Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 207

“That’s your sister-in-law you’re talking about!” Yang Kai didn’t mince words with him.

Dong Qing Han couldn’t help his jaw from dropping as he blankly stared at Yang Kai. Apparently he had not expected that the rumors were actually true, somehow his little cousin had won the heart of this Sect’s heavenly princess.

[Yang Family men, sure enough, none of them should be underestimated, every one of them is definitely a wolf.]

“Fortunately I didn’t go along with those Bai Family and Purple Fern Valley idiots, or else I’d have been digging up my own backyard right?” Dong Qing Han smirked. As a young master from the Dong Family, his status was naturally quite high. On top of that he was born with significant talent; he was young, naturally suave, and had a free and unrestrained personality, everywhere he went, he was never lacking in admirers, fluttering around him like butterflies. It was unknown just how many beautiful women he had enchanted.

However, when he heard the rumors about Yang Kai having a more than simple Senior Sister-Junior Brother relationship with Su Yan, he had been more prudent with his approach and did not collude with the Bai Family and Purple Fern Valley people to win her favor.

He had just wanted to casually test the waters here, but he did not expect the rumors were actually far less than the truth. Dong Qing Han suddenly felt fortune, it was a good thing he had not rushed in without checking, or else he might really be fighting a life and death battle with his cousin right now!

Yang Kai naturally understood the temperament and personality of these great family young masters, so he bluntly admitted to it, not to show off, but to leave no doubt about his position.

He had clearly told him that she was his woman! Anyone who wants to touch her would do so over his corpse.

“You smelly brat, your charm is not small.” Dong Qing Han laughed, although High Heaven Pavilion was just a small Sect, he had heard that this girl called Su Yan had a cultivation at the True Element Boundary Fourth or Fifth Stage. Even considering the entire world, such amazing aptitude would let her rank amongst the first-class geniuses, not to mention she had now likely obtained some strong inheritance.

With such talent, if she were to seek refuge in the Eight Great Families, she would be treated like a treasure and vigorously cultivated.

“Since she is my sister-in-law, it seems that my Dong Family has no way to attract her.” Dong Qing Han smiled wryly.

“Haven’t you already reaped quite a harvest here?” Yang Kai looked up at him and asked casually.

Dong Qing Han nodded slightly, “There has been some, but it is far from what you’re thinking. You also entered the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance right, tell me about it, what exactly was it like inside?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment, recalling his adventures in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance and then recounting some of them here, the only thing he did not reveal was who had obtained the inheritances.

All he discussed was some incidental information, but Dong Qing Han still listened with great relish.

“Haa, a Heaven’s Cave Inheritance actually appeared in this place, it is really surprising. Your Three Sects’ disciples really stumbled upon a treasure. Why couldn’t it have appeared in my Dong Family’s site?” Dong Qing Han let out a long sigh, it was a great injustice! The Heaven’s Cave Inheritance appearing was carefully concealed for the first two or three months. The Three Sects took great care in maintaining secrecy until finally information gradually spread out. Those great forces immediately sent people to find those who had acquired some inheritance. Unfortunately, until now no one had found the primary inheritor. However, they were able to find many people who had obtained artifacts and martial skills within the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, each one managing to acquire some.

Most of those artifacts were heavily damaged and could no longer be used, but after all, they were ancient treasures used by powerful cultivators from the past, bringing them back and researching them still held great value.

As for the martial skills, the grades were not low; all of them at least Earth Grade, and even some Heaven Grade martial skills had appeared.

It could be said that the appearance of the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance had made the High Heaven Pavilion, Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall all become extremely wealthy in a very short time. With the great forces that came to the Three Sects all competing with each other to acquire things, all of them earned a fortune.

The only regrettable thing was that some disciples had lost out to temptation, choosing to leave their own Sect and seek refuge in these great forces. There were many such cases in the High Heaven Pavilion as well.

The Five Elders had no way to stop them. After all, with the strength of these great forces, if they poached a few disciples what could they do? Wei Xi Tong and Su Xuan Wu could only open one eye and close the other, praying that these great forces disciples and masters would leave as soon as possible, or at least before they picked High Heaven Pavilion clean.

While the cousins were talking, the two old men suddenly came up and said, “Young Master, Young Lord Yang, the Bai Family and Purple Fern Valley people have come.”

Yang Kai and Dong Qing Han looked at each other. The latter chuckled, “They really came fast, they’re probably afraid that I’ll be able to poach the martial skill you obtained.”

Yang Kai nodded silently. Meng Wu Ya had told him before that these great forces were very interested in the Star Mark martial skill he had obtained in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance Star Mark, after all, in one strike it had allowed him to injure a Sixth-Order Monstrous Beast, how could it be anything but extraordinary? The Bai Family and Purple Fern Valley coming here was obviously for this purpose.

“What do you want to do?” Dong Qing Han smiled wryly towards Yang Kai; these idiots had spent their days here constantly harassing his sister-in-law and Yang Kai was surly holding a grudge. There was definitely going to be good show to watch here.

If Yang Kai exposed his true identity, those Bai Family and Purple Fern Valley people certainly would not dare provoke him, it was even likely they would apologize and beg for mercy. But the problem now was that Yang Kai could not expose himself. Dong Qing Han was looking forward to how this cousin of his would resolve this problem, his slightly chubby face filled with cheerful smile.

“I’ll have to see what their attitude is.” Yang Kai remained indifferent, “If they’re attitude is good, I don’t mind sitting down to talk.”

Even if this Star Mark skill could shine in his hands, it did not mean that others could also bring out such power, so even if he sold it to them it was no big deal.

“And if their attitude is not good?” Dong Qing Han’s eyes squinted.

Yang Kai looked at him, smiling deviously.

