Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 215

Yang Kai was shocked, but more out of excitement than surprise.

As Ling Tai Xu stared into Yang Kai’s eyes and studied his reactions, he could not help secretly sighing; this little brat’s heart really was set on the path of slaughter.

Most people who heard about this kind of thing would only react with fear and try to escape, but this kid’s face showed nothing but eagerness like he could not wait to immediately run to that place and drown himself in endless killing.

Inside there, there was no need to worry about harming the innocent, even if Yang Kai did not take the initiative to kill, someone would inevitably come to kill him, not to mention that there would be many Devil Path cultivators, people who revelled in killing even in the outside world.

Along the way, Ling Tai Xu told as much information about the inside as possible to Yang Kai, after all, he had once entered there himself many years ago; so his personal experiences could be described as invaluable treasures.

Yang Kai listened carefully, not daring to miss the slightest detail.

According to Ling Tai Xu, the place was in Nether Mountain, but it did not really belong to Nether Mountain, it was an independent space, and the entrance was a lake inside Nether Mountain.

Inside, there was some kind of strange energy and different Rules of Heaven and Earth; as long as a living creature died inside, its energy and essence would condense into a Blood Bead, including cultivators and Monster Beasts! These Blood Beads could be refined by oneself, or brought out and given to others; either way they were extremely valuable, and the more powerful the cultivator or Monster Beast that died, the higher the value of the Blood Bead it would produce, allowing one to have a greater promotion in strength.

In addition, in that place, all offensive and defensive artifacts would not play any role, it was as if they were being sealed by some invisible energy. Hearing this news, Yang Kai’s heart could not help but sharply twist.

His own cultivation was only Third Stage Separation and Reunion Boundary, who knows how many True Element masters would be inside. Facing these masters, without his Asura Sword or Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia to help, he would be at a huge disadvantage, and would even likely be killed.

However, the circumstances would be the same for everyone else as well, giving Yang Kai a small bit of comfort.

The entrance would open every ten years, so it was lucky that Yang Kai had returned to High Heaven Pavilion when he had. If he had returned a few months later, he would certainly have missed this opportunity.

Finally, Ling Tai Xu solemnly gave Yang Kai a small bag.

This bag was only the size of a palm. It was engraved with a lot of colorful patterns and made of some unknown material; it appeared very exotic.

“What is this?” Yang Kai asked puzzled.

“I call it a Universal Bag. Do not be fooled by its small size, in fact, the inside is much larger than you think; easily capable of storing almost any item you wish to keep.”

Yang Kai was shocked once again. Staring at Ling Tai Xu in amazement, he had not imagined that Ling Tai Xu would actually be in possession of a legendary artifact which could store things in a separate space.

“All of these things were left behind by our Ancestral Founder. I’m afraid that it is the only one in the entire Great Han Dynasty, not even the Eight Great Families possess such a treasure.” Ling Tai Xu said seriously.

“Oh, no, that’s not right, Meng Wu Ya might also have one, but that old man certainly holds all his treasures inside it and keeps it hidden away, not showing it to anyone but his precious apprentice, he really is too stingy.”

“I also have some pills for you, keep them safe.” Ling Tai Xu said seriously.

“Good, thank you Grand Master! Once I return I will make sure to return this Universal Bag back to you.” Yang Kai tightly held onto this small bag before carefully tucking it away.

This thing was really a priceless artifact, in this world an artifact that could store things was only a rumour that had never appeared and never been seen.

However, inside Yang Kai’s body was the wordless Black Book which was made of a massive soul stone, it too was a type of artifact which could store many things inside it, and its grade was definitely much higher than this Universal Bag.

Unfortunately, although it was in Yang Kai’s possession, he had no idea how to use it, causing him no small amount of grief.

Flying forward for about a day, they came to a place filled with an eerie silence. All that Ling Tai Xu and Yang Kai could see was an ominous mountain extending out forever.

Nether Mountain! Great Han’s one and only Forbidden Zone! A desolate and threatening air loomed about; it gave off the feeling of an ancient land where a primordial dragon might crawl out from at any moment, sending shivers down one’s spine.

Arriving here, before they had time to go in, from left and right two teams of people arrived.

From the left came six people, and to Yang Kai’s surprise, it was actually all women. The six were lead by an old woman, and a beautiful young woman, the remaining four appeared to be young girls.

These four girls wore some small bells on their hands and feet, so as they approached, a crisp and pleasant jingle could be heard, like the sound of a clear mountain stream spring, refreshing to the ear.

And this group of women were all born beautiful, that young woman was elegant but shapely, her glossy black hair tied up in a stylish bun, exposing her slender white nape of her neck, everywhere revealing a mature air of beauty, especially her dazzling pair of eyes which seemed to leak an amorous glow, fascinating one’s heart and charming one’s soul, they left one who stared into them breathless, making the sky seem bluer, and flowers more fragrant.

The four girls were also very pretty, like young blossoming flowers, delicate and graceful, floating to and fro, their pink lotus arms half exposed, their skin a pure white, like freshly fallen snow, and upon their small, jade like feet, their delicate toes portrayed an exquisite beauty. Thin tender waists accompanied by full graceful curves, their faces adorned with a sweet smile, a shy blush, a glamorous air, or a passionate gaze, the four of them together were enough to let any man become mad with desire. The only difference was that the temperament of these girls was a bit immature compared to the beautiful young woman, lacking a certain seductive and fascinating style.

