Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 186

The four Red Cloud Sect disciples were clearly reluctant to sit still, wanting to fight their way out the moment they were completely restored. There was a constant discussion while they were healing, always whispering, wary of Yang Kai eavesdropping.

After almost a whole day and night, they finally decided to act. Quietly getting up, and then slowly approaching Yang Kai, Yu Ao Qing’s pretty face full of murderous intent, Miao Lin’s as well, followed by Zhang Yu and Luo Qian Qian.

As soon as they approached, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and stared at them with a faint smile.

The four Red Cloud Sect disciples paused.

“Let me guess.” Yang Kai leisurely spoke, intentionally lowering the volume of his voice to avoid disturbing those insects, “You’ve decided not to kill me right now?”

Yu Ao Qing’s was as cold as ice, “You knew?”

“How could I not know, this is how you’ve acted the whole time right? Let others walk in front of you, so you can reduce your own risk. I’ve seen you do this countless times now. You now want to force me to take the lead, right?”

Yu Ao Qing slightly nodded and with you’re a cold, ivy voice, she replied. “Since you know, you’d best not resist, if not, you’ll have a nice, new look.”

Yang Kai mockingly replied. “I may not be your opponent, but if you want to kill me, I won’t go down without a fight, if you’re not afraid of disturbing those insects, just try it.”

Yu Ao Qing’s face went stiff, the reason she was speaking lightly, was to avoid drawing the attention of those insects guarding outside. Yang Kai obviously also understood what she was planning, so his voice was also quite quiet.

“I’m warning you, don’t get any ideas, if you want to escape, use your own strength!” Yang Kai snorted, “I won’t be your sacrificial pawn!”

“Don’t you want to escape?” Yu Ao Qing seeing that coercion was useless, slightly eased her tone. “These insects bringing us here, obviously isn’t a good thing. If we stay here our only end is death. If you go out with us, maybe we’ll have a way out!”

Yang Kai decisively shook his head, “I want to escape, but I won’t be used,” he said, “even if I opened the way for you, and everyone escaped from here, I have no guarantee you won’t just attack me once we’re safe.”

“I can give you my word!” Yu Ao Qing saw that Yang Kai’s stance had softened, and hurried to strike while the iron was hot, “As long as you can take the lead, if we can escape, the Red Cloud Sect won’t find trouble with you.”

“Don’t bother; I would never believe a vicious snake like you.” Yang Kai sneered and closed his eyes.

Yu Ao Qing and the others did not know that the outside was surrounded by these insects’ poison fog, but Yang Kai was clear. Even if they were lucky enough to escape from here, they would still have nowhere to run.

That being the case. Why waste the effort.

“Senior Sister Qing, just kill him! If he won’t cooperate, then he’s worthless to us!” Miao Lin had long held murderous intent towards Yang Kai, and now that they could not use him, naturally he wanted to kill him.

Yu Ao Qing took a deep breath. Slowly shaking her head.

Right now, escaping was their most important concern, although this brat was hateful, even if they could kill him they would certainly disturb those insects, it wasn’t worth it.

“If you plan to flee, I won’t get in your way. Hah, I also want to see if you can really leave here!” Yang Kai grinned towards Yu Ao Qing, laughing under his breath.

“I hope those insects gnaw you into a million pieces, so you die without a whole corpse!” Yu Ao Qing cursed Yang Kai, turning to the other three and said, “Let’s go!”

The four Red Cloud Sect disciples quietly left the cave. Perhaps because it was night time, the few giant insects outside were actually not disturbed by their actions, still foolishly standing around.

Soon, the four figures had disappeared into the corridor.

But not half a cup of tea’s time later, the sounds of fierce fighting suddenly burst out, mixed with the cries of the four Red Cloud Sect disciples It was apparent that their escape had been found out, and they were attacked by the insects.

The sounds of fighting gradually faded, until they at last disappeared.

Yang Kai’s sneered a little, completely unmoved, still quietly meditating.

In fact, it wasn’t hard to escape from this insect cave, because these insects weren’t that difficult to deal with, if the four Red Cloud Sect disciples could find a way out, Yang Kai naturally could too, the only thing trapping him here was that strange poison fog. He had no idea how these insects produced this tremendously lethal barrier, which was the dread of any escape he might plan.

After about two hours, Yang Kai heard the sound of heavy footsteps outside.

Opening his eyes, he saw Yu Ao Qing, her hair a mess, clearly exhausted come in, followed by Luo Qian Qian, then by Miao Lin.

Zhang Yu was not with them, she had likely been taken separately.

Those insects had once again brought them here, and had also stationed a much stricter guard.

At the moment, the three Red Cloud Sect disciples, who had just been so domineering, now were sluggish and depressed, their bodies filled with large and small wounds, looking extremely miserable.

They really had escaped the insect cave, but they were pursued by the overwhelming number of insects above ground where they had no way out. Ultimately they were forced to fight but just like before they could not kill them all, were surrounded, and then forced back here.

Yu Ao Qing and Luo Qian Qian both sat on the ground, their delicate bodies trembling, Miao Lin not much better off.

Quietly looking towards Yang Kai, Yu Ao Qing was afraid that he would take the chance to add insult to injury, ridiculing them, but Yang Kai didn’t seem to care about them at all, still keeping his eyes shut, silently meditating.

