Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 197

Yang Kai had left the island a day ago; for an entire day and night he had been flying, his hands carrying two big sacks, one parcel held all the Precious Treasures collected from the island, the other held the items from the stone shelves.

Holding these two heavy packages of things while flying was not a pleasant experience. There were several times Yang Kai was tempted to simply thrown them into the sea, but eventually he could not bring himself to do it.

His dantian’s Yang Liquid was depleting quickly due to the Flaming Yang Wings’ Yuan Qi consumption being enormous. After only a single day’s effort, he had already used nearly two hundred drops of Yang Liquid; if not for his relentless preparations, Yang Kai would definitely not have had enough to support him all the way back to Sea City.

He had also left the insects behind on the island; although these insects were very obedient, and also had many useful abilities, Yang Kai could not think of a way to take them away, and was reluctantly forced let them stay.

The Endless Sea lived up to its name, the blue waves rising and falling beneath him seemed to join together with the infinite blue sky, letting people give birth to a feeling of being lost in this vast expanse, helpless to escape and an anxiety that develops into fear.

The good news was that it had been good weather all day; the storms Yang Kai had worried about were nowhere in sight.

Having flown for so long, Yang Kai was really exhausted, the harsh wind blowing in his face made it feel numb till the point he thought it would fall off. Although his physical consumption was serious, his spirit was not tired. Yang Kai guessed that this was related to him receiving the Soul Warming Lotus. With this supreme Heaven and Earth Treasure constantly sustaining his soul, naturally he wouldn’t feel fatigued.

Squinting, about fifty miles in front of him, Yang Kai saw the outline of an island and became excited, quickly turning towards it and flying over.

Shortly after, he touched down. With the Flaming Yang Wings, crossing this amount of distance was nothing.

Landing on it, Yang Kai saw that this piece of land couldn’t really be called an island, more like a few square feet in area rock, which had somehow emerged from the sea.

Not caring in the slightest, Yang Kai threw down his sacs and collapsed onto the rock, unable to move, gasping for breath.

After a long rest, Yang Kai finally recovered some of his strength, his hands rubbing his face, slowly restoring feeling to it.

“Don’t worry young master, you have not even reached the True Element Boundary, once you do you can use your True Qi to protect your body, then flying long distances will not be so difficult.” Old Demon comforted.

“Now I understand why those below the True Element Boundary who have flying artifacts refuse to use them easily, it really is uncomfortable.” Yang Kai clicked his tongue.

“Actually, young master’s performance could be considered exceptional, if you had not earlier refined those few blood clotting beads, substantially increasing your own blood force, it would have been impossible to hold on for so long.”

After spending the greater part of a day restoring his physical strength, Yang Kai set out again.

It was another day and night before he saw the distant sight of land appear again.

However, the Flaming Yang Wings on his back stood out too much, and the two sacs he was carrying had many things which could not be exposed, otherwise it would provoke a life and death disaster. So Yang Kai deliberately searched for a remote location and determined no one was around before landing.

Checking himself, his dantian now only had a few dozen drops of Yang Liquid left. In these past two days of time, he had spent more than four hundred drops of Yang Liquid; this kind of consumption, if he had not over prepared earlier, he would never have made it.

Looking around, Yang Kai was not familiar with this place, but it should not be far from Sea City, because on the Red Cloud Sect’s ship, every day he would observe their route, so when he left the island, he was simply retracing his steps.

Searching for a long time, he finally found a main road.

Yang Kai was covered in dirt, his clothes torn and damaged, he looked no different from a poor street beggar, but the two sacs he was carrying were definitely eye catching. If he encountered some bandits along the road it would likely be troublesome.

Walking along the road, he eventually came across a small teahouse and managed to ask the old couple in charge for directions, finally having some idea of where he was heading.

From here to Sea City was around a thousand miles.

After confirming where he was, Yang Kai re-opened his Flaming Yang Wings and flew in the direction of Sea City.

Once there, he would settle all his unfinished business and grudges!

After an hour or so, Yang Kai arrived near Sea City, choosing not to go directly into the city, but instead finding the seaside hut where he had first met the old man and Xiao Yu.

The front door was broken and the sea breeze was blowing into the house, making it unusually cold.

Walking inside, Yang Kai found that the interior of the house was exactly the same as it was that night he was taken; obviously the old man and the silent little girl had left everything when they had fled.

That night he had left the old man with a lot of silver coins, enough for him and the little girl to live their entire lives without worry. As long as they were careful, they shouldn’t experience any suffering later.

Looking for a safe and secluded place nearby, Yang Kai carefully hid the two sacks, only taking an Earth Grade Mid-Rank herb along to exchange for some silvers.

One day later, Yang Kai appeared in Sea City.

With no immediate purpose, he just went around to inquire about useful news. A few days later, Yang Kai had a firm grasp of current events, returning that night to the broken seaside house.

After three days, Yang Kai took action; his goal, the Red Cloud Sect! Although the deaths of the three Jiang ladies had little to do with the Red Cloud Sect, they were nonetheless somewhat related, not to mention, Yang Kai and the Red Cloud Sect had irreconcilable grudges. On top of all that, the silent little girl’s parents were also likely killed by the Red Cloud Sect.

One night passed as he quietly flew about, arranging some things.

