Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 180

“Oh, you don’t like him?” Yu Xiu Ping teased.

“What do you think?” Yu Ao Qing snapped back.

“Hold your temper. For this matter, we can only rely on him. Although Miao Hua Cheng has given us a map, but he has spent much effort in his research and has not passed any of it on to us. He has passed everything on to Miao Lin so if we want to find the hidden island, he is essential.”, Yu Xiu Ping gently comforted Yu Ao Qing.

Yu Ao Qing bitterly shook her head and grabbed Yu Xiu Ping’s arms, “Dad, it isn’t like you don’t know what kind of person he is. This morning, he wanted to move his hands and feet for me. If you told me again, I would have buried him in the sea.”

(Skoll: The “move his hands and feet for me” could mean taking advantage of someone in a sexually explicit manner by touching and feeling according to the surrounding text. Feel free to correct us in the comments)

(Silavin: Yeah, that guy is obviously out to wet his dick :/)

Yu Xiu Ping quickly felt a chill running down his spine. “He moved his hands and feet for you?”

“Yes!” Yu Ao Qing felt very wronged. Before this matter, she had never heard of this guy Miao Lin. However, because of this matter, she had bitterly fulfilled his requests to ask for this favor. For the always arrogant girl, this was nothing short of torture.

“I’ve wronged you.” Yu Xiu Ping’s face turned unsightly. Yu Ao Qing was his daughter, he naturally treated her as his treasure and hoped she could wed a dragon among men for a lifetime of happiness. Miao Lin didn’t have any background firstly, any qualifications secondly, and strength thirdly. In the past, he couldn’t even carry his daughter’s shoes if given the opportunity. However, for the sake of Miao Lin’s information, he could only sacrifice his daughter.

“Be at ease, once I find the island, dad will personally seek justice for you!” Yu Xiu Ping promised.

“I really hope I arrive early.” Yu Ao Qing ground her teeth in hatred, “Once we arrive, I will bury him in the sea!”

“As long as you’re happy!” Yu Xiu Ping cracked a smile. He didn’t give the slightest hint of concern; it was as if his daughter was talking about disposing of livestock.

Unfortunately Sea City’s Miao Hua Cheng could not have expected the situation to develop in this direction. When he offered up the map, his only intention was to create a brighter future for his son. He wanted the Red Cloud Sect to pay attention to Miao Lin.

The Red Cloud Sect’s upper management had agreed to Miao Hua Cheng’s request, but they wanted Miao Lin to focus on cultivation. However, they didn’t want Miao Lin to not put in any effort, so they came up with the idea of putting everything on Yu Ao Qing.

This was completely a case of playing with fire and getting burned.

In middle of their conversation, Yu Xiu Ping suddenly mentioned, “When that brat comes over here, you …. if you just can’t take it anymore, just avoid him for a bit. You must remember that you can’t throw a tantrum.”

“I know…” Yu Ao Qing’s perky chest heaved up and down as she took a deep breath.

Yu Xiu Ping quickly left. After a moment, a 20-something year-old man came onto the deck. A glimmer of expectation appeared on his face as he surveyed the four directions. When he gazed at the ship’s side and saw Yu Ao Qing’s back, a flash of happiness that he could not hide appeared on his face.

[That was Miao Lin?]

Miao Lin’s appearance was engraved in his heart, but there was no indication on his face.

The lady of the Jiang family did not want to be humiliated, so she would rather commit suicide.

Miao Lin was an exemplary young man. Aside from zome yellow in his complexion, and some swaying in his steps, everything else was above average. If you said he was a martial artist, you might as well call him foppish dandy.

After all, the Miao family in Sea City could be considered to have some strength, this was enough to support him in his revelries.

As he arrived beside Yu Ao Qing, his eyes were filled with obvious care, as he softly and affectionately told her, “Senior Sister Qing, the deck is very windy, be careful of catching a cold.”

Even though Yu Ao Qing was disgusted to death, she squeezed out a stiff smile and replied, “It’s no harm. The water’s breeze is nice and clear. It blows away people’s troubles.”

Yu Ao Qing’s words were very subtle, but it seemed like Miao Lin did not understand at all. With a gentle smile, he warmly spoke. “It appears Senior Sister Qing’s mood is not good. Is it because of some unhappy matter? You might as well tell apprentice brother. I am willing to share your worries with you.”

A trace of hidden anger flickered across Yu Ao Qing’s pretty face, but she still smilingly shook her head.

Yang Kai, who was cleaning on one side of the deck, overheard the pair’s conversation. Hearing the two, who were like a pair of venomous snakes having a spirited conversation, his heart quickly became anxious to bury Miao Lin in the sea as well.

Yu Ao Qing had hinted twice, but he still pretended to not understand. Either that or he didn’t even hear her. However, he had thickened his face to stalk her, so it was far too hard for people to have goodwill towards him.

The two had talked for a long time and just when Miao Lin became spirited, showing off the prestige of the Sea City’s Miao family, a loud “peng” sound suddenly came from the bottom of the ship and shook the whole ship.

The two standing on the side of the boat, Miao Lin and Yu Ao Qing, had an unstable foothold and almost fell into the sea. However, regardless of how you judged them, the two were still martial artists with naturally extraordinary reflexes and agility; easily, they righted their bodies back up.

It was unknown what Miao Lin was thinking. Maybe he wanted to play the role of the hero rescuing the princess, maybe he wanted to get a good bargain; as soon as he caught his balance, he quickly shouted, “Be careful Senior Sister!”.

