Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 202

But the other side obviously did not put the Red Cloud Sect in his eyes, and in a flash he appeared right in front of him, throwing a seemingly casual palm towards his chest, then gently removing it, his eyes filled with a ruthless light.

Miao Hua Cheng felt like his heart had been gripped by a burning hand, sharply contracting, followed immediately by a ferocious expansion.

*Cough* Miao Hua Cheng spat out a mouthful of blood, and his skin turned red, like he was being boiled alive. Although he had not died, he had suffered no small loss.

Old Demon took advantage of this moment, launching the Soul Breaker Awl into Miao Hua Cheng body, delivering the fatal blow.

[Who is this man? Why does he want to exterminate my Miao Family!]

Before his death, Miao Hua Cheng’s only thought was about how he could have possibly provoked this young man, but in the end he was still clueless. It had to be said, being killed while not even knowing why, Miao Hua Cheng had truly died in vain.

In the sky above Sea City, a huge whirlpool of World Energy gathered around Yang Kai.

When breaking through a great realm, one would also have to accept a baptism of World Energy.

Yang Kai fully activated his movement skill, quickly leaving the Miao Family home, soon reappearing near the Endless Sea.

That night, the winds howled and the waves crashed. Numerous Sea City cultivators looked toward the beach on the horizon, they knew there was someone breaking through, causing the sight of heaven and earth conjugating, but the scale and scope was so terrifying that they were afraid to even get close, only daring to look from afar, faces filled with worship and envy.

This man was definitely a master! Most likely a True Element Boundary cultivator had broke through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary, otherwise how could there be such a massive disturbance? Sea City’s cultivator’s overall strength was not high; naturally they did not dare disturb an Immortal Ascension Boundary master.

But who could have thought that such a vision was only the World Energy baptism caused by a mere fifteen-year-old boy, breaking through the Qi Transformation Stage to the Separation and Reunion Boundary. If they knew, their chins might have simply dropped off their faces.

The chaotic movement continued for more than half the night before gradually stopping, and after the storm, some vaguely saw a mass of flames fly up, rushing out into the depths of the Endless Sea.

Through the flames, what seemed to be a pair of wings was faintly visible. But even if someone saw it, they would have a hard time believing their eyes, assuming it had been nothing but an illusion.


~ Dawn, Red Cloud Island.


Yang Kai had come to the right peninsula, and stood on the mountain top with the Madame, each gazing out onto the horizon.

The whole Red Cloud Island was now bleak, including the right peninsula. One could almost smell the spilled blood in the air. Everywhere one looked, there were mountains of corpses and remnants of a battle. The beach which had been dyed dark red with still wet blood, while the buildings were all torn apart, leaving only ruins.

Up above, crowds of birds flew around as the earth groaned.

Red Cloud Sect had been completely massacred!

In front of Yang Kai was a skeleton, wearing a broken green and white dress, it was the same dress that Madame Jiang was wearing the day they parted.

This skeleton was quietly sitting on the mountain, like an ancient stone.

Yang Kai could almost picture the scene here after he had left Madame Jiang. She had been sitting here unmoving, her eyes gazing towards the direction of Sea City’s Miao Family.

In the blowing breeze, her hair softly fluttered. Her eyes dyed gray, hazed over like dark clouds covering the sky, unable to see light, unable to see hope.

She remained so, until the end of her life, never closing her eyes.

Until last night, she bore witness to the destruction of the Miao family, and saw Miao Hua Cheng die in the hands of Yang Kai.

To return to heaven and enter back to the cycle of reincarnation, what was necessary?

Clearing one’s resentment! Seeing those who wronged you punished!

(Silavin: I’m going to add on from here – Regrets, unease, worries and sorrows; to truly die and enter return to samsara, one has to die fulfilled. Else, they would wander, eons alone.

p.s To enter the cycle of rebirth, you have to enter the state of ‘Buddha’)

Yang Kai took out a pot of wine, and paid respects to the Madame in front of him, gently reaching out his hand, wanting to bury her bones, but the moment his hand touched her, she suddenly collapsed, falling to the ground in a pile of dust.

There was a sudden gust of wind, and her remains were blown off Red Cloud Island, scattering over the Endless Sea.

Yang Kai eyes squinted, his face showing a sad and somewhat desolate look.

On that day, he would have liked to take away Madame Jiang. But, she had silently refused; her heart had already died, living for her was nothing more than torture and misery. Perhaps it was the best fate she could hope for to follow her dead husband, freeing her from such pain.

Yang Kai had understood her wish, but thinking back now, he was still not sure whether his choice that day was correct.

Sensing the bleak and weary mood of Yang Kai, Old Demon remained silent for a long time before speaking, “Young master, this Madame would not blame you, and for her, would death not be a relief instead?”

Yang Kai remained silent for a long time before turning, releasing his Flaming Yang Wings and flying toward the beach.

Perhaps for her, it was truly a relief, but for him, there was still a trace of regret.

Over the next two days, Yang Kai took out a lot of exotic flowers he had obtained from Hidden Island, and exchanged them with people in Sea City for Yang property Precious Treasures, then refining them into Yang Liquid stored in his dantian.

Two nights later, Yang Kai lifted his two large parcels, and flew off towards the north.

Just after Yang Kai left Sea City, in the Endless Sea Islands, all the great Sects received shocking and exciting news.

Supreme Solitary Sect, “What? Ancient Cloud Island found their long lost Broken Moon Transformation Art? Is this news true?”

