Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 177

With his Unyielding Golden Body, the thing that was capable of absorbing a sea of energy, regardless of its type, he was not afraid to in his attempt to build up the medicine. After all, he knew it was not poisonous and it was not going to cause and conflict with his Qi.

After a period of time, he had finally completely built up the medicine; promoting him from Qi Transformation Third Stage to the Fourth Stage.

After arriving on Red cloud Island for two months, to be able to promote a level, this meant that the trip here was no entirely a waste.

Since the immortal soul was absorbed by the Old Demon and the treasure here all grasped by Yang Kai, he estimated that after a period of time, it will no longer be regarded as a restricted area for the Red Cloud Cultivators.

[Time to go!]

Yang Kai scaled back down the mountain and returned back to the seashore.

To leave Red Cloud Island, Yang Kai would need a boat. This issue made his head numb for all the contemplation as he knew building his own ship was an unreasonable task. With the only possibility of obtaining one was to steal from Red Cloud Sect, he had to arduously think of a method to obtain it.

[But, even if I manage to obtain an empty boat, how am I supposed to unanchor and steer get the boat off to sea?]

After pondering for some time, Yang kai suddenly heard the sound of rustling from a distant place. He tiled his head to focus on the sound and could hear someone gasping for breath, mixed with a struggling woman’s cry for mercy.

Yang Kai’s complexion immediately sank as he rushed towards that area.

Yang Kai made it to scene but was hiding behind the bushes to get a good analysis of the situation. [It’s as I had guessed. Red Cloud Sect only sends in normal human being to his island in order to collect that Black Profound Fruit.]

The scene in front of him was just meters away, of a sturdy guy sitting on top of a woman, tearing her clothes off. The man was panting like a cow, laughing hysterically and obscenely as he proceeded. Meanwhile, the woman under him was struggling to get free but all was in vain as she does not have sufficient strength; only leaving her capable of crying for mercy.

[That man has an evil aura!]

Yang Kai flashed behind the man. With his foot placed neatly on that bastard’s back, he kicked. It was so strong, that the man flew. Meanwhile, the woman under the man got free, and hurriedly gathered her clothes. With her body still trembling from the event, she hid behind Yang Kai for protection.

Once the man noticed that the ground had disappeared from under his feet, he wailed out in misery. It was when he finally got back to the ground, that he hurriedly stood up and stared at Yang Kai with an ominous light.

Both of his eyes turned scarlet as his face wrapped itself in hostility. It was obvious, at this point, that his mind was about to be consumed by the Demonic Qi emitting from his body. Even his nostrils were not giving off steam.

“Yes?” Yang Kai gave off a sigh. From the looks of this person’s clothing, it was obvious that he was poor. It was highly likely that he had been thrown in and out of the island numerous times already. With such experiences, it was even more probable that his mind was losing its natural state and turning him into some beast. With all of this taken into consideration, Yang Kai did not wish to kill that man. Instead, the boy merely gave him a kick.

“Brat! Get Lost!” The man said while grimacing. Since he was about to go so far, how would he possibly be willing to care about Yang Kai’s presence and give up?

Yang Kai only returned an uninterested look and very soon, the man standing in front of him charged over like a mad bull. His face, now filled with rage, turned murderous.

“Then, I shall release you from your pain…” Yang Kai stood at the same place. When the man rushing towards him was close enough, he took his hand and pointed it towards the man’s chest. Yang Yuan Qi soon injected itself into the man’s heart; stopping it instantly. Without the slightest bit of pain, the man’s body turned limp as his life force disappeared.

Behind him, was the lady sobbing in mourning. Hearing those weak hiccups, Yang Kai felt uncomfortable as well. He turned around in attempt to comfort. But once he turned around, and his eyes laid focus on her face, his whole mind shivered.

This woman seems as though she was in her 30s. By her white and tender skin, she should be gorgeous. However, right now, there was a horrendous scar tearing through her face. Each mark, about a nail thick, spanned across her entire face. Even the dried up blood around the wound did not seemed to have been completely scrapped off; though even it it was, her beauty could never be restored.

The sight of the woman was terrifying to fathom but even as she covered herself with the ripped clothes, and hid her face, she was crying with a small expression of gratitude.

Knowing her own appearance, even as she felt gratitude to her savior, she retreated. She did not wish to frighten Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s whole body seemed to turned cold as he extends his hand to grasp the woman’s wrist.

“No… Please stop…” The woman tried to struggle.

Yang Kai remained undisturbed and used his other hand to gently lift up her head.

“Please… I beg you to stop…” The woman continued to beg. As her tears continued to fall from her cheeks, she weakly looked at Yang Kai, causing the scar on her face to seem a little more terrifying.

In the meantime, Yang Kai’s eyes did not seem to hold and sense of lust and disgust. Instead, it held slight sadness and hesitation. After lifting her chin up, his shaking hand moved to clear away the black hair blocking his view, to reveal her entire face.

The woman closed her eyes. It was unclear if she was afraid of her own appearance or if Yang Kai’s actions had startled her. Regardless, tears were still continuously streaming down her face.

Yang Kai’s pupils contracted as he took a long and good look at the woman before sounding off. “Madame?”

