Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 204

However, such a force had a deeper heritage and longer inheritance than any other Sect in existence; it was said that its history stretched across thousands of years. After so many years, even many superpowers had risen and fell along the endless river of time, but Medicine King Valley still endured like an immortal pillar.

Its status was absolute; even the Eight Great Families did not dare to underestimate the existence know as Medicine King Valley. Every year, countless cultivators from all over the world would bring Precious Treasures and rare materials to Medicine King Valley in order to appeal to their Master Alchemists to refine pills for them. Medicine King Valley had thus formed intricate and unfathomable ties with almost every Sect in existence.

In other words, anyone who dared offend Medicine King Valley was essentially offending the entire world!

There were even rumors that there was once a Great Sect’s Leader who traveled to Medicine King Valley to ask one of the Valley Masters to refine a pill, but for some reason was rejected. In this Sect Leader’s anger, he actually attacked and killed a number of the Valley’s people.

This became a huge incident, and after Medicine King Valley called out for justice, that Great Sect, in the span of a single night, was annihilated.

These rumors were not necessarily true, but they were certainly not groundless, and it accurately portrayed just how terrible the influence of Medicine King Valley was.

Additionally, the Myriad Drug Pond was Medicine King Valley’s forbidden area, rumor had it that miraculous events would often occur there, many alchemy masters would make pilgrimages to Medicine King Valley’s foundation to seek deeper alchemy insight.

The titleless Black Book showing such a line caused Yang Kai no small headache; was he supposed to go to Medicine King Valley’s Myriad Drug Pond to look for something?

Although he had been given such a direction, Yang Kai was certainly not going to go now.

First, he was completely ignorant in the ways of alchemy; going there and making such a request now would only lead to him being thrown out. Second, his priority was as always, to enhance his own strength. Once he had accomplished that, he could then think of a good way to safely sneak into Medicine King Valley to investigate.

Storing away the wordless Black Book, Yang Kai lifted his hand and reached for one of the sacks lying nearby.

This sack was the one filled with the hallowed artifacts which the Endless Sea Island Great Sects had lost three hundred years ago. Now they had all fallen into his hands; not using them would be too wasteful.

Before, when he was on the island, Yang Kai had wanted to refine some of these artifacts for his own use, but at that time, because he was still in the vicinity of the Endless Sea Islands, he was wary of triggering the prohibitions placed upon them, and subsequently alerting their original owners.

But now it was different; he had returned to the High Heaven Pavilion and was tens of thousands of miles away from the Endless Sea Islands, even if the prohibitions were disturbed, they would not be able to convey a message over such a vast distance. As long as he was careful with their use in the future, he would not have to worry about any such problems.

There were three artifacts in total, in addition to the one that required a special art to activate, the remaining sword and a blood begonia could be refined.

The sword was three feet and three inches long. Its whole blade was a deep red, like there was blood flowing within it. After exploring it slightly with his perception, Yang Kai was shocked to hear wailing sounds being emitted by the sword. Evil Qi pulsed, disturbing one’s spirit; if the wielder’s will was not strong enough to stave off this influence, they would instantly fall to the Devil’s path.

This was a cursed blade, the Asura Sect’s sacred treasure, the Asura Sword!

Yang Kai was delighted because he felt he and this sword were quite similar, namely, the hostility it held was similar to that which he released when using his Golden Skeleton. Emitting such a similar atmosphere allowed the two, man and sword, to not have any real barriers between them.

This was perfect, it was at least a Heaven Grade Low-Rank artifact, and it was a slaughtering blade, with it in hand, his attack strength would surge.

Putting the Asura Blade down, Yang Kai then picked up the blood red begonia. It was similar to a begonia flower, but its appearance was more enchanting, its blossoming petals sharp as knives, revealing a exotic and dangerous taste.

Three hundred years of collecting dust still could not eliminate the murderous air of this begonia.

This was definitely an artifact drenched in slaughter! The Falling Blossom Temple had surely killed countless enemies with this artifact. It was like its red colour was the blood of its victims.

These two artifacts were very good, as if they were tailor-made for him. Yang Kai look at one, and then the other, somewhat unable to choose.

Contemplating for a moment, Yang Kai became decisive, deciding to refine both of them; after all, it was just some additional consumption of Yuan Qi and time.

Making up his mind, he was about to act, when suddenly some gravel which was disturbed above him fell on top of his head.

Yang Kai looked up, his face showing a pleasant smile. The location of his secluded cave was known to only two people, one was Su Yan, the other was Xia Ning Chang.

Su Yan had just left, and certainly would not return so quickly, thus there was no need to guess who was coming.

Sure enough, a moment later, Xia Ning Chang flew down from the top of the cliff into the cave, and as Yang Kai was currently blocking the entrance, the two nearly collided head on.

Yang Kai quickly side stepped and caught her, letting her safely land next to him, smiling at her, “Little Senior Sister, I’m back.”

Xia Ning Chang eyes instantly went wet, unable to hide the joy and excitement of their long awaited reunion. Her face was still covered with her characteristic veil, and her forehead was still adorned with a brilliant sapphire. Hearing Yang Kai call out to her so gently, she barely managed to hold back her tears.

A few months ago, he had not even said a single word of parting, instead only leaving a letter! Now he had returned but he had not come to see her, he really was too cruel.

Seeing her gradually dampening eyes, Yang Kai did not dare to speak, afraid that anything he said might accidentally make her cry.

“How did you know that I returned?” Yang Kai quickly shifted her attention.

