Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 165

“Second Elder, shouldn’t we do something? Yang Kai’s refusal is sure to bring him trouble,” The Disciple asked.

“No!” Su Xuan Wu shook his head, “We do not need to do anything. All we need to do is watch how things play out.”

“Yes,” the Disciple was perplexed but did not refute the Elder.

“Wei Xitong, oh Wei Xitong. I wonder how you will break this to the Sect Master.” Filled with confidence, Su Xuan Wu released a white piece on his hand and placed it on the board. When the piece made contact, it seemed as though a small white dragon had ripped through the attacking black in an overwhelming counterattack!

Yang Kai, who cooped up inside the Cave Mansion did not know about the clamour he had caused. Currently, he was calmly sitting crossed-legged at the Cave’s entrance. After one full day, he summoned the Old Demon. In a mere second, Black Qi flew from the Coiling Dragon Stream, vanishing into Yang Kai’s body, away from sight. “Did you discover anything?” Yang Kai asked.

“This Old Servant dares not to go too deep. I merely travelled down 333 meters and absorbed some Demon Qi. Young Master, I did not discover anything but as long as I restore some of my strength, I will search the place thoroughly.” The Old Demon’s voice sounded off.

Yang Kai nodded and squatted down in front of the Yin-Yang Monster Ginseng. He placed his hand on the herb and caressed it, injecting one drop of Yang Liquid into it. “You continue to absorb the Yang Qi from here, but remember that if you see anyone except for those two girls who have been here before, run. You understand me right?”

The Yin-Yang Monster Ginseng’s seemed to express understanding.

“Young Master, are you going somewhere?” the Old Demon could not help but ask.

“Yes. You and me both, we are going to go for a walk…”

“That is only natural,” The Old Demon was not surprised, “Young Master, if you ever meet anyone that you wish to kill, do not hesitate. The Soul Breaker Awl that your Old Servant made has already lost its intelligence. It needs the Immortal Soul of a person to for it to be restored to what it once was. Once the Soul Breaker Awl is fixed, you can use it to dominate this world!”

Yang Kai showed a faint smile, obviously hinting that he was not misled by the delusions spoken by the Old Demon. He was considering whether to leave. Firstly, after having rejected the Elders Council Command, Yang Kai knew that there was going to be trouble. There was also the problem with Su Yan. The Joyous Unification Double Cultivation was keeping her from controlling her own mind. If he continued staying in the High Heaven Pavilion, her desires and emotions will continue to well up, eventually making her lose all self-control again. He thought that if he leaves, he would force her to suppress those urges, allowing her cultivation of Ice Heart Secret Art to regain its effectiveness.

Yang Kai also remembered how pathetic his strength level is compared to Su Yan. Such disparity gave him discomfort remaining in the High Heaven Pavilion; he wished to quickly surpass her and to overcome the Qi Transformation Stage. He couldn’t sit here and meditate; he needed to pass through the trials and tribulations of life and death.

Yang Kai left behind a letter and took the opportunity of the night to escape. Above, on a treetop, a person stood balanced and observed. Due to the darkness, her presence went unnoticed. She did not move nor make any sound, all she did was silently stare at Yang Kai. As the cold night’s wind stroked her face, the thin veil fluttered about, revealing beauty capable of bringing empires and countries down to their knees.

For a long time, she continued to stare until an old voice filled with frustration and love called for her. “It’s getting late. Don’t stay up too late.”

Xia Ning Chang hugged both of her arms, feeling somewhat cold.

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(Icicle: He has already had a taste of Su Yan, who is all he now thinks about)

Yang Kai did not have plans when leaving the High Heaven Pavilion. He simply chose the path he wished to take and ran at full speed. With a trail of flames under his feet, Yang Kai moved at lightning speed away from the Sect. In a night, he managed to travel 100-150 kilometres. Throughout 0his run, Yang Kai was immersed in the surroundings. He could sense the change in Yuan Qi within his legs. Whenever he tried to increase his speed, he could sense Yuan Qi in his legs bottling up, the reason of which he wished to thoroughly understand.

When he was in the Nine Yin Mountain Valley, Yang Kai had vague awareness in his ability to use his Yuan Qi to increase speed. After using this Step Technique in Heaven’s Cave inheritance, Yang Kai knew of its importance and strengths. Unfortunately, he only had a rough and unclear understanding of the Technique. His Yuan Qi would fluctuate whenever he used it, causing his speed to stutter.

Yang Kai had realised when he fought Long Hui, who used Step Techniques to avoid Yang Kai’s attacks and mocked him whilst in battle that the power of his Martial Skill is important. Similarly, skills that increase his speed to approach the opponent are equally vital. It would improve his combat ability by a significant amount, allowing him to more easily deal with opponents.

