Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 191

Listening to him, Yang Kai’s face couldn’t help becoming serious.

If this was really the so-called Heavenly Law Energy, it certainly would contain some harvest. Reviewing what had just happened; Yang Kai focused his attention on both his shoulder blades.

When he had successfully refined that trace of strange energy, his shoulder blades had both felt a surge of heat, in addition to that, nothing else had happened.

Focusing there, Yang Kai could clearly feel his Yuan Qi flow towards his shoulder blades, giving rise to a strange feeling like it was bound.

When this feeling came, he involuntarily increased his output of Yuan Qi.

Suddenly, the bondage was broken.

*Whoosh* Suddenly, there was a burst of light and sound, filling the cave with a brilliant radiance, shocking Yang Kai.

“My heavens …” Old Demon gasped, if he had a physical form, it would now be staggering. This old devil lord had lived for an incredible number of years, and although he had been sealed, only recently regaining his freedom, his knowledge was vast, almost nothing in the world could make him gaffe.

But now, he was completely stunned!

“This is…” Yang Kai was also shocked. He had never expected such a fantastical thing to occur.

On his back, two wings composed completely from his own True Yang Yuan Qi had sprouted. These wings were not large, only about 2 meters long, their shape and form made from True Yang Yuan Qi appeared quite unstable, seemingly fluctuating with the changes in Yang Kai’s thoughts and mood.

Looking behind him, Yang Kai’s eyes were trembling.

This pair of flaming wings which had sprouted from his shoulder blades revealed a kind of brilliant beauty, especially because their colour was related to his True Yang Yuan Qi, the colour of burning flames, displaying a wild uninhibited feeling.

Yang Kai and Old Demon did not speak, as if they had forgotten how to form words; all their attention was concentrated on this pair of wings.

After a long time, Yang Kai suddenly recovered, quickly asking, “Old Demon, what are these?”

After a loud sound of saliva being swallowed, Old Demon replied, “Heaven Soaring Force!”

“An artifact?”

“Wrong. This treasure cannot be compared to a mere artifact, this is an ability Heaven has bestowed up you young master. Old Servant does not know just how profound this ability is; only with time and study will young master be able to unlock all of its mysteries.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, his emotions stirring slightly, he proceeded to push the pair of Flaming Yang Wings into a flapping motion, causing a strong wind to blow within the cave, actually lifting him off the ground.

But he had not flown too high when he suddenly hit the ceiling. The two Flaming Yang Wings also suddenly disappeared, causing Yang Kai to face plant into the ground and fall into confusion.

After spending a long time contemplating and testing, Yang Kai was now certain that he had really gained the Heaven Soaring Force from the Heaven Devouring Insect and that this pair of Flaming Yang Wings was indeed like an extension of his body.

After confirming all this, Yang Kai couldn’t help celebrating inside!

Stranded here with the Red Cloud Sect cultivators, these days, although Yang Kai did not confide in Old Demon, he was still constantly worried; after all, he did not know how to return home.

Originally he thought to cultivate until he reached the True Element Boundary, allowing him to fly, or capture a flying Monster Beast somewhere on Hidden Island, forcing it to carry him on its back, but no matter which plan there were serious problems.

From Hidden Island to Sea City was thousands of miles away; even an Immortal Ascension cultivator would not necessarily be able to fly that far. On the other hand, without at least reaching the True Element Boundary, how would he catch a flying Monster Beast?

But now, by using his True Yang Yuan Qi to form his Flaming Yang Wings, all of Yang Kai’s problems were instantly solved.

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These Flaming Yang Wings, according to Old Demon’s information, were derived from the Heaven Devouring Insect’s residual Heavenly Law Energy, and were not an artifact, nor a martial skill, but rather a kind of innate ability.

The only problem was that displaying this ability required one to constantly consume Yuan Qi, and the consumption was extreme.

Inside a cave was obviously not suitable for testing the Flaming Yang Wings, so Yang Kai calmed the excitement in his heart, suddenly thinking of a question, “Old Demon, those insects outside …”

“Young Master wants even more? This Heaven Devouring Insect is very rare, though it has produced many descendants, but the insects outside cannot be considered Heaven Devouring Insects, just regular Monster Beasts.” Old Demon obviously knew what Yang Kai was thinking.

“Tch!” Yang Kai sighed, but also considered, by eradicating those insects outside, if each one had even a little Heavenly Law Energy, would it be worth it?

Lifting his mood, Yang Kai said, “However, after refining the Heaven Devouring Insect, I feel like I can control those insects!”

“Is that possible?” Old Demon asked surprised.

“It’s worth a try.” Yang Kai focused his mind and not long after, outside the cave a large number of insects had gathered, some big some, some small, but all of them stopped just outside the chamber, as if this cave was some kind of forbidden area.

“Oh, it works!” Yang Kai laughed.

The small insects, although lacking in combat strength, were massive in number, and to Yang Kai’s delight, the giant insects were all third or fourth order Monster Beasts, two were even fifth order.

Fifth order Monster Beasts were equivalent to True Element Boundary masters.

With their help, hunting for treasure on this island would be much easier.

This trip deep into the tiger’s den really was the right decision.

Feeling happy, Yang Kai left the king’s cave and those large and small insects quickly parted, opening up a path. When Old Demon saw this scene, he could not help but be amazed.

