Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 181

Feeling impatient, he could no longer treat Miao Lin as calmly as before. Yang Kai often saw him on deck shouting at Miao Lin, closely questioning on all the information that Miao Lin knew. Miao Lin naturally did not dare to conceal anything and pulled out everything he knew as well as the turtle shell.

As the Monster Beasts’ attacks became more frequent and more violent, the Red Cloud Sect’s two masters clashed with the Monster Beasts multiple times. If they didn’t act, the boat would have capsized from the attacks of the Monster Beasts long ago.

Even so, the Red Cloud Sect suffered heavy losses. Of the fifty disciples from the start of the voyage, more than a dozen had died. Less than half of the seventy-some ordinary people remained. The other half were thrown into the sea as bait to distract the Monster Beasts in times of crisis.

On the boat, falling sick was the same as getting abandoned.

Yang Kai could be said to have seen what can be called utterly ruthless actions. However, faced with the ordinary people who did not have the strength to resist and their unceasing cries for help, the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples were throwing people overboard into the mouths Monster Beasts like it was an everyday occurrence, just to buy a very, very small amount of time.

People’s lives here weren’t even worth a mustard seed.

The remaining ordinary people lived their days in fear and constant anxiety.

After another three days, the ship’s crew became more and more scared. The big ship seemed to be going in circles in a region of the sea, and it always failed to find the correct position of the hidden island.

Miao Lin was given several slaps by the angry Yu Xiu Ping and beaten up to the point his entire mouth was full of bloodstains. However, he didn’t dare to have the slightest complaint.

Today, once the night left and the sun rose from east, Yang Kai who was resting underneath the cabin suddenly heard a cry of surprise from the deck: “Hidden Island, Hidden Island!”.

The cry was tinged with joy and excitement, within an environment saturated with desperation, and was quickly heard by everyone.

*Deng Deng Deng.*

All of the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples sprang into action and headed towards the deck. The ordinary people were infected as well. Yang Kai followed the human river towards the deck and lifted his eyes to hear an infectious cheer among the crowd.

Under the recently risen sun, several hundred zhangs in front of the boat, there was a piece of fantastic, illusory scenery suspended in midair.

It is a paradise-like scene with mountains, rivers, and valleys. There were birds flying in groups in the sky. A ‘ding dong’ sound came from the mountains and fell in their ears. As far as the eye could see, this beautiful scenery was exceptionally enchanting, with everywhere revealing an untouched and untamed atmosphere.

It was like no one had set foot on the treasured land for thousands of years. There were many rare flowers, a strong breeze, and thriving lush flowers.

Many animals that the crowd could not name appeared before their eyes in a flash. The rush of animals even brought out a bunch of colorful glints.

Sea City’s Mirage Island!

Yang Kai had been fortunate enough to see this beautiful scene before in Sea City. At the moment he laid his eyes on the scene, he naturally recognised it with a glance.

There were rumours that the scenery in Sea City’s Mirage Island were all preserved scenes that, as a result of some special reasons, were converted more than tens of millions of miles away to let the world see.

But seeing the mirage this time compared to the last was somewhat different because it was too real. It was so real that if you could reach out, it would be real as it appeared in their own eyes.

Yu Xiu Ping became quite agitated. With his hands holding the huge turtle shell, he carefully looked and then suddenly laughed: “I understand, I understand! The city right now is the border of the island. No wonder we couldn’t find the entrance. So it was like this!”

The Red Cloud Sect’s two masters became emotional as well. The old master Ding Jia Zi gravely asked: “Xiu Ping, how is the situation now?

The old woman Huo Xiang Lan also looked over with her gaze.

Yu Xiu Ping didn’t dare to be slow. Putting on an excited face, he reverently said: “Responding to the two Uncle Masters, I think we have found the hidden island’s location.”

“Where?” Huo Xiang Lan’s seemingly turbid eyes flashed.

Yu Xiu Ping pointed at the Sea City Mirage Island in front of them: “Right there!”

After he finished speaking, he quickly handed the turtle shell in his hands to the two masters: “Uncle Masters, please lead the way to the vitality on the island. Only with the help of this island, can we open the door to the hidden island!

Ding Jia Zi and Huo Xiang Lan gave only a glance, as they put the huge turtle shell together, and then started to revolve their vitality to pour ferociously into the turtle shell with no hesitation.

This turtle shell looked ordinary. In reality, on normal days, no matter how the others tested, they could never feel anything exceptional from it. However, the moment Ding Jia Zi and Huo Xiang Lan poured in their vitality, they were surprised to find the turtle shell turning into a bottomless pit that crazily to devoured their true qi.

In just a short time, the two elderly masters started to shake; their complexions became pale.

“Not good!” Ding Jia Zi exclaimed. He hollered at the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples: “What are you standing there for, hurry up and help me!”

Once the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples heard the command, they quickly headed over and poured their own strength into the turtle shell.

With the help of these people, Ding Jia Zi and Huo Xiang Lan’s condition stabilized. In a short while, the bland turtle shell suddenly burst out with a ray of rainbows. The turtle shell seemed to sound out a whisper and the road map engraved above came alive, flowing non-stop.

One after another, the disciples were drained of their entire bodys’ strength. They were exhausted to point where they were forced to continuously withdraw.

Only after more than twenty disciples left, did the turtle shell shoot out a magnificent rainbow.

