Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 184

Listening to what he said, the five Red Cloud Sect disciples’ interest was piqued, Zhang Yu hurriedly asked, “What kind of grass?”

“It’s a beautiful snow white colour, very pretty.” The man replied and asked again, “Do you want me to bring it back?”

“Don’t touch it!” Yu Ao Qing yelled. She then led the Red Cloud disciple forward; Yang Kai also kept up. As they approached, the five Red Cloud disciples let out an involuntary sigh of praise.

It was indeed a snow white grass, like a beautiful eye-catching jade, appearing crystal clear; one could even vaguely see a fluorescent liquid, flowing in its veins.

“Heavens!” Zhang Yu exclaimed, “It’s an Snow White Jade Skin Bone Grass!”

Yu Ao Qing flashed a smile, “Sure enough, it’s an Earth Grade Low-Rank spirit grass!”

Luo Qian Qian was also quite excited, while Qi Yuan and Miao Lin were fairly calm.

The reason being, this Snow White Jade Skin Bone Grass was a spirit grass mainly for young women to use. Yang Kai had also previously obtained one on the Red Cloud Island, the Beautiful Woman Pistil. If a woman were to consume the Beautiful Woman Pistil, it would cause her to appear a little more beautiful. But, if she were to consume the Snow White Jade Skin Bone Grass, her skin would become radiant and clear, white like snow and delicate like a newborn baby.

If the two were used together, it could make an ugly woman be reborn as a beauty.

Women crave beauty. Of these three women, which one would not want to become more beautiful? Seeing this Snow White Jade Skin Bone Grass, naturally they were overjoyed.

“We’ve barely started exploring this island and already obtained a treasure, it seems that this trip will yield a big harvest.” Miao Lin looked quite excited.

Yu Ao Qing was not polite, directly bending over and plucking this Snow White Jade Skin Bone Grass. She then removed a jade box and carefully stored it.

Zhang Yu and Luo Qian Qian both hesitated, but eventually just watched.

Yu Ao Qing laughed, “When we return to the Sect, I’ll get the Alchemists from the Pill Hall to refine this into some dans, so that two Junior Sisters will also receive its benefits.”

She also knew that now was not a suitable time for her usual arrogance, so she openly tried to appease them.

Sure enough, Zhang Yu and Luo Qian Qian smiled, “Thank you Senior Sister Qing. When it’s time to go to the Pill Hall to refine it, Senior Sister Qing must come forward personally to say a few words.”

Obtaining an Earth Grade Low-Rank spirit grass, the Red Cloud disciples’ previous worries and anxieties were swept away. The lingering fear and uneasy in their hearts gradually dissipated, instead replaced with a relaxed joyful mood.

It was as if they hadn’t been stranded here, but had simply come to hunt for treasure.

Of course, this Hidden Island had been isolated for so long, who knew how many precious treasures it held. In just two days of exploring, everyone had harvested a great deal, collecting more than a dozen rare herbs, all of them Earth Grade Mid-Rank and above, they had even found one or two Heaven Grade herbs.

With this harvest, the five Red Cloud disciples became even more excited.

This day, as they were walking, a faint fog suddenly appeared in front of them, covering the group’s view.

The fog was strange, and the ordinary man who was in the lead hesitated, turning to Yu Ao Qing with some fear in his eyes.

“Keep moving!” Yu Ao Qing ordered, her cold beautiful face had a ruthless expression.

The man was helpless, he had to go forward.

But just as his body entered the fog, suddenly a burst of hissing sounds could be heard, soon followed by a tragic cry, and shortly after that ordinary man collapsed directly on the ground, constantly twitching.

Everyone paled, quickly falling back, staring in horror at the changes of the man.

It was as if he had been thrown into a pan of hot oil, almost like he was being melted by a flame, waves of white gas constantly evaporating from him, his flesh falling from his bones onto the ground, forming a red bloody pool of liquid.

After only five breaths, this once living person had lost all his flesh and blood, turning into a pile of dry bones lying on the ground.

The air was filled with an unspeakable taste.

*Vomit …* Zhang Yu and Luo Qian Qian paled, their bodies bent over to vomit, and although Miao Lin and Qi Yuan were better, it was not by much.

Yu Ao Qing’s long eyelashes quivered, the blood suddenly draining from her face, becoming extremely pale. Although she was frightened, at least it wasn’t as bad as Zhang Yu and Luo Qian Qian.

The ordinary man who stood next to Yang Kai had long ago collapsed to the ground.

Of the people present, only Yang Kai remained calm. Even so, a chill still rose from the soles of the feet.

Just now, if it had been him who was forced forward, his end would not have been any different.

But then again, if Yu Ao Qing had really ordered him, Yang Kai would not have taken the risk.

“It’s a poison fog!” Yu Ao Qing stiffly turned, skimming the group, trying to portray composure, but still trembling, “Everyone get back!”

Having just witnessed such a terrible scene, naturally, everyone could not wait to leave here and immediately kept up with Yu Ao Qing.

After backtracking several miles, everyone finally relaxed.

Having just escaped, the Red Cloud disciples looked towards Yu Ao Qing full of gratitude. If not for her caution, the fate of that man in the fog, might have been their own.

