Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 175

Yang Kai walked towards the right peninsula region. The more he walked the deeper he went.

A day had already passed after entering this right peninsular, and on the way he discovered many Black Profound Fruit, but Yang Kai didn’t want to help the Red Clouds Sect by completing the task so he has just ignored them.

The three day deadline that the Red Clouds Sect martial artist gave should be the limit the commoners could tolerate before going mad. But Yang Kai was different as he had the assistance of Old Demon, and wasn’t worried about the Demon Qi entering his body.

And Old Demon was in need of this Demon Qi to restore himself, so he didn’t let off even a wisp of Demon Qi which entered his body.

Yang Kai decided to explore this right peninsula first. He wanted to discover the hidden mystery of this place, and then wanted to find a way to leave Red Clouds Island.

The right peninsular was quite big. It contained many mountains which were not very tall, but had very steep inclines and commoners were unable to climb them.

Yang Kai’s destination was these mountains. He believed that he could definitely find some rare treasure in them.

While Yang Kai was walking step by step, a fresh medicinal fragrance suddenly assaulted his senses. Upon inhaling this fragrance he immediately felt refreshed, calm, clear-headed and comfortable.

After carefully searching for the origin of this medicinal fragrance Yang Kai diverged towards the right. After a little while, a flower that was about half his height appeared in front of him.

This flower was pink at the top, and its pistil was blooming, and the fragrance emitted from the flower was pleasant. If one carefully examined this flower, they would see it appeared to have a face of a beautiful woman who was smiling toward them.

Moreover the stem of this flower was also a little strange, it was just like the waist of a woman which was exquisitely carved.

“A Beautiful Woman Pistil!” Yang Kai became excited after seeing it, he hadn’t thought that after only a day, he will be able to find such a good thing. According to the the booklet which the Red Cloud Sect disciple had distributed, this Beautiful Woman Pistil was an High Earth Grade spirit medicine. When used with specific spirit medicines and refined into pills they would give certain benefits when consumed by women. Even if it was unable to turn an ugly woman into a beauty, it could at least make the skin look smoother and fresher.

Yang Kai was naturally impolite, he picked the Beautiful Woman Pistil and put into the medicine basket on his back.

He then continued to thoroughly explore.

Perhaps Yang Kai was the first to step in this region, because he was repeatedly able to find the Beautiful Woman Pistil.

The right side of Red Cloud Island was a treasure trove.

The Red Clouds Sect martial artists did not dare to penetrate because of Demon Qi, and average people didn’t have means to thoroughly search the inner island so everything here was for Yang Kai’s taking.

While searching in the mountains, the medicine basket on Yang Kai’s back was gradually filling with spirit herbs and spirit fruit.

What was even more pitiful for the Sect was that the right peninsula was not small, but nothing was able to hide from Yang Kai’s search. Yang Kai searched at least three to five times in each place while running through the region.

His basket was filled with the spirit herbs and the most inferior spirit herb was also a Low Earth Grade spirit herb, there were also Heaven Grade spirit herbs present. If these things were sold they could easily go for millions of silver.

Moreover this place didn’t have as much danger as Black Wind Mountain, where Monster Beasts constantly roamed about and a weak person would only become food for these Monster Beasts.

Yang Kai wandered about in many places and only encountered two or three wolves.

On the third day, the Red Clouds Sect’s steamship returned. Yang Kai saw this standing on the mountain top. The people who were able able to earn their living only amounted to around 60-70.

The minds of the others must have been swallowed by the demon Qi, making them fall into madness and finally die on this right peninsula.

On the fourth day, Yang Kai was standing at the foot of a mountain. This mountain was almost 3000 feet tall.

This was the last mountain remaining to be explored. Yang Kai had explored almost all of the right peninsula.

Old Demon, who has remained silent for all this time, suddenly said excitedly, “Young master this peak is probably responsible for the Demon Qi in this place!”

“Are you sure?” Yang Kai was also surprised, he also felt that the Demon Qi here was truly denser compared to other places.

“Naturally! The immortal soul of this old servant has been shivering.”

“Are you afraid?” Yang Kai asked doubtfully.

Hearing this Old Demon gives his creepy laugh, “It’s not fear but excitement! Young master. It’s like if you are hungry for long time and delicious food is placed in front of you, what will you do?”

“Eat it of course!”

“Young master this old servant earnestly asks you to give him this opportunity!” Yang Kai even indistinctly heard Old Demon swallowing his saliva.

Yang Kai showed a faint smile and climbed upward on that steep mountain.

Yang Kai was also very curious about the reason that made the right half of Red Clouds Island to be so different.

While climbing upward, Yang Kai also looked around in hope of finding some rare treasure. But even after reaching the top he wasn’t able to find anything. He felt a little disappointed.

After reaching the summit, Yang Kai stood straight and looked all around carefully.

This mountain top was very strange. If examined from a distance this place looked very smooth, like a barren land, but after standing and observing for a while it felt like it was much more than that.

There wasn’t even a bit of grass present and the land was blood-red with a pungent scent hanging in the air.

An evil aura seemed to caress his face!

Yang Kai took a deep breath, and his eyes locked onto a giant rock in the middle of the mountain top.

