Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 199

Or else how would things be so coincidental?

But even if Gu Feng clearly understood all this, he had no choice but to follow this script and be an executioner. This matter was simply too important to Ancient Cloud Island.

Who was this person? With such thorough and ruthless means, they were really not to be overlooked.

At the same time, at a restaurant in Sea City, Yang Kai was sitting by the windows, holding a glass of wine, looking toward the direction of Red Cloud Island, completely indifferent.

Sipping his drink.

Yang Kai had been sat here from morning till evening, not moving an inch.

The war on Red Cloud Island’s also took place from morning to evening, most of their disciples slaughtered; only a few fish escaped the net.

The results were overwhelming, Ancient Cloud Island had brought two hundred people, and with only thirty or so wounded, they had destroyed a third-class Sect. This price was definitely worth it.

When night fell, Yang Kai paid a few silvers, and slowly left the restaurant.

All he did was leave the Broken Moon Transformation Art on the Red Cloud Sect, and then take its title page to Ancient Cloud Island.

Nothing more!

Flipping his hand, the Red Cloud Sect had been destroyed!

Sea City, Thousand Gold Revelry Floor.

This was a place to seek pleasures, the local brothel, filled with girls dressed to seduce, beckoning and inviting. Their clothes left nothing to the imagination yet retained a graceful style, escorting patrons upstairs by the arm, laughing and flirting the whole time.

Outside the gate, there were many enchanting girls blatantly soliciting guests, from time to time there would be some dignified well-dressed people pulled into the store.

Half the street was filled with sweet and immoral incense.

When Yang Kai came to the Thousand Gold Revelry Floor, just as he was about walk in, a seventeen or eighteen year old girl came up to him. This girl had delicate features, and appeared slightly pale, but it did not detract from her beauty.

The seductive maiden’s eyes beckoned, skillfully laughing, she performed an elegant greeting, “Welcome, Young Lord!”

Her voice was crisp and sweet, causing Yang Kai’s eyes to shine.

Thinking back, since the incident on the island with Yu Ao Qing, where he had forcefully suppressed his desires, quite some time had passed. And with the increase in his cultivation, his dual cultivation art’s influence had also grown. Now, with a willing girl in front of him, of course Yang Kai couldn’t help his mind wandering.

Here, as long as one had money, it was fine to do whatever they wanted, free of moral constraints; everyone was a willing participant, each getting what they desired. It was transaction, after a night, no one would give it a second thought; it was a perfect place to vent frustrations.

But the thought of this seemingly pure girl having been tasted by an unknown number of people suddenly dulled Yang Kai’s enthusiasm.

The young girl quietly read the mood, smiling sweetly she asked, “Is this Young Lord’s first time?”

Yang Kai blushed and said, “Of course not.”

Although she was young, this girl had been in this line of work for some time now, and her vision was quite sharp, naturally she would not expose Yang Kai’s lie, instead only stepping forward, stretching out a jade like hand and lightly holding Yang Kai’s arm saying, “If Young Lord wants to have some fun, perhaps Little Servant can be of service, hmm?”

Yang Kai nodded his head up and down, a bit awkwardly.

The young girl laughed and led Yang Kai inside. While they walked, he rich breasts intentionally or unintentionally brushed past Yang Kai’s arm.

With her stimulus, Yang Kai’s breathing became a little heavy, and the more certain the girl became of her guess, this really was this Little Lords first time coming to such an establishment.

Stepping into the inner hall, a gust of hot air blew past. Since it was a brothel, the interior decoration was obviously somewhat suggestive; the surrounding walls all featured stimulating murals, and the screens, tables, and chairs of the lobby were adorned by many fanciful patterns.

Yang Kai’s gaze wandered as he was shocked.

[*Gulp*… who knew there were many strange and incredible… methods!]

[Well, when I go back to High Heaven Pavilion, I must find Su Yan and try these out.]

(Silavin: Haha. Isn’t it lucky we all have internet to search for these?)

The lobby was filled with sensual noise, some people blatantly molested the girls’ chests, others engaged in a passionate kiss, still more would push their hands under the girls’ clothes, wantonly groping, breathing heavily, the moans of pleasure ringing in the ears of everyone.

Yang Kai was so over-stimulated that his face went red.

The young girl drew closer, standing on tiptoe, her lips lightly whispered next to Yang Kai’s ear, “Young Lord, do you want to eat or drink, or perhaps, you’d like to spend some time alone with Little Servant in her room? Anything you’d like, please just ask.”

“It’s a bit noisy here.”

“Then Young Lord should come with me!” The young girl chuckled and pulled Yang Kai’s hand towards stairs leading up.

On the third floor, spotting an empty room, the young girl pulled Yang Kai gently.

“Since this is Young Lord’s first visit, Little Servant will arrange some refreshments to be sent over.” The young girl coxed in an intimate and gentle voice.

“Please wait.” Yang Kai abruptly said.

The young girl smiled, covering her mouth flirtatiously, “Is there something the matter Young Lord?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “No, it’s just … I prefer older women.”

The young girls surprised a moment, but did not get annoyed, everyone had their own preferences, even if she had not met a hundred men she had at least met eighty, many people had their own special hobbies.

“Then shall Little Servant call you an Elder Sister?” The girl sweetly consulted Yang Kai.

“No need, call your proprietress over instead.” Said Yang Kai.

The young girl was suddenly dumbstruck.

She had seen many guests, but no one had ever mentioned such a request. The brothel’s proprietress, although when she was young was also a companion girl, but with the passing of time, fewer people were interested in her. Because no guests wanted her to accompany them, she had instead become a “manager”.

