Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 182

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No one could have imagined that an Antiquity Elder would be killed so violently. Furthermore, the cultivators from the Red Cloud Sect were trying to best this Monster Beast, whose body hadn’t even appeared and seemed to be unkillable.

The joy from the discovery of the Hidden Island had been completely eclipsed, and was replaced by fear.

Meanwhile, the ship was towed to the point where half of it entered land. However, the giant tentacles striking the hull caused the ship to gradually become more tattered.

“What are we supposed to do now?” a cultivator from the Red Cloud Sect cried out while sobbing, thinking to himself, [I’m young! I still have such a future ahead of me! How can I just die like this?]

When that cultivator was done speaking, he quickly got struck down by the stray tentacles throwing about.

This scene was simply Purgatory. It was no different if one were a normal human or a cultivator at this point. As long as you got hit by the tentacle, you were dead.

When those True Element Boundary cultivators saw Huo Xiang Lan escape, they followed suit and quickly tried to escape towards the Hidden Island; ignoring the existence of their fellow disciples on the ship.

Unfortunately, even the True Element Boundary cultivators did not have such an easy time escaping from the Monster Beast’s attack. When they flew up into the air, the tentacles, as if they had eyes, managed to grasp a flying True Element Boundary expert and strangled him to death.

Yang Kai’s expression remained solemn. In just ten breath’s time, starting from when he managed to see the tail of the beast and the tentacles bursting forth, more than half of all the Red Cloud Sect disciples had died, and even more normal humans had perished.

Unfortunately, it was obvious that remaining on the ship was unsafe. Even if one was not going to be hit by the tentacles, they would still eventually sink along with the ship.

So, the only possibility to survive was to jump into the sea; although the chance of living was slim.

Since Yang Kai was not willing to wait for his eventual demise, he hurriedly roared out, “Abandon ship!”

It might initially seem like he warned with good intentions but that was far from the truth. In actuality, his words were meant to disperse the people jumping at sea to disperse the attention of the Monster Beast.

As he had expected, after he had roared, many of the panicked masses seemed to regain their sense of awareness and quickly ran to the side of the ship to jump off without hesitation.

Blood splatters exploded out as they fell but more managed to survive due to their luck. They quickly landed into the water and started to swim towards the island.

Similarly for Yang Kai, he jumped off as well. Once he made it into the sea, he could see dozens of individuals spread out, heading to different parts of the island.

While Yang Kai was observing his surroundings, he was quick to discover that there was a peculiar occurrence happening right now.

There were people swimming much faster than the rest. It was now easy to tell, who was a cultivator from the Red Cloud Sect. There were many cultivators that could not fly. Nonetheless, if they swam, they would be much quicker than the average normal human. However, it was quite unfortunate that those swimming at the front were being dragged down by the tentacles; disappearing from sight to only leave bubbles on the surface of the water. Meanwhile, those that were obviously normal humans tended to be spared from the attacks.

Yang Kai did not understand how the Sea Monster Beast could tell each person’s position but since there was this strange occurrence happening, he knew that he needed to take advantage of it.

Holding his breath, suppressing the strong palpitation of his heart, while restraining his aura to his utmost limits, Yang Kai acted as a piece of loose wood (Duckweed); allowing the current to push him towards the Hidden Island slowly.

The plan worked as the tentacles seemed to have no interest in him.

But when the plan seemed to be working without any flaw, *Plaat* a loud splash occurred behind him. Yang Kai got caught in shock. He turned his head around to find a paled face Red Cloud Sect martial artist swimming towards him.

Noticing that he was creating too much unnecessary sounds as he swam, Yang Kai cursed.

The Red Cloud Sect cultivator quickly managed to reach Yang Kai’s side. Without taking a look at the person beside him, he grabbed onto Yang Kai’s shoulder in an attempt to propel himself forward.

It was at this moment that the tentacle was approaching directly behind them.

Both Yang Kai and the Red Cloud Sect cultivator both noticed the approaching crisis. However, the Red Cloud Sect cultivator was smart. He took advantage of Yang Kai. Increasing his grip on Yang Kai’s shoulders, he attempted to throw the boy towards the tentacles.

Unfortunately for him, before he could attempt such an act, Yang Kai focused his Yuan Qi and sank down. Transforming his hand into a fist, Yang Kai punched the Red Cloud Sect cultivator’s shoulders, forcing him back.

“You!” the Red Cloud Sect cultivator exclaimed with amazement. With the clothes Yang Kai was wearing, it was obvious that he was supposed to be one of those normal humans on the ship. He would have never expected that someone in that uniform would be a cultivator.

Without enough time to react, the tentacle burst forth from the sea. The tentacle easily got grasped onto the cultivator and with a miserable scream of pain, his whole body was crushed into pieces. Each fragment of his bones pierced his organs, causing him to die a quick and violent death.

Yang Kai did not dare make any movement. Staring at the tentacle in mid-air, his eyes narrowed.

Very shortly after, the tentacle gradually returned from whence it came and sank back into the sea; vanishing from sight.

[My choice seemed to be the best course of action. Holding my breath and remaining motionless seemed to be much better than fanatically swimming.]

