Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 189

Yang Kai nodded, and did not bother to explain further, instead changing the subject, “The insect king will be here soon, I’m going to try to subjugate it, you keep watch from the side.”

Hearing what Yang Kai was about to attempt, Old Demon also seriously replied, “This Old Servant will obey!”

Yang Kai scanned the area; it was a very spacious cave, filled with an unpleasant stench. Looking around for a long while, Yang Kai did not see the insect king anywhere.

All that was around were a mountain of bones and corpses.

The Red Cloud Sect’s Zhang Yu, Miao Lin, Luo Qian Qian were all here. These three all seemed to have suffered great pain; eyes bulging out, flesh dried and shriveled like dead wood, their appearance was truly appalling.

Zhang Yu had died first, her corpse withering the most, Miao Lin wasn’t much better than her, only Luo Qian Qian’s corpse still retained some fluid, but only a bit more than the other two.

“Young Master, this insect king seems to have drained their vitality,” Old Demon explained.

“Mm.” Yang Kai nodded slightly before squatting in front of Luo Qian Qian’s body, this Red Cloud Sect female disciple was caught by those giant insects while she was being intimate with Miao Lin, and was to this moment was still naked. This originally beautiful young girl now looked old and haggard, it really made one want to sigh.

However, where was the king?

While Yang Kai was cautiously looking around, Luo Qian Qian’s body seemed to move slightly, and then suddenly a golden light rushed out of her arm, charging towards Yang Kai.

“Young Master watch out!”

Fortunately Yang Kai had been vigilant, and although things happened suddenly, he did not panic, quickly circulating his True Yang Yuan Qi, executing his movement skill, his body flashed, reappearing a few tens of feet away.

However, before he could stabilize his body, the golden light appeared next to him.

[So fast!] Yang Kai was shocked, flashing again.

But once again, just as he reappeared, the golden light had already caught up.

Yang Kai heard a slight buzzing noise coming from the golden light, and he could vaguely make out the figure similar to the other insects, but it was many times smaller.

Was this the insect king?

Yang Kai had thought that the insect king would certainly be large, he did not imagine it would be so small, and that it would posses such amazing speed; also, as the king of these insects, it would no doubt be even more cruel and vicious than the others.

Not relaxing, Yang Kai cast his movement skill again to avoid this insect king, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

After repeating this pattern fifteen times, consuming a massive amount of Yuan Qi, the insect king was still like maggots on rotting bones, and instead of opening the distance between them, instead it was getting closer.

With no way to escape, Yang Kai stopped dodging; steeling his will, he took a stance and punched toward the golden light.

True Yang Yuan Qi burst out!

A shocking scene followed, the golden light did not fly out after being hit by his punch; rather, Yang Kai felt a sharp pain coming from his fist, and the golden light had disappeared!

Hurrying to recover his fist, Yang Kai examined it, his face sinking into dismay; there was now a small bloody hole in his hand, and under his skin was a slight bulge, drilling into his flesh, quickly disappearing.

“What the hell IS this insect?” Yang Kai soul collapsed, he had run over, planning to reign in this insect king, but instead he had suffered a big loss, actually letting it invade his body.

Hastily sitting cross-legged, carefully scanning, he could not find anything wrong with his body. It was as if after drilling into him the insect king had suddenly disappeared.

“Young Master, does feel anything wrong?” Old Demon worriedly asked.

“No.” Yang Kai also found it strange, after all, the three Red Cloud disciples here had all died, the insect king had certainly infiltrated their bodies, consuming their flesh and blood, so why was he alright?

“That can’t be right, check again carefully, this old servant suddenly recalls a type of ancient insect which resembles this one!”

Yang Kai naturally knew something was wrong, and quickly focused his mind, thoroughly examining the arm the insect king had entered again.

After a long time, he finally found some traces.

This insect king had actually found its way into the Star Chart Space on the back of his hand.

This Star Chart Space had opened up when he cultivated his Star Mark martial skill. Usually this space accumulated Yuan Qi, until he activated it, sending out a single massive Yuan Qi explosion.

According to Old Demons words’ at that time, this martial skill was a desperation move, once you used it, either the enemy would die or you would!

The last time in the Inheritance Cave, Yang Kai had relied on his Star Mark skill to finally deal a blow to the Turtle Monstrous Beast.

This strange insect king could actually enter this space, and Yang Kai could clearly feel the Yuan Qi he had amassed inside these past few months was being rapidly consumed.

In just one minute, it had already consumed a quarter of the stored Yuan Qi.

Now that it was inside, Yang Kai could not get it out, unless he copped off his. This discovery had also made Old Demon anxious.

“Bad! This is very bad! Once it finishes swallowing all of your stored Yuan Qi, it will move on to your flesh and blood, once that happens Young Master’s will definitely die, and when Young Master dies, this old servant will be buried with you, how could we let that happen!”

Yang Kai frowned, his thoughts rapidly spinning, looking for a countermeasure.

