Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 17

Kai Yang was only given three days of leave, so he had to return before tomorrow morning, otherwise there would be harsh punishment waiting for him.

Kai Yang felt he had plenty of time and was certain that he could return before dark. Afterall, he was only hundred miles away, not a long distance.

In his heart he held great anticipation with regard to the black book’s third page. Thinking about the results it would bring for him made him delighted and put a bounce in his steps.

Halfway through his journey back Kai Yang heard an unexpected, piercing cry not to far from his position. There was the sound of a child screaming/crying mixed in.

When he heard this he paused his footsteps and strained his ears. Soon after, his face changed and Kai Yang swiftly ran towards the direction of the sound.

When he was listening to the sound, he recognised it as the sounds of the father and son pair from the night before. And that child’s crying sound was from the little boy.

Those two probably had encountered some sort of trouble, or why would they make such a ruckus. Last night they had given Kai Yang some of their rations, and even if were for their past kindness, how could he just ignore their trouble?

As he ran towards them, the father’s roaring became increasingly desperate and the boy’s grew softer and softer.

Kai Yang’s face gradually hardened and he started to have a bad feeling.

By the time Kai Yang arrived, the father’s roar could no longer be heard and he only saw a dark cave in a high hill. To the side of the cave in the midsts of some bushes, tangled between some spiderwebs was a silver bow. This bow the same one the little boy had been holding the previous night.

Without thinking, Kai Yang threw this possessions onto the ground, heightened his senses and plunged straight into that dark and sinister cave.

Although the light inside the cave was not bright, it was still enough to see.

When he looked around, Kai Yang was shocked to discover that the cave was covered in webs. On the walls and the ground, they crisscrossed each other and varied in thicknesses. Layer upon layer, the road ahead was blocked by the multitude of webs.

Not only that, the cave was damp. The water dripped down at a steady pace, and when Kai Yang took a step forward, his foot sank into the ground.

Steeling his nerves, Kai Yang walked to the sound of deep breathing. Only he saw a large human sized cocoon spun from a spider’s thread in a chrysalis-like state. At the top, it revealed a human face, that face belonged to the burly man from the night before.

Worriedly, Kai Yang dashed over to the trapped hunter, his worry eased upon discovering that he was only unconscious.

Hearing Kai Yang calling to him, the hunter groggily awoke and called feebly: “Save the child! My son was dragged further inside. I beg of you, please save my child!”

“Got dragged inside?” This shocked Kai Yang, as he struggled to free the hunter from the web. Sadly the web was too strong for his current strength, being unable to break it he could only temporarily give up. Diving into the hole, he chased after the little boy.

From behind the hunter warned: “Be careful! That is a Demonic Spider Beast!”

When he heard the words, Demonic Spider Beast, Kai Yang’s heart thumped loudly. These demonic beasts were not like ordinary wild animals; they loved to slaughter. They were true ferocious beasts and Kai Yang was not a match for even the lowest among them with his current strength.

In the Black Wind Mountains, the reason why the first thirty miles were deemed a safe zone, was precisely because there were no ferocious beasts. Unfortunately it seemed, one had appeared. This was seriously outside one’s expectations.

Now that he knew it was a ferocious beast, Kai Yang movements became more and more cautious and soft. Slowly, he groped his way through the tunnel and after about ten feet, he spotted the little boy.

The son was in a similar situation to his father, wrapped up in a cocoon which was suspended in mid air by a larger spider web.

At the side of the little boy, there was an enormously, large flower patterned spider sucking on a straw. The straw was inserted in the little boy’s arm, and you could clearly see the dark red blood streaming out from the straw and into the spider’s mouth.

On the ground of this hillside cave, were various bones of all different types of beasts piled up like mountains. One could only imagine the amount of time the Demonic Spider Beast had spent living here and the number of poor souls, humans and animals alike, that had fallen prey to it.

Kai Yang had no time to spare to think about this spider’s capabilities and form an appropriate plan. Every second he delayed, increased the chances of this little boy ascending straight to heaven. After a moments silence, he suddenly charged forward.

The enormously, large, flower patterned spider did not expect to be disturbed at that moment. Shortly after Kai Yang charged forward, a large amount of force was applied to the side of the Demonic Spider, and a large hole was torn in the web. The flower patterned spider fell alongside Kai Yang. The little boy also fell through the hole and onto the ground.

Being attacked so suddenly caused the flower patterned spider to be furious. It’s eight long, hairy legs stamped the ground, and all of its eyes focused on Kai Yang.

Before he even had to time to get up, he was pinned down by a single single pounce from the flower patterned spider.

Kai Yang snarled, a steel fist flew out and landed squarely on the throat of the spider. This momentarily stunned it, Kai Yang took the opportunity to kick the spider, sending it flying away.

With a single roll, Kai Yang got to his feet and crouched down, his eyes fully focused on the movements of that flower patterned spider.

After that small confrontation, Kai Yang’s furiously beating heart had calmed slightly. For that demonic beast’s rank was not that high, otherwise he would even be able to struggle against it. It’s most likely that it’s only a first realm demonic beast.

However even if it was only a first realm demonic beast, given Kai Yang’s current strength it was still a difficult opponent.

As both sides were sizing up their opponents, the flowered patterned spider started to show signs of impatience, and it wasn’t just him Kai Yang began to exhibit them as well.It seemed that the little boy had lost too much blood, and was showing signs of poisoning. If the current situation could not be resolved quickly, then there would be no time to save him.

Abruptly, the flower patterned spider opened its mouth to spit out a long, gem-silk thread. It spat the thread towards Kai Yang, signalling the start of its attack.

Previously, Kai Yang had learnt about this thread’s durability, so naturally he was wary to not be trapped by it. At once, he rolled to the side and narrowly dodged the attack.

The flower patterned spider didn’t show much reaction to his dodge and continued to spit out other thread pieces. By the time Kai Yang noticed the spider wasn’t aiming at him it was already too late, the entire cave had been covered by in a web of these threads, sealing off his exits and trapping him inside.

“Is it forcing me to fight to the death?” Kai Yang laughed at that thought, any fear he had previously harboured was quickly expelled by the arrogance seeping out from his bones, pumping adrenaline through his body.

With the current situation, if he didn’t kill the spider, he would not be able to leave. Since it had come to that, he could only fight to the bitter end; either you die or I die.

With time ticking, Kai Yang could not afford to delay. Firmly planting both feet on the ground, he sprinted towards the flower patterned spider. Out flew another strand of thread, fortunately Kai Yang was on guard, so how could he not avoid it?

After dodging three of these threads in succession, he had finally closed the distance between them. But before he could throw out a punch, that flower patterned spider raised its front two legs and drove them towards him.

Kai Yang could only lift up his arm to block, the spider’s forelimbs pierced through his arm.

Kai Yang roared out in pain, his blood boiled out. Not only was he not in a fearful panic, instead he had an indescribable feeling of excitement and anticipation in his heart. All of his bones clanking together caused a warm feeling passed through his entire body.

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