Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 187

Yu Ao Qing’s beautiful face became dark, coldly saying, “If you dare say such nonsense again I’ll kill you!”

“Hey, hey!” Miao Lin remained unafraid, “We’re going to die here anyways, death now or death later, what’s the difference? Senior Sister Qing, you only live once, what use is there in preserving your purity in the face of death? It’s such a pity, why not left Junior Brother wait on you tonight, I’ll let you taste this world’s greatest joy and pleasure.”

Yu Ao Qing was breathing rapidly, completely enraged, eyes frosted over, tightly staring at Miao Lin, she had not expected that in this life and death situation, under such enormous pressure, this pathetic Junior Brother she disdained so much, would actually be so bold, even trying to encroach on her body.

Yu Ao Qing obviously would never give in to him, murderous intent flashing in her eyes, as long as Miao Lin dared to approach too close, she swore she would not hesitate to kill him!

Miao Lin also saw this, and while he wanted to act desperately, forcing himself on her, he ultimately could not work up the courage, forming a stalemate with Yu Ao Qing, eventually letting out an embarrassed laugh, and then shrinking back.

Yu Ao Qing could not help letting out a sigh of relief, in such a place, if not a last resort, she really did not want to fight with him.

The cave was again filled with an uneasy silence.

But this silence did not last long, after a stick of incense, the sounds of a man and woman’s heavy breathing floated out.

Yang Kai and Yu Ao Qing both frowned, and looked toward the direction of the sound. With just a glance, Yang Kai went speechless; Yu Ao Qing was also stunned.

Miao Lin did not convince Yu Ao Qing, and having admitted it, he was currently hitting it off with Luo Qian Qian.

(Silavin: It is described that he was compensating later for one’s earlier loss here but that doesn’t fit inside the sentence so… I’m going to leave it here.)

Perhaps Miao Lin’s flowery words played a role, perhaps under the pressure of death she needed a release, perhaps Luo Qian Qian was never a chaste woman to begin with, but she and Miao Lin now both clung to each other, rolling on the ground, fiercely groping and kissing one another. Completely unashamed, showing a hot and humid scene.

Listening to these sounds of passion, Yang Kai’s blood flow sped up; his throat drying up, biting his lip in frustration.

Having been separated from Su Yan for three or four months, along with the rise in his cultivation, the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art’s influence on him was becoming deeper and deeper.

Fortunately when he had boarded the Red Cloud Sect ship to search for this island, he had spent his days on edge; there was no time to think about anything else. It was the same when they had arrived here; he was forced to act with Yu Ao Qing and the other Red Cloud Sect disciples. Even though his mind would wander in that direction from time to time, Yang Kai could rely on his own willpower to suppress it.

If there were no accidents, Yang Kai believed that he could hold out until he returned to the High Heaven Pavilion.

But… Yang Kai never imagined that one day there would be a couple engaging in this erotic display, less than thirty feet away, right in front of his eyes!

This kind of stimulus, more than any words, created a violent temptation. It bombarded all of his senses, from the picture it painted to the ambiguous sounds that were heard, and even the erotic scent which wafted about, it was truly an all encompassing indiscriminate stimulation!

Even if it was a saint, their heart would produce some ripples, not to mention Yang Kai was a dual cultivation practitioner.

It was like starving beggar suddenly had a table of delicacies thrust in front of him.

Yang Kai could not wait to slap Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian dead!

If Yang Kai was so uncomfortable, how could the other outsider, Yu Ao Qing, be any better?

At first she was stunned, her cheeks blushed crimson, then her jaw began to slack, all while staring dumbfounded. It was not until Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian brushed past her feet, breathing heavily, their clothes a mess, that she woke from this dream, quickly jumping up, scrambling over to Yang Kai to escape.

The cave was not large, and Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian tossed about vigorously, leaving Yang Kai and Yu Ao Qing very little space.

The scene was truly bizarre, a once in a thousand years rarity!

A man and a woman lying on the floor, venting their passion and frustration, another man and a woman sitting next to the wall watching, it was like a rich debased couple engaged in some strange fetish play.

Yang Kai and Yu Ao Qing almost simultaneously cursed inside.

But at this time who would go up blame Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian? Yu Ao Qing was already too ashamed to speak, and Yang Kai didn’t have any effort to spare as he was struggling to suppress the fire in his own heart.

Breathing more and more rapidly, their clothes scattered everywhere, Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian’s actions soon intensified, the atmosphere becoming thick, the scene incredibly sensual.

Accompanied by a repressed scream, immediately the air was filled with waves of amorous moans.

Yu Ao Qing was almost involuntarily leaned against Yang Kai, at this time she felt that this youth was the only one she could depend on, or at least, he was more reliable than that frivolous Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian pair.

“Get away!” Yang Kai said harshly but somewhat powerlessly, Yu Ao Qing whether deliberately or accidentally, had pressed her soft tender body against his, almost causing Yang Kai to lose control.

This rough attitude and low curse slightly sobered Yu Ao Qing, she angrily turned and glared at Yang Kai, but what she saw was a pair of scarlet eyes staring back at herself.

These eyes… like Miao Lin’s just now were staring at her full of carnal desire and madness.

