Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Speciality of the Qi Transformation Stage

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After speaking, the Old Demon hesitated for a moment and resumed, “Young master, the thing is, the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng is only useful for a single pair, and there are two female babes young master is in contact with, so when the time comes it might be a little difficult, having to make a choice between them.”

“Two?” Yang Kai asked out of confusion. He thought that the Old Demon had slipped up, but he thought about it and understood.

Perhaps the Old Demon was thinking about the Hu sisters. After all, they were chatting quite a lot of the endless steps.

After prohibiting the Old Demon’s freedom, he could no longer observe Yang Kai’s surroundings. Naturally, this meant that he was unaware of the incident in the main hall at the top of the steps.

Yang Kai didn’t want to explain too much, so he just ordered, “In the future when I am alone with any female, you are not to use your divine sense.”

He feared the awkwardness that would emerge if the Old Demon witnesses him and Su Yan being together.

The Old Demon felt like Yang Kai was being unjust. He decided to protest, “The young master can rest easy. Though this old servant is evil, I would never do the likes of peeping on someone.”

“Regardless, it will be good if you do well to remember it.”

“This old servant will bear it in mind.”

After a short moment of silence, the Old Demon suggested, “Young master, if you don’t mind, this old servant wants to go inside this deep ravine to explore.”

“Is there something that interests you hiding below?” Yang Kai asked with curiosity. After all, the mystery that hid in the Coiling Dragon Stream made him burn with the desire to know, but once again, his strength was too low so he didn’t have any viable means to explore it.

“The old servant is not clear on what is hiding below, but I can feel a type of positive Qi. This type of Qi is a difficult adversary for this old servant’s Immortal Soul. In addition, there is also a very dense Demon Qi. These two Qis generally oppose each other, so I am a little confused as to why they would seem to coexist here. To be honest, young master, I want to strengthen my Immortal Soul by taking advantage of the Demon Qi below. It can also increase the possibility of giving the young master a helping hand in the future.”

Yang Kai was lost in thought.

Yang Kai verified the Old Demon’s claim in the dense Demon Qi. In the history of the Stream, it is said that an immensely evil devil was killed in the depths below. This made the area a natural spawn for Demon Qi.

The Old Demon wanted to restore his Immortal Soul with the aid of that Qi. Yang Kai was hesitant. After all, he was not sure if he would lose control of the Old Demon should he restore his strength. He might shoot himself in the foot.

As he pondered further, he decided that there was little need for him to be so worried. The Old Demon’s divine sense had already fused with his, so deciding his life and death was nothing but an immediate consequential action he could take should the Old Demon betray him.

The Old Demon waited anxiously, watching Yang Kai. Yang Kai then gave a nod and approved, “Alright, you can go.”

He poured some of his Yuan Qi into the Soul Breaker Awl, as this secret treasure acted as a storage for Yuan Qi. Yang Kai then passed it to Old Demon.

“Many thanks, young master!” The Old Demon said gratefully. Binding the Soul Breaking Awl, he transformed into a black fog and flew deep into the Coiling Dragon Stream.

After the Old Demon left, Yang Kai took out a small purse from his chest pocket.

This purse was given to him by Lan Chudie, which contained two seeds of Pure Heart Fruit.

Yang Kai thought about the conversation at that time.

If this senior sister wasn’t so good at deceiving others, she would surely be more likable.

The first time he met her in the Black Wind Trade City, he got hold of these seeds but was deceived about the cost though it didn’t matter at the time. When he met her again in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, it could have been fate.

They explored together, fought together. They were not only on the same side, but they also braved hardships together. It was hard to forget about her.

If not for her disappointing chain of choices, Yang Kai would never have disliked her the way he does. Though she sneaked up on Nie Yong at the end to show goodwill, she also showed that she can be ruthless.

She always sided with those she could profit from. When Nie Yong was looking for trouble with Yang Kai, she never stopped him because Nie Yong had more use than Yang Kai.

If Lan Chudie had reproved Nie Yong severely in the status of a senior sister, he would never have dared to be so dissolute. But she did not, and only Du Yishuang had stood with Yang Kai; an ally that was useless against against Nie Yong. Being abandoned like a worn out slipper, and even being attacked from the shadows would never leave a good feeling.

Yang Kai would never accuse her of anything. Everyone had the right to make their own decisions for their own lives, and others had no right to interfere. Perhaps, in reality, she was indifferent to people she thought were poor and weak, and had a liking for the rich and powerful. If she liked playing up for the powerful, then that’d be entirely her choice.

Yang Kai thought it was best if he didn’t become too close with her, otherwise, he might pay for it sooner or later.

He took out the seeds and tossed the purse into Coiling Dragon Stream.

[Where should I plant these two seeds?] Yang Kai carefully looked around his rocky abode. He couldn’t plant the seeds in here, there was no suitable soil.

Then, Yang Kai suddenly had an idea.

On the side of his cave, there was a large number of Ancient Pine trees, which means there must be soft soil at their roots. If a pine tree could take root here, the Pure Heartseed should as well. Since it is a spirit grass, it had a much stronger vitality.

Moreover, what Spirit Grasses absorbed was World Qi for growth, so they wouldn’t need to contest with the Ancient Pine trees for nutrition.

Yang Kai dropped one drop of Yang liquid on the Pure Heart seeds, but to his surprise, there was no reaction. Only after the second drop did the seed reach its absorption limit.