In hindsight, they strongly admired Yu Ao Qing’s decision before to bring these ordinary people to lead the way.

Yang Kai also understood now that he had to look for an opportunity to leave. Or else the next time they encountered some unknown danger, he would inevitably be pushed forward by Yu Ao Qing as a sacrifice. If he stayed with this group of people, sooner or later he would be killed by this bitch.

Now he just needed an opportunity, some kind of distraction where nobody would have time to take care of him!

While the group was resting, a burst of noise suddenly came. Yang Kai frowned, a foreboding feeling enveloping him.

“What was that?” Miao Lin panicked, jumping to his feet.

“What sound?” Qi Yuan asked as he lean over to listen.

“Quiet! Stop talking and listen carefully!” Yu Ao Qing obviously also heard something.

The group held their breath, only to hear a buzzing sound coming from all around them. It sounded like the buzzing of bees, but it was obviously too noisy for a swarm to create.

The buzzing was quickly closing in, not only that, there was also a rumbling coming from under their feet; and numerous cracks quickly formed. It was as if there was something underground quickly tunneling towards them.

“Damn it, run!” Yu Ao Qing’s face sank, calling out, running in the opposite direction.

The other Red Cloud disciples quickly chased after her, and although Yang Kai was looking for an opportunity to slip away, he also didn’t want to prematurely expose himself, not to mention, he knew nothing about the current enemies so naturally he would use the Red Cloud disciples to probe them.

The group moved fast after hearing Yu Ao Qing’s order, fleeing with all their might. But they had not run more than a few steps when behind them a scream was heard.

When they all glanced back, what they saw nearly caused their souls to fly out.

The last ordinary person had been surrounded by a group of bowl sized, strange looking black insects. He cried out in terror, his clothes shredded, flesh ripped apart; it took only a breath before he fell to the ground.

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes. Although they didn’t know what these insects were, the fear of the unknown, followed by their brutal disposition left them panic-stricken.

Seeing how terrifying these insects were, the five Red Cloud disciples ran even faster, no one paying attention to Yang Kai, not knowing if they could escape, who would care about him?

Only running a short distance, Yu Ao Qing suddenly paused, the people catching up from behind quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

“They’re also in front of us! We’re surrounded!” Yu Ao Qing paled.

Everyone focused ahead, and sure enough they could hear buzzing sounds in front, and an overwhelming number of black insects were flying toward them.

“Fight!” Yu Ao Qing acted decisively.

The Red Cloud Sect disciples quickly brought out their weapons, as they slaughtered into the swarm.

There were a huge number of these insects, but their level should be quite low. The five mutually supported each other, and after rushing inside for a while, they had managed to cut down quite a few of these bugs.

Seeing that there was hope, they fought even more vigorously.

Yang Kai stuck close behind them; perhaps because the Red Cloud disciples’ attacks attracted the attention of the swarm, he was actually safe and sound. The insects obviously didn’t consider him a threat.

“Old Demon, what the hell are these things?” Yang Kai asked as he watched from the side.

“Old Servant does not know.”

“You have no idea?” Yang Kai was speechless.

Old Demon helplessly replied, “Please forgive me young master, this old one has lived so long but is still ignorant…”

[This old fart, in this life or death situation he’s still so damn talkative!]

Right then, Yang Kai suddenly saw Qi Yuan reach out and grab his collar, trying to throw him out.

There were too many insects coming from one side. Unable to cope with them, he wanted to use Yang Kai as a shield to buy time.

Yang Kai’s face darkened, knowing he couldn’t hide anymore, his hand shot up, grabbing Qi Yuan’s arm, he lets out a burst of strength and hit Qi Yuan. Currently being stunned from the attack Qi Yuan dropped to the ground. Taking the opportunity, Yang Kai twisted his waist, and threw him into the insect swarm.

“Ah…” Qi Yuan looked stunned. Not figuring out how he had been thrown, the next moment his body was wrapped in insects, raising a piercing scream.

“Qi Yuan!” Zhang Yu shouted in horror, immediately staring coldly toward Yang Kai.

Yang Kai sneered, releasing a sudden burst of Yuan Qi, a bright aura radiated from his body, giving him the appearance of a burning fireball.

The four remaining Red Cloud disciples were stunned by this rapid development. They had not expected that the ordinary person they had ordered around for the past several days would have such a sudden change.

Ignoring the stunned Red Cloud disciples, Yang Kai dashed towards where he had thrown Qi Yuan, to clear a path for himself.

The insects quickly surrounded him, but their small wings were vulnerable to his True Yang Yuan Qi, quickly being singed. Without their wings they fell like fat dumplings, and could no longer touch Yang Kai’s body.

The four Red Cloud disciples watched Yang Kai wrapped in a fiery Yuan Qi, blaze a path while dashing away.

“Wha…” Miao Lin’s jaw dropped, too shocked to speak.

“Don’t get distracted, keep fighting!” Yu Ao Qing said, bitterly staring at Yang Kai’s back, clenching her teeth till they nearly broke.

[That guy obviously wasn’t an ordinary person; he was clearly a cultivator who was hiding his strength!]

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