While he was shouted, his hand quickly snaked around Yu Ao Qing’s waist for a hug.

Yu Ao Qing was a haughty woman who felt nauseated when Miao Lin was just speaking. How could she stand for Miao Lin hugging her body? As soon as she regained her balance, she immediately moved her body away from Miao Lin’s incoming hand.

In this short amount of time, the boat was suddenly disturbed again.

Yu Ao Qing, who was originally in middle of turning her body, suddenly could not find a foothold. She shot away like a thorn, mouth opened wide, and issuing a short exclamation of shock.

Yet the direction she flew in was actually towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was wearing a dirty piece of clothing, holding a stinky and dirty broom while watching the good show. All of a sudden, he was in such a shock that he couldn’t react.

He was standing there to eavesdrop on the two’s conversation for some news; so, how could he have expected that such a dramatic situation to rise up?

Seeing Yu Ao Qing was about to land on his body, in just this critical moment, Yang Kai pretended to slip and fall on his back while also opening a large distance. Almost at the same time he fell, Yu Ao Qing flew over him and heavily fell on the deck. Quite unluckily, the bucket of dirty water beside her spilled all over her head.

The object of many men’s desire and admiration became a drowned chicken in a single instant. All her clothes and hair became wet. As Yu Ao Qing smelled the dirty water that drenched her, she had to quickly suppress the urge to vomit.

Yang Kai was also wailing on the ground, acting out a normal person’s reaction.

If there was a beautiful woman flying over, if you were a normal man, you would naturally stably catch her. You definitely must not let her fall.

However, Yu Ao Qing was not a faithful girl and Miao Lin was not a faithful man. Yang Kai was sure that if he caught Yu Ao Qing just now, he would immediately face the anger of both the man and the woman.

Yu Ao Qing would become angry that her body was touched by a humble servant. Miao Lin would become jealous and filled with killing intent. He knew that it was more than likely he would not be able to see the sun tomorrow.

Hence, avoiding her was the correct choice.

The ship was still shaking. Miao Lin dashed over to Yu Ao Qing’s side, finally finding his chance to get close. He helped her up and worriedly inquired, “Senior Sister, are you ok?”

“Leave!” Yu Ao Qing just couldn’t take it anymore. If this nauseating man didn’t try to touch her, how could she have been thrown around or been doused by the dirty water to the point where her clothes were semi-transparent? She had lost all her face and now her body was emitting a fetid stench.

At this moment, Yu Ao Qing was completely and utterly filled with killing intent.

With her roar, Miao Lin was surprised and retreated two steps.

At this point, from below the cabin came a lot of martial artists. Yu Xiu Ping impressively rushed to the deck to look under the sea. His look quickly changed. “It’s a Monster Beast! All disciples get ready to fight!”

Raising his eyes, he suddenly saw the bedraggled Yu Ao Qing. He called out in a shock. “Qing Er, are you hurt?!”

Yu Ao Qing tightly clenched her teeth, gave Miao Lin a look of extreme resentment, and then slowly shook her head.

“Go back and rest, you don’t need to worry about this situation.” Yu Xiu Ping dully roared.


“Senior Sister, I’ll escort you!” Miao Lin naturally wanted to follow.

“No need!” Yu Ao Qing roared out each word. Her beautiful yet dirty figure quickly disappeared from the deck.

On the boat, the miscellaneous ordinary individuals also rapidly evacuated. The Red Cloud Sect’s martial artists, who simply had no say in their life and death, had an abundance of fierceness and a lack of luck.

The sides of the ship were suddenly bombarded with a torrent of waves. The ship began to shake violently again.

Yang Kai quickly got up and followed the ordinary people to the ship’s cabin.

Everyone gathered together, shivering, muttering, praying that the ship would not sink. If the ship sank, outside of the two traveling masters, everyone else would probably become lost at sea.

Yang Kai carefully listened and then gradually relaxed.

He discovered that the Red Cloud Sect’s two masters were not dispatched. This meant that the incoming Monster Beasts weren’t high leveled and Yu Xiu Ping was enough to deal with them.

However, these Monster Beasts were high in quantity and sounds of impacts came from all sides.

The combat lasted for a solid hour before gradually stopping. The attacking Monster Beasts were either dead or repelled. The surroundings were finally peaceful again.

The Red Cloud Sect’s victory caused even the ordinary people to cheer; it was as if they were also victorious

Yang Kai opened his eyes and only felt a burst of sadness.

Not long later, the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples directed the ordinary people onto the deck to clean up the ship. Once these commoners came up and looked around, they quickly became agitated.

On the deck, there was blood everywhere. There were even strange looking fish that had mouths full of fangs. Luckily, they were thoroughly dead.

There were no casualties among the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples. Only a few of those with weaker cultivations were injured and those were no big deal.

Yang Kai cleaned the the decks with the crowd. The blood, dead Monster Beasts, and sweat combined to produce a very foul smell.

Maybe it was because they had already reached the deep parts of the sea, that after the first attack by the Monster Beasts, the Monster Beasts attacked every few days. As time went on, the Monster Beasts grew stronger and stronger.

In order to cope with these Monster Beasts, many of the disabled ordinary people were mercilessly dropped into the sea as bait to attract their attention.

Yu Xiu Ping’s face grew more and more serious as each day passed. Miao Lin also began to frequent the deck. The two faced a divination turtle shell as they attempted to research their route going forward.

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