Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 159

After a few moments, the Bloody Battle Gang and High Heaven Pavilion experts also found their respective disciples in the surroundings. The experts breathed a sigh of relief.

They discovered that the disciples that came out were dispersed to each corner of Black Wind Forest.

Although the experts were puzzled by this strange scene, they knew it must have been done to protect the inheritor of the cave master’s inheritance.

The experts of the three sects were bustling about in the Black Wind Forest, searching for their respective disciples. They were extremely cautious towards them. They were more sincere and cautious when compared to their past behaviour because they didn’t know who could grow to what height in the future.

Their attitudes changed because they didn’t know which person among these disciples now possessed a limitless future, and therefore could grow to stand high and look down on the masses.

Even the irascible leader of the Bloody Battle Gang, Hu Man, was welcoming the disciples with a respectful and conciliatory attitude, which bewildered many of them. They were, in essence, building bridges for the future.

The attitude of the leader of the Bloody Battle Gang made many disciples very emotional. They were so moved, they tearfully pledged their loyalty as well as their willingness to fight the death for the Sect Master.

Hu Man gave a frank smile.

For him, those disciples should have obtained great fortune in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, even if they didn’t obtain the ultimate inheritance. They were worth grooming with all of the Sect’s efforts.

The Storm House and High Heaven Pavilion experts were also clear on this point. They secretly despised Hu Man who got a leg up on them, so they also enquired about their disciples’ experiences and well-being.

It took about half a day’s time to gather everyone. After that, many of them returned to their sects and had reported to their founders or Elders. This also made Yang Kai and Su Yan’s situation more optimistic.

Su Yan was bound to be suspected and no one could change that.

At this moment, Yang Kai and Su Yan were standing on Black Wind Mountain. After they stepped into the light gate, they were transferred there. Su Yan was not quite familiar with the place, but Yang Kai had run around the Black Wind Mountain many times, so he knew a lot about the place.

After a long time, they were finally able to find the correct path.

“About 25 km in that direction, we will find Black Plum Village,” Yang Kai informed Su Yan whilst he stood upon a hilltop pointing in a particular direction.

“We can’t go back together, or there will be suspicions,” Su Yan said hesitantly. Since she was bound to be suspected, she couldn’t expose Yang Kai by returning with him.

“Mhm,” Yang Kai nodded, “You need to go first since many people would be looking for you. If you delay any further, it will only raise unnecessary suspicion. Remember, no matter who asks you, you cannot acknowledge that you obtained the inheritance.”

“I know. You will also need to be careful, and come back as soon as possible,” Su Yan urged as she turned to leave but was pulled back by Yang Kai.

“What’s wrong?” Su Yan asked, but she was interrupted by a burning hot aura closely hugging her, locking onto her mouth.

Su Yan softly moaned.

Eventually, Yang Kai released her with a smile.

“Remember your promise. Once a month.” Yang Kai reminded gently.

Su Yan gave a gentle nod.

They reluctantly said goodbye, though they knew that they would still meet in the sect.

They stared at each other for a long time, but Su Yan strengthened her resolve and said, “I am going.”

She walked rapidly, leaving behind a pure white shadow.

Yang Kai looked at her back until she was out of sight, then shook his head with a smile and started to walk in the direction of High Heaven Pavilion.

Heaven’s Cave Inheritance…… Yang Kai thought that his biggest gain was not the inheritance, but Su Yan.

After several hours of a leisurely walk, Yang Kai returned to High Heaven Pavilion. All the disciples and experts had already arrived, but there were still some scattered around more remote locations and were only returning now. Thus, Yang Kai’s return did not attract any undue attention.

As Yang Kai walked, he noticed something strange. He was receiving greetings and politeness he had never received before from his fellow apprentices. Many may not have approached him, but they were smiling and greeting by gesturing with cupped fists anyway.

Even the High Heaven Pavilion’s Deacon greeted him.

Yang Kai felt relieved. He was able to leave alive from the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, so perhaps in the future, he may have boundless prospects. Naturally, nobody was going to disregard him like before. They were greeting him now, and maybe later they would become friends, at least, that’s their train of thoughts.

Yang Kai arrived at his small log cabin. Without the chance to even reorganise his shack, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching his door.

He wondered who would be visiting at this time. He opened the door to be greeted by an eager Su Mu.

Seeing Yang Kai, Su Mu put down the worry in his heart and said warmly, “Brother Yang, I’m glad you also returned safely.”

Yang Kai was happy to see him, and directly invited him in, “Brother Su, come in and have a seat!”

“You don’t need to be polite, I just came to check if you are alright!” Su Mu said while revealing a smug smile, “I need to go back and cultivate.”

After giving a long smile, Su Mu vanished from his doorstep.

Yang Kai was shocked for a moment remembering that he has not seen Su Mu on the endless steps. Where was he at the time? The Beast Soul made such a huge ruckus it was impossible for him to miss that.

The only reason could be that he had more important things to do at that time.

