Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 162

Chapter 162, The Backlash of the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art

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Yang Kai fished out the Incense Burner, lighting it so that it would emit an exotic fragrance to help him begin. Sitting cross-legged at the cave entrance, he began to cultivate the True Yang Secret Art. Even if he could easily obtain Yang Liquid from Yang filled objects like a Spirit Fruit or a Yang Stone, he would still cultivate the True Yang Secret Art. By using the exotic fragrance to suppress the speed of his Yuan Qi revolution, he forces his body to adapt to the resistance. Over time, his Yuan Qi will be more capable of revolving faster, which will come in handy during battles, increasing his overall battle strength. It was his plan to suppress his Yuan Qi revolution to train it, only to display its true might in critical situations.

Yang Kai continued to cultivate for two days without moving, aside from when he needed to refill the Incense Burner with the relevant herbs. Although he knew that there would be little improvement to his Yuan Qi flow for this torture, Yang Kai gladly endured anyway and continued to revolve the True Yang Secret Art.

While he revolved without the intention of thinking of her, he would recall Su Yan. The bond they had inside the main hall of the palace within the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance played out in his mind. He could clearly remember her soft, silky tender skin as they slid around on top of each other.

[Why do I continue to recall those moments? Why can’t I stop these memories from resurfacing?] Yang Kai was puzzled as he could not control his own thoughts. He was highly confident with his own willpower to control himself but right now, he could only stop himself from indulging in debauchery.

After two days and nights, Yang Kai, still sitting in meditation suddenly opened his eyes as he carefully listened to his surroundings; a strange look gleamed across his face. He heard a sound coming from nearby, one that is similar to that of a fight, ending off with a scream from shock. Although the scream sounded familiar, it was not clear enough for Yang Kai to recognize. Thus, he hesitated to move. He could hear the sound of pebbles falling, causing his complexion to turn cold as he became vigilant. The pebbles were an obvious indication that someone was moving about above the Cave Mansion.

[I’ve only completed this Cave Mansion two days ago! How can someone already discover it? Who discovered me? The Mansion?!]

As the sound continued to grow louder, Yang Kai’s vigilance slowly turned into that of joy. Without the need of speech, Yang Kai could tell who that person was. It was none other than Su Yan. As she came closer, the Yuan Qi and blood within his body began to stir up, revolving vigorously.

Maybe it was the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art that made him feel this way. After their Yuan Qi fused together, they could detect one another when nearby.

[Didn’t she say that we would meet only once a month? It’s only been ten days and she is already looking for me.] Yang Kai beamed with joy. He passed a message to the Old Demon in his mind, telling him not to return so soon as he gazed at the entrance of the cave with much anticipation.

In a short moment, a graceful pure white form flew in. Before she could land, Yang Kai quickly ran to hug her. Su Yan’s body was warm. Her breasts pasted to Yang Kai’s chest, her fierce palpitating heartbeat beating through to his heart. Under the dim moonlight, Yang Kai could see her beautiful blushing face. With the bun on her head, she looked even more mature, as Yang Kai’s eyes rippled with love as he stared at her in all her glory.

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Yang Kai tried to lower his head for a kiss but was quickly interrupted by Su Yan. “Wait!” Su Yan gently pushed Yang Kai away as she strongly suppressed her desire to seek warmth in her lover in front of her.

“Why?” Yang Kai asked with patience.

“I’m not the only person here…” Su Yan awkwardly stared at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s gaze traveled down Su Yan’s arm. She was carrying someone. He did not even notice before. He could tell that the person was unconscious due to the lack of movement and without Su Yan’s prompting, Yang Kai probably would have never noticed.

“What happened?” Yang Kai could not help but ask as he was so shocked that his brain seemed to stop functioning for a moment. [Why would this come here? Su Yan only visited this place for me.]

“Do you know her?” Su Yan nipped on her red lips. Her face displayed a strange look, mixed with awkwardness and guilt.

“Let me take a look.” Yang Kai stretched his hand out to grab the person, hugging her in his arms.

“Be careful. That person is a girl!” Su Yan reminded Yang Kai, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Yang Kai’s face immediately turned red as Su Yan spoke. When he hugged the body, he brushed the girl’s chest. He didn’t realize initially that he was holding onto a female.

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(theunfettedsalmon: to explain if this is confusing, the words ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ have the same exact pronunciation in mandarin/chinese)

“Don’t touch the places you shouldn’t touch!” Su Yan stared at the boy with anger in her eyes.

(Icicle: Jealousy is a good sign…)

Yang Kai awkwardly and nervously held out the unknown girl in his embrace. When he took a look at her face, Yang Kai felt as though he was struck by lightning. Yang Kai gawked at her for a long time before being able to speak. “Young Female Apprentice?” He had never expected that the one Su Yan took down was Xia Ning Chang. He also noticed how her back seemed to be familiar.

At this moment, Xia Ning Chang’s eyes were shut. With her face still covered in a thin veil layer, she gently respired. Watching her relaxed expression, Yang Kai knew that she was not injured; simply knocked out.

“What actually happened?” Yang Kai could not piece together anything; the whole thing was a mess. He could accept the fact that Su Yan came over to look for him, but never would he have thought that she’d arrive carrying an unconscious Xia Ning Chang. Suddenly, his mind jolted as he recalled the sounds of combat earlier on. Terrified, Yang Kai stared at Su Yan questioning, “Did you knock her unconscious?”

Su Yan looked away and lowered her head slightly to nod, “I did not injure her. She has been around here for the past few days, waiting. I actually wanted to come here to talk to you, so… I only knocked her out…”

(Skoll: “There was a girl hanging around your front door, so I knocked her out, and brought her to your place.” If Su Yan was a guy, that’d be a lot worse lmfao.)