This sudden occurrence made Ding Jia Zi and Huo Xiang Lan startlingly exclaim at the same time. A group of dense lights from the turtle shell burst out, so they had to retreat.

That turtle shell turned into a streamer, charging straight into the sky.

“Uncle Masters!” Yu Xiu Ping exclaimed. Ding Jia Zi and Huo Xiang Lan found their footing again and despite their pale faces, shook their hands to indicate they were unharmed.

Everyone looked up and saw the turtle shell fly out several hundred zhangs to coincidentally fall on the mirage. A road of rainbow lights shot out, but this magnificent mirage actually slowly collapsed and disintegrated.

With the disappearance of the mirage, it was as if the intangible barrier blocking everyone’s visions had shattered. When the road of rainbow light shot out, this magnificent Sea City Mirage Floor actually slowly collapsed by itself.

“The Hidden island!” Yu Xiu Ping’s voice trembled.

On board the ship, the Red Cloud Sect’s disciples, after a moment of silence, suddenly cheered out. They started shouting to vent the excitement in their hearts. The purpose of their trip was to find the hidden island, but they did not expect things to go so smoothly. Although they had also experienced a lot of crises on the way, but excitement doesn’t come without danger.

Now, the hidden island in the sky in front of their eyes, whose name was world famous, was just around the corner!

The Red Cloud Sect disciples were not only ones who were excited. The ordinary people were excited as well. Which one of them had not heard rumors about the hidden island? Who would have thought they would see it in their lifetimes?

“Set sail! Target, hidden island!” Yu Xiu Ping suppressed the jubilance of the situation and issued a variety of orders in an orderly manner.

However, before the people on the ship even calmed down, uneasy emotions began to rise in everyone’s hearts. The originally calm sea suddenly gave birth to waves and the ship was trapped in a sea of water bubbles. The sea’s surface looked like it was boiling.

“What happened?” Someone asked in a panic.

Ding Jia Zi and Huo Xiang Lan’s dignified look suddenly changed and they exclaimed: “Be careful!”

The sound of their cry was barely heard when the left side of the ship rushed into a wave and tentacle-like things suddenly emerged from the sea. The tentacles were extremely large, up to tens of zhang long, and contained a thunderbolt-like force that directly hit the deck of the ship.

Several of the ordinary people that couldn’t dodge were smashed like clay on the spot.

Accompanied by a loud noise, the deck shattered into pieces that flew in the four directions.

The Red Cloud Sect’s disciples fought back under the protection of the two masters. A variety of martial arts and weapons danced in the sky.

However, no matter the type of attack, the tentacles suffered no damage. Even the two masters didn’t have any methods to harm them.

*Hua ….*

On the other side of the ship, there was a tentacle in the sky that mercilessly smacked down on the stern. The twenty-something zhang long boat’s end rose in the air.

The violent shock meant that everyone lost their balance. Only experts at the True Element stage or above were able to escape into the air. The other warriors and ordinary people who were heading towards their funerals, panickedly fled.

“Remain calm! Everyone remain calm!” Yu Xiu Ping used all of his strength to yell, but just how could he appease the people right now?

*Hua Hua Hua …*

Seven or eight tentacles stretched out from the sea at the same time. They went directly into the ship, dragging the ship into the sea. As the tentacles exerted their gigantic strength, everyone could feel themselves rapidly sinking.

“This is the Island of Monster Beasts!” Ding Jia Zi, seeing this scene, looked aghast. Only part of the power of the Island of Monster Beasts was already beyond his imagination.He simply didn’t have the power to cope with these attacks. He turned to holler at Huo Xiang Lan: “You and I should fight it together to see if there’s a way to make it flee!”

Huo Xiang Lan nodded her head with a serious look on her face. However, before she could begin fighting, she revealed a dumbfounded expression and charged towards Ding Jia Zi exclaiming, “Brother Ding, behind you!”

Ding Jia Zi’s visage looked stunned as he felt the wind of an incoming blow coming from behind him. Immediately, his back was severely injured from the blow. His entire person became like a thunderbolt and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as he fell into the sea like a meteorite.

Not even waiting for him to fall into the sea, the tentacle struck out from the sea and accurately rolled him up.

Ding Jia Zi issued a violent scream from his mouth. His body emitted kacha sounds of bones being broken and fractured. He strived to revolve his true qi, but he couldn’t escape the tentacle’s grasp. He extended a hand towards to the fragrant Huo Xiang Lan and sadly shouted, “Sister Lan save me … …”

The Red Cloud Sect’s two masters were sweethearts in their youth, loving each other more than life and death, and eventually married. Later on, it was unknown what changed, but the two were now no longer as close as before, although they still had relations, but they lost the original harmony.

Now face Ding Jia Zi’s plea for help, Huo Xiang Lan was surprised for a moment and then immediately started utilizing her movement skill to head back to the island – she did not turn back at all.

This Monster Beast quickly triumphed over Ding Jia Zi in this short period of time. He naturally did not have any chance of victory.

To save her life, Huo Xiang Lan didn’t dare to tarry any longer. Ding Jia Zi was out of her control. The boat full of Red Cloud Sect’s disciples were doomed as well. The most important thing right now was saving her life.

Ding Jia Zi gave a bitter smile: “Husband and wife are birds from the same forest. When disaster strikes, they fly away separately. Cheap bitch!”

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