That rock was a brilliant red color, and on it, the evaporation of blood could be clearly felt. It was like a mist which could infiltrate into anyone.

With some caution he walked slowly towards the rock until he was near enough to touch it, but he still didn’t feel any danger from it.

Looking carefully, he could only see a giant stone which was as smooth as a mirror, which had several drops of bright red liquid which were thick and looked like fresh blood.

“Congealing blood bead!” Old Demon expressed his admiration but his expression didn’t have too big of a change. Obviously he said it very lightly. But Yang Kai knew Old Demon. Although their time together was short but he knew that Old Demon had very high standards; so anything that could make him gasp with admiration was definitely a very good thing.

“Young master, this old servant finally understands.” Old Demon continued, “A young devil died here, that’s why this place has so much Demon Qi.”

“A young devil?”

“In comparison to this old servant he truly is a young devil, but by the standards of the martial artists of this place, he should have been very powerful.” Old Demon said with a self satisfied expression.

“How powerful?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“He must have been at a higher boundary than the Divine Movement boundary!” Old Demon explained in a way that Yang Kai could understand.

Yang Kai rubbed his forehead. He was presently at the Qi Transforming Stage, then there is the Separation and Reunion Boundary, after that there is the True Element Boundary, and then there is the Divine Movement Boundary.

This Young Devil….by grace, this Young Devil had surpassed the Divine Movement Boundary and had reached an even higher boundary so who could have been his rival in this world? He must have been the first Under Heaven powerhouse.

And he unexpectedly died in this place.

“Although the mortal body of this Young Devil perished, but his Demon Qi still remains in this place. And that made this right peninsula so strange, and if this old servant can absorb this Demon Qi, then I should be able to restore some of my immortal soul strength. But it’s a pity that this young devil died for such a long time and has wasted so much Qi. Couldn’t he wait for this Old Man to come and then die?” listening to Old Demon talking about the young devil made Yang Kai jump.

“That Congealing Blood Bead that you recognized, what does it do?” Yang Kai looked at the red liquid in front of him and asked.

“That is the young devil’s flesh and blood essence that congealed, it contains a huge amount of energy. This old servant doesn’t have a mortal body to absorb it. Young master if you absorbed this, it can give a significant promotion to your strength but this old servant doesn’t know if you can withstand it. The energy that it contains can not be absorbed by an average person.”

After hearing this Yang Kai became a little hesitant and uncertain.

To promote his strength significantly was what Yang Kai desired. But can he withstand this Congealing Blood Bead?

After telling Yang Kai about this issue Old Demon said with a smile, “Young master you should become a devil! It’s not such a bad thing, if you don’t like someone just kill, if you liked a beautiful woman, you can snatch her and play with her to your heart’s content, and if you become bored, you can just discard her, you don’t need to worry about too many things. You become free and unrestrained, and what is a human and what is a devil? An average man only knows that there are two divisions of a man, and that is Human and Devil but that is a big mistake. As long as a human is immoral can’t they become devil? Young master you have seen the Red Clouds Sect’s procedure, it’s a heartless and shameless procedure but this Sect, in the common people’s eyes is filled with demons.”

“They are demons!” Old Demon finally concluded.

Yang Kai’s heart was moved but he was still unable to decide.

While Yang Kai was hesitating in his mind, a swift wind sound was transmitted, and Old Demon gave a warning, “Young master, careful!”

Yang Kai displayed his home made movement technique by instinct and moved away from that place.

A bang transmitted from the position where he was standing.

Looking up Yang Kai got a big shock. A huge scarlet python had appeared out of nowhere. It was as thick as his body and was several feet long, and was sitting there while circling its body and its head was turned towards Yang Kai.

Its eyes were bloody and its giant mouth swallowed a spirit bead, its appearance became even more fearsome.

Old Demon cried out strangely, “That big snake has swallowed the Congealing Blood Bead unexpectedly.”

Old Demon doesn’t need to tell him, Yang Kai also saw. So no wonder that stone only contained three drops of Congealing Blood Bead, it was absorbed by this cheap snake.

“Come out!” Yang Kai flung his hand and Old Demon came out with the Soul Breaking Awl and appeared in front of Yang Kai.

Immediately Yang Kai threw both Old Demon and the Soul Breaking Awl towards the big snake.

“Young master…..” Old Demon called out pitifully, completely shocked by this action. He didn’t have a mortal body so what could he do to such a big snake? But at that moment he understood Yang Kai’s action, although he felt wronged but he still admired Yang Kai. That big snake became confused for a split second and Yang Kai appeared in a twinkle in front of it. That he was able to think of such a plan in such a short time was really impressive.

The serpent was smart, the Soul Breaking Awl was inside its stomach (which it was unable to feel) but it was enraged by Yang Kai’s movement. It looked at Yang Kai with a horrifying expression while moving his tongue inside out after swallowing the bead and moved towards him like a thunderclap.

The big jaws opened up, capable of scaring anyone, stank and contained toxin.

Yang Kai held his breath, dodged the snake then moved behind it while directly concentrating his True Yang Yuan Qi on his fist and shouted.

“Burning Sun Three Layer Blast!”

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