Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 205

These days Yang Kai had also inquired about a lot of news from Xia Ning Chang, causing his mind to be in contention.

Walking around High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai first went to the Contribution Hall to greet Meng Wu Ya.

Upon seeing Yang Kai, Meng Wu Ya’s old face suddenly cringed, as if Yang Kai owed him a million silver.

Old Man Meng finally understood why his precious disciple’s gloom and depression had been swept away, and was now happy all day long, yet seldom around.

[Damn it! This little brat is back.] Needless to say, his baby girl must have met with him already, otherwise how could her mood have changed so much?

(Silavin: Hahaha! He’s so precious sometimes)

[Ha… It’s a blessing, not a curse, and if it’s a curse, it can’t be avoided.] He just had to hope his precious apprentice could safely endure this catastrophe.

“Treasurer Meng, I’m back!” Yang Kai greeted him all smiles.

Meng Wu Ya gave a bitter smile, “Good, welcome back. Welcome back…”

A casual and unenthusiastic greeting, totally devoid of the slightest joy.

Speaking till here, Meng Wu Ya’s face suddenly stiffened, quickly examining Yang Kai with his Divine Sense, instantly becoming shocked, “You … you’ve already reached the Separation and Reunion Boundary?”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Meng Wu Ya almost bit his tongue, [How could that be!?] At the very most, he had been gone from High Heaven Pavilion for half a year; that means that only six months ago he had just broken through to the Qi Transformation Stage, and now he had already become a Separation and Reunion Boundary! This kind of cultivation speed was far too fast, it was incredible, simply beyond comprehension.

“How did you do it?” Meng Wu Ya asked as if he had discovered some hidden treasure, staring straight into Yang Kai’s eyes.

“I simply cultivated diligently.” Yang Kai grinned.

Meng Wu Ya no longer inquire further, perhaps if this little brat could maintain this cultivation pace, he would be able to break through the bonds of this small world; only then might he be worthy of his precious disciples favor.

Slightly frowning, Meng Wu Ya said, “You’ve been gone for quite some time, now there are many people looking for you.”

“Why would they want to find me?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“They want to inquire about your martial skill.” Meng Wu Ya explained, “Because of the blow you delivered to the sixth-order Monster Beast in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, many people are interested in it.”

Yang Kai chuckle loudly, “If they want it, and they can come up with an appropriate price, there’s no harm is selling it to them.”

Star Mark was a very powerful martial skill, but it was a desperation move. Gathering the required Yuan Qi was also very laborious, and after it was used, if one’s physical strength was not strong enough, the backlash would only lead to disadvantages for the user. But if someone could really come up with a price that moved Yang Kai’s heart, then naturally they could sit down to discuss an exchange.

“Anyways, be careful you kid, don’t say this old man did not remind you. The Bai Family and Purple Fern Valley don’t seem to care about you; their attention is mainly focused on attracting Su Yan, but that Dong Family’s little brat seems to be very concerned about you, he has already been here twice to ask this old man for news about you.”

“I am also very concerned about him.” Yang Kai smiled, “Where is he now?”

“He’s living in your old house. That boy is a little strange, the Bai Family and Purple Thorn Valley people have arranged comfortable places to live, but he insists on waiting for you in that little broken down house, determined to find you. It’s probably best for you to avoid attention right now.” Old Man Meng’s face became solemn, strongly urging, “Or you can leave here for a year or so.”

[If this pest left again for a year or so, perhaps my treasure would forget about him!], nothing would make Meng Wu Ya happier.

(Silavin: My god! This guy! Get him a chill pill!)

Yang Kai slowly shook his head. Even if they were not looking for him, he wished to meet them. Naturally, he would not hide.

Saying farewell to Meng Wu Ya, Yang Kai walked towards his own small broken house.

“Yang Kai! It’s Yang Kai, he’s actually came back at this time!” Some people who spotted Yang Kai could not help but exclaim.

“Those people from the three great forces are looking for him, isn’t he just asking to be caught?”

“Do you think, he’ll be recruited by one of those three forces?”

“He’ll certainly be recruited; these days how many disciples have been snatched up by those people? All these years in the Sect, he’s experienced a lot of bitterness, and up till now he’s still a Trial Disciple. If he had a better place to go, why would he think twice about staying here? Not to mention those three forces’ offers are very tempting.”

“He’s just an ungrateful wolf.” A spitting noise could be heard, mixed with contempt, and not a small amount of jealousy.

Yang Kai remained indifferent, not bothering with this nonsense.

Although officially he was a High Heaven Pavilion Trial Disciple, but his current abilities, and all of his strength, were only thanks to his own hard work, he had never received the slightest support. He only stayed here because it was convenient, even if he were to leave the Sect, there would be no psychological burden, why would he care what was being gossiped about him?

Not long after, he came to his old broken cabin.

Outside the wooden house, there were two old men, one was standing, while the other was leaning against the wall, their hands tucked away beneath their sleeves. As Yang Kai walked by, the two old men did not even look at him, their eyes lightly shut, lazily basking in the sun.

However, when Yang Kai approached within three hundred feet of the wooden house, two Divine Senses suddenly fell upon him, there was no killing intent, but the warning was clear.

At that moment, Yang Kai was startled. When the two Soul Pressures hit him, it was like a stone being thrown into an infinite ocean, causing not the slightest ripple. With the Soul Warming Lotus’ help, this warning could simply not affect Yang Kai.

So he continued to move forward, his pace undisturbed.