With all his Martial Skills right now, Yang Kai was lacking heavily in a Step Technique. Unfortunately at the Qi Transformation Stage, creating his own Step Technique was an impossible task and Yang Kai was well aware of that, but right now he was practising his Yuan Qi manipulation by running. He was trying to find a way to improve his speed. He wished to minimise the consumption of Yuan Qi and increase his speed altogether through a deeper understanding. Although such practice will not result in creating something extremely powerful and was ineffective for others to practice, it was still useful to him.

Powerful Martial Skills are created from strong cultivators’ concentration of understanding and awareness. As he continued to dip himself into his senses, he displayed confusion. His soul seemed to be missing from his body, although his feet continued to work away. He would dash ahead for dozens of kilometres to the east before changing directions to face the south. Time passed quickly and he continued heading west and then north. Overcoming the mountains, every slope caused his speed to fluctuate. Occasionally, he would collide with a tree or run into a puddle, resulting in muck, dirt and mud all over him, his clothes tattered from the damage. Being the unrelenting young hero, Yang Kai paid no heed to his external appearance or injuries. The only thing that would stop him was physical exhaustion, something that never lasted for a long time. While he rested, he would eat heartily. After regaining his energy, he would resume his aimless journey again.

The Old Demon watched him repeat this cycle, shock overtaking his body. With his own experience and knowledge, he was surprised that Yang Kai could concentrate that deeply. A mere Qi Transformation Stage Cultivator to engross himself in such heavy activity as though he was one with the world was nothing short of enigmatic to the Old Demon.

Although the Old Demon admired Yang Kai’s abilities, he still had some doubts. Yang Kai’s strength was still too low, so even if he was able to immerse and sense something, it was impossible for him to obtain or understand anything too profound.

Even the Old Demon himself would prefer Yang Kai to do something else. Instead of running around like a madman, Yang Kai should simply find a place to build up a Flight Secret Treasure. With a Flight Secret Treasure, there was no need to run. He took into account Yang Kai’s personality, so the Old Demon could not find the courage to voice his opinion. After all, with Yang Kai’s disdain towards Evil Techniques, the Old Demon could not possibly propose his refinement method of smelting human bones and sealing deceased souls to build a Flight Secret Treasure.

After more than 10 days, Yang Kai had run a great distance in total. Although he did not make any progress in understanding the profound Step Technique, Yang Kai managed to unintentionally improve his control in Yuan Qi. In the past, whenever his speed increased, Yang Kai’s feet would produce flames but now, the usual trail of fire no longer appeared, allowing the environment to remain unperturbed. Additionally, the minimal Yuan Qi fluctuation could be felt now whenever he used the Step Technique.

Whenever there were traces of Yuan Qi rebellion, it will gradually calm, seemingly returning back to the stage before Yang Kai got promoted.

More days continued to pass without much incident. Yang Kai’s dashing speed began to slow down, comparable to a stroll. When his mind entered a trance again, he suddenly appeared 3 meters away. The odd state continued as Yang Kai’s appearance remained muddled, appearing back at his original position, 3 meters behind. It was as if he had never taken a step forward, continuing to stroll. This bizarre situation occurred once more later on. It was similar to him blinking back and forth.

Over the course of the next few mundane days, Yang Kai continued to immerse himself experimenting. He continued to blink back and forth and finally, he managed to blink 100 meters away. This accomplishment made was good, but it made Yang Kai look ruddy as he panted for breath. Nevertheless, his lips quickly twisted into a smile.

Taking the best opportunity to speak, the Old Demon decided to catch Yang Kai in a good mood and spoke, “Congratulations Yang Master! To be able to create one’s own Step Technique, you have truly displayed your formidable might and knowledge. I cannot help but admire!”

“There’s no need to flatter,” Yang Kai lightly grinned, “I would like to hear your opinion of my Step Technique.”

The Old Demon hesitated as he opened his mouth to speak, “Young Master, would you rather listen to the truth or a lie?”

“Let’s listen to your lie first.”

The Old Demon coughed out and spoke, “This Step Technique is unparalleled in this world. The world has never seen such a wonderful Step Technique. It is so graceful that it makes me ashamed of myself. Such an exquisite step Technique has truly left me speechless.”

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Yang Kai chuckled, “What you said truly sounds like a terrible lie. Alright, now speak the truth.”

The Old Demon sternly exposed, “Young Master, with your current boundary in the Qi Transformation Stage, being able to create a Step Technique has left me in awe. However, this Step Technique is not complete. What you are feeling now is simply the rough sketch of the whole thing. If you fight with a cultivator with the same rank as you, you would certainly not have much of a problem. However, it is hard to use this Step Technique on a cultivator who surpasses you in terms of strength. Furthermore, this Step Technique is only suitable for short distance travel, not long ones. From my observation, you can only use this Step Technique seven times before reaching your limit.”

Yang Kai nodded in acknowledgement. Because of his present cultivation level, he was unable to sense and uncover the more profound abilities of this Step Technique. Having created his own step technique has already left him satisfied. Yang Kai decided to wait for his strength to grow again before practicing any further. He also managed to learn how to hide his Yuan Qi fluctuation. Now, Yang Kai could appear no different from an average person.

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