Dong Qing Han also grinned, unable to hold back a malicious laugh, obviously looking forward to a good show.

He knew, expecting those two arrogant idiots from the Bai Family and Purple Fern Valley to have a polite attitude here was obviously impossible.

Shortly after, two cheerful voices filled with laughter came from outside quickly followed by two young men similar in age to Dong Qing Han walked through the door, one wearing a snow white robe, the other dressed in a luxurious purple uniform.

Both men carried a distinguished bearing, the white clothed one obviously the Bai Family’s young master Bai Yun Feng, and the purple clothed one was Purple Fern Valley’s disciple Fan Hong.

Following behind the two people were two High Heaven Pavilion disciples, one of which Yang Kai was somewhat familiar with but could not recall his name, while the other was the Disciplinary Hall disciple Cao Zheng Wen.

Yang Kai and Cao Zheng Wen had confronted each other twice. The last time was just before he had left High Heaven Pavilion; this man had found Yang Kai to convey the promotion order from Great Elder Wei, but he had been refused by Yang Kai, causing him to lose face. After that incident he was harshly punished by the Great Elder and therefore held a grudge against Yang Kai.

These two High Heaven Pavilion disciples had once entered the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, and now they had come here following Bai Yun Feng and Fan, always a few steps behind them; obviously they had been tempted by some benefits and were no longer High Heaven Pavilion’s disciples, but disciples of the Bai Family and Purple Fern Valley.

“Elegant as always Brother Dong, coming to this place to have a drink but not inviting myself or Brother Fan, it’s almost like you see us as outsiders.” Bai Yun Feng laughed, glancing towards Yang Kai briefly before closing the folding fan in his hands, his demeanor unable to be any more haughty.

Fan Hong also laughed, “Brother Dong hasn’t concerned himself with that beauty, unlike Brother Bai and me. We have spent more than half a month waiting outside her loft but have never even caught a glimpse of her face. Perhaps Brother Dong who gets to drink and relax here is better off.”

A faint sneer emerged from the corner of Yang Kai’s mouth. The loft these two villains were squatting like stalkers must be Su Yan’s residence.

Dong Qing Han simply smiled, motioning for these two to sit down, shooting a glance towards Yang Kai before saying, “The day before I left my esteemed father arranged a marriage for me, how could I dare chase other women now, I am no longer as free as Brother Bai and Brother Fan.”

Bai Yun Feng and Fan Hong both sat while Cao Zheng Wen and the other High Heaven Pavilion disciple respectfully stood behind them.

“Brother Dong must be joking; I heard Brother Dong recently snatched up a pretty female disciple from High Heaven Pavilion. I don’t know how brother managed to attract her, was it with a golden home to keep one’s mistress, or by satisfying her in your bedchamber?” Bai Yun Feng quipped.

Dong Qing Han wryly smiled, shaking his head, “Bother Bai jests, I really did recruit a female disciple, but it was only through offering her the benefits of my Dong Family. That girl had entered the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance and received a great opportunity, her aptitude is also good, and she only needs the right resources to develop into a talent in the future.

Bai Yun Feng laughed, not bothering further, instead turning to observe Yang Kai, showing a trace of contempt and overlooking him like a superior being, lightly asking, “This must be High Heaven Pavilion’s disciple Yang Kai right? How goes Brother Dong’s discussion with him?”

The words were spoken casually but carried a note of disdain; although they were speaking in front of Yang Kai, Bai Yun Feng obviously did not put him in his eyes, instead directing his question to Dong Qing Han.

“We’ve only talked!” Dong Qing Han nodded slightly, “No results up till you two arrived.”

Bai Yun Feng and Fan Hong’s eyes brightened, “Then it seems that I and Brother Fan still have a chance.”

Fan Hong was more straightforward, directly looking at Yang Kai he said, “I heard that in the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance you acquired a powerful martial skill, correct?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Indeed.”

Fan Hong expression brightened, pressing forward, “I am a man who prefers to speak plainly, so I will be blunt. I am interested in that martial skill, what kind of conditions do you want in order to sell it to me?”

“What benefits can you offer?” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

Fan Hong chuckled, reaching into his pocket, removing a stack of silver coins, pushing them in front of Yang Kai, “This is 100,000 silver coins! If you are willing to sell me the method of cultivating this martial skill, these silver Coins are yours.”

Saying these words, Fan Hong was full of confidence, the look of a cunning businessman filling his face. He was certain that these 100,000 silver coins for a small Sect disciple had an unparalleled appeal.

In fact, he was not wrong, when the 100,000 silver coins were placed on the table, whether it was Cao Zheng Wen or the other High Heaven Pavilion disciple, their breathing became heavier as they stared at the silver coins on the table.

To this offer, Yang Kai only slowly shook his head.

Fan Hong’s expression remained the same, casually removing another stack of silver coins, pushing them in front of Yang Kai.

But Yang Kai was still unmoved.

Bai Yun Feng suddenly laughed lightly, “Aren’t you being a bit stingy Brother Fan? Yang Kai is it? This young master is willing to offer you 200,000 silver coins for your martial skill, how about it? You won’t be able to earn so much wealth ever again, it is definitely enough for you to live a few lifetimes while enjoying good food and clothing while still keeping three wives and four concubines, an unparalleled glory.”

Bai Yun Feng offering more than Fan Hong sparked the latter’s anger as he fiercely stared at him, but the Bai Yun Feng simply treated him like the wind, continuing to smile towards Yang Kai.

Dong Qing Han also laughed happily, but with great meaning.

Wanting to take 200,000 silver coins to cheat a direct descendant of the Yang Family, these two idiots were really too ignorant. Dong Qing Han had wanted to burst out laughing a few times, but somehow managed to endure, his shoulders slightly hunched over, desperately trying to hold back.

[This really is a good show, really too interesting!]

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