Now all he needed to do was wait and watch the show.

Early morning, Ancient Cloud Island.

Disciples woke from their cultivation and performed their duties, dealing with the island’s various chores.

As an Endless Sea Islands first-class force, Ancient Cloud Island occupied more than three islands, compared to the Red Cloud Sect, whether it was its heritage or the quality of its disciples, they were all several times better.

Relying on the resources produced from these three islands, their disciples were doing quite well, producing several once in a hundred years geniuses, and even though they were not on the level of those monsters from transcendent factions like the Supreme Solitary Sect, they were indeed prominent and well-known, with few people daring to provoke them.

However, the disciples of Ancient Cloud Island all knew a secret that could not be discussed inside the Main Sect. It was that three hundred years ago, the Sect had lost its supreme Secret Art and to this day it had not been recovered.

Every Endless Sea Island Great Sect had a similar secret.

But young people were always curious about such things, and the wind would often leak through the cracks, nothing could remain hidden forever. One person passed it to two, those two would pass it on to three more, private discussion were filled with such chatter, everyone was aware that it was only in front of the elders that this matter must not be mentioned.

Zhong Miao was only a Common Disciple within Ancient Cloud Island, her aptitude was nothing special; after having stayed on the island for several years she was now a Qi Transformation Stage second stage.

She lived in a remote place on Ancient Cloud Island, and was responsible for feeding a few peacocks that also lived there. These peacocks were the favourite pets of one of the Island’s Elders, and usually she had nothing to do in addition to taking care of them and cultivating diligently. She was well aware of her own mediocre aptitude, and if she wanted to receive the same treatment as those geniuses of Ancient Cloud Island, that would be more difficult than ascending to the heavens.

She did not blame anyone, instead just doing what she could on her own.

Waking up in the morning, Zhong Miao opened the door as usual to feed those obviously more important than her peacocks, but after only stepping outside, she saw a dagger inserted into her door with a letter hanging beneath it.

[That’s strange, who would write me a letter here?]

Zhong Miao felt puzzled, but still reached out and removed the letter. Scanning it with her eyes, she saw that there was a message written on it stating, “Ancient Cloud Island, Island Lord, Elders or above!”

Zhong Miao suddenly pursed her lips, thinking this was one of her fellow disciples playing a trick on her.

This kind of thing had often happened in the past. With her low status, lack of contacts, and average looks, there was always some annoying Senior Brother or Senior Sister who would bully her for fun.

But this letter’s line of text was too strange, actually saying it was for the “Island Lord, Elders or above.”

[Since this is supposedly for the Island Lord or the Elders, why would it be inserted into my door!?] Zhong Miao breathed heavily, feeling some grievances, those people were really too annoying.

Feeling quite annoyed, she eventually opened the letter and took out what appeared to be an old yellow page from some book.

Looking over it, she whispered, “Broken Moon Transformation Art?”

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Reading these words, she was momentarily stunned.

[Why does this name sound familiar? And this yellow page looks at least hundreds of years old, like some antique.]

“Broken Moon Transformation Art?” Zhong Miao whispered again, a piece of information gradually appearing from the depths of her mind, her eyes suddenly went round and her face filled with shock. She was unable to keep her hands from trembling, as if this old yellow page had suddenly become burning hot.

[Isn’t… isn’t this the name of our Sects’ supreme Secret Art?] She had privately heard some rumors saying that three hundred years ago the Sect had lost its Secret Art, and it was called the Broken Moon Transformation Art.

Some days ago she had heard from the Elder who had come to see the peacocks himself that if they still had the Broken Moon Transformation Art, those talented Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters cultivation the speed would be significantly faster.

[Is this real or fake?] Zhong Miao suddenly became flustered, almost wanting to cry.

Looking at the yellowed page, she quickly put it back into the letter, then, even refusing to take care of the peacocks, she dashed off towards the Main Sect.

On her way she met a few annoying senior disciples, but now Zhong Miao didn’t have the mind to pay any attention to their ridiculing words.

After running more than a dozen miles, she finally came to the master of those peacocks, Han Chao, Han Elder’s residence.

But before she could enter, she was stopped by two Senior Brothers.

“What is it?” One of them asked coldly.

Zhong Miao took a few deep breaths, slowly collecting her thoughts, she did her best to calmly reply, “Two Senior Brothers, I want to see Elder Han, I have something important to report.”

Although her status and cultivation were low, but she understood the importance of this matter, and obviously would not discuss news about the Broken Moon Transformation Art lightly.

However, that Senior Brother only sneered, “Elder Han is in retreat, no one shall disturb him.”

“But I really have a matter of utmost urgency to tell him.” Zhong Miao had felt so anxious she was afraid she might die while rushing over here, but she was being coldly rejected by this Senior Brother.

“Aren’t you that little girl who feeds the peacocks, what important matter could you possibly have?” The other person chuckled; obviously he was looking down on this Junior Sister.

Zhong Miao puffed her cheeks and glared towards these two Senior Brothers, but they refused to relent, insisting on making life difficult for her. Thinking quickly on her feet, she summoned some unknown courage from within her, cupped her hands over her mouth, and yelled loud enough to be heard miles away, “Elder Han, it’s terrible, all your peacocks have died!”

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