This was definitely the seed of an Earth Grade high grade spirit grass. He wondered where Lan Chudie obtained these seeds from. Seems like buying it at the price of 1200 silver coins was not a waste after all.

After planting both seeds, Yang Kai sat cross-legged at the entrance of his Cave once again. He closed both eyes and started to revolve the True Yang Secret Art. He cultivated slowly for the first time ever since entering the Qi Transformation Stage.

Without any indication, Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi suddenly began to rebel. Due to the sudden increase in the pressure, his clothes and hair started to dance. He turned pale as a ghost.

With the rebellion of Yuan Qi, Yang Kai’s heart was also filled with rebellious energy. This is a type of energy which he wanted to expend crazily, he wanted to fight someone until he bleeds or draws blood.

In the past, he felt like this only when the indomitable will appeared during fights, but this time, it appeared while practicing his True Yang Secret Art.

This is not because of Yang Kai, or because of the True Yang Secret Art.

It was because of his position in the Qi Transformation Stage!

Just like when Su Yan had mentioned to Yang Kai that the Qi Transformation Stage is a very special boundary for any martial artist.

Martial artists start from Tempered Body, and when they able to use Yuan Qi, they enter the Initial Element Stage. Next, when they break through the Initial Element Stage, they enter the Qi Transformation Stage. By this time, the Yuan Qi accumulated inside the martial artist’s body should already be significantly vast to a degree that many martial artists cannot control completely.

Since they are unable to control it, they are typically met with Yuan Qi rebellion. Usually, martial artists wouldn’t be affected when they are in an ideal condition, or when they aren’t using a large amount of Yuan Qi. However, revolving their respective cultivation techniques would cause the Yuan Qi to behave similarly to what Yang Kai is experiencing now.

It is actually a normal and expected phenomenon.

Because of this phenomenon, the Qi Transformation Stage martial artists tend to have two goals.

First was to continue to accumulate their Yuan Qi, promoting their boundaries and strength; this goal never changed from the norm.

The second goal required the martial artists to control the strength obtained from their promotion, while still accumulating Yuan Qi.

Generally, a martial artist who has just entered the Qi Transformation Stage is unable to control his Yuan Qi completely. When he reaches level seven or eight in the Qi Transformation Stage, he will then be able to exert more control. It was same for Lan Chudie; when she revolved her Yuan Qi, no rebellion in the Qi was produced.

Du Yishuang and Nie Yong were unable to control their Yuan Qi. Although Du Yishuang was level six in the Qi Transformation Stage, her Qi would rebel during battles and produce an unquenchable thirst for blood.

Martial artists in the Qi Transformation Stage are usually hot-tempered and touchy, meaning a higher chance of conflicts arising with others. If two of them are in the Qi Transformation Stage, both of them would likely fight until one or the other is incapacitated or dead.

This boundary had the highest mortality rate.

In this situation, most of the martial artists of the Qi Transformation Stage would try to calm and steady their dispositions as much as possible. They may also take medicinal pills, or even wear secret treasures to calm their nerves and suppress their impulsiveness.

In this stage, the martial artists who cultivate ice type techniques or martial skills generally have superiority over the others. This type of cultivation technique requires the martial artist to have a calm and steady, sometimes even cold personality at its very base, therefore making it easier for them to overcome this hurdle.

Yang Kai figured that when Su Yan was at this stage, she wasn’t as bothered with such issues.

Her heart and mind were already frozen, so how could her Yuan Qi go wild?

The martial artists who are in Qi Transformation Stage promote their Yuan Qi through battle. When they succeed, they are able to control their strength. This stage can affect the natural disposition of a person. Should the said person wins in battle, he will feel satisfaction and a commensurate rise in strength. The loser will likely be doomed to feel depressed and adopt a negative mentality.

The majority of martial artists lose their path in this stage. They become lost in power and enjoy battle and murder, straying from their preset paths.

After the Qi Transformation Stage, martial artists become calm once again. The next stage is called the Separation and Reunion Boundary.

That boundary is quite far for Yang Kai at the moment.

At this moment, after revolving his True Yang Secret Art, Yang Kai felt the strength he obtained in the Qi Transforming Stage, but the Yuan Qi rebellion seemed to not affect him at all.

An ice-cold sensation transmitted from his chest. This effect was due to the pendant gifted to him by Su Yan. This pendant contained Ice Jade Marrow, but he was largely unaffected not because of the Marrow, but because of the golden skeleton inside of him and the Indomitable Will martial arts he had practiced.

After taking his time to become accustomed to this new boundary, he was able to smoothly control his Yuan Qi without any discomfort or difficulty.

The thing that happened in Qi Transformation Stage had exactly the same effects as his martial skill, Indomitable Will, but the feeling was different.

Most people have a difficult time overcoming the hurdle of controlling their Yuan Qi and the new strength they had obtained, but Yang Kai was different; his Yuan Qi settled very quickly after the initial signs of rebellion and was already under control.

Yang Kai thought about it and concluded that it was the Golden Skeleton pulling strings from inside his body. When he uses the Indomitable Will, he may look bloodthirsty but his inner emotions are mostly calm. He never lost his reasoning and was always perfectly aware of what was happening.

This was a major bonus. Of the two things that Qi Transformation Stage martial artists needed time to experience, experiment and control, Yang Kai had already conquered the most important one. The other only required him to accumulate strength over time.

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