Hearing him refer to her in such a familiar manner, the woman slowly opened her eyes. Even with tears clouding her pupils, she still looked at Yang Kai carefully with a flash of doubt hovering in her mind. Once she recognized him, her doubt gradually vanished and was replaced with a sense of surprise and joy.

“Madame, is that really you?” Yang Kai is unable to believe that his hunch was right after his eyes first lay on this woman. He thought that he had seen someone familiar. Moments ago, his impulsive and weird actions were simply because he wanted to confirm if his hunch was right.

After the woman heard Yang Kai’s voice, she thought back to the time, two months ago, of the beggar who was covered in dirt. Trembling, she spoke, “Little Beggar, is that you?”

Yang Kai took a deep breath. After he heard those two words from her, he knew that his hunch was right. [I would have never thought I would find the Madame of the Jiang Family here!]

There were only three people that referred to him as a Little Beggar. The first was Cui Er, the second was the Jiang Family’s Young Lady and the third was the Madame of the Jiang Family.

(Silavin: Truth be told, the author is trying really hard to meet the word count in this chapter. Tons of redundancies, and little movement in the plot.)

“Why are you here? What happened to you face? Yang Kai asked filled with doubts. [Cui Er and the two women from the Jiang Family should currently be in Sea City, under the protection of the Miao Family. So why is the Madame here? On the day we moved onto our different paths, Miao Hua Cheng had personally come to welcome them. After all, the Young Lady had an engagement to the Miao Family. As such, the Madame should be living her life, safe within the Miao Family. Just how did matters go so out of hand that she landed here?]

“Young Hero…” After recognizing Yang Kai, the Little Begger who had previously rescued her, the Madame suddenly kneeled down onto the ground. *Bang* With her head stuck to the ground, she cried out in grief, “Please, I beg of you, held my uphold justice for my Jiang Family!”

Yang Kai quickly tried to help her up. When he got a glimpse of her face again, she had blood flowing from her forehead – evident that she was extremely desperate.

“This is not a place for us to speak. Come, we must leave here first.” Yang Kai held her in the arm and supported her to hurriedly walk away.

[Why did her appearance change so much? Why would she be caught and be sent to the Red Cloud Sect? Where are Cui Er and the Young Lady? What happened to the Miao Family?] Yang Kai’s mind was flooded with questions.

Although they were not close to him, they had at the very least, lived with him for serval days. Furthermore, it was fun to talk to Cui Er. He could not forget her kindness in bringing him snack to share, and her smart-aleck charming personality. Likewise, for her good heart and kind nature.

After a long time of walking, Yang Kai led the Madame to the hill top – which was considered to be the deeper parts of the Red Cloud Island, somewhere no normal human should be able to reach.

The people found a place to sit down. The woman, suddenly thought of the miracle of meeting Yang Kai, broke down in excitement.

Yang Kai did not comfort her. Instead, he allowed her to carry on crying. After all, there was no rush. He had many questions to ask and he knew that the Madame had many matters to inform him of.

Only after half an hour, did the Madame’s cries subside. With her hair covering her face, she held her trembling body.

Yang Kai took off his own coat to place it over her.

“Thank you…” Even if she was in a pitiful state, the Madame did not forgo her courtesy.

“Please, tell me. What happened?”

The Madame’s eyes reveal a slight disconnect as she reminisces of the past. With a low and deep voice, she narrates the entire story for Yang Kai.

“Cui Er, Huan Er (The Young Lady) and I all went to the Miao family with Miao Hua Cheng. For the first few days, Miao Hua Cheng treated us as honorable guest to his house. However, when I talked to him about Huan Er’s wedding, he pushed back the date from three months to four months. At first, I did not care too much about it. When I talked to him about a few days later, he was agreed to it but held up some condition. He said that his son’s status was honorable and my family’s Huan Er did not match with him. If she wanted to marry him, she can at most be his concubine! I was furious but did not say anything else.

On the next day, I immediately told Huan Er and Cui Er to pack their things. I wish to leave the Miao Family. We had experience so much hardship to come to Sea City and it is not to have my daughter become someone’s concubine! What’s more, this is a marriage that he and my husband had agreed upon! How could he just go against his words like this?!

But, without waiting for us to leave the Miao Family, Miao Hua Cheng got angry and detained all of us.” The Madame’s face held a frightened look as she spoke. It was evident that this whole situation was a nightmare to her.

Her expression turned even worse, appearing more depressed as she sobbed. “I did not understand why Miao Hua Cheng would do all of this. However, under inquiry of others, I finally got to know the truth. He was the one who pulled the strings behind out backs! The death of my poor husband was due to his bribery of those in the Tong Province. After my husband’s death, he reached out to me, reminding me of the marriage agreement my Huan Er had with his son. How laughable… to think that I was caught unaware and drove my daughter to a tiger’s den…”

“Why did he do something like this? Weren’t you husband and Miao Hua Cheng best friends?” Yang Kai thought that the matters spoken here were more than what meets the eyes. On the day that he had personally seen Miao Hua Cheng, with his sorrowful voice and sadden looks, it was clearly just an act!

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