Seeing Su Mu care for him made Yang Kai smile as well.

There was only a single inheritance in the cave, so there was no chance that Su Mu would have obtained it. It looked like his fate was pretty good.

Su Mu just departed, and Yang Kai wasn’t even able to sit back down when he suddenly heard the sound of more footsteps, though this time they were much lighter like a female’s footsteps.

Yang Kai’s heart jumped. A green shadow hesitantly entered his shack.

“Little senior sister?” On seeing the appearance clearly, Yang Kai maintained his smile.

Today, his small cabin is quite lively. Su Mu visit, Xia Ning Cheng as well and what’s more, he had not seen her in the Inheritance Cave.

Since returning from the Nine Yin Mountain Valley, they had not seen each other.

“Brother!” Xia Ning Cheng was relieved on seeing Yang Kai, just like Su Mu. She walked inside and asked, “Did you just return?”

“Mhm, I just got back,” Yang Kai nodded and replied.

“I heard that you also entered the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, but I was not able to find you inside,” Yang Kai continued. Xia Ning Cheng was as charming as always; those two sentences made her ears go bright red.

“I noticed on that day you had not come, but Treasurer Meng is really powerful,” Yang Kai recalled as he remembered Meng Wu Ya’s actions from back then, domineering and rampant, but the feeling it gave was somewhat strange.

Xia Ning Cheng answered, “Yes, the master did make me ago. Oh right, I also found some Yang Flame Stone inside, and made some Medicine Pills for you,” Then Xia Ning Cheng reached out with a bottle in her hand, “You need this for your cultivation, don’t you?”

Yang Kai took it from her hand with a smile and said, “Thanks!”

Xia Ning Cheng shook her head lightly and said, “You don’t need to be so polite!”

“Don’t you want to sit and chat with me?”

“No, I just wanted to check on you,” Xia Ning Cheng hurriedly waved. She was quite a shy girl and didn’t dare to stay at his cabin alone, “I am going, you should have a good rest.”

“Alright,” Yang Kai did not detain her, “You too. I am quite tired at the moment.”

Xia Ning Cheng smiled. She was satisfied with his response.

After arriving at the door, she turned around as if she wanted to ask something, but after hesitating, she couldn’t summon the courage and finally left.

Then, she suddenly remembered the matter of Nine Yin Mountain Valley.

The sentiments they shared had reached quite a deep level. Xia Ning Cheng frequently dreamt about the confused kiss they shared in the dead of night. That scene would make her heart jump with joy. She would feel restless for a long time, tossing and turning on her bed, and it would be hard for her to settle down afterwards.

The kiss they shared had left a mark in her heart, and the form of Yang Kai bathed in blood made an irreplaceable picture. Her heart was flooded with an indescribable soft feeling, making it even harder for her face Yang Kai, but she couldn’t share her feelings.

When Xia Ning Chen disappeared, his gaze moved to the bottle in his hand. He felt gratitude for the concern his friends showed.

A night passed silently afterwards. He didn’t do anything else but sleep quietly and calmly.

The next day, he travelled to the Black Wind Trade City to purchase some Three Leaves Chaos Spirit Flowers and Dead Jedi Tree Grass. The last time he came, he wanted to buy them but the appearance of Heaven’s Cave Inheritance disrupted his plans.

In the wake of the incident with Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, the Black Wind Trade City became quite lively. The various disciples of the three sects were discussing their fortuitous encounters in the cave, the nine formidable Monster Beasts and of course, the endless steps.

The people who were unable to enter the cave listened with great interest.

Su Yan was not guarding the Black Wind Trade City. At present, it was not safe for her to leave the High Heaven Pavilion. Everyone from the three sects was staring at her. They wanted to know if she had obtained the genuine inheritance.

Yang Kai purchased the herbs and tools he needed and left the Black Wind Trade City.

Returning to High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai arrived by the Coiling Dragon Stream.

On his ordinary days, he used to meditate in that place. His three Sun Fruit trees were still fluttering in the breeze. Perhaps after a few years, they would bear flowers again, but it was too far away to consider.

Yang Kai rubbed his hands together. He wanted to attempt something before, but he was too weak then. Now that he is at the Qi Transformation Stage he can finally do it.

He found a small boulder and tied a rope around it, then with the help of the rope, Yang Kai moved down the cliff face above the Coiling Dragon Stream.

He didn’t know what rare treasure was hidden inside it causing an abundance of Yang Qi near the cliff, giving Yang Kai the chance to practice his cultivation. Regardless of where the treasure was located, there would undoubtedly be more Yang Qi inside.

Yang Kai’s appetite was not big. He didn’t want to penetrate the Coiling Dragon Stream to find the treasure. After all, the eleventh elder had urged him many times that he should not rashly destroy the stream because it also hid quite a big danger within.

The mystical Eleventh Elder was at least an Immortal Ascension Boundary Expert. If he can feel that it’s dangerous, then it would be beyond dangerous for Yang Kai. It would simply be suicide.

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