As for the old woman, although she had now aged, but only could vaguely tell that when she was young, her appearance had been extraordinary, it was just that the ruthless years had carved their indelible traces upon her.

This group rushed towards Yang Kai and Ling Tai Xu before halting some three hundred feet away, the old woman faintly glancing at the two men before giving a light snort.

Anyone who had come to Nether Mountain at this time was obviously here for the same purpose.

The number of cultivators who could enter the strange space was limited; naturally, everyone else was a competitor.

As Ling Tai Xu smiled towards the old woman, he whispered to Yang Kai, “They are from the first-class Sect Ten Thousand Flower Palace, each of those young girls is one of their Sect’s geniuses. They tend to be slightly arrogant so be careful of them. Do not try to court them, or else they may just devour you whole, bones and all.

A light flashed in Yang Kai’s eyes as he took a long hard look at the four young girls, taking note of Ling Tai Xu’s warning, quietly responding, “Grand Master rest assured that I will be careful.”

After a moment, the group approaching from the right also arrived. Looking towards them, there was an old man of similar age to Ling Tai Xu leading them, and behind him there were three young people, two male and one female, all of them possessing extraordinary strength, but all of them had an evil aura about them.

The two men were far more presumptuous than Yang Kai, their eyes almost glued to the previous group of female disciples, making the girl who was accompanying them extremely unhappy as she coldly snorted.

“They are from the Ghost King Valley.” Ling Tai Xu frowned. “You may have trouble.”

“Why so?” Yang Kai asked.

“Because your Grand Master had fought with that old man more than a dozen times, they are an Evil Sect if you fight with them, be especially careful of their hand techniques.” Ling Tai Xu replied.

Yang Kai looked, and sure enough the three disciple’s hands were somewhat strange, unlike ordinary people’s they were deathly pale, almost like the hands of a ghost.

The leading old man suddenly sneered, “Ling Tai Xu! You’re actually not dead yet!”

Ling Tai Xu snickered as he retorted, “You also still live Gui Li!”

“Heh heh heh” Gui Li grinned, “This old master was worried he could not exact revenge upon a dead man, I had no idea I would be able to meet you again today, the heavens really have had pity upon me.”

“How so? Was the lesson fifty years ago not enough for you? Are you really so anxious to die today?” Ling Tai Xu sneered, clearly disdaining him.

Gui Li suddenly grimaced, “Things from the past, why bring them up now? Losing to you fifty years ago does not mean that fifty years later it will still be so!”

“Do you want to try?” Ling Tai Xu grinned arrogantly.

Gui Li’s eyes radiated a ghastly light, staring at Ling Tai Xu full of hatred, but there was a hint of dread in his gaze.

As these two confronted each other, the three Ghost King Valley disciples behind Gui Li also glared viciously at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai simply smiled back at them, an indifferent grin on his face.

*Peng!* A sudden noise broke the tension, it had come from the Ten Thousand Flower Palace’s old woman tapping her staff on the ground.

“If the two of you are not going to fight, we should negotiate how we are going to cooperate to enter Nether Mountain, hmm?” The old woman faintly looked towards Ling Tai Xu and Gui Li.

Although Ling Tai Xu and Gui Li had their resentments, but they did not really want to clash here, after all, their main purpose was to bring their juniors out for experience and cultivation. If something went wrong now, it would severely disrupt those plans. The old woman also understood this, and that both sides needed a way out, so she decided to speak out at this time.

Gui Li grinned wickedly, “This old master will give some face to Yan Palace Lord, I will cooperate with you for now until this task is over. Ling Tai Xu, once we are done, you and I must fight!”


Gui Li shifted his menacing gaze to Yang Kai, not bothering to hide his ill intentions, he openly instructed his three disciples, “Remember this little brat’s appearance, once you are inside, be sure to kill him!”

“Yes!” The three disciples said ruthlessly.

Yang Kai’s expression became cold, secretly memorizing these three’s faces.

With the mediation of the old woman, Ling Tai Xu and Gui Li for the time being put down their grudge, and the three consulted for a while before the old woman began leading the way, her four young disciples right behind her, the three Ghost King Valley disciples followed next, while Yang Kai and Ling Tai Xu brought up the rear.

As for the beautiful woman, she assumed a position in the middle, along with Gui Li, one to the left, one to the right.

With four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters guarding them, the younger generation disciples could be considered extremely safe, of course, the premise being that Ling Tai Xu and Gui Li did not plot against each other.

Ling Tai Xu naturally was not so vicious, however the same could not be said about Gui Li, it was because of this concern that the old woman let Ling Tai Xu serve as rear guard, to prevent Gui Li from back stabbing them.

Fortunately, Gui Li was not a fool; along the way he did not engage in any mischief, honestly guarding his own position.

Nether Mountain was a fearsome place; this group of people who entered did so with extreme caution, remaining as quiet as possible, because even in the most peripheral zone, it was still possible to encounter a powerful fifth or sixth-order Monster Beast.

Even the women from the Ten Thousand Flower Palace had used some unknown means on their wrist and ankle bells so they did not make the slightest sound, allowing them to walk silently.

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