Asura Sect, “What? Ancient Cloud Island found their Broken Moon Transformation Art? Is there any news about my Asura Sect’s treasured sword?”

Falling Blossom Temple, “Broken Moon Transformation Art has been found? What about our Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia? It was part of the foundation our temple, and it was also lost in those days along with the Broken Moon Transformation Art!”

Scarlet Refining Sect, “Go to Ancient Cloud Island, we must inquire about the whereabouts of the Sect Master’s Token.”

Dragon Cloud Island… etc…

More than a dozen great Sects received news that Ancient Cloud Island’s supreme Secret Art was found, and suddenly could not remain calm. All of their hallowed artifacts had been lost together; it was unreasonable that only Ancient Cloud Island could retrieve theirs while they had received no news about their own. For a time it was chaos, the masters from all the great Sects were out in full force.

Ancient Cloud Island was constantly overcrowded since that day, filled with representatives from all the great Sects in the Endless Sea Islands. Gu Feng and the Ancient Cloud Island Elders had long since grown tired of entertaining them all.

After hearing the full details of how Broken Moon Transformation Art had been recovered, these masters rushed to the remains of Red Cloud Sect.

The pitiful Red Cloud Sect was just a third-class force, and because it infringed upon someone’s taboo it had been annihilated, but that was not the end, as more than a dozen forces again visited Red Cloud Island tossing the Sect’s remains, desperately trying to find their own Sect’s hallowed artifacts lost three hundred years ago.

However, those things had already been taken away by Yang Kai, so how could they possibly find them? Unable to find their treasures these masters were naturally enraged, and in need of something to vent their anger, but with no people here they had nothing but the island itself to attack.

So less than three days later, the entire Red Cloud Island had disappeared from the world, shattered and completely broken.

Yang Kai obviously had no idea that after he left Red Cloud Island would suffer such a fate, and at the time was steadily getting closer to the High Heaven Pavilion.

While in Sea City he had accumulated a lot of Yang Liquid, so he had quickly flown back to the Sect.

Deliberately waiting for night, at a distance of only 50 miles from the High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai landed and switched over to his movement skill.

After an hour, looking towards the High Heaven Pavilion he had left half a year ago, Yang Kai smiled, and the depression he felt from his encounter with Madame Jiang finally improved somewhat.

He had no particular sense of belonging to this Sect, but he knew that waiting inside was a woman who would accompany him for his entire life.

Carrying his two sacks, he secretly snuck into the Sect, but just as he set foot inside, Yang Kai frowned.

“Young master…” Old Demon quickly warned.

“Don’t worry!” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed. He had just noticed that there were many Divine Senses which had swept over himself.

In the past, it was impossible for Yang Kai to feel this; after all, someone who could use their Divine Sense to probe him would have a cultivation of at least the Immortal Ascension Boundary, higher than his own by several great realms.

But since he had received the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai’s perception had become sharp enough that when a Divine Sense had probed him he would be aware of it.

However these Divine Senses were unfamiliar; they were certainly not from an Elder of the High Heaven Pavilion.

Fortunately, these Divine Senses were just probing him and held no malice, quickly checking him and then no longer caring about Yang Kai. However, this discovery let his heart jump a bit.

[Why are there suddenly so many masters in the High Heaven Pavilion?] He had some faint speculations, but ultimately could not help sighing. Evidently, the Sect would not be peaceful anymore.

At almost the exact moment Yang Kai returned to the High Heaven Pavilion, Su Yan, who was in secluded retreat, opened her eyes.

“He’s come back?” Su Yan whispered, lightly biting her lips, her face unable to stop a hint of blush from surfacing. It was as if somewhere, there was a voice calling out to her, whispering to her that the person she longed for was close by, filling her with a kind of sensuous mood, making Su Yan somewhat distraught, unable to maintain her meditation.

[He really is my curse! He had not been here these days, and although sometimes it had been very difficult, but by circulating my Ice Heart Secret Art, I could at least manage to gradually calm down…] However, with this constant testing of her limits, her state of mind had become more and more stable.

But the instant she knew he came back, it was as if her Ice Heart Secret Art had completely lost its role, incapable of calming her heart even the slightest bit.

At that moment, Su Yan did not resist, instead standing up, opening the door, and leaving only a cold wind and dust behind, her body turned into a long white shadow, rushing towards the Coiling Dragon Stream.

Next to Coiling Dragon Stream, Yang Kai looked back and his mouth flashed a faint smile.

“Old Demon, go play by yourself.” Yang Kai threw out Old Demon and the Soul Breaker Awl.

“Hey… *ahem*…” Old Demon was suddenly speechless, [This Old Master is not some three-year-old child, why would Young Master suddenly kick me out like this?]

But the Demonic Qi under the Coiling Dragon Stream also held a great attraction to Old Demon, so he did not hesitate and directly rushed down.

Standing next to the Coiling Dragon Stream for only a few breaths, a white body quickly approached. The figure suddenly stopped around thirty feet from Yang Kai.

Four eyes suddenly met, all overflowing with affection.

Yang Kai’s eyes filled with longing, while Su Yan’s were full of tenderness.

Quietly gazing at each other, each one trying to see just what changes the other had experienced these past few months.

His cultivation had greatly increased, and his figure was somewhat more robust, but his eyes held a trace of hidden vicissitudes and dejection. This seasoned and weary look should not have appeared on someone of his age, but it had added a trace of maturity and calm to him. Seeing all this, Su Yan’s heart suddenly felt a faint pain.

She understood that during these months, Yang Kai must have endured many harsh trials.

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