The two sleepy old men suddenly woke up, a flash of light appeared in their eyes as they looked with surprise at Yang Kai. Obviously this young man’s reaction was far outside their expectation.

Wanting to deliver a harsher blow, they suddenly heard a voice call out from inside the wooden house, “Stop!”

After they heard this voice, the momentum coming from these two old men shrank, once again becoming harmless, but their eyes maintained their vigilance, constantly observing Yang Kai.

From inside the cabin, a man wearing a blue gown walked out, about twenty years old or so with sharp brows, a noble expression, handsome looks, dignified aura, and extraordinary temperament; one look and you could tell he was the son of some great family.

However, his body was a little on the plump side, giving him a slightly naive and charming appeal. His skin was also pale, far more so than an average woman.

Right then, that man looked towards Yang Kai, their lines of sight meeting mid-air, the former’s eyes holding a trace of contempt, the latter’s a trace of caution.

After a moment, the man stepped forward, walking towards Yang Kai, his pace steadily increasing.

“Young Master!” One of the two old men seeing this could not help calling out.

“Do not intervene!” The young man ordered.


Yang Kai also walked toward him, a moment later, the two struck out, almost punching at exactly the same time, their fist colliding with a bang, both staggering, falling back several steps.

“Huh?” A trace of surprise flashed across that young man’s eyes, a sneer soon appearing, punching again.

*Bang, bang, bang* The young man and Yang Kai were like a pair of enraged beasts, desperately fighting each other, foregoing any kind of defense, throwing everything they had into attacking the other.

Yang Kai kicked towards that man’s crotch, aiming to crush his manhood, but he was blocked by the other side’s rapid leg sweep, while the man stretched out his fingers towards Yang Kai’s face, trying to claw out his eyes, but Yang Kai swiftly leaned his head, barely avoiding the blow.

The two’s moves were strange and unpredictable, filled with infinite variation, ruthless and underhanded, nothing was too cheap. Seeing this, the two old men’s eyes couldn’t help widening.

But, what was most confusing to them was that whether it was the mysterious High Heaven Pavilion disciple or their young master, none of their moves used any Yuan Qi.

The two of them were just using their physical strength to fight.

The scene was like the other had stolen his wife and killed his father, fighting with everything they had, refusing to back down, a true life and death struggle.

However, what was their young master doing? How could this be considered a fight between cultivators, clearly it was just two small brats brawling!

The two old men looked bitter, if this scene was seen and spread out, how could their young master show his face again?

With a muffled bang, Yang Kai landed a blow on the other side’s head, causing him to see stars, his body staggering to and fro.

About to fall to the ground, the Dong Family young master also landed a punch on Yang Kai’s face. Almost knocking out his front teeth, causing his mouth to fill with a bloody taste.

“Little brat, you court death!” The Dong Family young master angrily shouted.

Yang Kai sneered back, “We’ll see who dies first.”

And so their struggle resumed. In the chaos, the Dong Family young master managed to wrestle Yang Kai to the ground, pinning his legs, resting his knees on his stomach, his hands gripping the other’s arms, coldly asking, “Smelly brat, give up!”

Yang Kai grit his teeth, ignoring his pinned arms, he suddenly somersaulting up, breaking out of the other’s hold while simultaneously throwing him to the ground, mercilessly dislocating both of their arms in the process, he grinned, “Why should I give up?”

The Dong Family young master hurriedly spat out a breath of hot air, his hand drooping towards the ground, he raised his head and glared towards the two old men yelling, “Why are you standing around? This young master was just beaten!”

His face covered in dirt, this Dong Family young master’s former elegance had long since disappeared.

The two old men finally woke from their awkward dream, quickly approaching.

Yang Kai sneered, quickly retreating several dozen feet.

The two old men did not chase, although their young master was hit, but having watched for so long they had obviously grasped a thing or two. This High Heaven Pavilion disciple before them and their young master were obviously old acquaintances; naturally they would not act ruthlessly.

The only question was, why would their young master know someone from this remote place?

The Dong Family young master hurriedly got up and looked towards Yang Kai, a little fear in his eyes, his gaze shifting between their drooping arms, gnashing his teeth saying, “You do have some ability you smelly brat.”

Yang Kai’s thoughts were similar, his left hand was dislocated, unable to exert the slightest strength, but hearing those words he still laughed, “A river flows thirty years to the east, then thirty years to the west, if you don’t pay attention, I’ll soon be able to beat you so hard your mother won’t recognize you!”

(Silavin: Idiom – A river flows thirty years to the east, then thirty years to the west – meaning that over time, there will always be change.)

That Dong Family young master took a deep breath, retorting, “Then I’ll be waiting for you!”

He then turned to one of the old men and said, “Go fix up his arm.”

“Don’t bother!” Yang Kai moved his right arm up and grabbed his left, giving it a distinct jerk, accompanied by a popping sound, his arm was suddenly good as new.

The Dong Family young master looked stunned, cursing inside, he soon followed suit, the pain instantly causing his forehead to fill with cold sweat, but nevertheless, his arm was now at least reattached.

“Wind and Cloud Guards?” Yang Kai’s eyes gently swept over the two old men, casually inquiring.

The two old men’s faces instantly stiffened, staring in shock at Yang Kai, unable to comprehend how their identity was actually seen through by this young man.

Who exactly was he?

The Dong Family young master smiled, “Do not be shocked, this little brat’s surname is Yang!”

Surnamed Yang! If so the situation had changed again dramatically as they suddenly guessed Yang Kai’s identity, quickly cupping their fists, “Greetings Young Master Yang!”

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