“Su Yan told me.” Xia Ning Chang gently sniffled, trying her best to endure the bitterness welling up in her heart, tightly gripping her dress, she whispered, “If she did not say anything, I would never have known.”

“I was just about to come tell you.” Yang Kai said, feeling truly guilty.

“Really?” Xia Ning Chang looked up at him, a hint of joy flashing in her eyes.

“Of course.” Yang Kai strongly nodded.

This Little Senior Sister was too easily coaxed! With just two or three sentences, it would dispel her disappointment and grievance, leaving only the joy and happiness.

“Hmph, you still have a little conscience.” Xia Ning Chang pouted adorably.

“Then I’ll give you a gift.” Yang Kai’s said seriously.

“You don’t have to…” Although she said so, Xia Ning Chang still laughed pleasantly, her eyes bent into a crescent moon, full of cheer and satisfaction.

“What kind of gift?” She quietly asked.

Yang Kai smiled, stood up, and walked over to the other big sack; untying it, he showed her his collection of Precious Treasures, replying, “Some herbs.”

“So many!” Xia Ning Chang was shocked, stepping forward, sweeping over them with her eyes she quickly identified the names and grades of these herbs.

“You need herbs and pills to assist you when you cultivate, right? Take a look and see what you need, you can take however much you want.” Yang Kai boldly declared; his heart filled with a sour guilt. He had left adventuring, but had not thought to pick up a gift for Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, it was truly negligent.

“I don’t need any.” Xia Ning Chang examined these herbs one by one. Finished, she looked up and said, “I’ll help you refine them all into pills instead.”

“No no, that would be too burdensome.” With such a big bag of herbs, refining them all into pills, who knows how many days that would take?

“It’s no trouble for me at all.” Xia Ning Chang chuckled, “Refining herbs allows me to cultivate, and it is significantly more efficient than when I use orthodox cultivation techniques. Also, the higher the grade of herbs I refine, the greater the benefits to me. Senior Brother, this bag of materials you’ve brought back is already the best gift you could possibly give me.”

“You’re not trying to fool me right?” Yang Kai looked at her suspiciously.

“I have never lied to anyone.” Xia Ning Chang said in a slightly teasing tone.

*Ke Ke* “I also do not lie.” Yang Kai said embarrassedly. “In that case, I’ll have to trouble you Little Senior Sister.”

“En, you take care of your affairs, leave this pill refining to me.” Xia Ning Chang said very happily.

Yang Kai observed her for a while and found that she was familiar with each of these herbs and in no time had divided and sorted them out.

Smiling, Yang Kai also went into the cave, tidying up his own things.

Inside the secluded cave, Xia Ning Chang sat, quietly humming while fully displaying her magical talent, transforming various herbs into pure liquids, and then condensing it into pills.

Yang Kai also sat cross legged and used his Yuan Qi to refine the Asura Sword.

As time passed by, Xia Ning Chang steadily continued refining pills; that large sack of herbs gradually reduced. When she grew tired from her alchemy, she would stop, go to the back of the cave to look around or nap, and after relaxing for awhile she would then continue refining.

Everyday, Xia Ning Chang would also have to go out, after all, as Meng Wu Ya’s precious disciple, if she went missing for an entire day, Old Man Meng would begin frantically searching for her, making all kinds of unnecessary trouble.

After four or five days, the Asura Sword held in Yang Kai’s hand was gradually connected with him.

As the connection grew stronger, Yang Kai became more and more aware of this slaughtering blade’s Evil Qi and tyrannical presence. It was indeed a Heaven Grade Low-Rank artifact, and with just this sword, Yang Kai’s combat strength would improve a grade.

Finished refining the Asura Sword, Yang Kai stored it into his body, gently breathing a sigh of relief.

After spending so many days refining it, his consumption was quite large, and the Yang Liquid in his dantian was once again depleted a lot.

He had to find a way to add Yang Liquid.

Looking up, Yang Kai engaged his movement skill and dashed out, and a moment later he reappeared, holding two strands of spirit grass.

These were the pure heart grasses he had planted a few months ago which he had bought from Lan Chudie. The two spirit grasses were now mature, and Yang Kai planned to have Xia Ning Chang refine them into pills, consume them, and finally condense out some Yang Liquid.

Replenished with more Yang Liquid, Yang Kai could then continue to refine the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia.

In the following few days, Falling Blossom Temple’s hallowed artifact was also accepted into Yang Kai’s body.

After obtaining two Heaven Grade artifacts, Yang Kai’s strength had been enhanced greatly. Although it was impossible to use the full power of these two artifacts, as long as he continued to nourish them with his Yuan Qi and enhance his own cultivation, there would always be a day when he could display their full potential.

The big sack of herbs had long ago been consumed by Xia Ning Chang’s alchemy, and a variety of pills were now refined out, enough to fill dozens of bottles.

The pure heart pills were the lowest quality at only Earth Grade Low-Rank, but some pills she had refined had even reached Heaven Grade; their value was simply immeasurable.

If he were to eat all of these pills, Yang Kai estimated that he could break through at least one or two small realms. But this amount was truly too much; eating them all in one breath would certainly lead to him needing to refine them for a long time.

So Yang Kai shelved this idea for now.

He had now been back to Sect for half a month, it was high time he checked out the current situation, and with those three great forces residing in High Heaven Pavilion, and their three favored sons having ideas about Su Yan, how could Yang Kai sit still.

She was his woman!

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