Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 209

Standing amongst the scattered dust, Yang Kai stood tall with an indifferent look upon his face, clearly disdaining all who watched, arrogant to the extreme.

Bai Yun Feng and Fan Hong were both slightly shocked. It took Bai Yun Feng a moment to adjust before glancing towards the fallen Cao Zheng Wen, coldy snorting once, “He really is just a minor Sect’s piece of trash disciple, so pathetic and vulnerable, it seems that this Young Master must personally come forward!”

Fan Hong looked at him and felt slightly relieved, after all, Bai Yun Feng was the Young Master of the Bai Family. He did not care about the life and death of Cao Zheng Wen, but regardless of the circumstances he was now one of the Bai Family’s disciples. Now, in front of his face, he had been crippled; how could Bai Yun Feng allow such an insult to pass?

For Fan Hong, if it was him, he would not let this go. What’s more, this Yang Kai brat also has a Mysterious Grade martial skill. This situation was a perfect excuse to pick a fight, and then force him to cough up the martial skill’s cultivation methods.

Having his thoughts travel till this point, Fan Hong couldn’t help but frown, coldly glancing behind him at the High Heaven Pavilion disciple he had recently poached, cursing how Yang Kai had not fought with him instead. If he had been the one wasted, he would have had a reason to fight.

“Brother Bai, are you sure you want to personally take action in someone else’s site?” Dong Qing Han was worried that Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to handle him so he quickly stood up and objected, after all, Bai Yun Feng was a True Element Boundary First Stage master and there was a huge watershed between True Element Boundary and Separation and Reunion Boundary.

Bai Yun Feng snorted, “Who cares if this is someone else’s site? He dared to harm my Bay Family’s disciple; he must pay an appropriate price!”

He was determined to go against Yang Kai.

Dong Qing Han couldn’t help but frown, he was determined to help but could not find a way to intervene, after all, to outsiders he and Yang Kai had also just met by chance, if he acted too overtly, it was likely others would become suspicious. Once Yang Kai’s identity was exposed it would only bring harm to him rather than good.

The Yang Family was indeed powerful, but they also had many enemies, it was impossible to guess just how many people in this world hated them.

While he was desperately trying to find a path forward, he suddenly saw Yang Kai secretly wink to him, signaling Dong Qing Han to relax and not speak out again.

Bai Yun Feng slowly walked towards Yang Kai while calling out, “You two, stand aside and do not interfere.”

“Yes!” Two old men Chen respectfully answered and stepped back.

Dong Qing Han was accompanied by Immortal Ascension Boundary masters to guard him, how could Bai Yun Feng and Fan Hong not as well? After all, they were both leaders of their respective forces younger generation. Before they had fully matures, naturally someone they would have someone to protect their safety.

“I’ll give you one last chance; submit to my Bai Family, turn over that martial skill and I’ll spare your life!” Bai Yun Feng arrogantly threatened, staring down Yang Kai.

Yang Kai simply sneered, his Yuan Qi surging, fully displaying his fighting intent.

There was no need for words, his attitude had shown everything.

“Good, I will at least spare your life; after all, you still have some value!” As Bai Yun Feng finished, his image blurred, fading like dust in the wind, misty and illusory.

Yang Kai’s look became serious, no longer so relaxed, although Bai Yun Feng looked carefree and flamboyant, he was still, after all, the Bai Family’s young master, his cultivation was also higher than his own by a full great realm. Against such a person, any carelessness would prove fatal, and the one likely to fall would instead be him.

Originally, Yang Kai had not wanted to confront such an enemy yet.

But thinking that this person was hanging around Su Yan’s home all day long, Yang Kai was unable to contain himself. Every man should recognise his woman as off limits, and although Bai Yun Feng had never even seen Su Yan, his actions had still made Yang Kai extremely unhappy.

A strange gathering of dust suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai, as a cold grin appeared on Bai Yun Feng face, thrusting a palm towards Yang Kai’s back, it was silent and casual yet contained a deadly force.

Dong Qing Han was alarmed, and barely stopped himself from calling out.

Instantly, Yang Kai turned, extending his own palm thrust. A surging hot True Yang Yuan Qi burst forth from his hand, smashing into and intercepting Bai Yun Feng’s attack.

A burst of sound erupted and the surrounding World Energy stirred; the wind generated from their palms raged about as Yang Kai’s body jerked, directly taking ten steps back while Bai Yun Feng remained motionless, his relaxed expression filled with disdain.

Although the two had previous exchanged a blow, but at that time Yang Kai had used a full eighty percent of his strength, while Bai Yun Feng had only parried on reflex, so their contest had ended in a tie.

But now, Bai Yun Feng had taken the initiative, how could the result be as before?

With just this blow, Yang Kai had already suffered some loss, quickly picking himself up off the ground, staring solemnly at Bai Yun Feng.

“A First Stage Separation and Reunion brat dares fight with me, you’re not worthy!” Bai Yun Feng sneered, his body disappearing as he once again displayed his strange movement skill.

Yang Kai grit his teeth, his gaze filled with a cold seriousness, extremely vigilant of his surroundings.

“Find anything yet?” Bai Yun Feng’s voice suddenly emerged from the void as his body appeared three feet in front of Yang Kai, casually throwing out another palm.

[Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast!]

Yang Kai no longer held back, directly resorting to his personally derived martial skill.

A trace of prudence flashed across Bai Yun Feng’s face, he was fully aware of the ferocity of this attack. But in the end, he was the Bai Family’s young master, a True Element Boundary master, how could he retreat? Not only did he not fall back, but he instead pushed forward even faster.

He wanted to knock down Yang Kai’s full powered strike with overwhelming force, letting him understand just how great the gap between them was.

