hadn’t ***** died earlier, I, your Father would have torn you to shreds by now. Long Family…. The Long Family wouldn’t be able to save you.

It wasn’t only Hu Man who disliked the Long Family now. There was a great dissatisfaction among other experts of the Bloody Battle Gang. Long Zai Tian knew that he had done wrong this time, and he was beaten badly by Meng Wu Ya one month ago. It made him scared to appear in the area. Right now, he focused only on recuperating at the Bloody Battle Gang headquarters.

But considering the news of the death of his grandson, could this hatred be so easily absolved?

[Sooner or later, I will make you pay in blood,] Long Zai Tian swore secretly within his heart.

While the experts of three sects waited anxiously, a light barrier suddenly appeared on the site. It was akin to ripples appearing on the surface when a pebble drops into a tranquil lake.

In the next instance, the light barrier suddenly collapsed, leaving behind a big hole in the mineral lode.

“Is someone there?” Hu Man asked nervously. The Heaven’s Cave Inheritance vanished but the disciples of the three sects hadn’t appeared. Both his daughters were inside. What happened to them?

Hu Man was not alone in being worried; other experts felt the same. Elite Disciples of their sects entered the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, and they still have not shown up.

As they watched the scene unfold, they heard someone call miserably not from far away.

A Storm House’s elder’s complexion changed, and he hurried to move forward.

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