He had never imagined this insect king would actually be so strange, even his Yuan Qi could be swallowed.

After only a moment, the Yuan Qi stored in the Star Chart Space had decreased significantly, and would soon be empty. Yang Kai helplessly watched as several months’ worth of accumulation for his Star Mark, was turned into a meal for the insect king before he even had a chance to use it.

In order to stop the insect king from completely draining his stored Yuan Qi and then consuming his flesh and blood, Yang Kai quickly circulated his True Yang Secret Art, pouring the True Yang Yuan Qi from his meridians into the Star Chart Space.

The insect king continued to happily swallow everything he poured in.

Although this method was only a temporary solution, but would still buy him some time. Time Yang Kai and Old Demon could use to think about countermeasures.

After a long time, Yang Kai suddenly asked, “Old Demon, can you enter that Star Chart Space?”

Old Demon was stunned for a moment, “Old Servant has not tried, but even if this one could go in, I am not a match for this insect king. Its speed is too fast, and, it is possible it can even swallow souls.”

If that was true, then Old Demon was fundamentally was unable to be its opponent.

“Try it to find out!” Yang Kai urged.

“You really want me to go in?” Old Demon was hesitant.

“Less nonsense!”

Old Demon was helpless, but right now Yang Kai was also at a life and death crossroad, he could not escape either way, so he clenched his teeth, entered the Soul Breaker Awl and came to the back of Yang Kai’s hand, terrified, he grumbled a few words of complaint in his mind, and then rushed into the Star Chart Space.

In the next instant, Old Demon fled out.

“It really can devour souls!” If he had not fled instantly, if the insect king wasn’t busy devouring Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi, he would never have escaped.

“If you can enter then the rest is easy.” Yang Kai chuckled.

“Young Master has a solution?” When Old Demon heard him say this, his spirit also lifted.

“I’m not certain; I’ll just have to try!” Yang Kai said, directly activating Unyielding Will, crazily extracting Yuan Qi from the Golden Skeleton in, while simultaneously exploding Yang Liquid drops in his Dantian, then forcing a massive amount of energy to constantly pour into the Star Chart Space!

Yang Kai’s body could be described as having three Yuan Qi warehouses.

One was the Star Chart Space, this was his Star Mark’s exclusive warehouse; the stored Yuan Qi was also the least.

The second was the Yang Liquid in his dantian, which was the foundation of his battle strength; all his martial skills and explosive force relied on this Yang Liquid.

The third and largest warehouse was the Golden Skeleton! The Golden Skeleton would accept any kind of energy; all the pills he took, all the spirit grass and spirit fruit he ate, all the Qi he gathered while cultivating, as long as it was not Yang in nature, it would all be stored here.

So the amount of Yuan Qi stored in the Golden Skeleton was much larger than the sum of the Yang Liquid in his dantian.

Using this two-pronged approach, the amount of Yuan Qi circulating in Yang Kai’s body right now could be described as shocking.

With this energy pouring into the Star Chart Space, the insect king’s swallowing pace shot up as well, becoming almost intoxicated.

“Young Master, are you,” Old Demon paused, “are you trying to cause it to burst?”

“At best this will lead to a stalemate, not its death, it will be up to you to kill it,” Yang Kai answered concisely, and then focused on channeling energy into the Star Chart Space.

As time passed, the insect king gradually became aware of a problem.

It had already developed some basic spirituality, or else it would not be able to command its henchmen to hunt down and capture prey for it. In the past, when it acquired its victims, the first thing it would do was swallow the various energies stored within them, after swallowing that clean, it would move on to the flesh and blood.

But this time something was different, this new prey’s energy was actually like a steady stream, not showing any signs of depletion. Although in the beginning it was extremely happy, having an unlimited supply of food, but after a while, its body began to bloat up.

Unable to swallow any more, the energy still kept pouring in, rushing towards its body. It suddenly became restless, scurrying about within the Star Chart Space.

But after coming in so easily, how could it be so simple to leave?

Yang Kai was prepared, knowing how fast it was, once it was free it would be difficult to catch, naturally he couldn’t let it escape, so he kept pouring energy into the Star Chart Space non-stop, sealing the one entrance so that it couldn’t leave.

Yang Kai’s True Yang Secret Art was pushed to the limit, his dantian’s Yang Liquid was also more than half drained, all of it poured into the Star Chart Space, and was subsequently swallowed clean by the insect king.

A buzzing sound came from the back of his hand; obviously the insect king wanted to escape.

Suddenly showing a grin filled with ruthlessness, Yang Kai exploded a few drops of Yang Liquid, gathered it together with the Yuan Qi extracted from the Golden Skeleton, and then forced it all into the Star Chart Space.

Yang Kai had long since turned bright red, his whole body emitting steam, like it had been baked under a burning sun, his skin dripping blood here and there.

“Old Demon!” Yang Kai felt it was time, and cried out.

Old Demon, having watched Yang Kai act so decisively, also became ruthless, resolutely entering the Soul Breaker Awl and charging into the Star Chart Space.

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