The young girl hesitated, “Young Lord, are you sure you want to request our den mother?”

“Just call her!” Yang Kai hurriedly threw her silvers.

The young girl nodded, “Then would Young Lord please wait a moment, I do not know whether Mama is willing, I’ll have to ask.”

[This Young Lord, he does not seem very old, how is his preference such old women? Our Thousand Gold Revelry Floor’s Mama is already more than 40 years old, the difference in their age must be similar to a mother and son, this fetish is a bit too extreme isn’t it?]

(Silavin: I always have this belief. Do not judge a person by their fetish ???? – as long as it doesn’t affect your life.)

(Skoll: I always have this belief. Certain fetishes should never see the light of day.)

(Silavin: Milf-Whaling is alright. 75% of the US population is obese so… prepare the harpoons!)

However, if a guest wanted this kind of woman it was his freedom, the young girl would naturally not block business for the Thousand Gold Revelry Floor, as long as he paid there was no other concern.

After Yang Kai waited for a moment in the room, the door finally opened; looking up, he saw somewhat hefty woman wearing thick makeup walk in.

When she was young she should have been quite pretty, but now that she had aged and her body had become plump, the charm of her youth had given way, leaving only some excess fat around the navel region.

Having just heard that young girl say there was a young master who wanted her to accompany him for some wine, the proprietress was naturally happy, and had quickly rushed over.

When she came in and saw he was actually a young handsome little brother, she was even more elated. [This Old Lady still has some charm after all.]

(Silavin: I can’t… I just can’t…)

Stepping inside, she gave a charming smile while displaying her appeal, courteously greeting, “Young Lord …”

She had not finished speaking when suddenly Yang Kai reached out to her, and shoved her into a nearby chair.


A sharp dagger was suddenly inserted in front of her.

(Silavin: That was fast o.0 already starting?)

The proprietress’ face suddenly became pale, shifting her eyes towards the dagger, trembling in fear.

“Young Lord, what do you want?” This woman was not a fool, she immediately understand that Yang Kai was not here for pleasure but instead to make trouble.

(Silavin: I wonder how many people got misled by my previous comment?)

“I have something to ask you.” Yang Kai pulled up a chair and sat down in front of her, his voice icy cold.

“Please ask Young Lord, if this servant knows anything she will not hide it.” The proprietress panicked.

“Three or four months ago, did you buy a roughly thirty year old woman?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes toward the proprietress.

She quickly responded, “Young Lord please be more specific, this servant is not quite clear what you mean? Women are often sold to this business.”

“She was sold here by the Miao family.”

The proprietress’ face twitched slightly.

Yang Kai stare harder into her eyes and continued, “She also ruined her own face, swearing to die, and then was sold to the Red Cloud Sect! Can you remember now?”

The proprietress shook her head, “No Young Lord, this servant does not remember such a person…”

Yang Kai’s hand swiftly flew out and a crisp sound was heard; the face of the proprietress now suddenly had a dark palm mark.

“It’s true…”

Another slap struck her face.

“Young Lord…”


“This humble servant did not lie to you!”


“Humble servant remembers.” The proprietress could only endure a few slaps, her face now swollen and her eyes dull, several of her teeth had also been knocked out, if she continued to insist, she would probably suffer a living death. This young man in front of her was obviously a vicious and ruthless cold blooded warrior, how could an ordinary person like her resist?

“There was such a woman, but her body was not defiled, and her face was ruined by her own hand, it had nothing to do with our business.”

“I know.” Yang Kai nodded slightly and asked, “Then, who was it that beat her and forced her to receive guests?”

“That… it…” The proprietress was now trembling; she had never imagined that that beautiful woman would have such a terrifying background.

“Who was it!?” Yang Kai pulled out the dagger in front of her and mercilessly pried off one of her fingernails.

“It was this servant, Young Lord mercy, please have mercy, I only whipped her a few times, whenever a new girl is sold to the floor, if she won’t cooperate, she is always disciplined so. This unworthy servant did not know she was one of Young Lord’s people, if this servant had known, even in the face of death she would not have dared to harm her.” The proprietress quickly got on her knees, kowtowing repeatedly, smashing her head onto the floor.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and with a cold gleam in his eyes, placed the dagger on her neck.

“Please, please don’t kill me!” The proprietress screamed in terror, “This servant has told you everything she knows, I beg you, spare my life!”

As her voice faded, the dagger in Yang Kai’s hands drew a circle, blood splashed, and the proprietress’ eyes gradually dimmed, her body falling softly to the floor.

Wiping the blood from the dagger, Yang Kai got up and left the room, slowly walking out.

The young girl who had led him inside came up to Yang Kai, gently smiling, “Did Young Lord enjoy himself?”

Yang Kai ignored her, this attitude surprised the young girl and she could not help quickly running up to the third floor room she had left him, pushing the door open, what she saw was the bloodied floor, and the proprietress body lying limp on the ground.

A piercing scream rang out and the whole Thousand Gold Revelry Floor suddenly plunged into chaos.

Sea City, Miao Family’s bustling, well-lit manor.

Miao Hua Cheng had settled in Sea City not too long ago, but he was a man of some cunning and ability and had obtained some small success. He married a girl from the Shang family, fathered a few children, set down roots, and these years had developed his family quite a bit. Although the family could not be considered large, every year they could still harvest two or three thousand silvers, so Miao Hua Cheng had no need to worry about food or clothing, and could live in relative ease.

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