The instant their attacks met, Yang Kai was forced back; his Yuan Qi showing some signs of disorder. On the other hand, Bai Yun Feng’s face remained full of leisure, his demeanor calm, but just as he was about to add some mockery, his expression suddenly changed, stowing his words of contempt as he was forced to resolve the hot True Yang Yuan Qi that Yang Kai forced into his arm.

“Another Martial Skill?!” Bai Yun Feng eyes glowed; he had not thought this Yang Kai brat actually also possessed another extraordinary martial skill. This martial skill was powerful and unpredictable, it was absolutely at least Heaven Grade; a moment of carelessness had almost let him suffer a big loss, if his reaction to force out those Yuan Qi invading was any slower, he certainly would have taken some minor injuries.

“Well, aren’t I just lucky? When I beat you down, I will gladly accept it as well.” Bai Yun Feng’s grin grew even deeper, his body once again transforming into dust.

Yang Kai became tense, more and more attentively perceiving the changes around him. Suddenly, his eyes flashed as he threw a palm toward the void, shooting out a violent Yuan Qi burst, like a raging wave of flames.

When his palm exploded, the air suddenly shattered, and Bai Yun Feng reappeared, his clothes ruffled and his face full of surprise, he quickly fell back, awkwardly trying to avoid Yang Kai’s blow.

The Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who were observing this fight were all shocked. Although they could all easily see through the movements of Bai Yun Feng, it was all because they had all cultivated their Souls allowing them to use their Divine Senses. But how was it that this High Heaven Pavilion disciple could too? A Separation and Reunion Boundary First Stage, unable to use his Divine Sense, after only a few exchanges, had already gained insight into the profundities of Bai Yun Feng’s movement skill?

Were his combat senses so overwhelming?

“Hah, you’re only relying on the power of an artifact!” Yang Kai sneered, staring at Bai Yun Feng, his face filled with sarcasm. The other side had twice just cast some kind of profound movement skill, many times faster and more treacherous than his own. Yang Kai simply could not understand how he was accomplishing it, but after suddenly seeing a piece of glittering jade hanging on Bai Yun Feng’s waist, he suddenly realized the truth.

This magical movement skill was nothing but the effect of an artifact confusing his eyes.

Bai Yun Feng’s face turned red, he was a True Element Boundary master fighting against someone at the Separation and Reunion Boundary, using an artifact was no doubt a shameless act. However, Yang Kai seeing through him only made him angrier, coldly snorting, “Even if I don’t use this artifact, you aren’t my opponent? “

His figure flashing, he flew towards Yang Kai, approaching as swift as the wind.

[Unyielding Will!]

Against an opponent whose cultivation was a whole great realm higher than his own, Yang Kai went all out, directly activating his most profound Martial Skill.

(Silavin: I think the author forgot that this isn’t a martial skill but instead, a personality trait in order to activate the Golden Skeleton…)

His Yuan Qi suddenly exploded out, full of unparalleled hostility while his expression became ferocious. A bloodthirsty and brutal light gleamed within his eyes.

This surge in power physically manifested on the surface of his body, taking the form of a raging black flame.

In that moment, Yang Kai’s appearance was akin to a vicious devil, the air bending around his body covered in flaming darkness. Yang Kai shot a palm at Bai Yun Feng’s face. Carrying endless flames, it ferociously swept towards Bai Yun Feng.

His enemy suddenly transforming, Bai Yun Feng was caught by surprise, aware of the massive upsurge in Yang Kai’s strength and blazing hot Yuan Qi rapidly approaching him, he instantly became aware of how terrible this blow was. Without the slightest hesitation, he pushed his entire body’s True Qi, activating his own killer martial skill.

[Heaven’s Snare!]

True Qi gathered and condensed into silk-like threads, dancing through the wind in the wake of his fingers, instantly intertwining before him into a large network. This massive network condensed from pure True Qi was sharp enough to slice through jade, its cutting power not inferior to a general Earth Grade Artifact.

The black flames collided with this heavenly net, and Bai Yun Feng’s True Qi silk threads passed through them unharmed, flying straight towards Yang Kai, trying to encircle him.

Yang Kai’s mind flashed, rapidly pushing his Yuan Qi, drastically increasing the temperature of his surrounding flames.

As he did so, one could physically see the silk threads dissolving, and after only a breath of time, the flames had leapt out towards Bai Yun Feng’s shoulder.

Yang Kai and Bai Yun Feng both retreated; each staring at the other, their eyes both containing a lingering fear.

On Yang Kai’s body, a series of small bloody marks appeared, obviously he had received cuts from the Heaven’s Snare, and each True Qi silk thread had cut almost half an inch into his flesh, almost dismembering him in several places.

However, Bai Yun Feng also displayed an awkward appearance; his shoulder had a red hot mark, like someone had scorched him with molten iron, the air around him filling with the smell of burnt flesh as he desperately pushed his True Qi to finally resolve the rampaging hot Yuan Qi which had invaded his body.

“Hss!” The group of Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all sucked down a cold lump, looking towards Yang Kai in horror.

A Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivator against a True Element Boundary master, although he was still somewhat inferior, but he was still holding his own. What on earth was this little brat’s backing? Also, how did he manage such a strange surge in cultivation? In the beginning, he was only Separation and Reunion First Stage, but all of a sudden he jumped to the peak of Separation and Reunion Boundary, and while his cultivation shot up, his demeanor and temperament also changed dramatically.

If he was just an ordinary teenager before, now he was clearly showing signs of a Devil’s path practitioner. The most critical thing was that his Yuan Qi could actually melt Bai Yun Feng’s True Qi silk threads, which meant that his Yuan Qi was in no way inferior in purity and quality to a First Stage True Element Boundary master’s True Qi! How could he achieve such a feat?

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