Yang Kai slapped his forehead with his palm, completely robbed of speech. Although Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang are both at the True Element Boundary, Su Yan was a level higher than Xia Ning Chang. If they were to fight, Xia Ning Chang would not be her match. What’s more, Su Yan could knock her out more easily if she did a sneak attack.

Although this was a slightly terrifying matter, it was fortunate that Xia Ning Chang did not have an ill temperament. She would forgive them as long as they explained the whole situation, preventing Meng Wuya from knowing and coming for vengeance. Just the thought of Meng Wuya seeking his blood made Yang Kai drip with sweat.

(Icicle: Good luck telling her that Su Yan beat her to the ‘punch’)

Su Yan looks at Yang Kai and asked, “She seems to care a lot about you. Did you know?”

“Mhm.” Yang Kai did not try to deny. Holding Xia Ning Chang in his arms, he walked deeper into the cave and placed her on his stone bed. Her sleeping so soundly was a relaxing sight. It was really a blessing that she was not injured, or else they might have to face Meng Wuya’s wrath.

Su Yan silently and calmly looked at her lover.

“It’s already quite late. Do you have any matter that needs my attention?” Yang Kai hugged her in his arms and sat at the side of the stone bed. Su Yan turned her body towards Yang Kai and pursed her lips for a while before answering, “Yes.”

“Were you thinking of me?” Yang Kai could not help but grin.

Su Yan gently nods, causing Yang Kai to make a move. However, she suddenly stuck her hand out to block his mouth and in a stern tone, she recounted, “It’s strange! Normally, whenever I cultivate the Ice Heart Secret Art, my heart turns cold to everything. Nothing in this world is supposed to entangle my heart. But now, whenever I start cultivating, I cannot help but start thinking about you. If I try to suppress it, it would only worsen it!”

“I can’t help thinking about you too!” As the tension grew, Su Yan’s body turned limp as she was no longer capable for revolting against Yang Kai’s advances.

“Let’s just talk about this later…” Yang Kai could not help himself and fell back onto the bed with Su Yan. His hands started to move about dissolutely and gradually, their gasps of breath became heavier. As Yang Kai’s hands continued to explore, the clothes on their body wrinkled, folded and shifted to finally be removed. Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he saw her skin under the moonlight. Her spotless, smooth silky skin, two round and shapely twin peaks emitting a seductive lustre made his eyes glue onto her. As her gentle and fragrant breath followed into his nostril, her beautiful face and trembling eyelids made her even more captivating, as though she was a dream that Yang Kai would never wish to wake up from. Even Su Yan, who seemed to be extremely nervous, was filled with anticipation. This was the goddess that all the disciples of the three sects dreamt of. She was currently underneath Yang Kai, being sampled and tasted by him. Even her face had a kind of attractive glimmer, displaying a completely different demeanour than what she would usually have.

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As Yang Kai kissed every inch of Su Yan’s tender skin, her whole body slightly trembled as her hips started to subconsciously move. Her enticing breath got heavier as Yang Kai’s Dantian welled up with heat. After a long time of caressing her skin, Yang Kai could no longer control himself.

Su Yan could finally feel her body being filled. At first, Su Yan felt a little uncomfortable but very quickly; she was engulfed with the pleasant sensation. Trying to control her voice, she placed her hand over her mouth but even then, some of her moans escaped. The cave was soon filled with their soft voices and fragrance.

After the storm, they both snuggled together, too embarrassed to speak.

(Silavin: literally, the author referred it to as a storm XD)

It was not that they were embarrassed to talk to each other. They were embarrassed by their long indulgence, forgetting that Xia Ning Chang was just lying beside them until they were about to end. All that time, she was only an arm length’s away! It was only fortunate that she was unconscious, allowing both lovers to rejoice but with lingering fear.

(Silavin: LOL. Just how in it were you two? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ))

Su Yan and Yang Kai did not know why but while they were cultivating, all their attention was focused each other. Their minds did not even concern themselves with Xia Ning Chang. Hugging his beautiful beloved to his chest, Yang Kai spoke, “Su Yan, I think that this problem is only between the both of us…”

“Mhm…” Su Yan nodded slightly, her hair tickling Yang Kai’s chest.

“I believe this is due to the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art. Whenever we try to cultivate, we cannot help but think of each other. Since you have been cultivating, your mind must be filled with thoughts of me!”

(Silavin: Lovely 😀)

Su Yan gently hit Yang Kai’s chest as though blaming him for speaking out so casually.

“I have not been cultivating so much… so my urges are not as strong as yours.” Yang Kai spoke truth. So far, he has been cultivating using the exotic fragrance from the incense. Since the fragrance suppressed his cultivation, the urge from the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art is not as overwhelming on him as it is on Su Yan.

“Evidently, we are doomed to be bound together,” Yang Kai gave a happy smile.

“We cannot leave it like this!” Su Yan spoke out firmly. “As long as we are in close proximity of each other, we can’t help thinking of each other.”

“Well, what do you suggest?”

“We need to suppress it. Entirely. We cannot let the Yin Yang Joyous Unification Art take control of us. We need to be the ones in control of it, not the other way around!” Su Yan spoke with utter determination in her voice. She turned to gently look at Yang Kai, “I know that my decision is cruel to you. My cultivation allows me to suppress my emotions but yours is different. Yang Yuan Qi is simply too vigorous, once you start cultivating it, the urges you will face will be much more intolerable than mine.”

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