Yu Ao Qing’s whole body froze, suddenly remembering, this youth next to her was also a man!

Scrambling to distance herself from him, that intense breathing and moaning continued floating into her ears, like a devil’s whisper, causing endless waves in her body and mind. Her whole body felt hot, like a fire was burning in her chest, even her exhaled breath became heated.

An unknown feeling spread through her, making her feel weak.

In a moment of panic, Yu Ao Qing quickly covered her ears with his hands, anxiously facing the wall, shaking her head back and forth.

She had always been respected in the Red Cloud Sect, usually when one of her peers saw her they became polite, showed off their own strength, or tried to reveal their own profound knowledge, no one had ever spoken to her about men and women, let alone someone shoving this wanton debauchery in her face!

Those lewd sounds and exaggerated movements were like a sledgehammer hitting her head, making her dizzy, almost to the point she couldn’t think anymore.

Time passed extremely slowly, every moment was like a kind of torture.

After God knows how long, Yu Ao Qing heard Junior Sister Luo let out of a sharp, high-pitched call, just like a final scream before death, and the ragged breathing stopped.

She suddenly became faint, [Did Junior Sister Luo… just die?]

But soon, Junior Sister Luo unexpectedly resurrected. Once again letting out moans of delight.

(Silavin: LOL she came…)

At that moment, Yu Ao Qing no longer held any of her previous arrogance; seeming more like an unapproachable porcupine, only desiring to be left alone.

Yang Kai was also at his limit.

He felt that if he didn’t attack now, he would definitely lose control.

But not waiting for him to strike, many human sized insects rushed into the cave, coming up to Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian, they raised their sharp claws up high, and struck down viciously.

A different kind of scream came out. Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian were nearly skewered through and then dragged out by those big insects.

“Senior Sister Qing, save me!” Luo Qian Qian shouted in panic.

Yu Ao Qing only sat there shivering, how could she have the strength to save her?

Leaving a trail of scarlet blood, Miao Lin and Luo Qian Qian were dragged out by the insects, slowly disappearing.

Not long after, mournful screams were heard then gradually weakened, finally disappearing.

As Miao Lin had said before, experience some joy before death, then die without regret.

Waiting until the two’s voices had disappeared for a long time, Yu Ao Qing slowly relaxed her ears, turning around and staring out. Now that they were gone, she could not help but feel relieved.

That scene just now, it was too embarrassing for her to stand. So even knowing that her Junior Brother and Junior Sister had just died, her heart did not hold any regret, just some slight relief.

While she was patting her chest and sighing with relief, she suddenly found that young man was actually staring at her with greedy eyes. All of a sudden, he leapt up, like a predatory cat, ferociously charging toward herself.

Hi breathing heavy, his breath hot, he carried the same presumptuous look of Miao Lin, no, he was even more crazy than Miao Lin.

“You’re seeking death!” Yu Ao Qing cried, thrusting a palm towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai also struck out, [Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast]!

Three fierce strands of Yang Yuan Qi penetrated Yu Ao Qing’s delicate arm. Even though she was at the Separation and Reunion Boundary Sixth Stage, it was not long ago that she had fought with the insects. Right now she had not restored much Yuan Qi, coupled with her unstable mental state, she could not bring out even thirty percent of her strength, how could she handle this strange move from Yang Kai.

When that Yuan Qi burst out, she easily resolved it, but no sooner had she done so, a second violent burst of Yuan Qi arrived, Yu Ao Qing circulated her Yuan Qi desperately to resist, finally feeling some fear, until the third Yuan Qi burst came, Yu Ao Qing suddenly became pale.

Releasing a scream, she flew out like a broken paper kite, her jade-like arm trembling; the pain spread through her body, almost causing her to break into tears on the spot.

Not waited for her to get up, Yang Kai had flown to her side, releasing another palm strike, dislocating her other arm.

Yu Ao Qing endured the pain, thrusting her knee, aiming ruthlessly towards Yang Kai’s crotch. Yang Kai swiftly retreated, barely dodging, striking again with his palm. The wind sweeping over, Yu Ao Qing released a groan, her leg softly falling limp.

With three of her limbs disabled, Yu Ao Qing could not even stand up, not to mention the attack.

She watched this young man with red eyes, like a fierce beast in heat, bend down on top of her, forcefully kissing her neck and cheeks.

While groping her chest with his hand, he did not show the slightest pity or compassion, just violently pressing himself against her in a desperate fashion.

“No… please, stop…” Yu Ao Qing struggled desperately, tears streaming down her face, listening to the sound of her clothes being torn apart, but helplessly unable to resist.

This jade-like body, which was the fantasy that countless Red Cloud Sect male disciples dreamed of, was gradually being exposed in this cave. It had soft, white, delicate, skin, as pure as snow; fragile, like it would shatter with the slightest breeze. A figure that she had the rights to be proud of.

That young man kissed all the way down her body, no, he was biting! Yu Ao Qing could clearly feel where he had surely left rows of teeth marks.

Humiliation filling her, Yu Ao Qing felt like her heart had died. This young man, right now seemed like a completely different person, like a ferocious evil demon, bloodthirsty and merciless, striking terror into people’s hearts.

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