“Senior Sister Qing… Senior Sister Zhang Yu was dragged away by those insects, where do you think she was taken?” Luo Qian Qian whispered, trembling.

“How would I know?” Yu Ao Qing shot back impatiently.

“Are we just going to abandon her?”

“What do you want? We can’t even guarantee our own lives, how are we supposed to take care of her?” Yu Ao Qing clenched her fists, Zhang Yu had not died when they were separated, but was seriously injured and then dragged by the insects into another corridor. What fate was awaiting her?

Yu Ao Qing didn’t know.

While the two were talking, a shrill cry suddenly came from the corridor. The person’s scream was extremely tragic, like they were experiencing a heaven rending torture.

It was Zhang Yu’s voice!

Yu Ao Qing and Luo Qian Qian’s face went white; their bodies trembling more violently, Miao Lin fell to the ground, “What is happening to Senior Sister Zhang Yu? Who is torturing her?”

The screams never ceased, clearly she was bearing unimaginable pain.

The two women left in the cave quickly covered their ears, no longer daring to listen.

Yang Kai remained indifferent. These Red Cloud Sect disciples were not good people. Throughout the journey, Yu Ao Qing forced those ordinary people to serve as sacrifices. This current situation was karma, their murderous deeds were simply being repaid, and before dying, they would also experience a cruel torture.

This torture must be extremely brutal, since it was not delivered by another fellow human with empathy.

Zhang Yu’s voice gradually weakened and soon disappeared.

“Heh, we’re dead, there’s no way out.” Miao Lin was scared stupid; he was the weakest one here, only at the Qi Transformation Stage. If not for the Red Cloud Sect needing him as a guide to this island, how could they have been willing to bring him along?

Thinking it was a great opportunity to gain face in the Sect, how would he have known it would become such a disaster, ultimately leading to a dead end. How could Miao Lin, this pleasure seeking dandy young master, possibly withstand this?

“Don’t say that, we can still escape, Senior Sister Qing will definitely take us out of from here, right?” Luo Qian Qian violently shook her head, naively holding on to hope.

“It’s hopeless, no one can leave here alive.” Miao Lin said dejectedly.

“Everyone shut up!” Yu Ao Qing coldly scolded.

She turned to look at the perpetually calm Yang Kai, comparing him to her Junior Brother and Junior Sister, and then comparing him to her, suddenly discovering that the mental fortitude of this young man was definitely stronger than anyone else present.

From start to finish, he did not show the slightest sign of confusion, nor the slightest uneasiness, instead just quietly sitting there. His temperament was worthy of people’s admiration.

But Yu Ao Qing did not believe he was willing to die!

With the passage of time, Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian’s panic increased. Fear taking over, both unable to control their nerves.

Although Yu Ao Qing’s mental strength was somewhat stronger, she was still trapped here, sitting in the corner, her hands wrapped around her knees, constantly shivering, right now, she was filled with regret. She regretted joining this expedition to find the Hidden Island, and regretted that when the ship sunk she did not first find her father, or else how would she be reduced to this state? if Yu Xiu Ping was here, how would this situation be what it is now?

But in that chaotic situation, Yu Ao Qing did not know whether her dad had even survived, after all, when those giant tentacles had attacked, even the likes of Grand Elder Ding Jia Zu had died. Yu Xiu Ping was a True Element Boundary Ninth Stage, even if he had died, it wouldn’t be unexpected.

[Father, if you are alive, where are you? Your daughter is on the brink of death…]

Praying to the heavens and praying to the dead was useless! The always arrogant Yu Ao Qing involuntarily shed some tears.

Not knowing how long had passed, after Yu Ao Qing had somehow had fallen asleep, she suddenly woke to the sound of heavy breathing coming from in front her.

Yu Ao Qing was shocked, opening her eyes, she saw Miao Lin leaning towards her from up close, madly staring, his eyes wantonly gazing at her with undisguised lust.

“Miao Lin, what are you doing?” Yu Ao Qing said coldly, unable to help herself from shrinking back.

“Senior Sister Qing,” Miao Lin licked his dry lips, laughing perversely, “Junior Brother has a very deep love for you, Senior Sister understands right?”

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Yu Ao Qing frowned; she saw that Miao Lin’s state right now was somewhat wrong as if under this great pressure, all his inhibitions and reservations had shattered.

“Senior Sister is a pure heavenly fairy, Junior Brother finds you so beautiful to the point that I spend every night dreaming of you.” Miao Lin continued to approach Yu Ao Qing, his mouth spilling sweet confessions, when the subject suddenly shifted, the content immediately changing drastically, “In my dreams, we speak openly, make love again and again, experiencing such happiness!”

These words enraged Yu Ao Qing, mercilessly striking Miao Lin’s shoulder.

How could Miao Lin resist? He suddenly flew out, but Yu Ao Qing was exhausted, her palm had no real strength, naturally she did not hurt Miao Lin.

When he stood up, Miao Lin was still laughing, stepping towards Yu Ao Qing again, shamelessly saying, “Junior Brother knows, Senior Sister is a distinguished and noble, always having eyes higher than her head. But because of this, I fear Senior Sister has never tasted love between a man and woman right?”

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