Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 179

Since the Red Cloud Sect had obtained the one piece of the Tortoise Shell, he needed to take action. It was only fortunate that the other half, the most important one, was in his grasp. Since the Madame had such courage to mark the map on her body, he could not allow her efforts to be in vain. At least, not when it was also her dying wish.

[If everything goes according to plan, the Red Cloud Sect will take action within 1-2 months.] Yang Kai speculated.

Originally, Miao Hua Cheng wished to obtain the completed Tortoise Shell to give it to the Red Cloud Sect for his son. However, there was another aspect to him delivering them this gift; the dangers of an unknown area. Miao Hua Cheng hoped to take advantage of the Red Cloud Sect, to help him explore the area, while at the same time allowing his son to gain status within the Sect; minimising the risk to himself while still receiving benefits. Regardless of Miao Hua Cheng’s plans, Yang Kai wished to go to the island. The unknown secrets the island held were risks worthy for Yang Kai.

[Now, the only issue is getting the opportunity be covert while travelling with the Red Cloud Sect… Since they already have the map in their hands, I would never be able to get a chance to obtain some chances if I were to stick next to them the whole time.]

During the several nights on the ship, Yang Kai frequently went around to chat with some disciples for information. He found out that once the higher-levels of the Sect received the map, they immediately started making preparations to go out to explore.

(Skoll: Major plot hole here, why the heck would the disciples answer the questions of someone who they consider to be far beneath them, especially in regards to what is likely to be a secret operation?)

Unfortunately, ordinary disciples were not well versed regarding this matter. They only got to know hints from overhearing the higher-ups speak. Thus, they were not too clear with the specifics.

While enduring the hardships onboard the ship and trying to think of an opportunity to covertly explore the island on the map, the yelling of the Red Cloud Sect disciples could suddenly be heard in the morning. It was an order for those normal people to gather.

The shock from this strange order caused many of those people to have panicked looks on their faces. Meanwhile, soft murmurs were passed on from the people, “Why are we going back to pick the fruit again? We just came back several days ago… In the past, we would have at least a month before being forced to pick that fruit again.”

“Listen up. This time, you are not going out to pick the fruit that you usually do. Stop talking amongst each other and do not ask any questions. We will tell you when we reach the shore.” A Red Cloud Sect disciple reprimanded the crowd with a stern look on his face.

Once Yang Kai heard of this news, his heart immediately jumped in excitement as he suddenly opened his eyes.

[Good! If I’m not wrong, this is an opportunity!]

Arriving at the seashore as per usual, the first thing that they could see was a huge, not exaggerating to call it oversized, ship of 66.6 meters was docked. This ship had a total of five masts, each hung a huge sail flapping in the wind; and as the stern of the ship was held high with dragon head to show off its might and prestige, it made all around aware of its presence – taking the breaths away from the crowd of people who were inexperienced in being under such a big ship.

(Silavin: BTW, 66 meters for a sailboat is pretty big. Please do not compare it to the 400m cargo ship made by China.)

“My god, this is the Red Cloud Sect’s biggest ship! Where do they want to take us to?” A man who had the ability to judge that ship whispered in a soft voice.

Seeing such a ship, affirmed Yang Kai’s guess.

He had spent countless hours trying to think of a way to infiltrate Red Cloud Sect while they were exploring. However, never had he thought that his efforts would be in vain as they presented the opportunity to him on a platter.

[The Red Cloud Sect most likely is not bringing in so many normal to explore the place and find the treasure. It is extremely likely that what they need is manpower to operate the ship. Such a humongous ship will definitely need an unnerving amount of manpower to operate smoothly…] after Yang Kai thought of this point, he appeared to have calmed down. [Since this is a Red Cloud Sect Ship that is going to head out to explore an unknown area, there will definitely be a high level martial artist, no less than the level of True Element Boundary! He might even reach Immortal Ascension!]

Yang Kai could hide in front of a True Element Boundary martial artist but if an Immortal Ascension cultivator were to show up, he could easily uncover his cultivation level with Spiritual Sense. Thus, Yang Kai knew that he must be careful, not showing the slightest bit of his skill or else, he would end up a lifeless ragdoll.

After waiting for a long time, a group of Red Cloud Sect members came out, and leading the group to walk in a straight line were two oldies. The old birds, a man and a woman, were merrily chatting while they led. Their heads were both ravaged by silver hair but in contrast to their dignified spark that came from their eyes, they were lively and full of vigor. Without a doubt, these two could be easily considered as two of the top cultivators in the Red Cloud Sect.

Following behind them were a batch of Red Cloud Sect disciples, of either gender; about 50 heads in count. They held a presence that indicated they were the Elite Disciples within the Sect.

A middle-aged man from the large ship came out hastily, to pay his respects to the two elders. “Greetings Masters.”

The Red Cloud Sect disciples on the ship also followed suit.

Both the old man and old woman responded with a faint smile as they jumped gracefully and floated into the ship and asked, “Has everything been prepared?”

The middle-aged man respectfully responded, “Everything is ready. All I need is your orders, Master, before we can set sail!”

*En!* The old man nodded and beckoned with one hand while speaking, “You will continue to do the arrangement. Master Lan and I will be in the cabins, focused on cultivating. If there are no urgent matters that you need us to attend to, do not call for us.”