After waiting for a short moment to see if the tentacle had returned, Yang Kai proceeded to very slowly swim away.

The distance between the Hidden Island to the steamship was not exactly near nor could it be described as far. It seemed to be 5km from the crash site of the ship. A distance that would not take an entire life’s journey to travel through so, even ordinary people could manage to swim to shore. Of course, there were no tentacles attacking that site.

It took an hour for Yang Kai to manage to swim to the Hidden Island. When his feet first made contact with the dry sand on shore, Yang Kai collapsed and lay on the ground. He looked up at the blue sky, allowing his lingering fear to slowly dissipate.

In an hour’s time, his heart still had a welling fear lingering inside. He was truly frightened that moment where the tentacle was encroaching on him from behind. He was afraid of what might have happened if the tentacle had grabbed onto him instead.

It was only fortunate the he had found a way to cope with the tentacle. It was fortunate that it did not attack him from the start…

While he was escaping, he had no time to sense the surroundings. After waiting for his breathing calm down, he could finally hear some light panting close by.

[This voice… it’s from a girl.] When Yang Kai turned his head to check who she was, he cursed his luck.

Just about 10 meters away, was Yu Ao Qing from the Red Cloud Sect. She was partly kneeling on the ground. With her soaked clothes sticking onto her skin, it exposing her abundant waist, breasts and perky round bottom. Accompanied with her slender legs, fully visible for the eyes to feast upon, it was provoking a man’s desires.

She seemed exceptionally pitiful, with her wet hair laying on her shoulders, and that beautiful face that became pale, it was obvious that she had just exited from the waters.

However, no matter her beauty, Yang Kai was already aware of her vicious and evil nature. She had used her looks to get information out of Miao Lin. This viper, after receiving what she wanted, she tossed him into the sea. Although it was cruel, Yang Kai was also looking forward to Miao Lin’s death.

Not willing to have anything to do with her, Yang Kai quietly snuck past her, deeper into the island.

“Stop!” Yu Ao Qing managed to spot Yang Kai and shouted.

Yang Kai did not really want anything to do with her. So, he continued to proceed.

“I said stop didn’t I? Are you deaf?!” Yu Ao Qing angrily got up from the ground and hastily got in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent.

When he was on steamship, he was extremely cautious. However, right now, this was not the case. Although Yu Ao Qing is in the Separation and Reunion Stage, one stage above Yang Kai, he was confident that if he could not beat her, he could at least run away.

Meanwhile Yu Ao Qing was curiously analysing Yang Kai. She expected that from his status as an ordinary human, who was tasked odd jobs on the ship, he would fear her presence. However, this was not the case, especially with the calm face he displayed.

[You are so arrogant! You look only 15-16 years old!] Yu Ao Qing sneered. With one revolution of her Yuan Qi, the moisture in her clothes evaporated. Restoring her back to her arrogant self, she opened her mouth to speak. “Tell me. Have you seen anyone else around here?”

“No.” Yang Kai said with his brows wrinkled.


“Actually, there is one.”



Yu Ao Qing took a deep breath. Her perky breast swayed up and down, seemingly bursting out of her clothes as she warned, “It’s best that you act smarter. Otherwise, do not blame me for being impolite!”

Yang Kai’s face distort, showing the displeasure he had within his heart.

[This is a good opportunity to get rid of her. After all, we just crashed onto the island. Where else would I get this chance?]

However, before he could do anything, a voice rang out. “Sister Qing! You are alright!”

After hearing his voice, Yang Kai’s expression immediately became strange. Out of everyone, it had to be his enemy, Miao Lin that landed close to his shore. Furthermore, he must have landed here for some time since he came dashing out from the group of palm trees.

Unfortunately, it was not only Miao Lin. There was also another female disciple.

Since there were three Red Cloud Sect disciples, something that Yang Kai could not deal with all on his own, he restrained himself.

“How has he not drowned to death?!” Yu Ao Qing scolded in a soft voice while clenching her teeth. It was obvious that she was not prepared to meet this annoying fly on this island.

“A bad person does not die. He will live to suffer for a thousand years,” Yang Kai whispered.

Yu Ao Qing coldly stared at him with an unexpected smile of approval.

Miao Lin quickly rushed to Yu Ao Qing with joy. “Sister Qing. It’s really good to see you again.”

Yu Ao Qing gave a light nod that was filled with arrogance. Her vision shifted focus to the area behind of Miao Lin as he asked, “Are you the only people here?”

Miao Lin quickly replied, “*Em!* I came first. After me was Sister Zhang Yu. No one else has landed here since.”

The Red Cloud Sect female disciple called Zhang Yu walked over to the other two. Now, the group had four people. Since Yang Kai was still disguised as an ordinary human, he could not help but worry.

Yu Ao Qing gathered her beautiful hair and placed in on her back while she looked back towards the sea and sighed.

Yang Kai also looked back and discovered that the steamship a few kilometres away was in tatters. Most of it had been broken into planks. Meanwhile, the sea around it was dyed in red with many floating bits of flesh around. Sharks all around were swarming the area, having a feast. This scene is simply a living hell.

“Can we go back…?” Yu Ao Qing murmured.

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