Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 201

*Ka kaka* Old Demon cackled, his Soul Breaker Awl flitting back and forth, every time it flashed, another life would be taken. It was not long before more than a dozen of these old men, all Qi Transformation Stage guards, were lying on the ground.

With dead bodies strewn all over, the stench of blood filling the air, Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi whirled around like a violent storm, his whole body covered in Evil Qi, coupled with his dark clothes, he truly looked like a demon.

*Bang!* The courtyard’s main door burst open and Miao Hua Cheng rushed out from the house. The first thing he saw was the chaotic scene Yang Kai had painted, suddenly feeling a cold chill run down his spine.

He had heard the ruckus Yang Kai had caused since he arrived to make trouble for the Miao Family, but with two naked beauties before him, he had been reluctant to get involved, barely managing to force himself up. However, even if he knew a battle was going on outside, he first had to get dressed, or else wouldn’t he have to fight naked?

While he changed though, the continuous screams of the guards had made him panic, even forgetting to do up all his buttons.

Donning his hastily worn robes, he finally rushed out and was stunned to see that none of the guards had survived; all of them lay dead at his feet.

Only about a hundred feet in front of him he saw a man wrapped in black clothes, slowly stepping towards him. However, his swirling Yuan Qi, although violent, still indicated that he was only peak Qi Transformation Stage.

This discovery allowed Miao Hua Cheng’s panicking heart to settle somewhat.

“Who are you?” Miao Hua Cheng roared furiously, his hate filled eyes staring at Yang Kai.

The other side did not answer, instead gradually accelerating his pace.

“You court death!” Miao Hua Cheng raged, and also began advancing towards Yang Kai, the distance between the two quickly closing.

It wasn’t until they reached thirty feet from each other that Miao Hua Cheng suddenly pointed his finger towards Yang Kai, a sharp wind rushed out, emitting a whistling sound.

Yang Kai instinctively shifted his body, letting the wind brush past, leaving only a small bloodstain.

Miao Hua Cheng was shocked, he had not expected that at such a close distance, the other side had actually escaped his own attack, but he did not panic, instead laughing maliciously he launched another finger.

This was not a high grade martial skill, but it won in terms of speed and Yuan Qi consumption, making it difficult for opponents to face.

While launching his attack, his eyes suddenly lost trace of Yang Kai, and the next moment, Miao Hua Cheng felt a blistering heat approaching his back.

“You little shit!” Although he was shocked by Yang Kai’s speed, Miao Hua Cheng was still a peak Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivator, how could he not have some hidden tricks.

Reflexively using some unknown movement skill, Miao Hua Cheng shot forward several tens of feet, causing Yang Kai’s attack to hit nothing but air.

Turning around, Miao Hua Cheng while still mid-air launched a double palm skill, pushing his Yuan Qi to the limit, he shouted, “Slaughtering Wind!”

The whistling sound of wind could be heard vaguely, and Miao Hua Cheng’s two palms suddenly became blurred, one by one emitting wind blades invisible to the naked eye, rapidly flying out towards Yang Kai.

Although he could not see these attacks with his eyes, Yang Kai’s sense were unusually sharp, allowing him to perceive the trajectories and movements of these wind blades.

His image flashed, swiftly avoiding them.

*Woosh* The wind blades flew past, brushing past Yang Kai’s clothes and striking the ground behind him, leaving a line of cracks on the floor. However, Yang Kai was still unharmed, only a few pieces of his dark robes went flying.

Miao Hua Cheng grinned, increasing his speed a little, he shouted, “Let’s see how long you can dodge!”

More than a dozen wind blades flew out at the same time, blocking off any escape route Yang Kai had.

Yang Kai’s look went cold, no longer holding back, he furiously pushed his True Yang Yuan Qi, his whole body emitting a dazzling flame as bright as the sun, crossing his arms in front of his chest, he braced himself for the impact.

A series of dull sounds burst, the wind blades had struck, leaving cuts all over his chest, arms, neck, and thighs. The cuts were deep, all spewing blood, giving an appalling appearance.

However, Miao Hua Cheng was surprised, because through this exchange, although he had injured his opponent, he had failed to take the other’s life. It could even be said that those injuries were only minor injuries, skin traumas that did not even reach the bone.

How could this dark Yuan Qi be so vigorous and pure, able to withstand his own peak Separation and Reunion Boundary full force martial skill?

Seeing Yang Kai suffer such a loss, Old Demon was furious and implored him to let him attack, but Yang Kai strongly refused.

This battle, he wanted to settle it by himself!

Not only was he doing this to explore the full extent of his current strength, but Yang Kai also wanted to use this battle to consolidate his sensibility and break through. If he had Old Demon’s help, taking Miao Hua Cheng’s life would not be difficult, but that would be contrary to his own martial path.

Aware of Yang Kai’s determination, Old Demon could only encourage him to be careful and no longer interfered, just waiting within the Soul Breaker Awl, guarding against any outside interference.

It wasn’t until now that Miao Hua Cheng finally saw Yang Kai’s face clearly, this dark robed figure was actually only a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy. His expression showed unyielding determination, mocking laughter, madness, bloodlust, and calm, all perfectly blended together in one place, giving a strange feeling of chaotic contradiction and coordination all at once.

Miao Hua Cheng frowned, calling out, “Young man, have we met somewhere before?”

As soon as he saw this face, he felt that it was vaguely familiar, but he could not remember where he had seen it.

In fact it was a few months ago when he had last seen Yang Kai, but back then his appearance was that of a little beggar covered in dirt. How could Miao Hua Cheng possibly associate this awe-inspiring, bursting with Evil Qi Yang Kai with that time’s little beggars?