Now, Yang Kai intended to leave the insect cave, taking this group of insects to explore Hidden Island, but he suddenly remembered there was another person here.

Yu Ao Qing! He did not know the status of the Red Cloud Sect’s peerless female disciple.

If she was dead, then that was that, their prior resentments could be considered settled anyways. If she was alive, Yang Kai wanted to bring her out.

He was not really concerned with her well-being, but there were certainly more Red Cloud Sect masters on this island; if he were to carelessly encounter them, having Yu Ao Qing nearby could be considered having a life-saving chip.

Having thought of it, Yang Kai walked towards the place where Yu Ao Qing was.

After a long walk, he finally came to the cave he had been held in previously, but when Yang Kai probed inside, his look immediately changed.

Inside this cave there were actually others with Yu Ao Qing.

In addition to her, there were three more people!

Two of them were the Red Cloud Sect younger generation disciples, and the other was an Elder, Yang Kai remembered his name from the ship.

Meng Xing Yuan, although he couldn’t be compared with Yu Xiu Ping, was also a master at the True Element – Seventh Stage.

How could they be here? Yang Kai looked surprised.

Meng Xing Yuan and others being here, it could be considered Yu Ao Qing’s good fortune. After the ship had sunk, the Red Cloud Sect’s people had been scattered, Meng Xing Yuan so far had found several disciples, and like Yu Ao Qing’s group, had been exploring the island while looking for more Sect members.

After many days, and after encountering many dangers, the disciples had suffered heavy casualties, and until now, only two remained.

When they arrived here today, they discovered that the outer layer of fog was unusual. Meng Xing Yuan flew inside with the two disciples and began searching. After some investigation, they found the body of Qi Yuan, and then came across the insect cave.

At the mouth of the cave, there was a piece of Yu Ao Qing’s broken dress fabric, letting Meng Xing Yuan know the situation was not good. Leading the two disciples, they secretly snuck in, thinking it would be extremely dangerous, but to their surprise, along the way they did not suffer any attacks, and easily found Yu Ao Qing.

How could they have known that the insects had just been summoned by Yang Kai; naturally nothing was in their way.

When Yang Kai came back, Meng Xing Yuan and the Red Cloud disciples had just arrived, where they were listening to a dispirited Yu Ao Qing describe the terrifying experience she had endured, as well as how Zhang Yu and Luo Qian Qian had met their end.

When Yang Kai appeared at that time, both sides were stunned momentarily.

Meng Xing Yuan never recalled the Red Cloud Sect having such a disciple, and Yu Ao Qing apparently did not expect to see Yang Kai alive again.

But soon, Yu Ao Qing’s eyes were flooded with hatred and anger, clenching her teeth, “Uncle Meng, this person is not my Red Cloud Sect’s disciple, but a bastard who snuck on board out ship! Junior Brother Qi Yuan was also killed by him! Uncle Meng I beg you to seek justice for Junior Brother Qi Yuan!”

She did not mention how Yang Kai had assaulted her; afraid it would damage her image.

Before she did not dare to plot against Yang Kai; first off, trapped here, just Yang Kai and her, they could be considered comrades in suffering, and second, physically and mentally exhausted, she was not Yang Kai’s opponent.

But things were different now; Meng Xing Yuan and the others had found her, she could safely leave. As for Yang Kai, who had stripped her clothes and desecrated her body, how would Yu Ao Qing be willing to let it go?

She could not wait to personally rip Yang Kai’s corpse into ten thousand pieces, to resolve the fury in her heart!

As long as he died, no one would know what happened that day, in the future she would still be Red Cloud Sect’s heaven-sent woman!

After saying this, Yu Ao Qing turned her head slightly and sneered proudly at Yang Kai.

Meng Xing Yuan’s face went cold, shouting, “Little brat, your courage is not small! You dare kill my Red Cloud Sect’s disciple! Kill him for me!”

He quickly ordered the two Red Cloud disciples.

As soon as his voice faded, the two disciples did not hesitate to condemn Yang Kai to death!

Yang Kai stared at Yu Ao Qing, a chill emitting from his eyes, his image instantly flashed, appearing several tens of feet away, and when the two Red Cloud disciples pursued, Yang Kai flashed several times in succession, quickly disappearing.

“He’s fast!” Meng Xing Yuan could not help but admire, that movement skill was very profound, it was certainly a High Grade Martial Skill.

“Qing’er are you ready to leave?” Meng Xing Yuan turned and asked.

“En.” Yu Ao Qing nodded.

“Good, Uncle will take you out then. I’d like to see how that little brat plans to leave that circle of fog!” Meng Xing Yuan snorted, no longer caring about Yang Kai. As long as the periphery was surrounded by that circle of fog, any cultivator below True Element Boundary could never leave, unless they possessed a flying artifact.

“Uncle you have to kill him, he even wanted to take advantage of Junior Sister Luo Qian Qian before. If I had not forcefully blocked him, he might have succeeded.” Yu Ao Qing’s beautiful face was cold, showing no guilt dumping fake sins on Yang Kai’s head.

Hearing this, Meng Xing Yuan anger flared, “He dares to have ideas about my Red Cloud Sect’s disciple, he truly does not fear heaven’s wrath! Qing’er rest assured when Uncle catches him, I’ll skin him alive!”

Yu Ao Qing quietly revealed cold smile.

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