When the two Immortal Ascension Cultivators entered their cabin, Yang Kai could not help but feel relieved.

[Being tasked to do all the arrangements for this, that middle-aged man must not have a low status within the Sect…]

After issuing orders for half an hour, the ship finally began to move. When it was slowly starting to move, Yang Kai was at the deck, working in disguise as he tried to remember the direction that the ship had been heading towards.

This ginormous ship was capable of running through the waters, and within just a mere 24 hours, it had travelled more than 500 kilometers, entering into the open seas without any land in view.

The sun set and the moon rose in cycles, and soon enough, Yang Kai had been on this ship for the past three days, living as cautiously as possible. In the meantime, he would sometimes take the opportunity to chat with the martial artists on board and gained more clarification regarding his situation.

It was now affirmed that this ship was meant to explore that mysterious island on the map. ‘Hidden Island’, was what the Red Cloud Sect members referred to that island whenever they spoke; which reminded Yang Kai of the many interesting stories he had heard from Sea City.

The Hidden Island held a wide variety of rumors since there were mirages of it caught by people’s eyes. Even in Sea City, numerous residents had experienced sightings of the mirage of this island! However, no one knew why it appeared in the form of a mirage, appearing at a remote place, millions of kilometers away from its original location. But, it was widely agreed upon that the Island did exist out at sea except no one had been able to find it.

In Sea City, it was said that no common technique could be used to find the island. The only possible way, was to have a direct guide towards the place. The people who tried to explore the area followed islands to get close to the place but even so, they were only able to get close. Being unable to see it, they could not get ashore. Thus, it was named the Hidden Island!

There were a large number of rumors that indicated the place contained never ending wealth, as well as Martial Skills and Cultivation Techniques that are sure to allow a human to promote by leaps and bounds.

Common men all wished to get into Hidden Island but because they were unable to, many had given up such thoughts. But now, the Red Cloud Sect had finally obtained the opportunity to set foot there! Sparing no resources, they sent out their Elite Disciples and two Immortal Ascension cultivators!

For Red Cloud Sect to use two of their four Immortal Ascension Cultivators had shown their obvious determination to explore and harvest the island.

For the past few days, most of the conversations that Yang Kai would encounter were the Red Cloud Sect disciples’ yearning desires for the island and their imaginations about the opportunities they could encounter there.

Yang Kai also had questions regarding the island and awoke the Old Demon who was closing up. He found out that Hidden Island is most likely not a place like the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance. Instead, it was more likely a place that a Senior Cultivator would use to cultivate. Wishing to avoid any form of disturbance, this Expert made some kind of formation that concealed the island from people’s eyes. In any case, it was extremely likely for the place to exist.

Through conversations he had with the disciples, Yang Kai had remembered all the strengths and names of the strong cultivators within the Sect. The middle-aged person was called Yu Xiu Ping, currently in the True Element Boundary, Ninth Stage, an Elder of the Red Cloud Sect.

Comparing the strength of those top Cultivators of the Red Cloud Sect to High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai noted that their Sect was unable to be place on par to his own. Firstly, no True Element Boundary Cultivator could be considered to be an Elder in High Heaven Pavilion. Secondly, if he were to compare the ages of the Two Masters from the Red Cloud Sect to his Elders from High Heaven Pavilion, it was clear that his Elders were much younger than those old farts; Ding Jia Zi and Huo Xiang Lan. The former was in the fifth stage of Immortal Ascension and the latter was in the Fourth Stage. Both held the positions of Antiquity Elders in the Sect and would typically stay inside the inner areas of the Sect; after all, they already had one foot in the grave. If this was not an important matter to the Sect, they would never have appeared outside of their Sect.

Today, Yang Kai was cleaning the deck in silence and suddenly heard two voices conversing.

“Yan, haven’t you been accompanying Miao Lin?”

Hearing the two words, ‘Miao Lin’ caused Yang Kai’s ears to twitch as he immediately recalled the son of Miao Huang Cheng, the one who had brought the Madame to ruins and brought disaster onto the Jiang Family!

[Could it be, that it’s him?] Yang Kai was now paying close attention to the scene. Not forgetting to continue his disguise, his hands did not stop moving. But, his vision was switching back and forth surreptitiously, to the side of the conversation, sizing up the situation.

On that side of the ship was a beautiful woman that seemed to be in her twenties. She wore a long blue dress and thanks to the magnificent sea breeze, the dress pasted onto her skin, showing her bombshell figure. She had a slender waist and accompanying the two tall and perky peaks, it highlighted her busty figure. She had fair, wheat-like skin, not common with those that live around the seashore. With the color of her skin and those long, slender and jade-like legs, she could steal the hearts of millions. Unfortunately, in the midst of all her beauty, lay an undeniable arrogance that could only be quenched with the best things.

Meanwhile, there was a middle-aged man standing beside her, the elder of the Red Cloud Sect, Yu Xiu Ping!

[So this must be his daughter, Yu Ao An!] Yang Kai now understood the situation very clearly; especially with Yu Ao An. Many of the disciples would discuss about her in secret; just like Su Yan in High Heaven Pavilion, Yu Ao An was woman that was admired by the disciples within the Red Cloud Sect.

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