No answer came, the other side simply refused to speak.

“Damn little bastard, you dare act presumptuously in my Miao Family Home, you court death!” Miao Hua Cheng no longer bothered talking, activating his movement skill and arriving in front of Yang Kai, he began furiously attacking, desperately trying to take his life.

Yang Kai also activated his movement skill to deal with him, sometimes attacking with his palms, sometimes punching with his fists, engaging in a fierce battle with Miao Hua Cheng.

Gradually, the gap in cultivation, a full great realm, began to show as Yang Kai soon found himself at a disadvantage, only able to passively defend himself. On the other hand Miao Hua Cheng’s momentum continued to increase, his face now showing a contemptuous sneer.

But Yang Kai was not anxious, although he was fighting with a peak Separation and Reunion Boundary master, continuously suffering losses, and could even be said to be a risk of serious injury or even death, he continued to push forward with his stubborn determination.

He needed to experience this gap between life and death to consolidate his own martial arts sensibility in order to push beyond his current limits and break through to the next realm.

This could not be considered as an intelligent choice, but rather a desperate gamble. Yang Kai’s behavior could be described as walking a wire at high-altitude. All Old Demon could do was watch in fright as a soul wrenching feeling possessed him.

As he suffered more and more injuries, and his body’s Yuan Qi rioted violently, the heat from his bones burned stronger and stronger; it was as if he could not suppress the energy stored in the Unyielding Golden Body and it was constantly on the verge of bursting out.

While Yang Kai was being suppressed, with only his peak Qi Transformation Stage cultivation he was still putting up a fight against Miao Hua Cheng.

On the other hand, Miao Hua Cheng, an old wily cultivator who held numerous cards, was attacking furiously, but he was always unable to kill Yang Kai. Although he had given him multiple injuries, the other side always managed to avoid death, and had actually managed to not even suffer any serious blows.

As time passed, Miao Hua Cheng faintly began to feel something was not quite right.

The crazy kid in front of him, his rioting Yuan Qi was slowly showing signs of convergence, the frequency of his counterattacks were increasing and becoming more difficult to cope with; they were reckless and without any pattern or strategy to them.

A smile slowly emerged on Yang Kai’s face, he faintly felt the bottleneck preventing him from ascending to the next realm begin to shake, causing him to focus even greater attention on experiencing this life and death battle.

His defensive style up till now gradually began to change, as if some invisible burden had been lifted from him, allowing his movements become free flowing and unpredictable, gradually shifting from defence to offence.

After another brief exchange, Yang Kai’s sensibility became much more profound, with the Yuan Qi surging in his body, bringing power to his fists, and then experiencing the effects it brought to his enemy and his surroundings, further cementing his understanding.

“Slaughtering Moon Mirror!” Miao Hua Cheng suddenly roared, finally unleashing his strongest attack. Yuan Qi exploded, and a dozen of Miao Hua Cheng’s figures appeared, like avatars. These Miao Hua Chengs all raised their fists and smiled at Yang Kai, smashing towards him with all their might.

This was his trump card, a dozen phantom images, reality became filled with illusion, and illusion would be shrouded in reality; for a cultivator at the same level, it would be extremely difficult to distinguish between them, but today, in order to deal with a peak Qi Transformation Stage brat he was actually forced to display it. Having been pushed to this point Miao Hua Cheng felt endless anger and resentment.

But with this it would end. Having brought out Slaughtering Moon Mirror, this kid would certainly die! Miao Hua Cheng held the utmost confidence in this fact.

However, Yang Kai was like an ancient well, completely still, quietly watching the enemy figures around him, his momentarily confused eyes suddenly becoming clear.

“Follow one’s heart, through the diverging and rejoining path, what is good, what is evil, only adhering to one’s beliefs, one’s will and whims, that shall guide one’s own martial path!”

Yang Kai’s originally converging Yuan Qi suddenly surged out with ferocious volatility, many times more than anything up to this point, like a great avalanche, crashing down a mountain, even someone as strong as Miao Hua Cheng, feeling this fierce turbulence for the first time, also felt a deep sense of dread.

[Did he accidentally step onto the path on becoming a Devil?]

Moreover, this youth in front of him, had broken through to the Separation and Reunion Boundary!

Almost at the moment of his breakthrough, Yang Kai also used Unyielding Will.

It was like having just reached the Separation and Reunion Boundary, then instantly rising to peak Separation and Reunion Boundary!

He was now tied in cultivation with Miao Hua Cheng.

Calmly throwing out a punch, True Yang Yuan Qi ferociously exploded, and the surrounding dozen Miao Hua Chengs, shattered like the glass of a broken mirror.

In that instant, Miao Hua Cheng spat blood and was sent flying out.

Once their cultivations became equal, Miao Hua Cheng was completely suppressed by Yang Kai!

Struggling to get up, Miao Hua Cheng looked in shock towards Yang Kai. What he saw was the face of a crazy youth filled with madness but still oddly calm, eyes filled with a brutal and bloodthirsty light. The image flashed and suddenly this madman was before him.

“Who are you… What hatred is there between us?” Miao Hua Cheng paled, he knew that he had lost; now all he wanted to know was why this calamity had befallen him.

But still, there was no answer!

Desperately holding down the fear in his heart, Miao Hua Cheng shouted, “You can’t kill me, my son, Miao Lin, is a disciple of the Red Cloud Sect, and the Red Cloud Elders highly value him, if you kill me, you’ll regret it!”

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